the watercolor hair color method

Drip Drip! Learn The Watercolor Hair Color Method

Watercolor Your New Bundles

Remember way back when, when we thought it was cool to color our hair with Kool-aid?

Well, stylists have taken our childhood trend to a whole new level! Watercolor extensions made their debut on Instagram earlier this summer while everyone was rocking their favorite pastels and rose gold extensions. This is one technique made for us DIY girls because it is so easy and so cheap!

I’ve got the scoop on how to get the perfect water color tresses along Some of my favorite looks from my favorite celebrities and YouTubers.


How to Watercolor Your Extensions

Coloring hair extensions, with this water coloring technique, is so much easier than any other method you ever tried.

If you've ever been afraid to try a color or fear doing it yourself, this is the technique for you. What you spend on your extensions you could pay as little as $6 on coloring your hair.

Below is the list of ingredients you’ll need:

  • 1 Bottle of hair color (2 for more intense color)
  • 613 Extensions
  • Plastic spoon or whisk
  • Large glass or plastic bowl
  • Warm tap water
  • Gloves

The first step: prep your hair!

So before you prepare to color anything make sure that you removed all labels, rubber bands, and plastic ties from your extensions.

Leaving any of these items on your extensions while coloring them may prevent the color from sticking to those areas. I also suggest that you unravel and tangle the hair so that you can manage it in one hand. Once you have all of your bundles prepped set them to the side until its time to dunk them.

Next, you can prepare your color bath!

Turn your sink on and let the hot water run for a bit. The idea is to have hot water but not scolding, boiled on the stove, hot water for your color.

While your water is heating, take your bottle of color and poured it into your plastic or glass bowl. I like to get every bit of my color out of the bottle, so I also add water to the bottle shake it, and pour contents into the bowl. At this point, your water should be hot enough so now you can feel your bowl, about 3/4 of the way, with hot tap water. Use your plastic spoons or whisk, which I prefer, to blend the color and water. It's essential that you make sure to break up all of the chunks of color so that there aren't any uneven patches on your extensions.

Finally, Take your extensions and lay them directly into your color bath

Lay them all in and don't pull them out until the water in the bath is clear. If the water is clear, that means that the hair is absorbed all of the colors.

If you're going for more of a pastel color or a tint, use just one bottle of color. You may notice that in some YouTube videos people dunk their bundles in their color bath but don't allow them to sit. Dunking is going to lead to uneven color, and your bundles may not all turn out the same shade. So for the sake of all your extensions coming out in a uniform color allow them to sit in the water until they reach your intended color.

Follow all this up with your favorite conditioner and allow your extensions to air dry her usual. That's it! Easy. Quick. Super simple.


Favorite Water Color Looks!

SZA Slime Green

Arnell Armon dropped a major treat on us when she recreated SZA’s trend inspiring bone straight Slime Green inches!

SZA’s look set the Gram Inspire and everybody went to work recreating it. Arnell’s was the best and easiest recreation to follow. She is one of her favorite brands of hair color, Kiss Colors LimeLight, and Hunter Green along with Manic Panic Electric Lizard for some added dimension.

One of her biggest takeaways was how much product you can save by using this technique. Though she mixes three different colors for a more dimensional look, she realizes that she could have used one bottle of color for all four of her bundles and her frontal. Imagine all the bottles of color used to achieve some of your favorite looks!

A single bottle of color can cost up to 12 or $14, so if your DIY-ing it water coloring your extensions this may be the option for you.


Autumn Leaves

Laurasia Andrea Is one of my absolute favorite YouTubers not only does she do great makeup tutorials but she also slays the hair game tutorial at a time.

When I researched " how to watercolor your extensions" on YouTube, her videos were some of the first to pop up. This one, in particular, is my favorite because not only does it incorporate the watercolor method but it also includes some techniques on how to achieve root realness.

Adore’s copper brown, French cognac, Cajun Spice, and Orange Blaze to get her fiery oranges and reds. For the rose gold finish, she topped the color off with Ion’s rose quartz, which is a gorgeous touch if I do say so myself.


Mermaid Tings

Shay Amour took The mermaid look to a whole different level using the watercolor technique, with her clever spin on the method.

She colored her Entire unit in A teal blue using the watercolor method to create a base layer for her color. Then she followed that technique with color melting various colors on top of the base she created.

A mermaid colored unit has so much depth of color and catches the eye from every angle. The color payoff is also way more intense because she saturated the hair in a blue base color, instead of trying to color melt on platinum blonde hair.

Check out her tutorial And recreate that look with your spin!


Save time. Save coins.

Using the water coloring technique is so ingenious! I can't believe I've never thought to use it before.

All this time I could have been saving tons of money and time while also getting way more Flawless colors. You can be as creative as you want with this technique, so don't forget to share all of your watercolor extension creations with us here at Private Label!

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I have a question I have a red wig and I want to turn it purple I use the water color method and I wanna know if I use this method without removing the red and just add blue Will it still take I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks I just don’t wanna mess up my wig


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