Trending Hairstyles: New Year, New Hair, New You

New Hairstyle Inspirations

It’s 2017 and the year is already speeding up faster than most of us anticipated.

Every year we set goals of things we want to accomplish and hair is not an exception. Believe it or not, hair is our way of expression, the way we determine our good days and social media has already shown us what’s trending for the year.

Want to switch it up? Check out these 2017 trending hairstyles that already has us in complete “awe”:


Blunt Cuts w/ a closure:

The blunt cut was becoming more and more common as 2016 came to a close, but it seems as if the 2017 trending hairstyles aren’t letting this one go anytime soon.

When going for a more elegant and sexy look, try cutting at least two Brazilian or Malaysian straight bundles into a shoulder-length cut, complete with a closure with bleached knots. Three and four bundles are perfectly fine for a fuller look but maybe harder when attempting to get the “bone straight” look two bundles will automatically give you.

For a more daring and everyday look, try somebody or deep wave bundles with minimal leave out. This look is full and with a conditioner you trust, the hair will stay fresh for weeks.

Frontal Season - complete with wavy & curly bundles:

Frontals are the new wave! This is especially true for the 2017 trending hairstyles we see every day!

Hairstylists are picking up on this trend as more classes are being held to learn how to apply this piece on the head correctly and securely. Although frontals don’t last as long as closures, they give you more free-range and can really make a difference when going for a certain look. Most people find the frontal intimidating, but a part of the 2017 trending hairstyles means risking it all to achieve the look you deserve!

Most frontals look best when used with wavy or curly bundles because it gives a bolder, dramatic, and standout-ish appearance.

Because the amount of time to really enjoy a frontal is short, it’s important to keep in mind touch-ups and the option to use this look for only for special occasions since it can be costly.


Get the “Mermaid” look:

The blue-green ombre hair, formerly known as the “Kylie Jenner look” back in 2014 opened up an era of experimental and custom colored hair for the year 2017.

People are opening up to the possibility of adding more color than just browns, blacks, and blondes. They are adding shades of pink, blue, green, and red. I am a huge fan of some recent blue and purple wigs that we have had our stylists create. There is really no way to tone down a look like this, but who would want to? That would defeat the purpose!

More people want to stand out!

To do this, without damaging your own beautiful locks, dying your bundles are a great way to do so. Try buying bundles that have a better chance of keeping in color such as a Russian blonde weave.

You could even bleach and dye the bundles yourself, YouTube has plenty of tutorials. If the thought of altering your own bundles frightens you, don’t fret, your stylist will happily do it for you.

Just make sure you know what your color goals are and that you know how to explain it. Pictures from Instagram and Pinterest are a great way of explanation for these 2017 trending hairstyles involving blunt cuts!

Fall in Love with the 2017 Trending Hairstyles!

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