Stuntin on the gram top 7 instagram hairstyles to be inspired by

Stuntin' On The Gram: Top 7 Instagram Hairstyles To Be Inspired By

Get Inspired, Get The Look

Need hairstyle inspiration? It can be difficult finding unique hairstyles on Google and Pinterest; everyone is doing the same thing! From color, blowouts, braids, weave, everything looks repetitive. No worries, I took the time to find the most talented and creative hair stylists and hair enthusiast to bring you fresh hairstyle inspiration.

#1 Pink Lemonade

Hailing from London, England, is @lulustone_. She is a curly-headed cutie is serving us Pink Lemonade vibes with her vibrant hair color. After thorough research, and what some would consider as Instagram stalking, I have concluded that the talented Lyndell Mansfield @hairdresserontour is the mastermind behind this brilliant color. To achieve a similar hair color, I recommend going blonde with your hair. Many women are afraid of going blonde, but with a talented stylist, you don’t have to be! Going blonde slowly over the course of salon visits can allow you to get high levels of lift without much damage. Once you are blonde, you are finally free to achieve bright and pastel colors! If you want the fun without the commitment, I recommend Adore Semi-Permanent hair dye. Semi-permanent hair dye does not damage the hair because it merely coats the cuticle with color. It never penetrates the hair shaft or reaches the cortex. This hair dye will completely wash out within two weeks. Adore has a plethora of magical colors so get ready to have some fun! If you’re looking for a more permanent fix, I recommend seeing a professional stylist to avoid damage or color errors. Guy Tang’s color line has beautiful pastels and electric grays and blues for even more color expression.

#2 Fishtail Madness

I love this beautiful double fishtail braid on @emilyrosehannon. Fishtail braids might not be anything new, but Emily sure found a new way to rock them! Her beautiful and long ash blonde hair makes this style stick out even more. What’s so amazing about this style is you can quickly complete it at home. You may need a stylist to achieve this rocking color, but fishtail braids are relatively easy to learn. Once you get the hang of it, you can create many styles.

#3 Purple Pixie

Who doesn't love a fabulous color and cut? Stylists Najah Aziz @najahliketheriver, owner of Like The River Salon and Talaya Render @aigneestyles slayed this cut and color featured on @thecutlife. A pixie cut is always in style and is a great way to alter your look completely. This side-swept variation of the pixie cut is sexy and sophisticated. @jadamalan is loving her new cut and style by @zoey_mom.

#4 Shaved Side and Coils

@thehairsurgeon created a masterpiece full of design and coils on his client with light alopecia. Inspired by her hair loss, @thehairsurgeon used his talent and creativity to shed light on Instagram and produce a design that would magnify her small bald spot into a significant work of art. With faded sides and incredibly straight lines, she is sure to turn heads everywhere she walks! To recreate this look, I recommend using perm rods to create bouncy coils. Use your favorite styling creme to moisturize and prep your hair for the perm rods. Create small sections to wrap the hair around the perm rod. Be sure the wrap tightly with sufficient tension to create a smooth surface. If you have trouble getting your ends smooth, add more styling cream and use end papers to slick those babies down! Repeat until you complete all sections. Air dry overnight or sit under a hooded dryer to set the curls. Once they are completely dry, carefully remove the perm rods and separate the curls. If you're not down for the commitment of shaving your sides, use bobby pins and a bristle brush to slick your sides down to create a faux shaved side look.

#5 Hair Color

If you have an Instagram account, you have probably seen the incredible @anthonycuts on your timeline. Anthony is the mastermind behind his model’s gorgeous hair color, cuts, and installs. This undetectable wig unit is flawless and will make you do a double take on your Instagram feed! The dimensional honey blonde highlights define the long bob cut and compliment the model’s skin tone. If you’d like to try this look at home, try Private Label Extensions’ Silky Straight Lace Front or Full Lace Wig with a 30vol developer and powder bleach. Private Label Extensions’ wigs are the same high-quality Brazilian hair that you love. This hair colors beautifully and will allow you to achieve high levels of lift without major damage. If you aren’t confident enough to color at home, take your Private Label Extensions wigs to your stylist, they will thank you!

#6 Long and Blonde

I’m a firm believer that every woman should go blonde at least once in their life! @tarajiphenson looks stunning on Instagram in this long shadow root blonde hair. The talented stylist behind this look is @tymwallacehair. You can easily achieve this look with some Wella Color, Private Label Extensions Russian Blonde Bundles, and some elbow grease. To achieve a shadow root, use Wella Color Charm 3N with Wella Color Charm Activating lotion and apply to the roots of your Russian Blonde closure or frontal. After you thoroughly wash the color out, you’re ready to blow dry and style!

#7 Braids, Braids, Braids!

These intricate plaits are fit for the most prestige African Queen! I am in awe of @jalicia35 ability to create such beautiful and intricate looks using her bare hands and braiding hair. Unfortunately, this may not be a DIY style, unless you are a master braider. Check out these purple ombre plaits with blonde ends!

What Hairstyle Will You Try?

Trying new hairstyles can be intimidating, but remember that with confidence you can rock any hairstyle! Within the past two years, I've done so much to my hair! I’ve grown it out, cut it into a short bob, dyed it red, then cut it off into a shorter bob, grew it out, chopped it all off to about 2 inches, went blonde, and here we are! Granted, I’ve made some drastic decisions, but I challenge you to try one of these hairstyles this year, and explore your options! Using tools like Instagram can help you unleash your creative side and step out of the box. Comment below and let us know what hairstyle you’re going (or wanting) to try first!
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