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Making A Wig Vs. Having One Made: The Pros And Cons

Making A Wig Vs. Having One Made: The Pros And Cons

The Pros and Cons Of Each Aspect

Wigs are the hottest thing on the block right now! Wigs have become the most popular protective style out there. They are versatile, fun, and long-lasting. Wigs are also super easy to take care of, and with the right products, you can have a unit that replicates the look of your real hair. You have the choice of making a wig or having one made for you. Wigs come in all types of textures, colors, lengths and styles, and it’s essential that you know what you want when thinking about acquiring one. In the past, people didn’t know how to make their own wigs, but that has changed as we’ve progressed in the hair world. Now everyone is crazy about wigs and many hair stylists are learning how to make them. Salons are offering new services that specifically cater to wig wearers to keep their clients wigs looking as realistic as possible. These days, people also have no issue with making a wig for themselves. Making a wig has become easy due to the number of detailed tutorials out there. However, having a wig made is still a popular option for most people. So, what makes either option better? It all depends on individual ability, budget, and the style you want to achieve. Like with any choice, it’s vital to take everything into account when choosing between making a wig or having one made for you. There are pros and cons for each aspect, and we’ll go through each one. Let’s touch on making a wig and all the advantages and disadvantages.

Do You Want To Make A Wig?

There are pros and cons for doing just about anything in life and the same goes for the world of making wigs. Making a wig can be a lengthy trial and error process but it’s also entertaining! At first, it seems intimidating, stressful and exhausting but after a few tries, you should be able to get the hang of it. In the world of wig making practice truly does make perfect. Before you decide on making a wig for yourself, you’ll need to think about whether it’s really what you want to do. For me, I know that I don’t have the time to sit down and make a wig from beginning to end. However, for others, it’s much easier to make time for making a wig. If you know that you have time, then making a wig may be the best option for you. The good things about wigs is that if you get quality hair and the wig is made well it should last long even years so the time that you invest won't go to waste after all. Let’s get into all the advantages of making your wig!

Advantage Of Making A Wig

The most significant advantage that I notice when it comes to making a wig is that it saves people money. Most of the time, when people want to have wigs made, it costs a lot of money. There are a ton of reasons why it requires a lot of money to build a wig, but the most prominent reason is the labor. Wig stylists need to be paid for their job, and if they have beautiful work, they will charge a hefty fee. Some wig makers are highly sought after and have celebrity clients so they are able to charge high prices and make a full time living off of wig making. The main advantage of making your own wig is that it will save you the money you would’ve paid the stylist. Another advantage is that you have full creative control when it comes to making a wig for yourself. You will also be able to learn a new skill and if you perfect it you can even start making wigs for others and start a profitable business of your own.

More Advantages of Making A Wig

If you're a perfectionist you don’t have to worry about anyone potentially messing up the vision you have. Also, because you’ll be making your wig, you’ll be able to choose precisely what bundles, colors, and style you want. Through the process you will learn so much! Making a wig is a great way to learn how to do hair. You can even play around with different colors and learn how to color hair like the pros. Since you’ll be making the wig on your own, you’ll be able to determine what techniques work for you, and how to utilize them best. Don't be afraid of error, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow and most conveniently, save money. Making a wig can be effortless if you’re willing to put in the work. There are so many video tutorials to help you make almost any type, style and color of wig. So go ahead and live your wildest hair dreams and create the wig of your dreams.

The Cons Of Wig Making

Initially, I couldn’t think of many cons to making your wig, but I tried it out myself, I quickly learned my lesson. Not everyone will be fantastic at making wigs. It’s not the most straightforward process, and it requires a great deal of time and progressive skill. If you are someone that doesn’t have time or effort, making a wig isn’t the best option. Also, even though making a wig is cheaper than buying one, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose out on the money. Quality hair bundles can be very expensive. If you ruin the wig, you may ruin the bundles and have to start over, and you don’t want that. On top of that, if you mess up the first time, you’ll need to buy new supplies. Wig making supplies, such as wig combs, hair, and wig caps, can be expensive. The extensions that you use will be the most costly part. It’s vital that you’re careful about how you make the wig to avoid making mistakes.

The Pros Of Having A Wig Made

Having a wig made is the option I go for when I’m not feeling adventurous. There are plenty of pros to getting a wig made. One of them is that, depending on who you choose, you can expect it to look amazing! A wig stylist is a professional, and in most cases, the work doesn’t disappoint. When you get a wig made, you can look forward to not having to do any labor while also getting a great wig to wear for some time to come. Another advantage is that you can work closely with the person making your wig to ensure that it’s precisely what you want. When making your own wigs it may be hard to achieve the exact look you want if you don't already have the skill. A professional wig maker may be able to do a few more tricks with your wig when it comes to color and cutting techniques. Your wig stylist should be someone that you trust to take care of you. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the stylist that you choose won’t charge a lot to get your wig made if it is a simple style. Also, if you want color, it is better to get your wig made so that the color is done correctly. Hair coloring techniques such as ombre, unicorn, baylage, highlights, lightening may turn out best if done by a professional. Be sure to look into this before choosing someone to make a wig for you! Every wig maker has their different specialities when it comes to styling and you want to make sure the person can get the job done right.

The Disadvantages Of Buying A Wig

When you get your wig, you’ll have to pay. Depending on who it is, you’ll have a hefty price. In my opinion, the cost of getting a wig made is the most expensive part and the most significant disadvantage. Another disadvantage is that not every wig stylist makes high-quality wigs. Due to this fact, it’s essential that you don’t get caught in a situation where you don’t love the unit after it’s complete. If you don’t use someone that you trust, then you risk not having creative control over the look of your unit. When getting your wig made, you risk not loving the final product after paying a high price to get it complete. Be careful of who you choose to take care of the visual you have in mind. Also make sure to ask if they are able to do revisions if you are not completely satisfied with the unit. Check and see if you can pay a down payment on the wig and the remaining balance once the wig is finished. One sign that a wig make is not a pro is if they don't ask for your head measurements when making you a custom wig. This is something that every pro knows to do as everyone's head measurements can very and a slight miscount or neglect of a wig measurement can result in a wig not fitting properly. Who wants to go through all of that hard work and investment of money if their unit doesn't even fit in the end?

Remember This!

Making a wig and having one made are two completely different journeys when it comes to having the perfect unit. You want to be mindful of the advantages and disadvantages of each one and carefully decide what you want to do in order to achieve a wig that is just right for you. Making a wig isn’t as difficult as it seems, and it can be less expensive than having one made. Having a wig made for you will be costly, but it’ll save you the labor of having to do it yourself. It’s all about choosing what works best for you! Let us know in the comments which option you will go with when it comes to getting your own wig made.
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Our Favorite Wig Styles For Every Occasion!

Our Favorite Wig Styles For Every Occasion!

Five Styles Guaranteed to Keep Everyone’s Eye On You

Let's face the facts. We are women. And we are busy women at that. We powerfully rule the boardroom, playfully entertain the kids and lovingly support our partners. There is no doubt about it that we need hairstyles to keep up with our secret plan to take over the world. However, altering our hair can be damaging between the sewing, braiding, coloring, clipping and the like. Not to mention the mental exhaustion of knowing that you have to get up in the morning to straighten your hair or dedicate your precious Saturday to washing and conditioning your hair. Ladies fret no more! Put relaxation back into your weekends! Your solution is styling with a wig. Today’s wig is not like your grandmother’s that she pulled out of a box for graduations and weddings. Wigs come in a vast variety of styles, lengths, colors, textures, and volumes. Whatever your preference in wig style, I guarantee that there is a wig for it. Get ready for some style and lifestyle inspiration as I share with you five wigs for five different life events. Not only will you be prepared with wig style tips and tricks, but you can be sure that regardless of the event, you came to slay!

My Experience

I love wigs and the versatility that comes with them. Even with as much as I like to switch up my hair color often, sometimes it is not feasible for me to dye my hair. Usually, an event pops up, and time is not on my side, but I still want to look good. I have a wig that I wear to work or on interviews to look classy, yet show off my personality. I also have my favorite blue ponytail that I rocked at a friend’s birthday party to match my blue hair at the time. I also have my red curly big that is big and bold that I like to wear out with my girls. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is that wigs come in different styles in a range of prices. Regardless if you want the premium wig or something just for the time being, your perfect wig is out there waiting for you. Wigs give me the chance to switch up my look. But without causing any more damage to my hair or rushing out of the house with wet hair. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Why Wigs?

As a wig novice, you may wonder why wigs would be the best and healthiest option for your hair. Unlike sew-ins, wigs sit on top of your hair. Depending on your preference, your hair could be braided down or put into ponytails underneath the wig. There are no needles or sewing involved. Although wigs can come with their issues, wearing a wig does not interfere with your natural hair and allows it time to breathe and grow. Bonus, you get to take your wig off at night and take care of your hair underneath. You can change up your looks without adding any color chemicals or heating tools to your hair. Granted, you want to continue washing, conditioning and moisturizing your hair underneath your wig. Putting your hair away is not code for neglect and will have reverse effects should you focus more on the wig’s styling than your hair’s health. If you keep this information in mind, you'll not only be able to rock each of these five wigs flawlessly, but you'll have longer and healthier hair.

Occasion #1: Date Night

Wig Style: Straight Sleek

Imagine it is Saturday Night, and your boo hits you up ready to take you out to a special dinner in twenty minutes. You dash into your closet and pull out your favorite red bodycon dress and nude pumps. You finish off the look with your diamond studs and matching bracelet. You look good! You look in the mirror and notice that you have not considered your hair. You do not have time to wash and condition it, and you do not have time for a fancy updo style. This classic scenario is why the sleek straight wig comes in handy. Simply braid or tie down your hair for the wig to lay flat. Place your elegant bone-straight wig on and secure her in place. Bring out your inner Pocahontas with long hair that falls over your shoulders or cascades down to the middle of your back. A classic black shade would look fantastic, but I am always game for a little bit of edge. Do not be afraid to try out some color like burgundy or deep plum shade. Either a straight wig with a frontal part down the middle or bangs will complete your look just in time for your date to pull up downstairs. The straight hair will frame your face perfectly and have your date drooling over your beauty. Don’t hurt them!

Occasion #2: Sunday Brunch

Wig Style: Beach Waves

As we soak up the last bit of summer weather before the crisp, chilly winds of Autumn blow in, brunch is a must-have last summer hoorah. Nothing says good vibes then meeting some of your closest friends for a Sunday brunch at your favorite spot with shining sun on the patio and mimosa in everyone’s hand. Set yourself apart from the crowd with a wig styled with beautiful beach waves. Nothing says summer like beach waves and this wig will have everyone associating you with the carefree feel of July’s passed. Pair your beachy hair with a maxi dress, nude lipstick and bronzer galore. I am a little extra and like to add a bit of glitz and glimmer to every inch of my skin where I am in direct competition with the sun, but a modest amount is great as well. For a more defined look, wet your hair just before you step out and add in some mousse to lock in moisture and keep those waves looking as if you stepped out of the water. Pulling your hair to one side will enhance your chill look and accentuate your features. Here’s to you!

Occasion #3: The Office

Wig Style: The Bob

The work week is on, and you are ready for board meetings, deadlines, executive lunches and more. Make sure that you have a wig style that is as fierce as you are. I am recommending the bob for that weekday slay at the office. The bob offers that sexiness of the sleek straight wig, but the bonus of a shorter cut to keep your hair out of your way of making money moves. Whether you like to rock your bob to your shoulders or short to your ears, you are sure to keep eyes on you, especially during that big presentation. Pair your girl boss bob with a midi pencil skirt and button top. Of course, do not forget the power heels. Nothing says, “I got this!” than a fabulous short style. Because you will have your bob wig on, your hair will be one less thing you are thinking about during the week; leaving you with plenty of time to close that big deal or meet that important deadline. For corporate, I would stick with a classic black or a soft dark brown. However, if you are in a line of work with a bit more fashion freedom, then go for the auburn color or switch it up with a navy. The world is yours!

Occasion #4: Friday Happy Hour

Wig Style: The Pixie

You are invited to happy hour with your boss and coworkers on Friday. Let the bob rest as you take on her weekend starting cousin the pixie. The pixie wig is classy enough to wear to work yet sassy enough to take out for cocktails. For Friday, go bold with brighter colored business casual or fun patterns. This is when you can let your personality shine through. The short style is low maintenance and does not get in your face. Contrary to popular belief, pixie wigs come in a variety of lengths and styles that will suit your face shape best. For round faces, place up your natural contours by getting a style that parts to the side and creates an angle. For square face shapes, style your pixie wig with pieces that show off your strong jawline. Heart shaped faces will find longer bangs more flattering. And round face shapes have the flexibility to try out any style since it will almost always look great. Keep its styling from the office to the drinks with a pixie wig that stays out of your face. You may even be able to get a look at the cutie from the third floor.

Occasion #5: Ladies Night

Wig Style: Big, curly Afro

Well, it is Ladies Night, and it is time to feel more than alright. You are ready to paint the town and look stunning while doing it. Your girlfriends hit you up to check out the new lounge that just opened up downtown. You all are on the VIP list! Of course, this is no ordinary night, but an extraordinary. It is time to put the extra in extraordinary when you pull out your voluminous curly afro. Diana Ross’s hair will look like a TWA compared to the volume and glamour you are showing off! Pair your afro wig with gold hoops and a sequined romper. Slip into your comfortable pumps because the dance floor is calling your name. All eyes will be on you as you enter that lounge and become the life of the party with hair that is larger than life. Be sure to secure your afro wig because once your song comes on you are not making any promises to chill. You and your girls will be the ultimate #SquadGoals and show everyone how to have a great time. Since companies are diversifying in regards to texture, you can easily find an afro style that resembles your natural hair texture. Go for classic 70’s round curly afros like Amara La Negra or bring your style to the millennia with big textured hair parted down the middle like Solange. Hair this big requires a bold, beautiful and confident woman to rock it. I don’t see anyone else not worthy of the title. Let’s dance!

Styling and Profiling!

Wigs can be a wonderful asset to your hair care arsenal. Many come pre-styled or able to be manipulated with styling tools you already have on hand. Wigs give you the freedom to express yourself in any situation and for every event, while you give your hair a chance to rest and grow. Remember that wearing a wig as a protective style does not give way for neglect to the hair underneath. Make sure that you continue to shampoo, condition, deep condition, moisturize and seal your hair at least once a week. By taking care of your hair underneath, you give your hair a chance to grow, while you experiment with different styles and textures. Whether you are working hard at your nine to five job or stepping out to fine dining with your significant other, you have the tools to stay ready to slay all day...and all night. A wig style give you limitless flexibility and effortless style. Granted our lives seem to get busier and busier by the second. But we do not have to sacrifice a wig style in order to stay on top of everything. We can truly have it all. If Beyonce can switch up her hair five times during a show, then you can switch up your look during the week from fun in the sun to girl’s night worthy shenanigans. Which of the wig styles are you ready to rock this week? Is there an occasion we missed pairing a look? Let us know in the comment section below! We would love to keep the conversation going and sharing amazing wig styles with others.
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Tips on How to Find the Perfect Wig and Look Your Best!

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Wig and Look Your Best!

Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Wig

Wigs can be a great addition to your beauty regimen, style, and life. Choosing a wig that best suits you may take some time but with the right guidance, you can find the ideal wig perfect for you. Check out several ways to locate a wig that fits your personal style.

Size Matters

Wigs come in different sizes. First, consider one crucial fact— you need to know which size wig to buy. To find your perfect wig size, you should measure your head’s circumference from the front of your hairline, then along the back of your neck and behind your ears. Remember these measurements when shopping for a wig in-store or online. Note that sizes can vary based on a brand. Sizes start at ultra-petite that measures between 19 to 20 inches. The next size is the small-cap fitting fit heads from 20 to 21 inches. The average and the most commonly worn wig size fits a head measuring between 21 to 22 ½ inches. Last but not least is the Large—the biggest size. This circumference is big enough for heads between 22 ½ to 24 inches in circumference.

Synthetic Versus Human Hair Wigs

There are two main types of wigs: synthetic and human hair. Synthetic wigs are created from artificial materials. These types of wigs come in a variety of styles and colors. Human hair wigs are made from real human hair making them the most realistic kind of wig. Human hair wigs are pricey compared to a synthetic wig. It takes a lot of effort and time to gather enough hair needed to make wigs, so this is why it is more expensive. When compared to the higher priced human hair wig, the affordability of a synthetic wig is usually the determining factor when choosing between the two styles. But there is more to this choice than the type of hair. We will give you all tea.

To Cap or Not

Cap construction is another aspect of the wig-buying process. There are several options for cap constructions that work best for different needs and price points. Some examples are the Open Top which is the most common and easily found, the Mono Top, Full Lace and Lace Front constructions. If you chose not to wear a cap that is ultimately your choice. You can still find a wig and wear it well without a cap. Some wig wearers comment that a wig cap can feel warm and, combined with the weight of a wig, this heat can feel uncomfortable. As many wig caps are made from nylon liners, this fabric can sometimes react with the skin and cause the scalp to sweat more than usual. So beware.

Lacefront vs. Full lace

We cannot talk about wigs without speaking of lace wigs. You have the choice of a full lace wig and a lace front wig, Full lace wigs have a base made of all lace. Full lace wigs are more expensive than a lace front wig as well. The infamous lace front wig is a wig constructed from a specific type of hairpiece or wig-either human hair or synthetic hair- tied by hand to a sheer lace base that is placed over the scalp.


Consider your way of life when choosing the perfect wig. Ask yourself these questions. Why do you want to wear a wig? Is it convenient? What do you have for your hair care routine and do you need to purchase something else to maintain it. ? Do you want a wig that you can put on with minimal styling and maintain or do you want something that can be styled in different ways? You should also think about if you need a wig that you can wear comfortable when you are working out or running.

Flatters Your Face

Your wig can be most flattering when you choose one that enhances the shape of your face and highlights your natural features. PLE serves you with some general guidelines.

Tip # 1

Round faces. Typically fare best with short pixie wigs or a layered short bob which accentuates your collarbone.

Tip #2

Heart-shaped faces. Consider a short pixie cut that has some texture (like a Halle Berry or Nia Long look), a shoulder-length wig with a swoop bang.

Tip #3

Oval face shapes. For shorter hair, try a shaggy bob or a long bob. For long hair, find a wig that can hold layered curls or body waves.

Tip #4

Square faces. For square faces, select wigs that will soften your jawline, for example, a longer, angled bob, a shoulder length style with subtle layers.

Locating the Ideal Wig

You’ve discovered your wig size, and cap construction so now comes the best part: buying a wig. Take a trip to your local wig store or online to start trying on your new hairstyles. The cost of a wig can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars. Make sure you find a wig that you love and is within your budget. Keep in mind that you can buy wigs online at online wig boutiques. However, when buying a wig online, you should know the type of color, cut and style of wig you are seeking to ensure it fits your idea of the perfect wig. Remember your measurements so you can buy a wig that will match your head correctly. Consider if you are a cancer patient who is purchasing a wig as part of the chemotherapy process, your insurance company may cover some of the cost if not all of it.

Ready to Impress

Finding the perfect wig is not as hard as it may seem. The process takes some time if you want to get it right. But when you find the best wig for you, you will exude confidence and style. PLE hopes these tips help ease your anxiety as you walk through the wig shopping process. These tips will make the experience exciting and manageable. When you’ve found your perfect wig, give us a shout out on Facebook or Instagram —we would love to see pictures of the end results.
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Are You Into The Stocking Cap Method for Your Wigs?

Are You Into The Stocking Cap Method for Your Wigs?

Hold your Wigs, Ladies!

Have you ever sat back and thought about how far we have come as a society? Regarding hair, of course. The evolution of hair will always continue to amaze me, especially when it has to do with lace fronts. Before now, it seemed as if the only time you would see a lace frontal is on your favorite celebrity. After all, the knowledge and ability to actually install a lace front correctly did not reach the masses until recently. Also, lace frontals were quite expensive since most stylists didn’t offer the service. As far as hair extensions go, the lace closure was the wave that everyone needed to get on. Now that lace frontals finally reached the limelight, we have a new wave that is here to stay.
If you thought lace frontals required a lot of maintenance, you were right! Every detail in the process of making it look as real as possible, matters. The edges, plucking the hairline, bleaching the knots and especially the stocking cap all correlate to create a look that is uniquely yours. In the end, the results are gorgeous! A secure lace front begins with a good foundation. Besides, you do not want your lace frontal lifting up or pulling back while you are giving a public speech in class. A stocking cap is necessary, to secure the foundation of your wig. Better yet, a stocking cap method could be the solution to ensuring your hair entirely.

What is a Stocking Cap Method?

I don’t know how much time you spend on the internet, but if you've been on natural hair YouTube recently, you've probably seen a common trend used for lace frontals called the wig cap method or stocking cap method. It involves a nylon stocking cap, gel and a lot of patience and time. The nylon stocking cap is also known as a wig cap. It is a cap you were underneath your wigs to protect your hair. Stocking caps keep it from moving or slipping, hold your hair in place, keep your scalp clean, and they collect your hair while it is falling out.

The Need-to-Know

The hashtags “#whatlace” or “#whatfrontal” refers to the fact that the lace of a lace front looks so invisible, that it resembles a scalp. The key most hair gurus point out in the YouTube tutorials is that their foundation is secure. That brings me to a few more detail on the stocking cap method. From my research on YouTube and Instagram, most tutorials I have seen on the technique take at least an hour to apply. You may be thinking it is just a cap so why does it take an hour to secure it? Well from laying down the stocking cap to cutting the lace to setting the wig, it takes a reasonable amount of time to make sure it doesn’t move. With all this trouble, I’d hope that you could wear this look for about a week. Unfortunately, it seems that you would have to perform this action every day. That is a lot of gel!

How to Decide If You Need a Stocking Cap Method

The Basic Stocking Cap Method: For Best Results

Step One: Prepare the Wig

Analyze the properties that came with your wig. Are the knots already bleached? Does the hair come with combs? Will you be using the combs? Know what you have so that you can work with it. If you decide to bleach the knots of your wig, then pay attention to the type of bleach and developer you plan on using. By knots, I am talking about the cap that the hair follicles of the wig that it is attached to when making the hair. When bleaching the knots, it is best to use a 30 Volume Developer. Anything exceeding this amount needs to be monitored to make sure the bleach doesn’t burn the knots and damage the wig. After bleaching the knots, shampoo and condition the hair twice to rid of any excess bleach and residue.

Step Two: Style the Hair

After you bleach the knots, style the hair to your desired result. If you want curls, place rollers or pins in the sections of your hair. This styling process will prevent you from doing any extra work later since the stocking cap method can be time-consuming.

Step Three: BONUS

If you have an elastic band, measure it around your head and cut off the part that is larger than the perimeter of your head. You do not need an elastic band for the stocking cap method, but it can add extra security for those who worry about wig slips. I will be discussing elastic bands a little later in the posts!

Step Four: Time to get out your Stocking Cap!

Take out the stocking cap and analyze it. For this method to work, your stocking cap needs to be as close to your scalp’s natural color as possible. If the stocking cap is lighter than your scalp, use some powdered foundation and a brush to make it match more accurately.

Step Five: Now, It's Time to Prepare The Gel, Not Glue

Take the stocking cap and place it securely on your head, if you haven’t done so already. From that point, take the gel you plan to use and rub the gel on the perimeter of your hairline, from ear to ear. Make sure that your stocking cap is covering your hairline and that you are placing the glue on top of the actual stocking cap. It is okay if some of the gel touches your hairline, but that isn’t the purpose. We want the gel to be mostly on top of the skin on your forehead. If you put too much glue on your hairline, you could be at risk of pulling and tugging on the hairs. If you are not sure what gel to use, I suggest Got2B Glued Styling Gel. It is safe, secure, contains natural ingredients and it comes off with regular water.

Step Six: The Drying Time

This next step ranges depending on who is giving you the method. Some YouTubers tell you that the gel needs to be all the way dry, some will it needs to be at least 75% dry and some may even say you should leave it a little damp. Depending on your preference and what works best for you, the options are endless. Try it out for yourself! The main point is, you should continuously be blow drying your hair with your blow dryer on a warm to cool setting. This process can take some time, so make sure you have plenty of patience and time on your hands.

Step Seven: You Need to Cut it!

Grab a pair of scissors and cut off the excess stocking cap that is not covered by the gel. Pay attention to how flat it is in your head! You do not want the stocking cap to roll. Otherwise, the cap could move the lid off of your head and show your hairline through your wig. Continue to cut any edges and lay down the cap flat to your head. Feel free to use more gel on your stocking cap, but make sure you blow dry it again. Don’t worry it will not take as long to dry this time!

Step Eight: Grab your wigs, ladies!

Take your wig and secure the hair onto your head. Line up the edge of your wig with the tip of the stocking cap. You should notice that the stocking cap is barely noticeable. You should also see how natural the hairline looks against your wig and skin. Everything should look natural!

Step Nine: Style your hair, again!

Fix up your wig to your desired style. If you had curls, take them down. If you need to straighten it again, now is the time to do so. Make your wig look as natural and cute as possible because we do not want to worry about this part later.

Step 10: The Details Matter

When it comes to details, they matter. One false move can ruin the entire foundation of the stocking cap and cause you to have to start the process over. For the parts of the stocking cap that is sticking out of the wig, go back over those parts with scissors. If you fear that you may be chopping off your edges in the process, there is another way. Use a wet paper towel to lift the parts of the stocking cap that is not inside the wig. Tuck those parts under your hair and secure the edges of your wig down with some more gel. See, that wasn’t so hard! Style the wig to your liking and make sure that your gel is dry. Your wig should be as secure as your real hair. Okay, maybe not that secure, but you should feel pretty confident knowing your wig will not come off. We want our wigs to look as beautiful, natural and as reliable as possible!

Other Wig Securing Methods

Bobby Pinning It Down

Grab a set of bobby pins and add a little more security for your wig. Lift up some of the hair from your lace front wig and stick a few bobby pins straight through the wefts of the wig and into your hair. Pin around the outsides of the wig and at your temples. Try not to over pull you’re your edges or the hair you pin down. You don’t want to cause extra stress on your hair follicles. Your hair needs love too!

Elastic Band Method

The elastic band method works best if you sew it onto the stocking cap, correctly. It can be worn under any wig to make it more comfortable and secure. It is designed to hold your hair comfortably and securely in place. It will feel much like you are wearing a headband. Make sure not to wrap the elastic band too tight around the perimeter of your head. It can cause bald spots and headaches over time.

Double Sided Tape

That’s right! Go to your convenient local store or even a hair store, because some of them have the double-sided tape made for wig caps. It is best to use in areas you do not have hair. Use the double-sided tape to secure your wig if you feel that it is moving around and you have no hair. Place the tape anywhere inside the wig that you choose, or cut a piece in half if you don't need a full part. It is less messy than glue and less time-consuming.

Metal Wig Clips

If you are a little crafty and you enjoy a few DIY's every once in a while, then this may be the method for you! You can purchase these pretty much at any beauty supply store. You should sew the metal wig clips into the inside of your wig and then clip into your hair to keep your wig secure and in place. If you aren’t sure how to sew, I suggest you either learn (YouTube knows it all) or take it to a stylist to do it for you.

The Question Is: Is It Worth It?

With all the trouble going into the dry time, the excess gel, the styling and making sure the wig looks as real as possible you may question if this process is worth the trouble. That is really up for you to decide! The results are, and there is no denying it. Most of the YouTube tutorials I have seen give results that present a perfectly laid lace front, so using this method may be a go. But, there are other techniques out there where using a stocking cap method isn’t necessary. If you don’t think you can put in all the effort, this may not be for you. For those who believe that beauty takes time and patience, then go for it! Do you think using a stocking cap method is worth the trouble? Do you think the stocking cap method is more secure than other methods? Have you already used a stocking cap method? Is this your first time hearing about it? Leave a question or comment!
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Why Are Wigs So Expensive?!

Why Are Wigs So Expensive?!

Find Out Why Wigs Are So Expensive!

Anyone that knows about wigs knows how expensive they can be. Every time that I’ve read about a wigs, or even bought a wig, it’s been no less than $50. That price tag was for a synthetic wig, not a human hair wig. Both synthetic and human hair wigs can cost anywhere from $15 to over $1000. Why? The simple answer is that all wigs are created differently. Wigs are similar to clothes, handbags and other accessories that we love dearly. Think about it. When you buy a designer handbag, do you think about the reasons why it might be so expensive? When I buy designer things, or even knockoff products, I think about the differences between the designer product price and the knockoff price. It’s the same for wigs. There are so many things to consider when you buy a wig such as longevity, style, length and color. Also, you should think about the wig stylist that you’re choosing to create your wig. If you’re not using a wig stylist, then you should think about the cost of the materials you’ll need to create your own wig. All in all, wigs aren’t cheap. Let’s talk about why.

Synthetic Wigs

Most of us understand that synthetic wigs are the cheapest option when it comes to purchasing wigs. There are multiple reasons why synthetic wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs. Synthetic wigs usually have an artificial shine. They come pressed, cut, and pre-styled and often cannot be changed much. Synthetic wigs come in all types of different styles. Since they are cheap, you’ll be able to have many different options without spending a fortune. These days, synthetic wigs have become popular, especially since manufacturers have worked on making them look more realistic. However, despite these efforts, synthetic wigs don’t seem to have the same quality as human hair wigs. Also, the most significant disadvantage that I’ve experienced is that synthetic wigs cannot be styled. It doesn’t matter what kind of wig you get; you won’t be able to manipulate it with heat. Most of the times, synthetic wigs should just be thrown away after they get old. This can be thwarted if you use a gentle conditioner on the wig right when it gets old. Conditioning a synthetic wig is a great way to preserve its longevity, but it still won’t last as long as human hair. If you’re looking to save your money, then a synthetic wig may be the best option for you.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are more expensive because they have to be custom made, and they’re made from human hair. Color and heat can manipulate human hair. This kind of hair will typically last longer than a synthetic wig, and if you purchase perfect hair, it can last for over a year. Wigs made from human hair can cost anywhere from $250 to over $1000. This price tag is especially valid for lace front wigs made from great bundle styles. These prices of the bundles will be a majority of the amount you’ll need to pay. Bundles can be expensive depending on the company you decide to purchase from. You’ll want to make sure you are buying from a company that is reputable. When choosing bundles, look into the reviews and see how much or how little people enjoy them. The great thing about human hair is that is can be washed, conditioned, blow-dried and straightened. Since a human hair wig doesn’t have to stay on your hair day and night, it won’t lose its shine and softness. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether investing in this kind of wig will be worthwhile.

Wig Design And Installation

Wig design and installation may be the most expensive part depending on who you choose to design and install. In my opinion, wig designers are the reason why they have become increasingly expensive. The design and installation of the hair you choose is most important because it will determine how realist your wig looks. Wig making is an art, and most stylists consider it to be dangerous. I mean, who doesn’t want to wear a hairpiece that looks natural and flawless. When it comes to the prices, I’ve seen ranges anywhere from $300 to $750. The person that you choose will take your bundles and transform them into a beautiful wig that you can wear for months to come! The amount of labor and the design will play a big part in how much you’ll be paying. Don’t be afraid to talk with your stylist and see how the two of you can work together. The more that they know about the vision you have, the better your final look will be. Typically, your designer should be someone that you know, and trust or someone that you know will deliver. Getting a wig created can be a lengthy process, especially if you’re meticulous like me, but it can also be fun!

Think About Other Features

A lot of times, people think that the only thing that goes into making wigs is bundles, but there’s also styling. Styling includes coloring, trimming and layering as necessary. Anyone that wants a great wig knows that styling will be an essential part of the entire process. Don’t be afraid to work closely with your stylist to ensure that your vision comes to life. The most challenging part will probably be the coloring. So, if you want color, make sure that you know exactly what you want it to look like. Do tons of research before getting into it.

What Are You Willing To Pay

Now that you know how much wigs can cost, and why, it’s time to think about how much you’re willing to pay. As mentioned before, getting a synthetic wig is similar to getting a knock-off bag. It’ll good great for a while, and if you have multiple, it can last you a long time. However, even with all that in mind, it still won’t compare when it comes to a wig made from human hair. Human hair will be able to be manipulated and styled. In comparison to a synthetic wig, it will last a long time. Synthetic wigs range from $15 for a cheap one and $200 for a premium one. The prices for human hair wigs will vary anywhere from $300 to over $1000. It’s all about how much you’re willing to pay and what kind of style you prefer. Make sure you do tons of research before settling for anything.
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Why Lace Front Wigs Are So Popular

Why Lace Front Wigs Are So Popular

Lace Front Wigs Has a Hold on the Hair Game

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you probably noticed that lace front wigs are on a roll right now. Lace front wigs were introduced to us beauty observers several years ago. At first, they received a lot of bad rap because the hairlines on them looked too perfect. You were able to tell them that someone was wearing fake hair instantly. But over the last few years and thanks to YouTube, many people have come up with different ways to enhance lace front wigs. At this point in the hair game, it’s almost impossible to spot one. Lace front wigs have completely dominated the hair industry. It even blows basic wigs out of the market. They have been nothing but blessings to many peoples scalp. Continue reading below as we go through some reasons why lace front wigs are so popular.


Lace front wigs will not let us get distracted by the fact; it saves us so much time in our life! As we all know, time is something nobody can get back. It’s super precious and even super sensitive in the mornings! The number one reason lace front wigs are so popular is because it gives you your time back. A lace front wig allows you to throw it on and continue your day. Washing your hair in the morning or even trying to decide on a style won’t consume you anymore. The only maintenance that will be required is caring for your hair underneath the lace front. Typically, most people keep their hair braided or in a low ponytail, which remains intact for weeks at a time. Other than laying your edges down in the mornings, you’re good to go.

Bad Hair Day

Have you ever had a bad hair day? Or what about a bad haircut? Nobody likes to embrace those situations, but some of us do. For those who don’t, many turns to lace front wigs over any other style. If you paid $50 for a haircut that didn’t turn out so good, who wants to turn around and spend more on braids? Getting a sew-in or braids will not only cost more money, but it will also be time-consuming. Those styles usually take hours to complete. Who has time for that? I don’t know about you, but I don’t. Lace front wigs are so popular because they come in handy for the perfect situations.

Short Styling Time

As I mentioned earlier, styles such as braids or sew-ins usually take hours to complete. But when you’re getting a lace front wig, you could pay someone to style it for you! It’s as simple as ordering your favorite food! You can call someone who styles lace front wigs, drop it off (if you have one), they style it and you pick it up when complete! How awesome is that? There’s no more setting appointments and waiting long hours. Are you someone who wants to do their hair at night but can’t? Well we all know styling hair in the morning is a struggle at times and sometimes styling hair at night is risky. If you’re a wild sleeper, styling your hair at night may not be an option! However, while rocking a lace front wig, you can purchase a mannequin head and style it at night! If you desire a curly look, apply perm rods to your wig, while wet, and in the morning all you will have to do is remove the rollers, and you’re off to start your day!


Let’s be honest for a moment; what weave or braid options help protect your edges? I’ll wait. None except lace front wigs! This reason is a big part as to why these wigs are so popular. Even if you take a look at regular wigs, most of those are heavy and hot. The key word here to remember is lace. Lace is thin and isn’t heavy compared to regular wigs. When it comes to edges, the reason why many suffer damages is that of tension. With lace front wigs, there’s no need to worry about tension issues. As the hair industry progresses, it’s main focus is on protecting people’s hair. Many lace front wigs come with a built-in the headband that protects the edges, while others sew it in. The headband acts as a barrier between the natural hair and wig. You won’t have to experience any tension or tugging of the hair. Typically, if you’re using glue to lay your down, you may experience the negative effects. But you can now apply glue directly to the headband for extra precaution.


Another reason why lace front wigs are so popular because of the versatility it provides. There isn’t another hair extension method like this one. If you think about regular wigs, they come already styled. The structure of a basic wig makes it hard to recreate another look. Therefore there are no options for versatility. You also have to settle for a stiff hairstyle if you're into that look. Since the industry of hair has evolved, it’s very important for people to have versatility. It’s rare if you see people rock the same style for a long period. Some people are performers or even models who have to switch up their styles often, and lace front wigs give them the ability to do so. There’s even a wig called “360 Lace Front Wig.” The 360 means it covers the entire head, from ear to ear. It’s essentially a 360 frontal that has hair extensions already attached in the middle section. So because it’s 360, you’re able to achieve any style you desire. You can rock styles like space buns, high and low ponytails, half up/down and even corn rolls! Lace front wigs rarely have any limits. Lace front wigs also give you a chance to do other things with your hair. They are so important because you don’t get that with another hair extensions method. If you’re rocking braids, you can’t take them out and do something else.

Natural Looking

In the beginning, I mentioned how it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between lace front wigs and natural hair. I don’t know about you but giving off the illusion the hair you purchased is real, that’s a win in my book! It’s also the last reason why lace front wigs are so important. You may have asked yourself why lace front wigs look so natural, and it’s because of the lace material inside of them. The lace essentially represents the color of a scalp. So, when you part the wig, and because lace is thin, it appears to look completely natural. This wig also comes in handy when rocking a high ponytail, or topknot bun because normally it’s hard to pull off styles like those. This boast lace front wigs, even more, the baby hairs provide a natural look as well. This look is so popular because it enhances the overall look even more. Now, most lace front wigs just don’t come naturally. You may have to do some things to it until you have achieved your final look, but I promise it’s still the best natural option out! Quick Tip: Have you ever spent a lot of money on hair extensions and it turned out to be terrible hair? Well, many people have! That’s why it’s wise to invest in good quality hair. If you check out Private Label Hair Extensions, you will find a range of lace front wigs. They provide excellent quality lace front wigs that won’t leave you feeling cheated. Invest in good quality hair, so you’re able to have a good hair experience.

Lace Front Wigs Win

I mean, what is better than a lace front wig? There isn’t anything quite better, to be honest. They are safe, provide a natural look and are great investments, to name a few. In this day and age, lace front wigs fit right in with how many people live their life. Most of us want convenience, hassle-free hair because we live such hectic lives. Lace front wigs give us our time back. Yes, they may be on the pricey side depending on how you're money flow is but its completely worth it. Lace front wigs are so important because of all its benefits that come along with them. The days of walking around with a recognizable wig are long gone. You can now enjoy natural looking styles that will last a long time. Lace front wigs make your life a little easier so why not always choose them first? Are you a fan of lace front wigs? If so, what’s one thing you like about them?
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5 Things You May Be Doing That's Damaging your Wig's Life

5 Things You May Be Doing That's Damaging your Wig's Life

Wigs Are a Big Part of History!

Initially, wigs were made from horsehair, human hair, feathers, wool, yak hair, buffalo hair, and synthetic materials. They were worn on the head for fashion or other aesthetic and stylistic reasons, including cultural and religious observance. Egyptians shaved their heads due to the hot desert sun; they were unable to maintain their natural hair. Bald heads did not have the same appeal as someone with hair, so they decided to use wigs. While everyone wore them, there were differences between the upper and lower class wigs. Upper class could afford wigs made from the various material, while the lower class did not have that luxury or options.
Now, in the 21st century, the thoughts towards wigs and extensions have completely changed. They are a great option when you are looking to switch up your look without making a permanent change to your hair. Wigs are here to stay, and the maintenance is as important as taking care of your hair. There are common mistakes people make when attempting to take care of them. So let's be sure you aren't damaging your wig life with five things you may be doing!

Different Hair Types of Wigs

Human hair wigs are made from human hair or human hair mixed with animal hair such as (angora rabbits, sheep, and horses). On the other hand, synthetic hair is made from nylon or acrylic fibers, differentiating the difference will play a factor in deciding how to maintain your wig. Always be sure to pay attention to the maintenance instructions attached to your wig or be sure to ask your retailer about how to take care of the wig.

Human Hair Wigs

When details of construction and processing are important, human hair is usually the highest quality. With proper care human hair wigs can last for years, they are thicker, can be styled with heat and often look more real. Therefore they are known to be more expensive compared to synthetic wigs. Although some human wigs are expensive, some companies like Private Label Hair Extensions do allow a bit of wiggle room with pricing, to ensure quality and affordability! Human hair wigs also can be dyed with semi-permanent or permanent color.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are both affordable and have a great appearance as well. These type of wigs are less likely to tangle when taken care of. Depending on the material they tend to wear out after 3-6 months when maintained correctly and aren’t worn daily. Synthetic wigs retain their style and shape, even after washing, they seem to be cooler than human hair. The disadvantage of synthetic wigs is there is no versatility in styling, i.e., curling with hot tools and coloring it.

Production of The Wig

The way your wig is produced plays away in care as well. There are two types of production methods, hand tied and machine made. Most wigs will specify their production type on the packaging.

Hand-tied Wigs

A hand-tied wig is when individual hairs are attached to the wig cap by hand. The process is labor intensive but has a more natural result; they are less likely to tangle due to the flow if the hair is going in the same direction. These wigs allow hair to be styled effortlessly and parted in different ways.

Machine Made Wigs

Machine made wigs are sewn to the hair into a cap or nylon strips using wefts of hair.

Construction of The Wig

Wigs can either be full caps, partial cap, or open cap. Full cap wigs hairs are machine sewn onto a mesh cap, and they provide complete coverage of the hair.

Partial Cap Wigs

Partial cap wigs are used to enhance one’s real hair; they are usually in the form of a clip-on or an elastic structure. They make the hair appear fuller, thicker, and longer. A ponytail or bun hair accessory can be made and used to create an updo. Partial wigs also are full in the back of the head and stop short of the forehead. It allows you to blend your natural hair or bangs with the wig.

Open Cap Wig

These wigs are produced using nylon strips machine-sewn onto hair is placed on. The gaps between each strip serve for flexibility and ventilation.

5 Things You May Be Doing That's Damaging your Wig Life

Now that we have gotten all the logistics out of the way let’s talk about the five things you may be doing that's damaging your wig life. There are huge do’s and don'ts when it comes down to ensuring your wig last as long as it possibly can! Synthetic and human hair wigs are not one in the same, so we will list out five things for each type of wig to help you out with your wig life!
  • Using shampoo/conditioner not specifically made for synthetic wigs.
Yup! There are shampoo/conditioners especially made for wigs. You should invest in the products because the chemicals in regular shampoos and conditioners are too hard for wig hair, and even more for synthetic wig hair. Regular shampoo/conditioners ruin the hair texture and at times leaves the hair matted and tangled. Your technique used while washing your wig should be different too, soaking is ideal for a shampoo and water combo while combing the shampoo and conditioner gently throughout the hair. Do not massage or rub the wig. Rinse in cool water, detangle, and let it air dry.
  • Using hot tools on your synthetic wig can be hazardous to our synthetic wig.

Due to the fibers, they will melt due to the heat. Also, use caution while cooking in your synthetic wig. Opening the oven door, standing over boiling water, or barbecuing over a drill, can damage the wig due to the high temperatures and may cause damage.
  • Using hairspray or hair shine on your synthetic wig can cause damage to the fibers.
Continuously spraying your wig with different products can cause the wig to become unmanageable and have product build up which will make the fibers greasy. Avoid shine spray all together.
  • Not keeping your hair clean can damage your wig life.
Our scalps create sebum when it gets hot and sweaty underneath the wig. So keeping your hair clean will reduce how often the wig will need washing. Washing your wig too often may shorten its lifespan after 15-20 wears are ideal.
  • The way you store your wig may damage your wig as well.
Not having your wig placed on a proper wig stand when it is not in use will help maintain its wigs and shape and style. Wearing a wig cap also helps protect both the wig and your hair from damage.

5 Damaging Things You May Be Doing

  • Using shampoo and conditioners can cause damage.
Sulfates take away the necessary oils that cause the sheen needed and make them appear frizzy. Be sure to use shampoo and conditioners made to moisturize the hair.
  • Using excessive heat or styling products on your wig may be causing damage.
If you use dryers and flat irons, use a heat protectant spray on the wig. Use heat and styling products sparingly, styling products form a layer of products on the wig and may make it look greasy and unwashed.
  • Wearing the incorrect size can cause damage

If the wig is to tight, it may cause effects on your hair, such as breakage and hair loss. If the wig is too loose, it may slip off, look misplaced, or ride up. It is recommended to have the crown of your head sized by a professional before ordering a natural hair wig.
  • Wearing your wig all the time can damage the wig and your hair
Don’t forget about your real hair underneath your wig. Be sure to remove your wig from time to time, use the time to take good care of your scalp and hair.
  • Styling your curly natural piece
Remember to style your curly hair while it is we. Styling the wig dry will result in frizz and undefined curls just as your natural hair wig.
Maintenance for Colored Wigs When your wig has been colored damaging them can be ten times easier due to the process of coloring the hair making it weaker than naturally colored pieces. Here are a few things you may be doing to damage your colored wig. Be sure to use a safe color shampoo. These shampoos do not contain sulfates or alcohol and use extra moisturizers.
  • Too much sun can cause damage to your colored piece
Heat plays a significant factor in how well your color will maintain itself. Be sure to use a heat protectant with UV protection included.
  • DIY’ing may cause damage
Hire a professional to maintain your wig to be assured it is cleaned and styled correctly with the correct products for longevity. Let us commence the slaying of wig wearing.

Fall in Love

Hair pieces give the opportunity to revamp our look over and over again without having to worry about making drastic changes to our real hair. They are protective styles that provides versatility while allowing us the opportunity not to worry about our hair daily. Keeping these five damaging behaviors in mind when maintaining your wigs will allow you to get a longer lifespan with your wigs! Now let’s slay the day away with this wig life!
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Should You Share Your Lace Front Wigs?

Should You Share Your Lace Front Wigs?

Is Sharing your Hair Extensions A Thing?

Okay, ladies listen up! We’re about to discuss something that is a bit unbelievable. It's not every day that you hear about this information, so I’m bringing it to light! The hair market is one of the fastest growing in the beauty industry. It has come a long way over the years and is still evolving. The biggest changes we have seen have been the evolution of hair extensions. They are more natural looking, more assessable and even more expensive. The hair quality is a completely higher grade than ones sold at hair stores also.
Although we constantly hear great things about hair extensions, one thing that’s a bit of a secret is people sharing their extensions! That’s right, they take them off and allow others to wear them. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m scratching my head over this situation. However, some folks have a difference of opinion. Some people don’t see anything wrong with sharing their extensions. Well, I think we should be the judge on whether or not this is even okay, let alone healthy! Continue reading below as I go through reasons why people may share their hair extensions.

Too Expensive

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing cheap about hair extensions. I’m talking everything from purchasing them, to install to even maintenance. When you invest your money into extensions, you are getting your money worth for sure. However, there are plenty of people who don’t have that kind of money to spend. They want the beauty standards behind extensions but can’t afford it. So what does one do? Well, they call their best friend up and ask to use theirs! Why even try to put the money out if you don’t have to. There are plenty of people who will even split the cost of hair extensions and get custom lace fronts made. Is this idea okay or even necessary though? What about college roommates? We all know those four years on campus aren’t easy financially, but people still want to look their best. Asking your roommate to borrow their lace front wig would be completely convenient especially if they split the cost. They both could decide on which type of hair they would want so they could take turns styling it. For example, the roommates could opt for straight virgin hair extensions since they have more versatility and great quality. Then one roommate could rock the lace wig when needed and vice versa.
Or what about a family member like a little sister? They may be going on a last minute date and just can’t get their hair in order. Well, nobody wants to reschedule a date over a bad hair experience! So, they borrow their sister’s big curly lace front wig and continue with no issues. When you think about these scenarios, sharing hair extensions, don’t seem that bad! It almost seems like a fair bargain with no risk. Above everything it’s convenient and a great way to save money. Even if you were someone who only wants to wear extensions a couple of times out the month, it would be better to share it. So far, sharing extensions is a good thing!

Health Issues

Now the stress-free illusion is over, let's discuss the dark, untold side of sharing hair extensions. If you think about it, a lace front wig is as personal as under clothes. Tons of bacteria and germs get transferred to our underclothes, just like the wig. Think about when people exercise; they are constantly sweating. Toxins and bacteria are flowing out from their skin that’s getting soaked into the wig. Eventually, the wig can also begin to smell because of it. That’s why people wash their extensions, although everyone doesn’t go that route.
You also have some people who even go through their day sweating as well. Then when their friend or family member asks to use their lace front wig, without thinking, they give it to them. What they don’t realize how many germs they are passing to them. Take, for instance, a person who has an open cut or rash on the lace area of their hairline; that area is going to be more affected because an unknown bacteria is on it now. Some may think that sharing lace front wigs (Check out this tutorial on how to put on a lace front wig) is a quick exchange, but they don’t realize just how much exchange takes place. Even when it comes down to the edges of the lace front, there are bacteria in that area. Some people’s edges can get ripped after removing the frontal also. So if you allow someone to wear your wig, you will also get that person bacteria as well. Understand that bacteria and bodily fluids are a serious issue. They should not be thrown to the waist-side and ignored. This logic is the same foundation that causes people to get sick and catch diseases because they aren’t careful or ask questions.

Portfolio Purposes

Okay, so out of all that we covered so far, this point is the safest and best reason to share hair extensions, if you have to! Building your portfolio is a major factor no matter what industry you pursue. However, its essential in the beauty industry. There are tons of makeup artists who work hard at beating faces and have to capture a photo of it for their portfolio. Now, they can’t just snap a photo of the face, although some do, staging the photo will enhance it more. They rely on props such as lace front wigs for their models to use all the time. Are you wondering the difference between makeup artists having their models wear lace front wigs vs. other people? Well, it’s because many of them prepare for it while keeping everyone safe. Some use double-sided hairnets to make sure the lace front wig isn’t placed directly on the model's hair. Then they have a photographer take photos, and the wig is back off as fast as it was put on. The same would go for someone who makes lace front wigs for a living and wants their customers to know how different styles would look on different skin tones. They also would get models to wear the wigs for a short period and still use a double-sided hairnet.

Are You Sharing?

Well, we have made it to the end of discussing should lace front wigs be shared. There are some good and bad things about it, just like anything else. If you’re sharing lace front wigs, know that it’s not a terrible idea, but you must be careful and mindful. Making sure the wig and the persons hair is clean, are good tips to follow as well. Although I didn't mention it earlier, if you are sharing wigs, make sure the person takes care of it! Like I said, hair extensions are not cheap. So whoever is borrowing it should also know that. I think the biggest take away from this would be to think hard about lending your lace front wigs out. Analyze all parts of it to make sure you’re making the best decision. Have you ever thought about sharing lace front wigs? Did you go through with it? If so, talk to me in the comment section below!
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Best Tips on How to Successfully Wear Wigs for The Summer

Best Tips on How to Successfully Wear Wigs for The Summer

Wigging out this Summer!

One of the most trending movements, in my opinion, has been the comeback of the wigs. Wigs are fabulous because you can put a different one on every day and be whoever you feel like being that day. Depending on the hair you use, they can last you an incredibly long time, usually up to six months. Not only do they last, but they make great protective styles.
Most people who wear wigs may wear their hair braided underneath with a wig cap to cover it. This method protects the hair and allows you to leave it alone for a while. After all, the flourishing comes the less you manipulate your hair! Wigs seem to be the perfect solution for any hair related problems you could have at any time in the year. So, why is it different in the summertime? You see the title of this article, so why is this article even needed? Shouldn’t wigs be perfect in any season? I wish it could be that simple, but wigs don’t get much airtime in the summer. Allow me to explain why and how we can fix it!

Get Creative

Wigs are a creative way to look the way you’ve dreamed of without doing any real damage to your actual hair. But, the only problem that we have with wigs in the summertime is that they can be hot and sticky on your head! That makes wearing wigs during this time extremely uncomfortable, which is when most women opt for wearing their air or braids and twists instead. Human hair wigs probably get the most trouble flourishing in the summertime, since the wigs use actual human hair which makes them more substantial than regular wigs. Does this regular occurrence mean that wig wearing in the summer is just going to be impossible forever? No, I don’t believe so. There are steps you can take to make wig-wearing more of a pleasure in the summertime. It’s time to learn how you can avoid the uncomfortable feeling that wigs bring in the summertime, from excessive sweating to temperature-induced itchiness. The inconveniences that it brings in summer may make you want to forego your hairpiece altogether. But if you practice these tips, wearing a wig shouldn’t be too much of a hassle anymore!

How Can you Enjoy Wearing a Wig this Summer?

#1 Consider Wearing Synthetic Hair Types

I know what you are thinking. “But, I love my human or remy hair! I wear that type of hair in all my wigs!” I understand completely. There is nothing better than putting on a new wig that is soft, bouncy, full of body and will last me a long time. But, the summertime may not be the best time for this look right now. Human hair and remy hairpieces may be trending right now, but during the summer they can be more burdensome. The hair is thicker than most other hair types. Do you know how uncomfortable that would be on a hot summer day or night when you’re just trying to have fun? You do not want to have to worry about if it looks like your lace front is moving backward! Try a synthetic wig for summer. Synthetic wigs may not last as long, but they are also much cheaper so you wouldn’t be wasting all of your funds! They are also thinner and more breathable. Synthetic hair has a curl memory which means it will always hold its style, even if you get sweaty or someone splashes water on you. It’s best to try a lightweight synthetic wig with a capless base. These tend to keep you relatively fresh on the scalp.

#2 Choose a new Shorter Style for your Wig

Variety in my wigs is one of the principal things I use them for whenever I purchase one! You can pick out any cut, color, and style. If you can’t find a person or stylist to construct your wig for you, you can order a full one offline or make it yourself! For my adventurous girls, you know what I’m talking about when it comes to variety! Sometimes we get so bored with our hair, but we don’t want to risk doing any damage to it, so we opt for wigs! It’s incredible that we can rock a different style every day! So why not consider that for the summer? It would be best to try a shorter and more breathable look for the summer. The more extended styles tend to be hotter and more prone to a sweaty scalp. The key is to keep the hair off of your neck. Also, you can still do a variety of styles just from having a short-haired wig. Try a bob one day, a pixie cut the next and then maybe something layered and curly! The possibilities are endless, and just because it is summer, it doesn’t mean your options are limited. A shorter haircut makes you less likely to sweat your life away, and you will be more comfortable and ready to take on the summer the best way you know how!

#3 Braid all the Longer Looks to Reduce Heat on Your Skin

Braids are more than just stylish; they can also protect you and your hair! I love twists because they are easy to do and there are so many styles you can have with them. If you don’t think you want to invest in a shorter wig this summer, I understand entirely. Another option is to braid down your long hair so that it is out of your way to let more cool air towards your neck and head. That means less sweat! Ponytails don’t always look that natural when done on wigs. But braids can create a natural flow that is cooler and allows you to have more control of your hair.

#4 Maintain Your Wig and Wash it Regularly

How often do you wash your wig, once a week, once every two weeks? The one thing you should keep in mind, in general, is that you don’t need to wash any wig too often. Washing your hairpiece too much can cause more damage than other manipulation tactics you could do. The summer months can change the rules at times. During the summer you are more prone to excessive sweating, which means oils can get clogged in your scalp and the hair stands on your wig. When this is the case, during the summer, it’s best to wash your wigs more often. The temperatures may continue to rise, but as long as you reduce that oil buildup by cleaning your wigs regularly, you can ensure that you will feel much more confident and comfortable.

#5 Try to Avoid Direct Heat as Much as You Can

This tip may seem a little contradictory because you will more than likely be spending most of your time outside in the hot sun. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still avoid it. There are still things you can do to prevent damage to your wigs. Yes, direct sunlight from the sun itself is very bad for them. Try wearing a hat or a scarf. Wearing something over it can make a significant difference in your comfort level when wearing one of these hair pieces. The scarf will protect the wig from receiving too much sunlight, which can be unusually intense during the summer months. One more thing you can do is to make sure you store your wigs in a cool, room temperature spot in your home, for obvious reasons. Avoid keeping them in the car or near windows where they will more than likely be exposed to direct sunlight for hours at a time.

#6 Try Wearing Lighter Colors

Sorry to all the ladies who always opt for darker colored wigs! The summer may not be the best time to wear these. Imagine how you feel wearing black during the summer? Even the people who only have black in their closet won’t even dare walk out of the house like that. The truth is, darker colors attract more heat and light. This summer switch it up and try some lighter colors! Lighter colored wigs won’t absorb as much heat from the sun, and they can be used to create amusing looks, especially if you are experimenting with color! Put the black wigs down. Don’t do it to yourself. Try something new, different and out of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it, because, for one, you’ll be more comfortable in your skin.

#7 Have you Ever Tried a Gel Band?

There are so many helpful products out there that we abuse and take advantage of most of the time. Some products we don't even realize or take the time to find out that it has multiple uses. The saying can go for a product called a gel band. You've heard of an elastic band? You've probably used the elastic band method a few times. But, have you thought about switching to a gel band for the summer? Let me tell you why you should consider it. A gel band is a small elastic band made of gel that fits around the hairline. These are much like elastic bands, which were created initially to make wigs fit tighter to feel more secure. Gel bands can also help you stay cool in the hot months by allowing sweat to evaporate off your scalp. If you decide to get one of these, try putting it in the fridge right before you decide to leave the house for the day!

#8 Change Your Wig Cap

My wig may bring me beauty, but my wig cap is indeed my best friend out in this world! It's one of those products that have multiple uses that we don't always tend to think about as often. The point of a wig cap creates a barrier between your hair and the wig and to also protect it. Beauty supply stores carry different looks and brands of hair caps, but in the summertime try to find a wig cap that is lightweight and stretchy. Maybe you’ve had your wig cap for a while now, and it’s time for a change. A new wig cap can make the air circulating to your scalp more efficient. The key is to allow for more ventilation, which is why it’s essential for your wig cap to have a stretchy material to it. You will not regret purchasing a new one, especially considering they are usually more than a dollar. Your scalp will feel cooler throughout the day, and you will feel more comfortable.

#9 Stay Away from Chlorine and Salt Water

I know what you are thinking again, another contradiction! This tip may seem a little harsh to complete during the summer when there are pools and the beach, but it's so worth it. Stay as far away from the water as you can! Well, at least try. Most wigs aren't made to be exposed consistently to the chemicals in the water like salt or chlorine. Those things can cause some severe damage to your wig's fibers. So what can you do? Just because you are wearing a hair wig doesn't mean you are safe from wearing swim caps. Invest in a cute water-friendly one!

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Still Stay in the Kitchen!

I love wigs, you like wigs, and we all can enjoy wigs for more than just three seasons! Don't let the summer take away your desire to rock that new wig you've wanted to try, but keep these tips in mind before you decide to risk it all! Keep in mind the style you are getting, where you live and how you plan on taking care of it. Wearing a wig is a great way to change your look around and try new things. Consider these tips to help keep you more cool and comfortable in your hair wigs! You don't want to be out here silently suffering while looking amazing. Don't do that to yourself! Do you have any tips you want to share? I'd love to hear what you think! Comment and share!
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Top 11 Iconic Wigs That Still Have Us Shook!

Top 11 Iconic Wigs That Still Have Us Shook!

Celebrities Who Slayed Their Wigs

I cannot explain how excited I am to have you join me as I go down memory lane with ten of the most iconic wigs in pop culture. I am excited because I get to reminisce about some of the most significant times in pop culture as well because the hairstyle symbolizes, for me, a specific time in my life. Wigs have made it so easy to switch up your style. You all know I love a quick and easy wig switch-up! The evolution of wigs has kept up with the demand from us for more realistic and flexible styling. I know you’re going to love these looks! Comment below with your favorite one.


Beyonce burst onto the scene with her group Destiny’s Child and as we all know they had us asking fellas “Can you pay my bills”? The ladies of Destiny’s Child rocked some amazing looks, but my all-time faves are two looks Beyonce rocked as a solo artist. Baby, in 2006 Beyonce showed up, showed out, and took her man with her while rocking this fierce “who gone check me boo” wig! All I can say is she worked the heck out of that wig, and when you look at her whole look it is just flawless! When she’s holding onto his belt bending back, I think she has her wig secured honey!

How To Keep Your Wig On

Here are some tips on how to secure your wig the right way because I do not want to see another wig fall off! Check out the following tips: 1. One of the most straightforward methods is to sew your wig down to your foundation braids. You can either sew it down the entire perimeter of your braids or to the corners of your braids. Use nylon thread and a sewing needle to secure your wig in this fashion. You may want to think twice before using this method if your hair is thin, breaking, or you have any scalp conditions. 2. Roller pins are an excellent substitute for sewing on your wig. Roller pins are longer bobby pins you use to secure rollers to your hair. These type of pins can be found at your local beauty supply store as well. You secure the wig to your foundation braids. 3. Wig clips are an easy way to secure your wig as well. You can purchase wig clips from your local beauty supply store. All you have to do is sew the clips to each corner of your wig. This option is good for short hair. 4. A spandex wig cap will help keep your wig on your head. This method is pretty easy to understand. 5. An elastic band can give you an extra sense of security. Measure your band from temple to temple and cut your elastic band to the measurement. Remove about 3-5 inches of an elastic band by cutting it. Mark the original measurement on the wig with a white pencil. 6. Sew your elastic band onto your wig. Through this process, you are sewing the shortened band to get the stretch you need to get the security you want when wearing your wig.

Beyonce's Lemonade Braids

My second favorite look and I am sure yours as well is when she snatched all of our edges with this braided look created by the hair guru Kim Kimble. Bey has chicks going in salons asking for the lemonade braids and then heading to Red Lobster. The ingenious move was when Kim Kimble made the iconic braids into a wig. Nicki Minaj slayed her pink braids in the Motorsport video, and I believe this took the lemonade braids to another stratosphere! If you want to recreate the lemonade braids on a wig check out my article here: (link)

Lil Kim

“Lil Kim Queen Bee so you best take heed. Shall I proceed? Yes indeed”! Lil Kim hit us with the blue wig in the “Crush On You” video with Lil Cease. Although she switched wigs up during the shooting of the video to match each set, to me, it’s the blue wig which has become synonymous with her style back in the day! You can purchase a pre-colored wig or color your wig this vibrant blue color. Check out how you can do it at home by following these tips below: SUPPLIES
  • 16” of Russian Blonde Private Label Extensions
  • Plastic Mixing Bowl
  • Applicator Brush
  • Adore #112 (Indigo Blue)
  • Adore #117 (Aqua Marine)
  • Trash Bag
  • Gloves
  • Organix Shampoo
  • Organix Conditioner

Let's get started!

Disclaimer: Do not add the aqua marine color if you want your extensions to be true blue
  1. Lay the trash bag out onto a flat surface
  2. Lay your extensions out flat on top of the trash bag
  3. Pour a bottle of the indigo blue color into your mixing bowl
  4. If you want a little extra pizzaz to your extensions, add in about a ¼ of the aqua marine color
  5. Mix the colors together
  6. Begin coloring your extension weft and root area first
  7. Flip the extensions over and color the same way
  8. Mix ½ bottle of indigo blue color and ½ bottle of aqua marine color in your mixing bowl
  9. Slightly overlap this color with the previous color you applied to the weft and root area
  10. Color the entire length of the extensions with the color
  11. Cover the hair and allow it to sit for at least three hours
  12. Rinse the hair until the water is clear
  13. Condition the hair
  14. Air dry or blow dry your extensions
  15. Style as desired


Sia has to be one of the unique musicians to show up in a while. There’s this odd ambiguity about her that draws attention, and then you are hooked. Her signature wig is a white abstract wig. She has also been seen rocking the black and white wig as well.


Cher does what she wants, and I am not mad at her! Her signature look was what made Sonny and Cher such a huge success. However, she straight kills it on her own! She has had so many noteworthy moments that it was hard to pick just one. The woman stills breaks barriers and has a killer body at 70 years old! The spiked look she wore in the photo above was a signature look of hers for a short period.

Tina Turner

I just start singing “what’s love got to do with it” as I think of Tina Turner’s iconic look for the music video of the same title. I mean I just feel fierce and free when I watch her rock her wig. The wig is spiked and full with a gorgeous mix of brown and blonde highlights. I appreciate her ability to be fearless in redefining her style and look. Now, I don’t suggest rocking this look on relaxed hair. Can you imagine the damage the heat and products will cause? I do, recommend you use her hair as inspiration and either purchase a wig similar (if it’s your style) or wear your hair big and free using natural extensions. Check out Mo Knows Hair for inspiration because I am in love with her natural curls.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is just fabulous! I can’t even choose one wig for her but had to! She seems to be able to shock us and keep us waiting for her next look. The wig I chose is the platinum blonde one she wore for promotional pictures. The blunt bangs and color give the wig a unique look. Can you imagine this style using pastel colors? If you have been dying for bangs but are too afraid to cut your hair use a wig to test the look first
My second wig favorite is this platinum blonde wig she wore as art. I mean I have to say this wig is perfection! It’s teased just right, and it’s as if she is allowing the wig to be the centerpiece and she’s the supporting cast! Gorgeous!!!

Patti LaBelle

Before Patti’s sweet potato pies starting causing a shortage at local Walmart’s, she sent us into a frenzy with all of her wild hairstyles. I don’t know what they did to get her hair to stick out like that, but it had to involve an iron! Her vocals and performance already have us on the edge of our seats, but when you add the hair, it’s a total experience. Honestly, there is no reason to try even to attempt to re-create this hairstyle. Just enjoy looking at it!

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell did not sing a word in Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet” video, but her presence slays throughout it. Her hair gives us immediate need to get our 40” extensions to channel our inner sexy! Who says a wig has to be complicated to be iconic? Naomi has done this look a couple of times, over the years, and it’s never a miss!

Create your Iconic Look

I love the way these wigs have stood the test of time. Whether it's Bey's full wig or Lady Gaga's platinum wig we've been able to remix these looks and make them our own! What's your favorite wig? Would you re-create it? Let your girl know below! Also, follow us on Instagram and tag us!
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