textured hair that was bold at the emmys

Textured Bold Hair At The Emmy's

Beautiful Textures At The Emmy’s

I’ve been watching the Emmy’s since I was a little girl. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the gowns, hairstyles, and everything involved with beauty. However, I never saw textured hair that looked like mine.

All the awards show I’ve watched have always showcased the beauty that celebrities really bring on and off-screen. For the past few years, the award shows, especially the Emmy’s, have become more and more diverse. As the shows become more diverse, so do the hair and beauty looks we see on the red carpet.

As a young black girl, I’ve always seen hairstyles that felt out of reach for me. My 4C hair was nappy and unable to be bone straight like I had always noticed. This was especially true when I stopped perming my hair. I felt like many of the hairstyles didn’t represent me or my hair texture and that was discouraging. However, the new sense of diversity and expression has brought out textured hair worn by celebrities.

Some of the best looks have come from our favorite celebrities such as Issa Rae, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yvonne Orji, Letitia Wright, and more. Let’s get into these textured celebrity styles, how we can achieve them, and who wore it best!

No matter what kind of hair texture you have, there is a style for you to try from Emmy’s red carpet.

 Textured celebrity styles

Braided Styles

We all love our braids styles. Everything from individual braids to feed-in braids is fair game when it comes to wearing a cute hairstyle. If you had watched the Emmy’s some time ago, you would’ve probably never seen too many braided styles but these past few years have been different.

At last years Emmy’s, Issa Rae wore a cornrow braided style that was bold and natural. This year, the braided style winner was Letitia Wright. Letitia was a lead actress in this year’s release of Black Panther, and her career has been soaring ever since!

For this year’s award show, Letitia wore box braids in a half-up bun style. Attached to her bun, she wore jeweled hair clips as accessories. She paired this hair look with some simple, yet cute makeup.

Achieving this look is easy. You can grab some jewels from a local jewelry store, or hair supply store.

With the help of a braiding stylist, you can achieve this look in no time!

UpDo Love

Updo styles were all over the red carpet at this year’s Emmy award show. So many textured hairstyles were presented at last year’s Emmy Award Show, and this year was no different.

Many of our favorite celebrities including Yvonne Orji, Adina Porter, Felicia Leatherwood, and more. After looking at all the amazing hairstyles, my favorites were Yvonne Orji and Felicia Leatherwood.

They both had updo styles that grabbed attention while looking elegant. They both wore their hair in updo’s that partially covered the top of their foreheads. Yvonne went with a jet black look while twisting the hair and looping it to create her end result.

She looked fantastic. Felicia went with a similar look, however, she didn’t twist her hair. Instead, she created a bow looking updo by putting her hair into a bun. To achieve these looks, you can use your natural hair, or create the looks with extensions.

For me, I’d use kanekalon hair, and edge control to complete this look. Get creative with how you present it. For example, you can use a bobby pin with a hairband to secure it to your hair.

After some trial and error, you should get the process down and have yourself a fabulous look!

Updo styles

Curly Textured Hair

Curly hair was all over at the Emmy’s this year! Here at PLE, we love natural hair, especially when people willingly embrace it. Some of our favorite natural-looking hairstyles came from “This Is Us” star Eris Baker, Xoesha Roquemore, and Zazie Beetz.

These three wore exceptional looks, and set the red carpet on fire! My two favorite looks were from Eris Baker and Zazie Beets. I loved Eris ever since seeing her on one of my favorite shows, “This Is Us.”

For this award show, Eris wore two natural puffs on during her attendance. She paired with look with pearled accessories for her puffs. To achieve this look, you can wear your natural hair, or you can purchase some curly textured extensions, such as Afro kinky or kinky curly.

You can easily make some pearly accessories yourself, or you can purchase them at your beauty supply store. Make sure you use a lot of edge control to ensure that your edges are intact.

Don’t be afraid to give your look a twist. My other favorite look was by Zazie Beets. She’s starred on various projects, such as “Atlanta.” She’s always been adamant about wearing her natural hair, but she went the extra mile for the red carpet at the Emmy’s.

For this look, you can simply braid your hair back in an elegant fashion, and leave some hair out on the ends. To make your curls stand out, you should use a moisturizer that defines curls.

To spruce up the look, use some accessories. When my hair is not colorful, I love to add a touch of color by using colorful accessories like pins, or beads.

Don’t be afraid to make the style yours!

Pearled accessories for puffs

Kinky Curly Hair

Textured and Flawless

Watching the Emmy’s proved to me that textured hair is not only in right now but valued. So many celebrities wore their textured styles proudly, and honestly. They looked absolutely stunning.

If you ever need some inspiration for your hair, try looking into these different textured hairstyles. Take the style and make it yours by adding your own accessories. If you’re feeling up to it, try adding some color to your look as well.

Don’t forget that your edge control is your friend, and with some extensions, you’ll be able to achieve just about any look! Let us know which look was your favorite by commenting below!

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