the best timeless hair colors for hair extensions and weave

The Best Timeless Hair Colors for Hair Extensions & Weave

Lifetime Colors

We evolve, we change, but some things in life continue to stick around---colors. But, not just colors, specific hair colors. Unwritten fashion rules such as “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” or “Don’t wear black in the summer” are seasonal rules that people often break. For those that are fashion savvy, you know these rules, and you try your best to follow them. But what if I told you that there are hairstyles that don't constrain to any rules? Regarding the rules of “hair,” there are hair colors that are beyond regulations and are timeless. Every year in any season, specific hair colors remain popular and crowd favorites. I have hair colors that are timeless that you could rock anytime and anywhere with any hair extension such as straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, also afro hair! Excited? I am too.

Six Timeless Hair Colors

White Hair

Be bold. For lighter skin tones and darker skin tones, white hair will make you stand out. You are going to appear angelic and different, yet, you will always be in style with this hair color. Once you try white hair, you’ll fall in love. It is a timeless fad that everyone at least attempts once in their lifetime. It is an edgy style that will last for a very long time. Remember, if you want white hair, you are most likely going to have to bleach your hair. Private Label Extensions has hair that is possible to bleach and dye to get a pure icy white color. If you decide to get this color, always use deep conditioning treatments and hair treatment products to prevent hair breakage. Bleaching the hair extensions is possible, but remember that all hair extensions lose quality as chemicals are involved in the hair.

Fiery Copper Hair

When I think of bright red hair, I think about paintings in a history museum depicting royal people in the Renaissance era in Europe having this specific hair color. It’s a timeless shade that people still wear today. Copper is a luxurious warm color. It has an inviting feeling. People with this hair color identify with a feisty and fun personality. Copper colored hair color and you can usually achieve by just easily dying the hair. This color brings a fiery vibe, and it’s always in style. It looks beautiful with any skin tone and any hairstyle, and texture. The closest hair dye color that fits this copper look is called Cajun Spice by Creative Image Adore.

Jet Black

Let's be honest. There are different shades of black. Yes. There's a soft black, onyx, but jet black has always been the timeless color. The pure black color reveals a bold, mysterious side of someone and it is aesthetically pleasing. Black is a straightforward color that works with any hair and texture. In the hair industry, the color #1 which is harsh black color is different from the color #1B, a natural black--a hair color many people usually match with their real hair. Black hair is the darkest and most common hair type, but only one percent of people in the world have the rare harsh black hair. To test whether the hair you have is its blackest is to shine the hair towards the natural light and if you don’t see an ounce of a brownish hue, the hair is pure black. Dying your hair and hair extensions black is possible, but remember that the hair color fades away, so maintain dying the hair periodically. It is a fabulous, timeless color that has lasted for years and will never stop to make that effect.

Platinum Blonde

Blonde is always a crowd favorite, but platinum blonde is a color that is everlasting. It works with many skin tones as well. Don’t let your eyes fool you; this color is different from white. Platinum Blonde is a fresh color that will draw attention to yourself. If you are already blonde and want to achieve the platinum blond color, it is possible to do it without bleach. Yes, it is possible! Many different types of hair extensions and styles look perfect in platinum blonde such as straight hair, wavy, very curly, and braids. If you ever want to go platinum blonde, realize it is a transformation if you usually have your hair in black, brown, or red hair.

Burgundy Hair

Burgundy is a vibrant color that has a relaxed feel to it. It is perfect for any hairstyle. Burgundy is a dark red, the color of the wine, is a timeless color that people can wear in any season. This darker shade of red doesn’t stand out too much, but it draws attention to a person that just wants a new look but isn’t seeking notice. It’s true that there are different variations of the color maroon, such as burgundy, but you can figure out the right shade that complements your skin. Going to a professional hairstylist can help out with knowing your tone and having the best results with your hair.


A brunette is a woman or girl with dark brown hair. It is the second most worn hair color in the world. Because it’s a natural hair color, consider it a timeless hair color. Let us realize that those that consider themselves brunettes are an umbrella of many hair colors that are shades of brown under it. There are a tremendous number of types of brown. For a solid brown color, Private Label Extensions has many shades and hues of brown such as Brazilian Mocha Brown hair extensions, Chocolate Brown Body Wave Clip-in hair extensions, and the Chesnut Brown Clip In Extensions. Notice that Private Label Extensions provides clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, and 360-weaves in different shades of brown to achieve a brunette’s look. These browns are timeless and shine through when sunkissed. Many people with brunette hairstyles like to mix the browns. Here are a few mixes of browns that you can achieve with a brunette.

Ash Brown Hair Color

Ash Brown is a hair color is brown with mixes of grey. It is a timeless hair color that many women can pull off. Going to a professional to get your hair dyed ash brown is a must. You’ll love the look. It doesn’t draw that much attention, but it’s a unique look you would want to try.

Caramel Mocha Latte Hair Color

This brunette style has more of a glow feel that stands out than other brown hairstyles. It’s a right color that is sun kissed. If you want to have a brown hair color that stands out more, the hair shade is perfect. Glow baby glow!

Black and Brown

Many brunettes have the style of their roots being a darker color, such as a natural black and the color gets lighter towards the end of their hair. This style of a brunette is beautiful. Although it does not stand out like the rest of the other colors, it is sure is an everlasting mix of hair colors that are popular amongst a lot of people in the world who are brunettes. Brown is an average, natural, timeless hair color that you can find anywhere.

Colors That Will Last A Lifetime

Hair colors come and go, but the hair colors mentioned are never out of style. If you noticed, many of the hair colors specified are hues and shades that seem more natural than other colors that last for a season such as the color violet purple that is a favorite right now in fashion. Always see a professional if you want to change your hair color. Hairstylists have experience in choosing what shade or hue of your desired color to match your skin. I hope that you see a color that fits you and you are willing to try it! Hey, it could be your next hair color for an extended period.
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