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What’s Up with Color Tinting on Hair Extensions?

A Newer Concept

Hair tinting is not a process we hear about often. It's a process of dyeing your hair that can give it a more natural look. Hair tinting is a fun way to change your hair color that luckily is temporary just in case you change your mind! Here is all the info you need on hair tinting.

What is Hair Tinting

So let's get things straight to it. Tinting and dyeing your hair are not the same thing. Tinting is temporary. The tint deposits color on top of the strands without lifting the original pigment. When it comes to ingredients dyes, have more chemicals than hair tints. Dyes contain oxidizing agents like potassium persulfate, or hydrogen peroxide, as well as ammonia as an alkalizing agent. The final color made from dyeing your hair comes from a variety of synthetic coloring agents. Tints have a water or alcohol base mixed with artificial coloring agents if it is in the form of a styling product, like mousse, where there is a use of other ingredients, such as silicone for shine. Since tints do not absorb into the hair shaft, the color eventually washes away when you shampoo your hair. If you apply a tint to damaged, bleached or brittle hair, the porosity of the strands lets the color absorb deeper and last longer. A tint is supposed to be reapplied every two to four weeks for even coverage.

Benefits of Tinting

Can be used to lighten your natural color. It’s a longer-lasting color solution, especially if your hair takes longer to grow. Does leave a regrowth line, but if you’re using a hair tint that’s close to your natural color, this won’t be an issue. Does not wash out, but can fade depending on your hair and hair care routine.

Tinting your Extensions

If you have extensions made of human hair, you should have no issue with tinting them because they should take to the product as your natural hair would. But if your extensions are synthetic, you should probably stay away from hair tints unless the one packaging says that you can dye the hair. The best part is your extensions probably will not fade as quick because you are not washing them every day or every week.

Things you should Know Before Tinting Your Extensions

If you are tinting your her by yourself at home, you should do a strand test to make sure the color is how you want it to look. You should also read reviews and watch YouTube videos so you have an idea of how your hair will look like and even get an idea on how the tinting process works. And most importantly read directions thoroughly before applying any of the chemicals to your hair

Products You Can Use at Home

Sometimes going to a salon to get your extensions dyed can be a lot of o work but thankfully there is an alternative. And I know we are all always trying to save some coin so here are a few products you can use from the comfort of your own home.

DryBar Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo

This shampoo, infused with lemon extract, chamomile, and purple pigments. It will allow you to achieve a brighter blonde with just one wash and it works on natural blonde extensions and extensions that you may have dyed blonde. For the best results, you should use this product one or two times a week. But I think you could get away with doing it about once a month depending on how often you wash your extensions.

OGX Hydrate + Color-Reviving + Lavender Luminescent Platinum Shampoo

The formula of this shampoo is unique because there are no dye molecules. Instead, it relies on a mix of lavender oil and chamomile extracts, which are two natural hair brighteners, to help keep your blonde hair looking bright and on point. Added UVA/UVB filters help keep hair from going brassy in the sun which can be a huge problem when you dye your extensions blonde. This shampoo is great if you just bleached your extensions because it will give them a natural blonde look.

CHI Ionic Illuminate Conditioner, shown in Red Auburn

This color is perfect if you were thinking of spicing our hair up a bit. This conditioner is pretty cool because it tints your hair red without the commitment of it staying red permanently. All you have to do is let the conditioner sit for one to five minutes, or longer depending on how red you want to go, then rinse your hair clean to reveal warm red tones. This process is perfect if you're going to see how red would look on you before permanently dying your extensions that color.

TouchBack Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner

Whether you want to go from light brown to dark chestnut, or you're looking to transform from red to bright auburn in a single wash, TouchBack is probably the product for you. When you leave the shampoo in for two minutes, rinse, and then lather in the conditioner. You will have a new vibrant hair color that will last for about three washes which translates to nearly a month or more depending on how often you wash our extensions.

Roux Fanci-Full Mousse Color Styling Mousse

You can achieve volume and a beautiful color boost with this styling foam in just a few quick steps. All you have to do is apply the product to damp hair, and through your extensions for an even application, and style your hair as usual. The temporary color washes out, so there's zero commitment. Bonus: It comes in 11 shades so you can try a different hue until you land on a favorite. This product is perfect because the steps are straightforward to follow and it comes in more than one shade.

Orlando Pita Play Ampli-Tint Color Depositing Hair Mask

This mask is the hair mask that does multiple things at once. Not only does it add color-enhancing pigments to your hair, but the hair mask also contains silk proteins, so it strengthens and protects your hair, too. The color fades in three to five shampoos. This mask is perfect for the days where you want to deep condition and tints your hair in half the time that it would typically take.

IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray

Highlights can be high-maintenance and price unless you spray them on whenever you are in the mood for something new. That's the idea with this transfer-resistant highlighting spray. You can spray this product just where you want to see a lighter shade, or get the perfect ombre look by spraying your hair from the mid-shaft through the ends. Brush through to soften the color, and you've got gorgeous highlights that will last about one shampoo.

Does Hair Tinting Interest You?

Hair tinting may sound like a complicated process, but it indeed isn't. Trial and error will eventually get you the results you want. Just be patient with yourself and trust the process. You can always go to get your hair professionally done as well. And make sure to take the correct measures to protect your hair as much as you possibly can from damage. And lastly, good luck and happy tinting!
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