top 10 favorite hair extension looks from pinterest

Our Favorite Top 10 Hair Extension Looks from Pinterest

What's Does Pinterest Have to do with Hair?

Pinterest, pin your interest! Okay, it is that simple. Go to Pinterest and search for things you like, such as hair, clothes or styles. But mostly hair! Pinterest has added another layer to the hair game, allowing people to sift through thousands of hairstyles, diy information and just about anything relating to hair. So, we here at Private Label Extensions is all about hair and here are such great hairstyles with extensions that we found that people loved on Pinterest!

It's All About The Colors

Ombre Looks

Ombre is a style that refers to the coloring of one's hair. This coloring technique is the gradual lightening of hair with the darkest at the top and lightest at the bottom. It's a huge thing that has taken over especially in the summer and fall months. People love to start off with a black root that fades into browns and blondes.

Dip Dye

Dip dyeing hair indicates the act of dying the bottom of hair or extensions. The wearer starts out with a solid base color like a blonde or a black and "dips" the ends in coloring. This look was massive when I was in high school and has continued its reign. Everyone loves a splash of color! I have tried the dip dye look before, and it was DIY. Using two bundles of Brazillian body wave hair, I bleached the ends using 40 creme developer. I like to use a stronger developer because I usually use black or very dark hair and this makes the lightening process easier. I love the Kaleidoscope brand bleach if I am going for a more earthy, toned coloring. Furthermore, using Kaleidoscope Blue Bleach when bleaching gives the extensions different variations of blonde. When I did this, I had coppery browns and honey blondes. I used Adore hair coloring, fuschia. After bleaching and rinsing the bundles, I took a grocery bag and filled the bag dye, I then "dipped" the lightened extensions inside. The process was super doable, and I repeated it twice. I deep conditioned the hair and allowed it to air dry. You don't have to take the do-it-yourself route to get the colors you want. To achieve either of these looks one can purchase pre-dyed hair that comes in an "Ombre" style or is already custom colored. Additionally, you may check with your stylist or the hair company you are purchasing from for coloring options.

Accessories Time

Flowers Everywhere

I love flowers as much as the next girl, but Pinterest does flowery hair like no other. There are hundreds of styles that incorporate flowers. Some are throughout braids; others are small pendants or a sprinkling of flowers throughout the hairstyle. However, the top way of wearing flowers seems to be the flower headbands. Now, I know what you're thinking, it's toggling between those are so 2012 and what color should I get? I'm here to tell you, match your outfit or go with a subtle white, that always gets the job done.

Braids Are In

For these two braided looks many use clip in extensions in the middle of their hair to add volume to their styles. Fishtail Braids are life, apparently. They are braids that are good for weddings, banquets, a date night or a lazy night at home; or so I'm told. These braids are relatively easy to do and can be done in a ponytail or straight back like a cornrow. To add some flair, one can add beads or ribbons. And yes, some even have flowers too. A few extensions throughout the head help this braid maintain shape. Additionally, for those with shorter hair, it makes the style possible and easy to remove.

The Cascade Braid looks difficult. It adds layers of dimension to the hair and a fresh design at the same time. The clip in extensions in this braided look give the hair under the "waterfall" thickness. Another beloved braid is the halo braid. It can be fluffed out like a fishtail, or braided tightly. A halo braid circles around the head like a halo or a headband. To get this look one can use straight or curly hair. This look can be done with kanekalon braiding hair to add thickness to your braid and longevity. A new look "The Boxer Braid" has made a breakthrough! It's two braids to the back with wand curls at the end. To achieve this look braiding hair may be used for the top of the hair or natural hair may be braided. The end of the hair can be wrapped around the endings and secured using bobby pins or glued together. Many used one or two bundles of hair such as Private label Extensions Brazillian Body Wave or Deep Wave hair.

Did I Forget to mention the Cuts?


Long bobs or 'lobs' are loved these days. Lobs are done with a sew-in, tape in extensions, clip ins or even a wig. Extensions are used for lobs, so people with long hair do not have to cut, and those with shorter hair can have added length. The lob borders between a bob and a blunt cut but have the length and edge that makes the best of both styles.

We Can't Forget the Long Extensions

Wavy Long Extensions

An all-time favorite is a lightly curled or wavy long extensions look. This look can be sleek with a middle part or dramatized with a deep side part. I love this look because it never goes out of style. Dramatic Hollywood curls are a pin I came across often. This look uses with longer extensions such as twenty inches or higher, and Body Wave hair that already has a slight curl pattern. This look is achieved using barrel curling irons to curl hair and broad silver pins to set the curls in place.

There's Hair Inspiration Everywhere

Try out these looks. Fellow Pinterest users post their own little twists, fails, and tips perfect the hair-do. Whenever you get a chance to try out these looks, don't hesitate to show us here at PLE using your Private Label Extensions Hair!

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