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Dying Your Hair Blonde? What You NEED to Know!

Dying Your Hair Blonde? What You NEED to Know!

Blonde Is More Fun Right?

Many of us know that coloring hair can be a lengthy process. I’ve shared the story before, but when I colored my hair for the first time, I was so excited! I decided that I wanted to do a Burgundy red color that would make my look stand out! I thought that was daring but the blonde hair is an entirely different beast.

At the time, I didn’t realize that coloring hair difficult. If you’re changing your hair to a color that is lighter than your natural color, you’re going to need to dye your hair blonde first. I’ve never actually gone blonde before because I’ve been told it can be severely damaging to those with a sensitive scalp.

However, I did ask my hairstylist what I would need to do if I wanted to go blonde. The list was long, but I was happy to get so much information. If you’re thinking about going blonde, there are some things you’ll need to know about how it can affect your hair.

Going from dark-colored hair to blonde won’t be an easy task, but it is fun if you have the right person or people to help you! Let’s get into the top five things to know before coloring your hair blonde!

dying hair

New Blonde! New You!

Changing your hair to different hair color is an exciting time, but there are some things that you’ll need to pay attention too! Blonde is an entirely different terrain of confusion when it comes to hair color because it requires so much work.

So, what do you need to know? You’ll need to understand that your natural hair color matters, purple shampoo is your BEST friend, there is always more than one blonde to choose from, the texture of your hair might change, and you’ll need to have an entrusted hairstylist.

The last part is crucial, and we’ll discuss it a bit later. For now, you’ll need to wrap your head around these five topics. Don’t be afraid of changing your hair to blonde!

If you have the right tools, you’ll look amazing after it’s all said and done. One essential thing to remember is that once you go blonde, you’ll need to give your hair rest before changing to different hair colors.

Going blonde is going to take more than one treatment which means that your hair will be undergoing a lot of stress! Make sure that you’re mindful of that!

beyonce blonde bob

What’s Your Natural Hair Color?

Do you have naturally dark hair? If the answer is yes, you’ll be needing to visit your hairstylist more than once. Also, if your hair color is usually dark, your hairstylist will probably suggest a transition plan for you.

A transitional color doesn’t mean that you couldn’t get the blonde you’re dreaming of, but it does mean that you’ll need to wait before taking the full leap. A transitional color is intended to help your hair remain healthy.

Also, a hairstylist may suggest this because they’ve considered how easily your hair color will lift as well. While going from darker strands to blonde is possible to do in one session, it's probably not the best route for the overall health of your hair.

Don’t be discouraged though. Your hair will be blonde in no time!

rihanna blonde vs black

More Than One Blonde Option?

This is pretty, but there are plenty of blonde options out there for you to choose from. The important thing is that you know which color blonde you’d like to get. Looking for something close to a silver, platinum blonde? Ask your hairstylist.

Don’t try to dye your hair blond for the first time by yourself if you’re particular about the outcome. A hairstylist will have all kinds of blond options to choose from, and the best part is that their salon-grade so they’re high quality.

Your hairstylist will give you all the necessary information when you go into your appointment.

ice blonde

Purple Shampoo!

Purple shampoo is going to be the product that saves your blonde hair from losing its vibrancy. Having an excellent purple shampoo will save you the time and money of visiting a hairstylist every time you need a touch-up. The concept of purple shampoo might sound ridiculous, but it’s beneficial to your blonde hair.

The purple in the shampoo helps keep the undertones at bay. It can serve as your at-home toner while you’re away from your hairstylist. When you’re with your hairstylist, they should always provide you with a toner to keep your blonde in check.

However, if you can’t seem to get to them, you’ll need this purple shampoo miracle. You can check out some of the best purple shampoos online or in stores!

Look Out For Your Hair Texture!

With any profound change, you’ll notice a difference in your hair texture. Your hair texture will change depending on your original hair texture and depending on the intensity of your blonde treatment.

If you’re like me and have 4b to 4c hair, you can expect the texture to change slightly. When I first dyed my hair, I noticed that my curls were a little bit looser.

This was because of the chemicals that were in the dye that was used on my hair. If your hair texture changes drastically, then don’t worry too much. Consult with your hairstylist, and they should be able to help you out if need be.

Also, your texture should come back after a certain period.

dye mixing materials

Your Hairstylist Matters!

The hairstylist you choose is going to be the most significant factor when it comes to the success of your blonde transition. Your hairstylist will guide you as you select the perfect color blonde.

They’ll be able to let you know how many treatments you’ll need as well as how difficult it will be to lighten your hair to blonde. If you’ve never dyed your hair blonde, I don’t suggest doing it alone.

Your hairstylist is an essential part of it all! You want to make sure that you have someone you can work closely with.

hair salon

What To Remember!

Changing your hair color to blonde is a huge step! You want to make sure that you know what to expect. By reading these five essential tips, you can avoid some of the mistakes that tons of people have made.

Be mindful of how your hair reacts to getting dyed and make sure you team up with a trusted hairstylist. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box! Have you gone blonde before?

Share your stories with us!

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Color Me Drippin' with The Drip Hair Color Technique

Color Me Drippin' with The Drip Hair Color Technique

Drip, Drip, Drip!

This new hair color technique is literally, a hot mess! But, it’s not in a bad way. It’s hot as in the outcome is beyond gorgeous, and it’s a mess because you’re dripping hair color on to the hair! But I’ll tell you one thing; it’s a hot mess that I would love to have!

This new technique is currently trending and catching everyone’s eyes and making us all do a double-take.

I remember back in the day, the most common ways to apply hair color was using foil! When the hairstylist finished applying the color, people looked like a whole tin can! But my, oh, my, has hair color evolved over the years.

Continue reading below to learn more about the dripping hair color technique.

Mixing Hair Dye

Disclaimer** If you’re someone who enjoys a clean area or has OCD, this technique is not for you! This method of coloring is strictly for the fun and creative souls of the world!

Behind the Drip Hair Color Technique

The genius behind the drip hair color technique is none other than Denver Colorist, Taylor Rae. If you have checked out her IG page (@Taylorrae_hair), you will find that she clearly isn’t scared of any hair color.

She recently spoke with Allure, where she mentioned she had been thinking about what could happen if she dripped hair color onto the hair instead of brushing it on like its normally done. Then one day, she decided to try it out on a mannequin.

She also has a video clip of the mannequin test run on her IG page. She then talked about how she liked the outcome but then wanted to try it on an actual person who wasn’t nervous. Well, she found a client who was feeling risky and tried this technique on them, and the results were great!

The colors were super bright, but most importantly they were different. It was a color shade that you don't always see either. Looking at Taylor Rae’s IG account, you will quickly see that she wants her work to stand out.

She wants her clients to be able to have a custom hair color that no one else has. And there’s no denying that the drip technique will give you that.

Hair Drip Color Technique

Applying Drip Hair Color

As you can imagine, the application seems pretty easy, right? Well, it is, but there are just a few simple steps.

To make sure you don’t get hair color everywhere, you want to make sure your client is fully covered with a cape and across their face. Also, to ensure your colors come out evenly, Taylor Rae mentioned using cling wrap or plastic wrap in between the sections of hair that are colored.

Once you put hair color in the bowl, you’re going to want to dilute it with some water. The purpose of this step is to make the hair color drip smoothly onto the hair because most times hair color can be a little thick.

When you have the hair sectioned off, begin pouring the color onto the hair. Make sure you’re pouring it from a high distance to get that dripping effect just right.

Once you’re finished pouring the color on, take a wide tooth comb to go through the colored sections to make sure the color gets distributed evenly. You don’t want to have any patches or sections that are missing hair color. Unless, of course, that’s the desired look for the client!

But that’s pretty much it for the application! Simple right? Then, of course, you rinse like really and style.

 Taylor rae hair Drip Hair Color Technique


Now, let's get into some of the obvious benefits of this technique.

Saves Time

If you’re a hairstylist, then the drip hair color technique is going to save you so much time for the client.

We all know getting hair color applied can easily take up to an hour to do and then you still must go through the entire styling process. This method will cut your time in half without question.

I can only imagine, it should take just about two minutes to pour the color onto the hair and then comb through. Your clients will thank you for it later, and you will also be able to bring in more clients for the day, so everyone wins.

Funky Effect

The results of the drip hair color technique are very different from how traditional hair color results look.

Because the color is dripped on to the hair and then comb through with a wide-tooth comb, not every hair strand is going to be colored of course.

So when the color is rinsed out, you will have nice drip hair color with a hint of the client’s natural hair color flowing throughout the strands. I would say it would look like a hint of a shadow from their real hair, which you can’t get from another technique.

Now, even the regular application of highlights can’t give you that. Highlight hair color is more of an intent look. Specific hair strands are colored whereas the dripping color isn’t intentional on the strands.

As mentioned before, it’s definitely for those who are all about fun and wildness!

Creativity Comes Out

There is absolutely no way that you can be a boring hairstylist while applying the drip method to your client’s hair. Therefore if you’re looking for ways to be creative, this is one way of achieving that goal.

Not all hairstylists are colorists. To some, applying hair color is a special skill. For starters, you have to know what colors mix well together along with knowing what colors must mix to make a certain color.

It’s a lot that goes into it and sometimes people don’t always have the time to learn. But learning the drip technique would work in favor of someone who has always wanted to learn.

The drip technique would help them to create their custom colors. They could purchase a mannequin head and practice pouring different colors together until they have created their special blend. You wouldn’t have to follow by some color chart since you’re customizing it yourself.

Since you’re dripping hair color onto the hair, keep in mind that there are no rules in the hair industry. It’s all about how creative you are. Although, it was mentioned to have plastic wrap between the sections of hair getting colored, what if you eliminated that step?

You could create all kinds of different looks and styles. So get creative and explore all the limitless possibilities there are with this technique!

Taylor rae hair Drip Hair Color Technique 3

The Future of the Drip Color Technique

I wonder if Taylor Rae ever thought her simple idea would become viral? I doubt it, but I’m sure she’s proud of it!

For the future of hair color, I predict that it is now forever changed. Move over ombre’, drip color is here!

I can see hair salons all over the world adding this technique to their services. Bringing in new clients who are looking to add some spice to their appearance.

Hair Models

Hair models are going to be rocking this technique at the next event a hairstylist has.

Like I mentioned earlier, many things can happen if you decide not to use the plastic wrap. A hairstylist may even decide to apply the drip hair color, and then leave it in that dripping state.

Then once the hair color gets rinsed, they will have a cool special effect of hair color. Or even just leaving the hair in the drip effect before rinsing, and having a photoshoot would produce some great shots!

Brings a Change in the Beauty World

As I was reading through 600 comments under Taylor Rae’s drip color post, I noticed how one stylist wrote that he was happy her 60-second video brought up a one-hour discussion at his salon about the color. He stated that his hair salon spent a long time talking all about drip hair color and how popular it will be.

So that got me thinking. I wonder how many other hair salons had the same conversation or how many will in the future. Change is something that so many people fear, but it’s also the very thing that will open doors of opportunity.

The beauty industry is full of change, and I’m sure people are thinking of different ways to change the hair game every day. So many people are tired of the same ole’ hairstyles and drawn-out techniques.

Some want to see their hair done beautifully but not wait all day either. So this new hair color is one that will be around for times to come!

Plus, hairstylists should always be looking for new innovative ways to better their craft. The more knowledgeable and skilled they are, the further they will go.

If no one knew who Taylor Rae was before this, then they know her now, and that’s something everyone should be taken note from. I read on her page that she is now getting new clients who want this hair color technique tried on them, and some are even traveling to her shop's town.

She had an idea, planned it, executed it and now look at her! She’s a viral sensation in the beauty world.

Taylor rae hair Drip Hair Color Technique 4


All right, so of course, this is a great technique but with every great invention, comes some folks who think otherwise.

Critics have mostly said that this technique is a waste of product since the hair color is dripping all over the place and of course on to the floor. You can’t reuse that hair color of course.

But remember the creator mentioned that water is added to the color mixture to dilute it so it can drip smoothly. Because water is in the color mixture that means it only appears to be more hair color than it is. Therefore it's not as bad as it may seem.

Also, some critics have mentioned how bad the cleanup process has to be. People? I’m sure it’s nothing just to clean up some hair color. Plus, depending on what type of flooring you have, I’m sure you can just use some plastic to cover up the floor.

It’s a tiny price to pay for greatness because that drip hair color outcome is greatness!

Lastly, people have mentioned that if you go through with this type of technique, you have to purchase new smocks constantly. But my opinion on that one is, who is to say those colored stained smocks won’t be for clients who are only getting hair colored?

Therefore there would be a different set of smocks for those who aren’t getting hair color.

Some folks tried to reach on this one. But there’s always a better way to do something! We see you Taylor Rae girl! Keep doing what you do best because this technique is fun, fast, and fierce!

Taylor rae hair Drip Hair Color Technique 5

In Living Color

Now more than ever, people are becoming more creative and bold.

They are stepping outside of their comfort zones and being more fearless. People are also experimenting with bright colors and leaving the browns and blacks at the door. The stylist is getting more creative and giving their clients a little bit more spunk.

Change is a great thing, and this drip hair color technique is the latest trend. I think the greatest thing about this technique is the fact it’s simple.

People love things that are simple these days. Who would think just pouring color on someone’s head would have such an impact? Well, it’s super fun and super easy, and I don’t think it can get any better than that!

Tell me in the comment section below if you’re feeling this new technique!

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Perfect Storm: Gray Hair Extensions & Cold Weather

Perfect Storm: Gray Hair Extensions & Cold Weather

I love all of the X-men movies, but I must admit my favorite character is Wolverine but when it comes to style, and the visual slay its Storm. I mean who can rock gray wigs and extensions better than Storm? She just gives me superheroes and women run the world vibes. Gray extensions are a great way to show off your style, blend your natural hair with extensions, or are preparing for a bomb photoshoot. It’s your turn to slay with the gray.

Before we get started you know what we have to do. Go ahead and press play on your 90’s hits playlist. You're going to have so much fun, and I know you’re going to rock one of these dope styles. I love sharing extensive information with you, so I’m going to share with you how to take care of your natural gray hair, how to color your extensions gray, and a variety of style options to help you discover the perfect gray style for you! I’m excited, so let's get started!

Color your extensions

Your Gray Hair

Your hair may be naturally gray. Most of us think people of a certain age are the only ones who have gray hair, but this is not the case. You may be wondering why does anyone get gray hair. As the number of pigment cells decreases, the hair follicle dies. As a consequence, the strand of hair contains less melanin which causes it to look gray, silver, or white as it grows.

In reality, anyone of any age can get gray hair. If you have naturally gray hair, you may be trying to figure out how to remove yellow from your gray hair or how to whiten it. Some people have the salt and pepper look which is gray hair mixed in with their melanin tinted hair strands.

Gray Hair Extensions

Maintenance Tips

Here are some maintenance tips to help remove that yellowish tint from your hair.

1. Use a shampoo specifically for gray hair. Some of my recommendations are Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo or L’Oreal Expert Silver Shampoo.

2. An easy DIY tip is to mix ½ cup of three percent hydrogen peroxide, water, and conditioner in a spray bottle. Spray your clean, damp hair with the mixture after you shampoo it. Do not condition your hair before applying the mixture. Comb through your hair with a wide-tooth comb and leave on for 20 minutes. Repeat the treatment once a week to keep your gray hair in tip-top shape.

I can see you smiling now! I know you’re happy to look at your grays looking so shiny and bright. Go ahead and share your pictures on Instagram and tag us @privatelabelextensions.

3. The environment can affect your hair as well. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo to help remove environmental toxins, as well as smoke (if you are a smoker or live with a smoker).

I recommend you pay attention to your diet as well. Foods high in carotene, such as carrots, can yellow your hair. Other reasons for your gray hair can be swimming or certain medications. The main thing is to figure out what works for your hair and stay consistent with it.

If you decide to go all the way gray, I say “YES”! Gray hair is so beautiful and looks amazing when you pair it with charcoal, silver, or black wardrobe choices. If you desire to get control of your gray hair, this may be a great option. Hair and outfit combinations are always a go-to in my book. People will be like “who is this” when they see the new you!

Hair Maintenance Tips

Gray Hair Inspiration

Adding gray extensions to your hair can be the makeover you’ve been wanting. Before we get into styling, let me share some bomb photos to help you figure out which of the Private Label Extensions hair you will need to order.

You know I can’t talk about gray extensions without mentioning one of my favorite icons Halle Berry as Storm in the Xmen movies! She just slays the color, and I love the style transitions.

Gray extensions

I have to mention the actress who played Storm, when she was younger, Alexandria Shipp. She starred in the “X-men Apocalypse” movie. Her mohawk was epic, fresh, and perfect for her character.

Style transitions.

Angelica Leira got it right! It’s easy to re-create this look with our Malaysian silky straight bundles. This gray look on her along with the makeup is perfection! Let me know if you agree by commenting below.

Malaysian silky straight bundles

Lori Dawnolyn exudes style, class, and confidence with her short gray hair look. You can quickly get this style with Private Label Extensions by purchasing the Brazilian gray body wave or Vietnamese natural gray bundle deal and giving it a short cut.

A pixie cut is easy to re-create as a quick weave, or you can add in pieces to give you more length and even more depth of gray in your hairstyle.

Pixie cut

Ellie Goulding looks gorgeous in her gray and blonde hairstyle. It fits her and her overall look.

Blonde gray hairstyle

You know this list of stylish gray looks wouldn’t be complete without our favorite style icon Rihanna. She can pull anything off! She rocks this gray hair flawlessly, and I love the transition of the color from roots to the ends.

Stylish gray hair

Are you inspired? Did you see a style that you liked? Will you be rocking one of the looks? If so, which one? I want to know because I can’t wait to see your finished look.

How to Create your own Gray Hair Look

Now that you’ve got your inspiration I’m going to tell you how to color your extensions or wig gray. Take your time to get the right results. Remember Private Label Extensions has gray extensions as well as salt and pepper extensions.

You know what we have to do before we get started. Go ahead and press play on your Fifth Harmony playlist because we are about to go to work! I am sharing two different coloring options with you. The first choice is useful if you desire just one tone of gray and you want to save time.

If you're going to add more colors, you can apply the Wella color to the hair in an ombre fashion. The second option gives me a unicorn vibe! It’s full of color and adds depth and dimension to the wig. Because different colors are being applied, I suggest you make your wig unit first and then use your color. If you're it is already complete (or you purchased one) you are ready to get started.

Option 1

  • Russian blonde body wave bundles
  • Mixing bowl
  • Application brush
  • Gloves
  • Plastic bag
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Small whisk
  • Shimmer lights shampoo
  • Organix conditioner
  • Wella 050 color
  • 30 developer
Now that you’ve got everything you need it’s time for you to make magic happened. I am so excited because the color is going to be the bomb!
    1. Shampoo your extensions with your Shimmer Lights shampoo. You can either blow-dry the hair or allow it to air dry.
    2. Lay your extensions out with a plastic sheet or trash bag underneath them after you have shampooed them. Make sure to tape down your plastic bag, so it doesn’t move.
    3. Comb through your extensions to remove any tangles. Put on your gloves to protect your hands and your pretty nails.
    4. Pour ¼ of the Wella 050 into your mixing bowl. To make your color more intense increase the amount of color to ½ a bottle or a full bottle of the Wella 050 color.
    5. Pour in 4.2 ounces of 30 developers into the mixing bowl with the color (4.2 ounces is one empty Wella bottle filled three times with 30 developers).
    6. Mix and apply your color to your extensions. Allow the color to sit for about one minute.
    7. Shampoo and condition your extensions.
    8. Lastly, blow dry them and style!

Wasn’t that easy? Now let's get into the next style.

Bleach the hair

Option 2

  • Russian blonde body wave bundles
  • 4 Mixing Bowls
  • Application Brush
  • Gloves
  • Brush
  • Clips
  • Small whisk
  • Ion Brilliance Shark Blue, Violet Gray, Lavender and Titanium
  • Organix Coconut Conditioner
  • Shimmer Lights Shampoo
  • Styrofoam head
  • T-pins
  1. If you are coloring a wig, go ahead and put your wig on a wig stand and use your pins to secure it to the styrofoam head, so it doesn’t slide off while you are coloring it.
  2. Section the hair off into four sections and clip the hair up.
  3. Apply the shark blue color near the roots and apply the lavender on the ends.
  4. As you move up to the midsection of the wig, you will switch your color application. Once you get to the midsection apply the violet-gray color to all the hair.
  5. Once you get to the crown of the head add your violet gray to the roots and color the tips the lavender color.
  6. Allow the color to sit for a minimum of 10 hours up to a full day. You have to allow it to sit longer because you are working with light colors.
  7. Shampoo and condition the hair, blow dry it and straighten it.
  8. Style your wig or install your extensions and you are ready to slay!

I truly believe every person wants to take a chance and explore a different look now and then. Trying a new hair color is one of those ways. There's no need to keep second-guessing yourself (again).

It's time to go for it, be bold and wow everybody who sees you. I guarantee you people will be asking you how you got such a beautiful color. I know you are thinking about it! Don't forget to share your new look with us on Instagram @privatelabelextensions! We can't wait to see you looking amazing!

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