top 4 trendy hairstyles of summer 2017

Top 4 Trendy Hairstyles of Summer '17

The Summer Slay!

We all know summer is nothing to play with especially when it comes to the safety and upkeep of our hair.

Luckily, this summer season has some super trendy and fashionable styles to offer that will keep heads turning your way and keep you from running for shade.

It is understood to slay through all seasons but there is something so special about summer, and I'd like to share several distinctive styles that I think you'll adore rocking.

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Lemonade Braids

It took me a while to recognize the proper name for this style of braiding, as I've always known it to be ‘side braids' growing up.

It's so true that old styles from previous eras always make their way back around and this is a style that is here to stay. The renowned lemonade braids that Beyoncé effortlessly resurrected and slain during the debut of Lemonade forever changed the outlook women, especially millennials, had on braided hairstyles.

No longer did we look for traditional sew-ins to be our aids this scorching summer but instead we gained confidence in this chic braided look.

Beyoncé wearing Lemonade Braids


Photo by Getty Images

The lemonade braids provide a sexy yet royalty look accompanied by a sense of Queenship that every woman should have.

The era that created this particular hairstyle provides importance which speaks to the reason why Egyptian royals wore them. Pair your lemonade braids with a stream of color flowing through them to give a nice pop for the summer or decorate them with gorgeous beads and accessories to stand out from the crowd.

Heading out tonight to hit the town? Braid your braids into a long extravagant fishtail braid and receive compliments left and right!

The great benefit of this trendy summer hairstyle is less maintenance along with effortless style. Who knew that you could rock something so stylish and trendy with very little work?

Even with low maintenance, it is highly recommended to make sure that your scalp is properly nourished and edges kept intact from any unnecessary pulling or strain.

Blunt Cut Bob Wig

I recently created my first blunt cut bob wig this summer, and I have to say I am in love!

Using the Brazilian Body Wave bundles along with the lace frontal, I have been able to conveniently rock this fun and daring look while escaping Atlanta's scorching heat.

I have received the most compliments not just on the type of hair but the style, not to mention that it was so easy to make! Just to keep it in the family, Kelly Rowland who slayed this look easily all the while setting a new trend, inspired me.

The blunt cut bob is a great hairstyle for this summer because it's a bob! Girl, the long luscious waves flowing down your back are lovely however the heat they retain is not.

Blunt Cut Bob Hairstyle


Enjoy this trendy hairstyle that is bold and blunt while keeping you cool, calm, and collected all summer '17.

The most popular feature about this look is the cut of course. Instead of having various layers, the blunt cut bob gives you a fierceness of straight edge cutting with a dramatic feel. The best part, which most women will appreciate, is it throws no shade to various, vast arrays of face shapes and sizes.

The blunt cut bob is a great style whether your face is long in width or narrows in height. With the wig, you not only protect your natural hair but also provide the illusion of healthy, thick, and strong hair. This isn't a style that you're required to wear one way either.

Oh, the endless possibilities! Throw some fun, loose beach waves for some fresh summer vibes or live life on the edge a bit more with an asymmetrical shape to your blunt cut bob.


Talk about protection and maintenance!

A few years ago, the wavy crochet look was my number one go-to style, and it still is for most! It's easy, affordable, and flexible! Who said that you had to have wavy crochet locks though?

The beauty of this trendy summer hairstyle is its feature to be interchangeable. This style provides the ease of having your hair braided into several cornrows with access to have various side parts or a middle part and to crochet with an actual crochet needle with any hair you choose!

Depending on the style of actual braiding, this hairstyle can make for a great updo in the trying times of summer's heatwaves.

Based on your choice of hair, you can style them wavy with Marley braid hair, use box braids or Marley twists, and anything else you choose.

Crochet Braids Hairstyle


Photo by @dheemy_krotchets

Did I mention the benefit of this style was affordability?

It's a great look to be done as DIY hair projects, which are some of my favorites!

Another great benefit of this summer look is its durability to last in styling. Depending on the duration of your hair growth, crochet styles can last for weeks without having to be redone. Rock your crochets this summer with a stylish head wrap or wear it with a topknot bun.

Faux Locs

Now let's talk about experimental!

One great thing about faux locs is the beauty to try a drastic look that can take time for your natural hair to achieve. If done correctly, it can provide rewarding results.

Dreadlocks can take some time to grow and maintain but if you want a look that has withstood the ages around the world, look no further. Just like crochets, this trendy summer hairstyle can provide ease, flexibility, and durability. This look offers a wide variety of ways to be styled whether curly or beaded with pops of color or accompanied by a side or undercut. Ladies, we're living on the edge!

Just like crochets, this trendy summer hairstyle can provide ease, flexibility, and durability. This look offers a wide variety of ways to be styled whether curly or beaded with pops of color or accompanied by a side or undercut.

Ladies, we're living on the edge!

Faux Locs Hairstyle


Photo by @slaybyciara

Cool down with this gorgeous style to be worn in so many different ways.

Enjoy the beehive bun, half up half down with curly tips, or swept to the side with a precise side part. Most women have enjoyed using human hair to execute this flawless look for the summer.

Who would know that there's anything faux about it?

For that more natural look like Lisa Bonet, the most recommended hair to use is human hair because it provides a more authentic, distressed look.

Your Trendy Hairstyles

We all know that our hair is our crown and in such a heat-filled summer, we have to find the best style that helps keep our natural hair protected and healthy while slaying fiercely at the same time.

I think that these several options of trendy summer styles are great to look your best this summer and I think you will too!

What trendy hairstyles will you be turning heads with all summer '17?

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