top 5 hairstylists on instagram we love to follow

Top Five Hairstylists on Instagram We Love To Follow!

Hairstylist We Can't Help But Double Tap

I can't tell you how many things I have saved from my explore page to remind myself to book, buy or check out later on Instagram. Instagram has become a place where anybody can strut their stuff, and for hairstylists, it paved the way for a whole new way to advertise their flawless work gaining review, clients, and recognition everywhere. Stylists have mastered their work and earned a spot on the top five hairstylists we love from Instagram! (In no particular order, here are our hair favorites that run up our screenshots and bookmarks on IG!) The first couple of hairstylists on our list are weave connoisseurs and have elevated their hair page by going the extra mile when it comes to installing and styling closures, weaves, and wigs.

1. Alonzo Arnold (Wigs)

Instagram: Iamalonzoarnold, 562K Followers

Kicking off the list is Alonzo Arnold, with 562K followers trailing his name, Alonzo walked into our hearts with his wigs! Alonzo has slayed celebrities hair like Cardi B, Joseline, and Porsha from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. He has gained notoriety for his #scalplike frontal installations, and his famous wigs. Alonzo's wigs always use quality frontals with the thin lace, and the knots are bleached to perfection! Often, we have to double scroll to make sure that we see a unit and he didn't grow hair overnight! Alonzo also gained for his funny videos in which he talks about hair, wig pieces and celebrity hair that he would love to get his hands on to style.

2. Cliffvmir (Weaves)

Instagram: IamCliffvmir, 102K Followers

Cliffvmir is the self-proclaimed "Hair Prodigy" that started being recognized for his work as a hairstylist at the tender at of 17. Becoming the tag #17YearOldHairProdigy when he began doing sew-ins and quick weaves that looked too perfect to be true. Cliffvmir is known for laying edges to the gods with flat and smooth swoops and dives gracing the edges of all his clients. Furthermore, he can part and smooth girls hair like Moses, he has incredible precision and makes every style look like it's too pretty to touch. While Cliffvmir has gotten older, now 21, his work has and will arguably stand the test of time for the undisputable sleekness of all of his hair looks. Although Cliffvmir is known for extensions, his page features looks that include short pin curls and sleek ponytails; he's a jack of all trades. Cliffvmir has branched off and created edge control, as well as flatirons to compliment his work as a respected hairstylist.

3. Javelle_TheHairStylist (Specializing in Frontals)

Instagram: Javelle_TheHairStylist, 36.1K Followers

This hairstylist is known for her work with frontals! She's able to slay a frontal sew-in, a frontal wig, or a frontal-quick weave! Most of Javelle_TheHairstylist's client's photographs are of the naturalness of their frontals; she doesn't bog her frontals down with an abundance of baby hairs nor adds additional product. Her signature style rests on a natural looking hairline, highlights, and deep beachy waves.

Hairstylist For Real Hair

Now, I love a right weave, wig or frontal, just like the next girl but there's nothing like a stylist that can tend to real, live hair! All stylists are amazing at what they do, but these stylists go the extra mile.

4. Jasmine Collins (Alopecia Hair)

Instagram: TheOfficialRazorChic, 626K Followers

The Official Razor Chic based out of Georgia and her styling game is out of this world! Not only does this hair veteran offer hair care classes for people with hair and scalp diseases, but she is a massive advocate for nurturing your natural hair and sufferers of alopecia. Most of TheOfficialRazorChic's clients are women who suffer from Alopecia due to genetics or a poor hair care regimen, hair neglect, and tension styling. Her movement focuses on 'freeing' people from their weave or braid addiction or having to hide behind extensions due to the loss of their natural hair follicles. I find her page inspiring, educational and stylish. As a stylist, she provides information on a sensitive subject for women everywhere: hair loss and insecurities. Women from around the world pour into her hair shop and book her when she is on a 'hair tour,' to get her professional styling. She uses special cutting, shaping and styling techniques to cover balding spots and irritated patches of the scalp that she frequently encounters with her clients. The work this woman does go beyond hair, her transformations allow women to feel confident wearing their original crown and allowing their hair a break from extensions to enable restoration to take place. You would have to see her page to believe the way she has transformed hair, and the notion of 'only being cute with a weave.'

5. LaShayAsh (Natural Hair)

Instagram: TheHairMagician, 43.9K Followers

Finally, we get to a stylist whose love for color and silk presses have allowed her to adorn the name The Hair Magician! The transformations range from black curly hair to a sleek green bob on a head full of natural, healthy-looking locks to bleach blonde highlights or orange tinted hair! She has our mouth's watering and contemplating a perm (insert gasp) when we see her client's hair fall out of their silk wraps! While most of her clients achieve their silky style without a perm or relaxer, TheHairMagician gets their hair silked honey! Her client's hair boasts full and fluffy layers. Furthermore, she has a knack for applying vibrant colors to her client's hair and having rave reviews about hair growth, and no breakage while doing so!

A Little Love To Hairstylists

These stylists have made our list not only due to their Instagram popularity and many hashtags that have led us to their pages and their chair but their dedication to styling hair flawlessly and capturing a good picture afterward! The top five hairstylists got our #instagramlove while pouring their love, time and energy into the hair business and snatching our edges with every appointment and upload.
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