10 ultimate up dos to prevent summer sweat

10 Ultimate Up-Dos to Prevent Summer Sweat

For the Love of Up-dos

Oh, how we love the summer and all it has to offer including the bright, bold hair. Summer colors pop out brilliant, and extensions are flawless, but heat waves are controlling your body temperature which can sometimes leave your hair a sweaty mess. But It is that time of year again. When you are stepping outside, you also forgive the lord for your sins. Yes, it’s that hot outside, so now we are battling between decisions of extensions, braids, anything else that will help us beat the heat. It’s hard enough to find good edge control to withstand these crazy temperatures and hot humidity. Hairstyles can be just as hard to choose from because we want to be cute, but we don’t want to sweat. That’s not realistic for persons who have Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. Remain stress-free with some easy up-dos. There are plenty of ways to do head turning up-dos. In this article, I will show you how to accomplish some different dos to help you remain cute in this blazing heat. You may still sweat, but you will not be a mess!

Bun Fun

Buns can be simple and straightforward, but I have a few ways to spice up a simple bun for fun.

1. Basic Bun

If you are looking to accomplish a basic bun and don’t already know how to do so, don’t fret. Grab a ponytail holder or hair tie and brush all your hair back evenly. Whether low or high depends on you and where you want the bun located. Once you have put the ponytail in place, comb the hair out in opposite directions of each other and begin to wrap the hair around evenly and add another hair tie for security. And boom, there you have it, a simple basic bun. You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions 360 Frontal.

2. Top Knot

Top Knots are exactly how they sound. They favor a knot at the top of your hair, and you will start the process of a top knot exactly how you would like a basic bun. I love a bang with my top knots. I think they jazz them up a little bit more and can sometimes have you looking like the foreign models you acknowledge on Instagram. If you don’t want to cut your hair just for a bang, I advise you to go to your local beauty supply and get a clip in a bang that matches your hair and texture. It works just the same. Now that you have gotten your hair into a ponytail, instead of splitting the hair and wrapping around, comb your ponytail upward. Once you have done that twist it, find 1/3 of your ponytail from the holder and bend and wrap the hair downward. Use bobby pins to secure it. Now you can add your clip in bangs! There you go, girl! Now you are looking like a foreign dime piece. You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions 360 Frontal.

3. Braided Bun

This style may cause you to go to your local African braiding shop but an excellent solution to decrease sweating out your hair. Have your local braiding shop perform feed-in braids into a ponytail. Once the braids are completed and dipped, wrap the braids around for your cute braided bun! You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions 360 Frontal.

Fairy Ponytails

Ponytails can be as magical as you want them to be or plain jane. Although the ponytail game is endless, I will briefly go over how to execute a few different styles.

5. Basic long Ponytail

By now if you have lived life, you should be able to accomplish a basic ponytail, but if not, I will explain how to do so and how to add extensions for longer lengths. If your hair is already long, you may want to use your natural hair and slick it back into a cute ponytail. Use some hair from that ponytail and wrap it around covering the hair tie. Secure it with a bobby pin and slay your edges down and around. If you want the added length to that ponytail, do the same thing by putting the hair in a hair tie, this time, take your real hair and create a bun as small as you can get it. Once you do that, get the pack of extensions you would like to use, keep in mind, you can make your ponytail as full as you would like too. If you want to use more than one pack, you are more than welcome to do so. Begin wrapping the weave around the bun and use pins to secure it. If you want even more security, you can sew the ponytail around, but it takes a longer time. Once you have successfully wrapped the hair and secured it, take a piece small piece of the ponytail from the back and wrap it around to cover the tracks and bobby pin it down. Fix your edges and be fleeky! You can also achieve this look with a Private Label 360 frontal.

6. Braided Ponytail

As I discussed earlier I mentioned braided buns, braided ponytails are the same process, and you more than likely would have to have someone do this for you or visit your local African braiding shop. Either way, they are slick, sexy and fresh for any summertime occasion.

7. Pony Fishtail Braid

Many YouTube tutorials explain step by step on how to achieve a fishtail braid if you need to see it execute it but fishtail braids are too cute, and a long fishtail ponytail is sure to have people staring!

Girls with Curls

The natural hairdos are surely in place for the summer! Curls are always popping in the summertime especially because we often get our hair wet at pools or beaches. There are a few ways for the natural girls to indulge in pretty up-dos!

8. Pigtails

Yes pigtails haven’t gone anywhere in our new generation especially if you have a massive volume to your curls. Part your hair down the middle and brush hair up and tie on both sides. You can leave your curls to flourish or twist them up and make two top knots instead of one. You can also add the clip in a bang or leave some of your curls flowing in the front for a dramatic effect.

9. Cornrow Ponytail

try braiding your real hair in the front up into a natural style. No feed in hair just your hair and leave your curls hanging out in the ponytail! It’s an old school style, but who says we can’t bring trends back from the past, we do it all the time.

10. French Roll

To get the best possible result, I would go to a salon and have them do your French roll. But don’t be afraid to try yourself at home by watching a quick YouTube tutorial. The classic French roll or French twist is a bit boring, so if I ever do one, I like to jazz mine up with my natural curls in the top or front. I don’t put all my hair back into the original twist.

11. Braiding hair mohawk

A lot of natural women I know to use is braiding hair for volume, and it blends with our natural hair texture so well. A style I truly love is a three-part up-do where you incorporate braiding hair for volume. Part evenly three sections in your hair horizontally. Use a hair tie the section off these sections directly down the middle. Take your stretched braiding hair and add the hair to each part separately. There are some YouTube videos online that will show you how to add braiding hair to your hair to create one big braid. At this point, after you have added hair to each section, you should have three big braids going down the middle of your hair. Wrap each braid around in resemblance to a bun. It should be three big buns going down. This style should virtually be a braided mohawk going down the middle of your head. Use bobby pins to secure each bun and last but not least, tackle those edges and fly-away.

True To Up-dos

Up-dos are timeless and innovative just like any other hairstyle. We continuously use up-dos all the time when in stressful situations like work or performing any job duty whether you are out or at home. So why not just style an up-do from the get-go instead of waiting until you get hot to resort to one. Keeping your hair up and off your neck, especially extensions will help prevent tangling, and the same goes for back sweat. Stop being stressed when less is more anyway. You can be radiant in an up-do this summer, do not be hot trying to hide your face behind all that hair. The Private Label offers many different types of extensions to help you achieve any updo you wish!
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