7 Things You Need to Know Before Trying a New Hair Salon

Making Sure Your New Salon is Right for You

What is the one question that everyone asks when someone’s hair is popping? “Who does your hair?!” We hear this question a million times because we ALL need a hair stylist that will slay our hair while keeping it clean and healthy. Not only is it essential to choose the right stylist, but you also have to make sure that the salon you pick is the right fit for you and your comfort level. Going to a salon is an experience, so make yours worth the visit by selecting the best place for your hair care needs.

Choosing a New Salon Requires Research

So, you’re on the hunt for a new place to get your hair laid – let’s figure out what you need to know before saying “yes” to a new salon. You may think it’s just as simple as Googling “hair salons near me” and choosing the top business on the list. No. First, you need to ask plenty of questions and make plenty of observations. Before test-driving a car, you look around the lot and inspect the other cars, right? Do the same thing with your salon options! Here are some of the most critical questions that you need to research when looking for a new salon to call your home.

How’s the Pricing?

One of the most significant factors to consider is the pricing for the salon’s services. If the cost of a silk press (check out this article: how long does a silk press last) at one salon is $200, you may want to run sis. If the cost of faux locs at another salon is $25, run even faster. When doing your research, make sure you look up the average price for specific services and a choose a salon that has reasonable prices within that range. Every service may not be cheap, but it should make sense for the work that is involved.

Are the Stylists Producing Quality Work?

Pricing is important, but you also need to make sure that you’ll get your money’s worth with any stylist in the salon. Check their social media pages and websites for photos (and even videos) of their work to see if it is up to par. If a salon doesn’t have many CLEAR shots and videos of their clients, then avoid spending your money there. You need to have at least an idea of how your hair will turn out once your stylist finishes. It’s also important to know the quality level of all of the stylists just in case your "go-to" isn’t there one day. You may have a hair emergency that needs to be fixed right away by the next available stylist.

What Kind of Atmosphere Does the Salon Have?

Let’s be real – no one wants to spend their afternoon in a salon that has a lot of negative energy. You’ll have a much better experience in a welcoming environment where the stylists are friendly, and good vibes feel the air. You should also see what additional “freebies” they offer to their guests to make their visit more pleasurable such as water and wine, free Wi-Fi, free or validated parking, entertainment (music or television), etc. It may seem small at first but being in an atmosphere that makes you feel relaxed and also improves your mood goes a long way.

Does the Salon Value Customer Service?

Is the receptionist unfriendly or rude? Are the stylists not helpful and unpleasant? These are clear indicators that a salon will not provide you with the best experience during your visits. Customer service is the key to maintaining a positive relationship with all clients, so your salon should put you first as their customer. Whether they agree or not, the customer is always right!

Is the Salon Clean and Neat?

One of my biggest pet peeves is walking into an establishment that is filthy and junky. I know you can relate! Choosing the right salon involves scoping out how stylists maintain their workstations and the overall appearance of the building. Imagine getting your hair done by a stylist whose work area is filled with junk while sitting in a filthy salon. That doesn’t sound so inviting, does it? I didn’t think so!

Does the Salon Have Certain Policies That Clients Must Follow?

Every salon most likely has a set of rules and procedures for their clients and guests to follow while visiting. Some salons require a 24-hour cancellation notice, and they may even charge a late fee after you exceed their grace period. You may even find that certain salons do not allow pets or children to enter the building due to hygiene, exposure to harsh chemicals, etc. Other potential rules include no use of cell phones while in the stylist’s chair, no eating or drinking, no cursing, and many others. Know before you go!

Are They Receiving Positive or Negative Reviews?

Read ALL reviews before visiting a new salon thoroughly. Customer reviews are essential when figuring out if a place of business is providing excellent service to their customers. While reading the reviews, look for patterns. Are multiple people complaining about the lack of customer service? Do you see various comments on the uncleanliness of the salon? Take those patterns as a sign that the salon may have a consistent issue that it is failing to resolve. Beware of reviews from unreasonable customers or customers. Some people are just mad because they couldn’t have their way for whatever reason. As consumers, we rarely leave reviews when we’ve enjoyed our experience with a business; however, we do not hesitate to tell the world how awful our experience was when we’re unhappy. So, take the time to read and filter through the reviews that appear to be more of an issue with the customer rather than the salon.

After You Research Online, Here’s One More Thing:

I know you’re probably wondering how you can feel out a salon without actually committing to making an appointment. Book a consultation. That is the perfect way to check it out in person. This is a better way to interact with the stylist that you’re interested in before he or she works with your hair.

It’s All About What’s Right for YOU!

Although researching salons can be quite a task, don’t stress. When testing out a new salon, it’s important to remember that you’re not contractually bound to that salon! You may do some research beforehand and find that it’s not a great fit for you AFTER receiving a service – that’s perfectly fine! It’s your hair, your rules. However, if you do find the perfect salon that you’re sticking with for a while, go girl! Lock down your appointments and flourish with your fresh ‘dos. Choosing a salon is essential for us all and will help us enjoy our hair journeys to the fullest!
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