how to achieve the best wash and go hairstyles

How to Achieve The Best Wash and Go Hairstyles

Be Your Own Hair Goals

When it comes to the natural hair community, a wash and go is the ideal hairstyle to achieve. It’s a low maintenance style that shows off the definition of your hair and can be worn in many ways as the days pass. While the wash and go looks fantastic, it is a technique and style that some can’t achieve or want to make perfect.

What Exactly Is A Wash and Go

Before getting started, it’s important to know what it is you’re wanting to accomplish and fully understand what type of style it is. A wash and go style is when you wear your natural curls without manipulating them with any additional tools or with stretching methods such as braids or twist outs. Even though the name sounds like a quick style, it does take at least an hour. Timing depends on the length of your hair and the thickness of your hair.

How To Achieve The Perfect Wash and Go

There is such a thing as a perfect wash and go. While the name may sound like a quick natural style, it does take time. And for the best results, it's important to pay attention to detail. There are many methods to achieve a great wash and go style, but the foundation and ground rules of the natural form remain the same. Get into these tips, and ways to make sure your curls are defined and poppin’ and you have a wash and go that’s sure to have everyone asking for advice on how to achieve the same look.

Know Your Hair Type

First things first, know your hair type. Know what kind of curl pattern you have, how thick your hair is, and the amount of porosity your hair has. What will work for a person with type 3 hair won’t work for someone that has type 4 hair. Knowing these different things will determine the type of products that you use, how much product to use, and how to diffuse your hair to bring out your curl pattern a bit more.

Don’t Forget to Section Your Hair

With natural hairstyles, sometimes your hair can seem like too much to handle. While it may appear to be easier to wash and go in one big clump of hair, this won’t allow the definition to set in and won’t let your curls flourish. Be sure to section your hair out before beginning and preferably while your hair is still damp to avoid any breakage. The amount of sections doesn’t matter as long as you’re able to work your way through the strands and provide the right amount of product to your hair to achieve the best style.

Your Products Are Key

Nothing will mess up a style technique more than using the wrong products. To achieve a great wash and go, it’s imperative to use the right products to have the best results. Most natural hair gurus recommend keeping your product use very simple and minimal; Remember, a wash and go isn’t to manipulate your curls, it’s merely helping develop your natural curl pattern. Some essential products to use when doing the wash and go are:

Leave-In conditioners:

This product keeps your hair from being too hard or crunchy. It’ll help with keeping your curls fluffy and defined.


This is a critical product to use when doing your wash and go. The most preferred gel is an Eco style gel because it helps to hold the style and isn’t too heavy.

Defining cremes:

These products can be an alternative to using gel. True to its name, a defining Creme can help to set your curl pattern and allows the wash and go to flourish longer.

The Technique You Use Matters

Once you have your products together, the method you use will determine how defined your curls are at the end of the wash and go process. One favorite way is the “raking” method. The raking method is done by applying moisturizer on your hair and using your fingers to rake the product through, one section at a time. Normally, “raking” is done in large sections or clumps, starting from the root of the hair. Instead of raking all the way down to the end, you’ll stop midway and shake your hair to set the curls and get the perfect definition. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you repeat on the rest of your hair until the wash and go style is complete. Another method curly girls like to use is the shingling method. Shingling is similar to the raking method but involves finger combing through each section and smoothing the curls from the roots to the end. Making sure that you have a technique for your wash and go ensures that your hair has maximum volume, your hair isn’t stiff, your wash and go will last longer and can be styled multiple ways, and you’ll notice that you have fewer tangles with your curls.

Give Your Hair Enough Time To Dry

Remember, you’re working on a wash and go while your hair is still wet, it’s best to style it during the day and give your hair enough time to dry overnight. For your curls to look their best, they have to be thoroughly dry, and all the product needs time to settle in. There are a couple of options to dry your wash and go: air drying and using a diffuser. If you have ample time to do your hair, air drying is the best option. If you’re doing your wash and go style during the day, a diffuser will be the way to go. A diffuser helps to dry your hair and tightly lock in your curls quickly. Ensuring that you have enough time to do either drying method is critical because for maximum results for a wash and go, the hair doesn’t need to, and you want to do your best to eliminate frizz.

Seal The Deal With Essential Oils

The final step of your wash and go, essential oils or your favorite hair care oil to seal your curls and lock in moisture. Sometimes the products you use can dry out fast depending on the combination of things you use as well as the drying that you use. Oils can ensure that all the moisture you put into your hair stays and your wash and go style isn’t looking dry or crispy. Essentials oils like coconut oil, lavender oil, and even castor oil are great to apply to your complete wash and go and also help with hair growth.

Rock Your Wash and Go for Days

Wash and gos are an all-day process, but the results are worth it when incorporating the right methods. Be the envy of all your natural friends with flourishing curls and hydration that will last for the next week to come.
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