10 Innovative Ways to Sell Hair Extensions By Collaborating

Winning in The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of the biggest out there.

It’s one of the industries that are very diverse. Within the beauty industry, the hair business is just as big. The hair extension community has grown so much in just the last five years and continued to grow and evolve.

Back in the day people were only able to purchase extensions from their local hair store in their community. But times have changed. As long as you have a smartphone or computer, you can find anyone, anywhere to purchase your hair.

Because you can purchase from anywhere, that means there’s a big market for sellers. The ones selling hair extensions have a serious grind, and they are creative with the many different ways they sell.

A popular tactic out now is collaborating. That’s right! Connecting with different companies and people too not only help them move ahead but to expose your brand even more. If you’re looking for ways on how to sell hair extensions by collaborating, continue reading below.

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Because who needs hair extensions more than celebrities? Collaborating with celebrities is one of the fastest ways to get your product sold. Just think; the average celebrity has over a 500,000 social media following. So if they are collaborating with you, your brand will get instant exposer.

Because you’re selling hair, that means celebrities trust it since there’re rocking it; it also means their followers are also going to trust it and then purchase. When you’re collaborating with someone, both of you are winning. The celebrity gets a nice discount on the hair, and you get your product exposed to a higher platform.

Now, I’m sure you probably can’t just slide in a celebrities DM'S and ask them but I’ll sure you could write an appealing sales letter to their business email or their management company explaining your interest.

Be sure to mention all of the benefits and how it will work for them. Don’t make it seem like you want to use them. Hopefully, they agree to everything, and then the rest is history from there.

Don’t ever think a celebrity is someone who is untouchable. Celebrities are humans just like you who also want deals and good products to be a part!

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One of the main focuses that hairstylist have are their customers! Of course, right? They want to make their customer's experience be the best.

One of the ways of doing that is saving them time and money. By you selling hair extensions at their shop, the customer doesn’t have to go elsewhere and find the hair they want. They won’t have to send pictures to the stylist asking if they even purchased the correct hair.

When they arrive at their appointment, they will be able to choose their hair and ask all the questions there.


Whenever a customer purchases hair from the hair store, you will have a chance to ask them for their email address.

By capturing their email you will now be able to branch off and do email marketing. Just because you sold to a customer there, doesn’t mean they can’t be your client in the long run. Something could happen to that hair salon, and you could potentially lose all of those customers.

But if you get their information, they will always know how to contact you and still find out about deals.

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Fashion/ Models

The world of fashion is yet another large industry. From the Paris and New York fashion week, Macy shows to local fashion events, there will always be an abundance of models. Models go through extensive styling for hair and makeup.

Collaborating with this industry will ensure a high sales record too. You may even want to sell custom wigs since models will have to change their looks often.

This collab project could even be done by going to the organizer directly or even just the models. Models have tons of gigs and events they do so they are always working. You could have him, or her model in your product for all their photoshoots to gain exposure for you.

Diverse Models

Hair Stores

Yes, you read that correctly! You can most definitely collaborate with a hair store and get more hair extension sales!

Did you say, how?

Well, I’ll explain; the majority of hair stores get their products from certain dealers or directly from the company themselves. Just because it’s a hair store and they too sell hair, doesn’t mean that they sell all types of hair. It also doesn’t mean that you both will have the same connections either.

A hair store may want to carry a certain type of hair that may not be in their budget, or they just aren’t able to get it. That’s where you come in. You would be able to collaborate with the company and get your hair sold in the store.

The owner could even let customers know when a new selection of hair would be coming out. You could set up a deal to where they get a percentage off of each purchase too.

Plus, because it’s a hair store, most of them are always willing to support any way they can, especially since it’s hair related.

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Collaborating with hospitals is one you don’t hear that often.

Hospitals handle so many different kinds of patients on a daily basis, and often some of those patients are very sick and even lose their hair, and some just don’t believe they are beautiful anymore. By you collaborating with hospitals, you would open the door to provide those patients with a new sense of beauty.

Currently, most hospitals go through a well-known organization called Locks of Love, which is for children. You could write a professional sales letter to them as well and mention you want to help support anyone in need of hair.

Although, I’m sure you could sponsor them and you never know what could come from that opportunity. Later down the line, those patients may not be sick anymore and could have their hair grow back and could reach out to you for hair extensions.


Youtube is becoming the next big thing! Well, it’s already reached that level.

From having famous skits, shows, and people who make a living from vlogging, it’s a great platform. There are so many people collaborating with well-known YouTubers as well because they have a large subscriber count.

Normally, if you have someone promoting your product they open their video with all the information about it. They let their subscribers know all about the hair, where they can get it from, and most times you would provide them with a discount code since it's a sponsored deal.

Youtube is a sure way to sell more hair extensions because people will have a chance to see someone wearing the hair and giving their honest opinion on it. They will be able to ask the Youtuber questions as well.

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Vendors and events is another great way to collab and sell hair extensions. A lot of times you can either have someone run a vending table for you or someone may ask you for extensions for them to sell at an event.

People host events all year round and for different reasons. If someone were holding a beauty event, it would be great for you to partner with him or her. As I mentioned earlier, models travel everywhere for business, and hair extensions are items they always need with them.

The event host may need hair for an event as well, and you would be able to sell your hair extensions and also help out with the event and build your brand.

Family & Friends

Typically, your family is the ones who support you the most, and if you’re just starting a hair extension business, a great way for you to sell your product is by having family and friends wear them. Why not? You could get about five to ten people and have them put the hair in or get someone to install it for them.

If the stylist does a great job, then people are going to start approaching them and asking where they can purchase the hair. Think about it like a walking advertisement! Also, you can make sure they have your business cards with them at all times.

Once someone comes up to them about the hair, they will have all your information ready to contact you.


Have you ever wanted to help someone or jump-start a new hair business for someone? You could come up with another business that specializes in providing all the tools they need for their own business.

A part of that business plan could be them purchasing hair from you, so they learn how to sell it in the field. Or you could just partner with them in general. You could have a warehouse that holds all the hair, and when their customers make a sale, the hair could come from your warehouse.

Doing something like this would bring in more traffic, and the new company could get a percentage of their sales, and the remainder goes to you. Many people want to start a hair business but have no idea how to start it or where to go first.

Although they just need to do their research, not everyone wants or knows how to do that. They just simply know the product and want to sell it but don’t want to deal with all the other “stuff” that comes along with it.

So collaborating with them would be a great benefit.


No one ever thinks about how comedians need so many props and materials for when they are acting a skit out!

Back in the day when Tyler Perry played Madea on stage, he too needed wigs and different hair for him and his cast. So there is for sure a need for it. You could easily have several comedian clients coming to you to have you sell them hair at a discounted price.

Again, this is another route to take to have someone walk around with your products. Even different women in the crowd may ask where the hair extensions came from and other comedians.

Plus, comedians are always making it big in Showtime so you could potentially have longtime clients while collaborating on their shows.

Collaborate Away!

So many of us believe that when we have a business, it means you must work and grind on your own to make it to the top.

But that is far from the truth. Collaborating with other people and companies is a smart business move. Not only does it help you and you get to learn so much but it also benefits the other person too. It’s a great way to network, learn about different businesses and of course, get you some more sales.

If you were ever a shy businessperson, I hope this article reminds you just how important it is to interact when people. Be open to sharing your platform and asking to be on others. Collaborating can take you to so many places that maybe you wouldn’t have gone on your own.

Also, it’s always best to think of new ways to get coins in your pocket. There are always different ways to grind, but you must be creative and make it all happened! The ones who think outside the box are usually the ones who go far in this world!

Let me know in the comment section if you sell extensions by doing any of the ideas I listed above!

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