9 ways to use sunflower oil as a staple beauty product

9 Ways To Use Sunflower Oil As A Staple Beauty Product

Multi-Purposeful Oil That Isn't Only for Cooking

Sunflower oil is a perfectly balanced oil with many benefits, and that is why it's claimed to be a “must have” for healthy cooking. One thing many people don't know is that sunflower oil is an unbelievable tool for maximum hydration. Who would have ever known that cooking oil can act as a beauty product?

Why You Should Use Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is packed with nothing but nutrients so it is easy to see why you should cook with it. Those same nutrients can also do wonders for your face, hair, and body. Here are a few facts about sunflower oil that many do not know:
  • Sunflower oil helps fight and treat acne, eczema, irritation and even scarring.
  • Organic sunflower oil contains many antioxidants
  • You get the benefit of over ten vitamins when using sunflower
  • This oil regenerates and renews through nourishing your fat cells
  • Sunflower oil can help reduce the risk of infection
  • Not only is sunflower oil useful for hair, but it also helps prevent hair loss
Many other cooking oils have no business being on skin without causing the skin to become too oily. When skin becomes too oily, it then becomes clogged and dirty resulting in acne or breakouts. Using sunflower oil as daily beauty products not only saves you money but helps you detoxify your face, hair and body by getting rid of any chemicals found in your previous beauty products.

9 Uses for Sunflower Oil

1) Frizz Serum

Sunflower oil has such a light texture that it can be used directly on your hair. This oil will help smooth those pesky flyaways while adding nutrition if your hair tends to be dry. All you have to do is apply a small palm amount of sunflower oil to your hand and part your hair and smoother along the part lines. You can create your own on the go smoothing serum by just putting some of the oil into a spray bottle.

2) Deep Conditioner

With so many vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, sunflower oil is super vital for the health of your hair. Since this oil is an emollient, it easily can penetrate the hair shaft to lock in and retain moisture; which makes it a great conditioning agent. Once a week, massage a generous amount of sunflower from scalp to end. Comb through your hair to ensure that the oil is evenly spread then wrap your hair or put into a loose bun. You can leave this conditioner on for an hour or even overnight. Rinse out the deep conditioner and notice the differences in your hair.

3) Anti-Aging Mask/Serum

Because sunflower oil is high in vitamins E, A, C, and D, it makes sense to use it on your skin. Vitamin C is the essentials of any skin product because it maintains healthy skin. Vitamin C helps with the production of collagen, which keeps your skin youthful. With youthful skin, wrinkles fade away after using consistently; making your skin softer. With most essential oils, you want to use a small amount on your skin to avoid irritation. Dilute the oil with water when using on your face or use a small amount on a cotton ball. To make the anti-aging mask you will need more ingredients, but sunflower oil is the main item. Whip up a soft and fluffy mask using the following:

Plain Greek Yogurt

Gets rid of dead skin

Sunflower Oil

Cleans and moisturize

Lemon Juice

Toner This mask will help your skin cells generate faster after damage, helps ease skin irritation and helps fights acne. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes, use once a week if you suffer from acne or scarring.

4) Oil Cleanser

Using oil to cleanse your skin has been around for centuries. Many people think that oil only makes your skin oily or dirty; while that is true, it also can clean your skin. Not only do most cleanser have chemicals that can cause aging amongst other things. It’s a no-brainer that we should try using sunflower oil as a cleanser. For the perfect oil cleanser, try mixing sunflower and castor oil and cleaning face using a cotton ball. When using oil to Clean your face, rinse your face then gently exfoliate and use the oil. Once you place the oil on your face, leave it on for 5-10 minutes to ensure that the oil is digging deep into your pores to clear them out, then rinse and moisturize.

5) Skin Lightening

I know what you are thinking, who wants to lighten their skin? Many people, including myself, suffer from discoloration whether it's from birth, the sun or ingrown hairs. There are many skin lightening measures out there but using sunflower oil is a natural alternative with no true side effects. The oil absorbs quickly in the skin which helps to protect the skin from darkening. Sunflower oil helps make sure your skin remains radiant and bright while retaining elasticity also. Sunflower oil is great for dark circles around the eyes and overall lightening of the pigmentation, mostly because of the vitamin E.

6) Hair Bump Soother

Similar to the use of skin lightening, sunflower oil also helps relieves hair bumps. Best used right after you shave, tweeze or get waxed. Vitamin E again helps sunflower oil repair skin to get rid of irritation which can cause dead skin cells. We all have experienced a hair bump or two in our lives no matter what we do, using sunflower oil will help to prevent.

7) Alternative Sunscreen

Everyone loves a good tan but not at the expensive of our skin being damaged by the sunlight. While sunscreen is still useful, sunflower oil can act as a sunscreen as well. Applying sunflower oil to your skin will create a layer of protection from the outside environment. This sunscreen alternative is best during a pool day; I wouldn't recommend this in esteem heat/sunlight. Pack a small bottle of sunflower oil next time you hit up the pool or beach.

8) Body Highlighter/Moisturizer

Sunflower oil’s most significant benefit is how well it hydrates everything it touches. Sunflower oil is perfect to pair with your favorite cosmetic highlighter to give your skin the glow without the tanning bed. Grab your Fenty trophy wife highlighter, add it with some sunflower oil and watch how you glow while still feeling moisturized.

9) Acne Moisturizer

Acne is sometimes genetic, but most times it comes from what we eat or the health of our skin. Similar to tea tree oil, sunflower oil helps to fighter acne. It is a lighter oil compared to tea tree oil but works just as good. Sunflower is full of bacteria-fighting vitamins and antioxidants. Use a small amount of the oil day and night once you have washed your face. Especially use at night so while you are sleeping the sunflower oil can penetrate and attach the acne.

Sunflower Oil Usage Is Increasing

Just like with any other oil, there are always many uses. Some uses of this oil you can create as you go along. There are already so many products that secretly have sunflower oil, and you wouldn't even know. Next time you want to grab some coconut oil, try out sunflower oil and see how you like it. Sunflower oil is very underrated, and most people do not know that it is a staple must have oil. Try out these nine uses of sunflower oil and spread the word.
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