Get Dimensional with Toasted Coconut Hair

Toasted Coconut Hair

Toasted coconut hair is in style, and once again your friends at the Private Label Extensions blog are ready to tell you all about it!

When it comes to the latest hair trends, we are always ready to bring you the latest and greatest.

This time what we’ve got under our belt is the latest hair trend that everyone has been raving about. If you don’t believe the hype check the hair hashtags on Instagram and hashtag #toastedcoconuthair . You will find a plethora of beautifully toned brunette and blonde tresses in warm and cool shades. This look is called toasted coconut hair.

Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

What may sound like a delectable treat for your taste buds is a captivating look for your hair.

Toasted Coconut hair is the new hair trend that has been turning heads lately, and the hair look looks just as delicious as it sounds.

Let’s learn the scoop on this Instagram- approved hair look and how to get the look yourself.


What Is Toasted Coconut Hair?

There is nothing new under the sun, even when it comes to hair.

Every once in a while old styles get remixed and recreated into new looks. Toasted coconut hair is like a new version of the ombre hair look.

Like ombre, the trend is a color trend that can be worn in a variety of hairstyles.

It is a bronde color duo, combining the classic colors of blonde and brunette gradually in a way where no line of demarcation can be detected.

The color starts with dark roots that softly transition into blonde ends. The rich roots almost melt into blonde ends. The color combo replicates the colors of an actual toasted coconut, hence the name.

We’ve been seeing bright blonde balayage all summer, but now it is time to see something toastier. For brunettes, toasted coconut hair is the new way to brighten your tresses!


Get The Look

Now that you’ve seen the beauty of this hair trend you’re probably wondering how you can get the look too. When it comes to bomb hair looks we don’t just tell you what’s hot, we teach you how to achieve the look for yourself also.

Let’s go over how to get the toasted coconut hair look yourself with ease.

Start with Brown Hair

First off, you want to start with deep brown hair at the roots. If your hair is already naturally brown, then you are in luck! You may not have to dye your hair at all, or you may have to dye it a slightly darker brown from a more profound brown effect.

Transitioning shades from light brown to dark brown isn’t that hard at all. Just find an excellent brunette dye that you like. It can be semi-permanent hair dye or even a rinse depending on your preference.


Not A Natural Brunette?

For those of you who are not naturally brunette, you may have a little bit more work on your shoulders. If your hair is a shade that is lighter than brown such as blonde, use a hair rinse or semi-permanent hair dye to go brunette.

Your hair color may not last that long if you are using a rinse but if you are using semi-permanent hair dye, you can expect long lasting to almost permanent results.

With either of these options, you may have to touch up your roots every once in a while as new growth occurs to maintain the color. You also may need a fresh re-dye to liven up an old color job and to keep your hair color looking vibrant and fresh.

Whether you have to lighten and lift your hair or use a rinse or semi-permanent dye to darken it up, remember that with this step the ultimate goal is to end off with brown hair.


Next Add Blonde

Now that you have achieved your brunette roots it is now time to create your blonde ends.

There are so many ways to achieve the blonde ends. For this look, we suggest you use a lightener to produce blonde tones in your hair.

The blonde next to the brown will add depth and dimension to your hair, causing the blonde ends to look even brighter!

Using the popular color-melting technique carefully place the lightener on your hair. Color melting is a hair coloring technique that blends various shades seamlessly, the result, no lines of demarcation.

Add Blonde

Once the bleach is processed, you will want to tone the blonde to look more natural. You can use an icy toner to create defined coconut hair with bold contrast.

You can also do a honey-blonde shade. The options are endless whether you want to create warmer or cooler blonde tones. Have fun, be creative and do you.

To add some more fun to this look, style your hair as desired. You can do any style from a straight bob, curly or wavy bob, long tresses and so much more. Be wild with it; a sloppy bob looks great with this hair look!


Will You Try?

Impressed? If you are feeling the toasted coconut hair look then why not give it a try, what have you got to lose?

Maybe you don’t want to dye your hair? Well then create the look with hair extensions!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose if you go for a hair extension version of the look by opting for clips-ins, a sew in or even a wig.

For those who are already naturally brunette, toasted coconut hair is an easy way to spice up your hair look. It will be a low maintenance hair look because you won't have to worry about root touch-ups.

There are so many ways to get the look whether you have brown hair or not or whether you want to rock extensions or wear your real hair.

So ladies, will you be trying toasted coconut hair? If so, how do you plan on achieving your look? Let us know in the comments.

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