Ten Timeless Blonde Hair Looks We Loved

Blondes Want to Have Fun!

Is it true, do blondes have more fun? Well, I can't tell you from experience.

But I can walk you through some iconic blonde hair looks by some even more iconic celebrities. Lightening up your hair color can do so much for your overall look. This style can illuminate your eyes and act as a beautiful contrast against your skin.

Whether you want more of a honey tone shade or something bolder like platinum we have proof that these hairstyles will never go out of style. There are so many influencers and stars that come to mind when you hear the word blonde. I like to believe establishing a signature hairdo will do wonders for your image.

If you take the time to google Blonde hairstyles, you will see hundreds of thousands of search images pull up all who do not look the same. Now you are left with plenty of options, but not where to start. It's safe to say that going blonde is one of the most versatile choices that you can make. But the bigger question is with all the hairstyles out which one does one choose?

Well, let us take you on a journey of our top ten timeless hair looks we all loved.


Marilyn Monroe

Short Platinum Blonde

When you think of any iconic blonde hair beauty, we hope that Marilyn Monroe is the first to come to mind.

We know this actress, model, and icon primarily for her looks, and those golden locks on top of her head. There are prevailing theories that go around saying Marilyn Monroe was a natural curly redhead. Some believe that Marilyn was born with blonde hair and others think that she was a true brunette from the get-go.

Whether Monroe was naturally dirty blonde or ginger at heart, everyone can admit this star was stunning to the eye. One thing we are sure about is during the late 40's early '50s her modeling agency suggests that she should dye her curly hair blonde. Blonde hair was very appealing to the eye and gives off the essence of a pristine, pure, likable young lady.

This dye job would make it easier for her to book more films and gigs. This star would dye her hair every three weeks and in-between time use baby powder to touch up her roots. Who would have thought being a blonde would be so much work?

Many years go by we still thank this iconic beauty for giving us her classic blonde bombshell hair look.


Gwen Stefani

Blonde Volume

Although Marilyn Monroe was an icon when it came down to blonde hair, there is only one star who is rocking the platinum color for 20 plus years straight.

You guessed it, Gwen Stefani. We must give Gwen significant props because a ton of celebrities try to pull off this style but suffer substantial consequences. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence have publicly shared how stressful and damaging this color can be on their natural hair.

In all honesty, many celebs stray away from the platinum color do too it's harsh bleaching process. So how is it possible that Gwen Stefani can get quick touchups of this blonde color and still manage to maintain full and healthy-looking hair. When many interviews ask her that question, her only response is "Danilo" who happens to be Stefani's hairstylist for the last two decades.

Danilo is making it his life ‘s work to keep Gwen's platinum blonde looking healthy, and he is the first to accomplish this work in the Hollywood world. He follows her touch-ups on a strict schedule consisting of every 7 to 8 days. But what is even more amazing is that he uses no bleach on her curls.

Danilo uses a high-lift formula that creates the blonde effect and doesn't damage the quality of the hair. He says that it is his little secret that he doesn't plan on sharing anytime soon. In any case, we love the platinum blonde look on Gwen.

We can't wait to see what new looks she has in store for us, but we have a feeling they will all include that beautiful shade of blonde.



Long Wavy Honey Blonde

Beyoncé, Beyoncé, Beyoncé, where do I even begin? We all know her for being one of the most notable entertainers of all time.

Whether you are a massive supporter of the beehive or just a fan of Beyoncé, in general, you know that her signature color is a honey blonde. Beyoncé wears the blonde color so much that some of us forget how her natural hair color looks.

Of course, the beehive loves to remind us that these singers' natural tresses are dark and long. You may ask how Bey manages to keep her natural curls healthy and robust? Well, thanks to advancements in weave and hair extensions you can try any color and shade under the sun. Whether she decides to wear the style in a blunt bob cut or high ponytail she always slays the look.

Some people argue that Beyonce's dark Bey natural hair suits her style a little better. No matter what the critics say, managers never to disappoint when she does switch up her mane. For quite a while many African-Americans believe that they could not pull off the blonde color style.

Thanks to Beyoncé being a trendsetter, she continues to encourage, inspire, make women feel comfortable and sexy with this style. The B forBeyoncé stands for bombshell blonde beauty!



Ombre Blonde Bob

You can never go wrong with a bob, especially this singer, dancer, and mommy Ciara.

Although this "Goodies" singer rocks many different hairstyles, our favorite and most beloved must be the timeless Ombre blonde bob. Now the bob cut is perfect for so many reasons, one because it compliments your head structure and can bring symmetry to your face.

Secondly, adding blonde tips will not be harmful to your hair and can complement your skin tone most pleasingly. It's easy to see that Ciara after recently giving birth to her second child is trying to settle on a look a little more mature. The bob cut gives her an edge while still making her look like a respectable hot mom of course.

If you check out CiCi's Instagram, you'll see that she's rocking honey blonde highlights or will occasionally switch to jet black curly hair. She is slowly drafting the blonde due to one of her signatures looks, and we are not mad at it at all.

Keep on leveling up Ciara we are with you every step of the journey!


Reese Witherspoon

Tousle Blonde Beauty

Reese Witherspoon or for some of us who know her as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde is the perfect contender for showing us timeless blonde looks.

It's funny to think that she was born as a natural brunette. But as her film career began to grow the blonde color became her signature look. Starting out Reese wears a chin-length bob in a dirty blonde color. As time goes on, she begins to dive into rocking a longer style at a brighter blonde level.

In 2004 Mrs. Witherspoon gave the Hollywood world a real shock by dying her hair back to brunette. We later realized that this dramatic color change was for a Debut movie "Walk the Line" which by the way Reese ends up winning an Oscar for best actress for this role.

Now, in 2018 you can see that Reese is back to her golden roots and styling her hair in long layers with side-swept bangs. She will even touch the lookup by adding honey tone highlights throughout the style. No matter how Reese Witherspoon decides to rock her hair we will forever know her as the iconic Legally Blonde star. 

And we have no choice but to add this beauty to the iconic blonde looks we love list.


Solange Knowles

Blonde Afro

Solange Knowles does a fantastic job of carrying her own and never falling short over her sister Beyoncé's spotlight.

Besides being an incredible artist/singer, she also knows how to rock a banging blonde afro. In October of 2017, this star decides to dye her natural hair platinum blonde. Although it was a huge change, we could not get enough of the look.

Her stylist Chuck Amos says that he was going for a fresh texture that is like coral you would see in the ocean. As time goes on the typical way she would style the afro is by doing a twist out that would give detail to her curl pattern. Solange days whenever she wants a break from repeatedly dying her curls she will go for a more protective hairstyle.

You will see her rocking blonde cornrows, Bantu knots, a braided halo, and of course long blonde extensions. Even though this singer may not post as much on her social media page, she is still seen strutting the streets with her beautiful blonde Afro.

If you never dare to pull off this look, we hope that these pictures of Solange will give you an extra boost of confidence.


Kim Kardashian West

Straight Platinum Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian is doing her thing when it comes down to the clothes she wears and the hairstyles she chooses to rock.

But there is one hairstyle we cannot get enough of, and that is her platinum blonde look. Now, going platinum is not for the faint you will leave the salon looking and feeling like a completely different person, and you must prepare for that to happen.

Fortunately for Kim, the color looks fantastic and was something a lot of us were missing from our lives. It's very seldom that a celebrity takes a dive into dramatic blonde hair color and this icy almost silver shade is one for the books. We love that no matter how this Kardashian wears her hair she manages to always stick to the dramatic middle part.

In December of 2017 Kim hits twitter to let her fans know that although blonde looks are beautiful, it requires a lot of upkeep. She says her stylist would have to dye her roots in stages so that her hair would now break off.

The whole touchup process would take a total of 13 hours, and that was something Kim does not want to put up with anymore. Kim may give up on the tedious process, but she settles for wearing a wig or extensions the next time she decides to go this bright in color.

No matter what this socialite chooses to do, we will be behind the scenes staring in amazement every step of the way.


Rita Ora

Barrel Curl Blonde

Rita Ora is always rocking blonde hair and although she tries many different styles nothing can compare to her barrel curl look.

Voluminous curls are perfect for any woman who wants to add dimension to their face, and boy does it look stunning on this singer/actress. Rita Ora is always teaching the message of having a signature look. We all know her for her bottled blonde hair and vibrant red lipstick.

Recently Rita decides to take a break from the lighter shades and go for a fiery red color. We almost didn't recognize her when she first posted the look on Instagram. Although the change was short-lived, It shows us all that once you have a signature color it doesn't mean you can't experiment with something new. We are all super excited to see her back to her blonde tresses looking fabulous as ever.

You can find her rocking her curls in a wet and wavy sexy look. We can't wait to see all the many hairs looks she decides to give us as time presents itself. Rita thank you for showing us that blondes do have more fun.


Zoe Kravitz

Blonde Braids

Zoe Kravitz is one celebrity that we all can't get enough of, from her beautiful parents (Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet) to her acting in blockbuster movies such as Divergent.

This singer/actress is such a trendsetter, and her latest look is one for the timeless books! We never would think in a million years that micro platinum blonde braids would even be a thing, but thanks to Zoe I'm dying to try them soon.

She also goes the extra mile and shaves the side of her head to spice the look up a bit more. We honestly need more celebrities out there who aren't afraid to experiment with their hairdo on the regular. Unfortunately, the blonde hair was a little too much for Zoe and did not want to risk the chance of damaging her natural curls.

The style wasn't too short-lived, but for the most part, she is back to rocking her dark and lovely hair color. Of course, we miss the blonde micro braids, but we know that it will not be this way for long, and we can expect to see Zoe rocking them sometime in the future.

Until then thank you so much for all the inspiration Zoe you are genuinely a blonde sensation!


Tyra Banks

Versatile Blonde Beauty

Finally, to finish this lovely blond looks lost off right, we have the beautiful, actress, hostess, model, and mogul Tyra Banks.

Tyra is the iconic model that she is and always be the public means she must be able to switch up her style with no complaints. Her signature color is more on the honey tone with extra blonde highlights added in for flare. We literally can't get enough of her looks.

From blonde bangs, candy curls, high ponytails to sleek buns, and Ombre cuts. We have no problem giving Tyra the title of the versatile blonde beauty. If you ever want to try a different blonde style, we suggest you take an extensive peek through the Tyra Banks look-book.

Keep serving us effortless styles Queen we surely cannot wait to see what else she has in store for us.


Are You Going Blonde Anytime Soon?

It seems like blonde hair is going to stick around for centuries to come.

If there are trendsetters around there will be someone daring enough to pull off all these looks. Remember that whenever you make the dramatic switch to blonde hair, you will have to deal with the significant upkeep. Make sure that you are conditioning your hair correctly, taking regular salon visits, and trying safe measures to touch up your roots.

When it comes down to the wire, you could invest in a lace front wig or extensions. These precautions can accomplish the style without damaging your natural curls. We hope that these celebs give you an extra boost of confidence when it comes down to trying any new hairstyle.

Are you thinking about going blonde anytime soon? If so we want to know which style you're aiming to get. Let us know in the comments down below?

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