the best tips for making your blowout last and looking beautiful

The Best Tips For Making Your Blowout Last & Looking Beautiful

9 Tips to a Better Blowout!

Have you ever wanted a long-lasting blowout but can’t seem to push through to the second day? Does your hair sometimes go from a big and flowy’ blowout to a straight up afro in no time? Well, you’re in luck because I have too! Along with many other women, I’m sure! You will think you tried everything in the book until now. Rocking a blowout style is a super bold power statement hairstyle. It’s fun and of course big! And we want you to keep it that way, so read below on nine tips on making your blowout last!

Prep Your Hair

Do you know the fastest way to damage your hair? Applying heat, whenever you don’t properly prepare your hair for it. Heat is hot, of course, so you must protect your hair strands beforehand and most times after if you’re able to. Having heat damage makes your hair limp and frail and of course dry. Causing certain hairstyles not to look their best, because your hair isn’t at it’s best. There’re several ways to prep your hair when applying heat; deep conditioning, hot oil treatments, heat protectant, etc. After washing your hair, you want to use an excellent deep conditioner, one that is good for moisturizing. Otherwise, your hair will be prone to dryness and breakage, and when applying heat on top of that, you’re in trouble. Using a hot oil treatment before a deep conditioner is great too. In doing so, the oils will penetrate the scalp, strengthening it and adding an extra layer of protecting the hair cuticles.

Partially Dry Hair

Blow-drying your hair while its soaking wet is normally what you would do. However, when you want your blowout to last longer than usual, air-drying for about 20 mins can be a big help. Air-drying allows the natural air to puff out your roots, which means it’s stretching. This step will be significant when you begin to blow-dry.

Lightweight Hair Products

A great blowout style means your hair is light and fluffy so it can flow beautifully. To achieve that, you wouldn’t want to apply any heavy hair products before or after. Don’t use any heavy or thick creams or greasy products. After washing your hair, applying lite oil for shine is great. Also, since you’re applying heat on your hair, using a heat protectant is crucial. They have many different kinds you can use, but for a long lasting blow-dry, you can purchase the spray type, so it doesn’t weight down your hair. Make sure to apply the products all throughout your hair, ensuring each strand is covered for protection.

Blow It Out, Correctly!

Because the technique is everything! If you’re doing something wrong, even a little wrong, it can mess up the entire style. The point of a blowout is to have all hair strands manipulated by forced air, bringing each strand to its driest point. There are a few different ways to achieve this. Each blow dryer comes with a straight nozzle on it, which just blows the air out in a concentrated form. You would not want to use that piece by itself unless you applied some tension while blow-drying. Giving the hair a slight tug will allow your hair to last longer since it’s being stretched and not shrined. Yes, it will still get your hair dried but not the way you want it unless you apply tension. You can also use the nozzle piece while using a round bristle brush as well. You’re going to roll the brush through the hair while rolling it down from the roots through to the ends, in one hand. On the other hand, you’ll be keeping the blow dryer aimed at that section. The benefit of the round brush is to add volume to each strand while you blow it out. The bigger the roundness of the brush, the bigger the volume will be. And believe me, you want lots of volume for a long-lasting blowout! Another technique is to purchase a comb attachment for the blow dryer. As you’re blow drying your hair, the comb is making sure each strand is getting dried from the roots to the ends. Although using the brush does that same step, the comb doesn’t produce volume. It more so gives a straight flowy look when finished. Using either method will work just fine, just depends on which look you’re going for.

Stay Away From Moisture

After your hair is fully blow-dried, you want to make a conscious effort to stay far away from any moisture! Yes, that also includes outside in the hot summers! In my opinion, rocking a blowout is more of a winter/fall style. Just like your body gets hot and sweats, so can your hair. If you’re able to find products that fight against humidity then, by all means, go for it. When washing up in the shower, tie a scarf around your edges, put a shower cap on and turn the vent on in the bathroom to help with steam at bay or if you’re like me, take a birdbath! That just consists of sitting down in the tub and running the water like you’re about to take a bath, but just keep the water running with no stopper. That way, your head is far away from any potential water, and there also won’t be any steam fogging up the bathroom since the water pressure isn’t up high. Plus, there won’t be any reason to wear a shower cap either. Try it out; you’ll thank me later! Still, need to continue your gym routine with a blowout style? Well, just try to make sure you wear a scarf around your edges, to prevent any sweat from building up if you can.

Freshen Up Some

Now, you’re probably getting pretty close, if not there, to your hair needing a little pick me up. It’s not quite time to wash it, but it lost a little life to it. At this point, it would be great to use some dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is a great formula that will help to absorb greasy residue from the scalp that has accumulated from the air or products. Build up of grease and oil will eventually begin to weight your hair down. All you need to do is separate the hair is so many sections and spray the dry shampoo directly to the scalp and then throughout the hair. Once your head is covered, just rub it in and get yourself a paddle brush to smooth your hair back to life!

Look But Don’t Touch

‘Your hair is so beautiful, can I touch it please?’ says a random person from over there. Depending on your personality, giving them a hard no is what you need to do! But, the same goes for you! Leave your hands out of your hair for this style. Your blowout needs to stay light and fluffy as long as it can. Putting your hands in your hair will stop it. Plus, there are all kinds of germs and oil on your hands, and you just don’t want to transfer that to your hair!

Night Time Routine

Now that you have the style completed and what to do throughout the day, it’s time to discuss how to maintain this style for when you go to bed. Throwing a bonnet on and calling it a night, will cause for major regret the next morning, trust me! You should section your hair off in four to six parts, and either single braid or two-strand twist your hair. Doing four to six sections ensures for a chunky application. You wouldn’t want to do them small because you want to retain the fullness and lightness of the style. Once you’re all twisted or braided up, throw your bonnet on and call it a night! In the morning, just unravel, fluff and go.

Switch The Style!

After a week or so, it should be time to begin washing your hair. But you can also throw a quick, cute style together to stretch another day or so! You could even apply medium to small single braids or twist, add some curling cream, and in the morning you have created a nice beach wave in your hair. Or even do some sort of up-do style. Either way, try something different if you want to extend your blowout a little longer. Now that I’ve given you nine tips for a long-lasting blow-dry, you should be happy to add this new technique to your collection. When it comes to hair, always know that the possibilities are endless! The smallest change to your technique can have a great outcome. Blowouts are such a great style because your hair texture is altered allowing you to try styles you can’t normally wear on wet hair or straighten hair. Even with the nine tips that were given, remember you have options within some of them like the different techniques to blow-drying. Also, different ways on how you want to create your nighttime routine. So next time you want to rock your puffy hair, remember to follow these steps and it’ll last longer than all the other times you tried it!
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