10 things your hairstylist won't tell you

Confessions Time: 10 Things Your Hair Stylist Won't Tell You

Secrets are secrets for a reason!

They say we all have secrets, which is true. This statement is also true for businesses. The faces of the business and staff have to appear one way around customers and appear another way when the doors lock. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. It’s just that customers don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of their favorites places. For instance, hair salons! There’s a lot more going on than just curling and rolling. Hairstylists have secrets and things they wouldn’t dare want their precious clients to know. Not only would it probably be a total embarrassment but it would also mean they would lose a customer. So because they can’t speak up, I’m here to do it for them! I was able to do some digging and find out ten things your hairstylist won’t tell you. Continue reading to find out the scoop.

They Don’t Want to Listen to Your Stories

We all know hairstylists are known for curling hair and healing souls. Yes, many people think they are also a psychologist. Customers set hair appointments in hopes of also gaining some advice about their sister’s best friends cousin. But do we think our hairstylist truly cares about our drama filled life? Or are they just playing along until they get your coins? Honestly, like any other customer service job, most of the staff don’t care during their eight to nine hours on the clock. They must endure all of our dragged out stories because, well, it comes with the territory. Now, of course, all hair stylists don’t feel this way. There are some who enjoy conversation. Then you also have some who only want to listen to positivity and nothing negative.
  • Mentally Draining
One thing that customers don’t know about their hairstylist is how draining all that information they have, can be. If you think about the average stylist, they spend 10 hours at the shop styling hair. Depending on what the hairstyles were, they most likely had five to seven clients. If each client is talking to them during the entire appointment, the hairstylist has to go home with all of that information. Some hairstylists prefer positive conversations than anything negative. Protecting their personal space, at all cost is very important to them. They don’t want any bad vibes or energy around their place of business. Television and movies depict loud and out of order hair salons. Giving the illusion that it’s okay to be that way, but it's not. We as consumers must be more mindful of the energy we carry around other people. If I were around negativity all day, I’d be mentally drained too, I’m sure.

Brushes/Combs Aren't Always Clean

Ew. Did you know that? I didn't! Not washing the brushes and combs before a new client arrives is pretty disgusting. But us consumers wouldn’t know about that, and of course, no hairstylist would offer that information to you during your appointment. Whenever we’re paying for public service, we always go in with the mindset of trust. We trust that whoever is handling our need, is doing so in a healthy matter. When we go to the hairstylist, we trust them as well. We hope that their hands, combs and other items are all clean too. Sometimes you might catch some stylish wearing black gloves; which protects them from germs, but that’s not always the case. There’s so many diseases and germs that get passed around its almost hard to keep up. So although we’ll never know exactly how clean our hairstylist may be, just know you can do your part. When you arrive for your appointment, depending on what tools are needed, you could ask if they can clean them. The stylist shouldn’t be offended by it, hopefully. Keeping germs away should always be a top priority.

Sometimes They Don’t Know What They're Doing

The truth is, just because you have a cosmetology license, doesn’t mean you know how to achieve every style in the book. I believe customers think stylists are magicians! Sadly, they aren’t, and every day they are learning and mastering their craft. However, a hairstylist isn’t going to tell you they don’t know how to do something. I’m sure in some cases they might, but what if they want to “see” if they can perform a style or not? Most times a customer isn’t going to confront their stylist and say they don’t like what they did. Typically they pay, walk out and make their way to the nearest computer to write a bad review. Therefore, they are more inclined just to try the style because the customer won’t say anything to their face, in most cases. Some stylists are only concerned with their money. Not all of them are focused on doing a great job or even being honest. So they rather attempt to do a hairstyle versus decline the appointment. By going that route, they also risk that customer not returning. But that’s just the chance they take. So the next time you book with your stylist or someone new, ask to see pictures of their work or even videos. Videos are better because you will know for sure the stylist did the work. Stylists don’t always show their actual photos so beware. Also, try to see photos of the actual style you’re looking to have done. Whatever you do, just know that sometimes stylist doesn’t know what they're doing. They aren’t perfect.

Sometimes They Don’t Remember You

“Hey, I want my usual today, thanks!” says a lot of customers. I thought this point was funny because a lot of hairstylists play a role in “remembering” who you are. I found out that some hairstylist writes down notes about their customers on index cards. They write down how the customer treated them if they tipped and how much. They also write down some of the things their customer shared with them about their life. So if you were going through a breakup, currently building a house or the reason why you cut your hair, chances are, your stylist wrote it down. Now, the reason they do this is because, well, they can’t simply keep up with all of their customer’s lives and their life! I thought this was quite interesting because it makes sense! If a hairstylist has about six to seven customers a day, for at least six days a week that’s about 36 to 40 customers a week! I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of different information that a stylist would have to remember. Also, a stylist would never want to make their customer feel like they aren’t important, so they prepare themselves for the appointment. They study their index card for information, so they make sure they make the customer feel important and remembered. So the next time you have a hair appointment and your hairstylist is super excited, remember there’s a chance she just read an index card about you!

Tips Are Needed

I bet you didn’t know how important tips are to a hairstylist. Okay, maybe you did, but I’m sure some folks didn’t so let’s talk about it. Most stylists have to pay a certain amount to the head stylist or owner each week or month (depending on their arraignment of course). So if our tab runs us $150, that full amount doesn’t necessarily go straight in your stylist’s pocket. Therefore, tips mean a lot to them and well, they don’t like it when you don’t tip. Earlier I mentioned that some stylists might write notes about their customers on index cards. Well, I heard they also make a note on how much you have tipped and even if you tipped. Some stylist might even push back your hair appointment an hour “just because.” If they saw that you barely tipped on your last appointment, they feel you might do the same, so they don’t make you a top priority.

Cash Tips Are Preferred

Many customers including myself put our tips on our debt and credit cards because we don’t carry cash. Some might want to keep the entire payment together also. However, this simple act doesn’t mean anything to us, but it’s major to the stylist. Hairstylist won’t tell you that most times when you apply your tip on your card, there’s a fee that they have to pay to release the tip. That also means it costs them money to get the tip money that you just gave them. It also takes time for them to go through that process. Do you feel bad for not tipping cash, now? I do. It almost makes you think why doesn’t the stylist tell us that it should be cash only. But at the same time, I don’t I want someone to tell me how I should tip when tipping is optional. So, I get it. Going forward ladies, let's try to keep this in mind and help our awesome stylist out by giving them cash when we tip!

Speak Up

A lot of times when we’re getting our hair done, we think the hair stylist knows the history of our hair. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our stylists are only doing one job, and that’s to style our hair to our desire. If we have issues with our hair or if the style is too tight, we must speak up. We can’t run around and tell people that our stylist did our hair too tight when we could have spoken up and said something. Also, if you just got your hair colored a few days ago, and you’re getting more color, that’s something else your stylist will need to know. Hairstylists aren’t going to inform you that they don't mind readers. They style your hair in hopes of you meeting them half way if there’s ever an issue, concern or suggestion.

Leave Your Kids at Home

One major thing a hairstylist won’t tell their customers is how they prefer you to leave all children at home. Even though sometimes customers can’t find babysitters, it’s an unwanted distraction for the stylist. Now, slowly we are starting to see salons have signs that state no kids allowed unless of course they too are getting their hair done. Kids can be a distraction because while the stylist is focusing on your hair, you’re focusing on your child. There’s too much going on at once. Also, if the child starts to wonder, now the parent has to get up from the chair and tend to their child, which is wasting the stylist’s time. What if the child accidentally touches something hot, whose fault would that be or even if the child got hurt? There are way too many things that could happen and shouldn’t happen. Although, I’m sure some stylist are also parents so they understand that customers may not be able to find a babysitter. However, while they are at the shop, they are working. Therefore, they prefer to be focused the whole time. So if you can, reschedule your hair appointment for a time when you’re able to have someone watch your child, so we keep our stylist happy.

There’s Bad Appointment Times

Did you know there were certain appointment times that a hairstylist doesn’t like to have? Well, neither did I until now, so let's get into them. Most hair salons open their shop at eight am. Therefore the first appointment time is also at eight am. Hairstylist won’t tell you this but there are three times they do not want to take clients, and this is the first one. Some stylist doesn’t like the first appointment to be right when the shop opens because most times they aren’t going to be ready. I don’t know about you, but I have made appointments first thing in the morning, and they were late several times. Which is one reason why they don’t want to take customers when they first open.. Also, once they come late, they still have to set up and get prepared to start. Therefore, you’re looking at about a 30-minute waiting period. It makes you wonder why wouldn’t the stylist have set appointment times that fit them; but that we will never know.

Lunchtime Appointments

I know I am not the only one who has been getting their hair done and the stylist begins eating every few minutes. They won’t tell you how much they dislike early afternoon appointments though. Once they have worked all morning, around one to two p.m. is when they like to take a lunch break. But of course, they aren’t going to inform the customer about this since they want as many customers as possible, even if they grab a few bites in between.

Last Appointment

A lot of customers believe if they get the last appointment of the day, then the stylist will be focused. But clearly, my research has shown that just isn’t the case. Again, hairstylist won’t tell you how the last appointment is by far the worse one since they will be extremely tired. I’m sure depending on the style; they won’t mind if it’s something quick. But if they have to perform a sew-in style or even feed-on braids, chances are deep down they won’t want to.

Stay Home if You’re Sick

No, you won’t find the small print from a hair salon stating if you’re sick cancel your appointment. However, you can bet that they also don’t want you there either! It’s bad enough that hair salons already have a lot of germs from all the in and out traffic that takes place. So if you arrive for your appointment and you’re sick, then you’re just adding more germs. Often, our customers don’t think about how we might affect others by the things we do, but we do. Not only would a hairstylist be exposed to the sickness but all the other people in the shop and the ones that come later. Honestly, no matter where you go, no one wants to be around a person who is sick. If for whatever reason you are sick and can’t cancel your appointment, you could always purchase a cloth facemask, which covers your nose and mouth. That way, at least you tried to protect your germs the best you could.

Store Hair Color is Great

We all know that when you get hair color done from the hair salon, it might be a little pricey. A lot of us are under the impression that the best hair color comes from a hairstylist applying it and that store-bought color is cheap. A hairstylist isn’t going to admit it, but the store-bought color is great. When a person gets full color applied, a few weeks later they will need to return for a touch-up. Well, even that too will cost them. However, a stylist isn’t going to tell you that in between your color treatments, store brought color will work best for you. Honestly, on this one, we can’t be mad at the stylist. If color is one of their higher services, then I’m sure they want their customers to return to get full color and touch-ups. However, if a customer asks about store-bought color, hopefully, the stylist is at least honest with them. Now, when it comes to something like this, there are still many people who don’t like doing their hair. Therefore, they will still pay whatever they need to at the hair salon.

Secrets Are Forever

Just because I spilled the beans to you, doesn’t mean you run and ask your stylist do they do anything on this list! I’m sure they aren’t going to be 100% truthful; well I doubt it. At least as customers, we now have an understanding of what our awesome hairstylists might be thinking when we’re in their chair. We know that at the end of the day, they are nothing but humans just like us. They don’t always do the right thing, they have bad days, and they also have their way of doing things. We can’t do anything but respect that. Do you feel a certain way about hairstylists now? Or do you agree that they have the right to think how they want? Let me know in the comment section below!
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