unique styling with upside down braids

Unique Styling with Upside Down Braids

Which Way is Up?

Today's fashion is all about taking new risks and recreating timeless looks. We wore silver and gray hair worn with ferocity.

We spent the summer with the tail end of our braids sweeping our legs, and kinks and curls have broken all the rules then set new standards. Thanks to the most recent natural hair movement, people with all hair textures discovered that taking a hairstyle out of its box and redefining it is an exciting form of expression.

The same is true for French braids. The past few years introduced fishtail and feed-in braids. Now, everyone is talking about upside-down braids.


Upside Down Braids

Upside down braids aren't a new hairstyle.

You may remember wearing something similar in your childhood years or even wearing an upside down braid as a part of a formal updo. This style is taking center stage and wowing onlookers. The upside-down braid is a French braid that starts at the nape of your neck toward the front of your head.

The best part about this hairstyle is that it adds an element of fun to the back of your head, an area that is under-styled and often neglected. It only takes a little practice to master the upside-down braid.

Here's How:

Step One:

Part your hair across your head from ear to ear.

Step Two:

Secure the front portion of your head with a clip or an elastic band.

Step Three:

Separate three sections of hair at the nape of your neck, the same way you would a traditional French braid.

Tip: Depending on the texture of your hair and your desired look, decide if it is best to work with wet or dry hair.

Step Four:

Start braiding your hair upwards in the traditional French braid style by gathering more hair surrounding each strand as you braid.

Tip: It is helpful to flip your head upside down to help guide the direction of your braid until you get used to this style of braiding.

Step Five:

Once you have reached the top of the braid and have no more hair leftover to gather, use an elastic band to secure your hair.


Style It!

Now that you have completed your upside-down braid, it's time to add some style to it! Depending on where you are going and what you are wearing, you can take this look from casual to elegant with a few small modifications.

Sporty Casual

Sometimes the usual ponytail won't suffice!

If your schedule is full of errands and a little bit of activity, the upside-down braid can add a little chic to your to-do list. After you've created your braid, use some holding product to slick down the front of your hair. You can try Private Label Extensions Edge Control to tame your flyaway hairs.

Brush the front of your hair into a high ponytail then use a curling wand to add loose curls to your hanging hair. If you don't want to put heat on your natural hair, you can easily install a PLE ponytail extension.

The upside-down braid in the back of your head adds an unexpected element of fun that takes your look from frumpy to fashion-forward.


Work It, Girl!

If you spend your days in the boardroom and your evenings rubbing shoulders, the upside-down braid makes it possible for you to maintain style and sophistication.

If you've reached a midweek slump and find yourself relying on dry shampoo to push you through the week, then it's time to try out the upside-down braid to add a little edge to your professional look.

Braids might not come to mind when you think of office-ready hair but try tying up loose ends by twisting your hair into a power suit friendly top-knot. Install your upside-down braid, then combine the front and back sections of your hair to create one ponytail. Then, wrap the loose hair around the base of the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins.

Spray your bun with a little holding spray and use your fingers to tug on a few random spots of your bun to create soft texture.

Fun and Flirty

Most of us girls have a few date night looks under our belt. The upside-down braid should be one of them!

Sure, date night is the best time to let your hair hang and relax a little, but don't sleep on the power of a sexy updo. Create your upside-down braid; then you can either roll your hair into a sexy messy bun or add curls to your ponytail and let it hang.

But the fun doesn't stop there, throw in a few hair rings, embellished bobby pins, or weave some gold string through your braid to add an unexpected element of style to your look!


Let it All Hang Out!

If you've become bored with your same old look, spice it up with an upside-down braid!

Whether your hair is natural or textured, a smaller variant of an upside-down braid can bring a fresh look to a tried-and-true style. Instead of braiding up the entire back section of your hair, this time, part a small section (about the size of a pencil) directly above your ear.

Instead of braiding your hair in a backward motion, start at the back and work frontward toward your face following the steps in the section above. Braid the hair all the way down to the ends, then add a few beads.

Here's how to secure your beads:

Step 1:

Hold the last bead with one hand and push the second to last bead up.

Step 2:

Pull the hair hanging from the last bead up and secure it between the last bead and the second to last bead.

Step 3:

Wrap an elastic band around the hair between the separated beads.

If you seek symmetry, try adding another upside-down braid to the other side. Now you've got a funky new way to wear your hair when it's down! This style is especially complementary to twist outs and braid outs, and natural textures!


Anyway You Want It

Current style trends have proven that the traditional rules of style are long gone. There are so many fun ways to wear braids. Long, short, thick, thin, and now upside down! Tag Private Label Extensions on Instagram so we can see how you style your upside-down braids. Leave a comment below and share your favorite braid trend with me.
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