Website Tips for Launching Your Hair Brand!


Start Selling Hair Online!

Creating your hair brand by selling online is a great way to open up a new stream of income.

Don't know where to start?

It can be a challenge to get up and running. The key is to start with the right web platform before getting started, so you are not wasting time and money.

Private Label Extensions has helped launch over 200 hair brands in the last year. Let us give you some insight on how to get started selling hair online.


Why Sell Hair Online with a Website?

Before I get into the details of how to get started selling online, you should first have a good understanding of why you should have your website to do so.

Think of a website as your home base. You have full control over it.

The problem with popular social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook is you don't have control over the platform.

If Instagram changes their algorithm to only show posts, you promote to increase their users advertising spending they can do so. It is their platform and has the right to do so.

With your website, you make your rules. Why send a customer to another platform when you can have your own?

The goal is to use social media, search engine optimization, email lists, and direct marketing to send clients to your website.

One of the best forms of advertisement is retargeting marketing. You can only maximize retargeting marketing if you are sending people to your website that you can then later show ads.

If you are serious about selling hair extensions, have a goal to have your own E-commerce website.

What Platform Should I Use?

Not choosing the right web platform is the biggest mistake you can make when getting started.

You have probably heard of a bunch of names like Shopify, Wordpress, Big Cartel, Wix, Squarespace, Volusion, and dozens more.

The two best for selling all products online is Shopify and Wordpress. But which is the best for selling "hair extensions" specifically?


Shopify vs. Wordpress

Both platforms are excellent for selling online. Shopify has grown significantly over the past few years with deep integrations with social networks, beautiful design templates, and a growing app store just for Shopify websites.

Wordpress is the largest single web platform with an estimated 25% of all websites running on it. There are also many great themes, integrations, and additional features you can add to your site.

Both platforms make it easy to blog about hair, optimize SEO, and sell your heart out.

So which one do we recommend?

The winner is Wordpress!

The main issue we have with Shopify is that they require you to use Shopify Payments. The rates look OK, but there is one thing they don't tell you until your site is up and running.

Shopify Payments does not process transactions for hair extension sales.

You can still use the Shopify platform but will then have to use a third party processor like PayPal or

Just take a look at the pricing for Shopify below. The "Using external payment gateways" fees start at 2%. That can really add up once your business starts selling a lot of hair.


Product & Customer Photos

When you are selling hair online it is crucial to have great product photos. You are at a disadvantage when a consumer can't touch and feel the hair so you have to make sure it looks really great online.

Adding customer photos of them wearing the hair installed is a great way to showcase your products. It is usually a good idea to reach out to the customer before screenshotting their photo on Instagram and adding it to your site. Most people will be flattered and tell their friends to check out the website with their photo on it.

The actual hair product photos need to be really crisp with great lighting. Just putting some hair on a table and taking a photo with your cell phone is not enough. Think about your competition and how well they are presenting the products.

If you are going to take the photos yourself it is important to have a nice camera and even more important is great lighting. Some of the new phones can take photos good enough to be listed as a product photo on your site but only if the lighting is amazing.


Product Descriptions

Make them fun and informative!

It is a great idea to add some sassy to your product descriptions. Let your customers know you have a great personality.

Don't forget the details of the hair. Make sure to list the color, lengths, weight, style, and everything else you think someone might need to know to make a purchasing decision.

Email Account

Once you have your domain name registered, then you should also get an email account associated with the domain. A standard GMAIL is great but not best for business.

Example: vs.

Having your domain name in your email is much more professional and trustworthy. Setting up the email accounts are very inexpensive as well.

Google does offer a Business Email service that acts just like Gmail, but it will allow you to use your domain name.

Personally, I take emails from business addresses much more serious than something from a @yahoo. How about you?


Newsletter Service

Now that you have your awesome new email address that is associated with your domain you will want to get a newsletter service to help keep in contact with your customers.

We recommend Mailchimp.

They allow you to collect 2,000 emails with their FREE service. You really can't beat that.

You will want to grow your email list as soon as you can. It is a great way to stay in contact with customers and generate sales just by sending out a newsletter.

Keep in mind that people are now subscribed to so many different emails, and our inboxes get stuffed every day. What is going to make your hair extension newsletter better than the rest?

What is going to get people to open your newsletter on a regular basis? Make sure to provide value in every newsletter sent out. Don't always focus on just selling.

Spend some time and learn how to write a great newsletter and techniques to build your list.


Website Tips

Now that you have the basics setup to go along with your website you will want to focus on making the site look great and informative.

A great way to get more traffic is to write a blog. Think about what your visitors would want to read about including hair care, client testimonials, hair tips and anything else related to your business.

Spending some time to learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help show up better in Google. Free traffic is like free money so invest in your education to learn different tips. How did you find Private Label Extensions? Google?

Learn how to be better at hair extension marketing to increase traffic to your site and conversions.

The key is to be consistent and understand it will take some time to get lots of sales.

How Can we Help You Sell Hair Online?

Private Label Extensions is more than just an awesome wholesale hair distributor.

Our sister website Dropship Bundles specializes in creating hair extension websites for our clients.

Our development team will take your logo, about info, contact details, and a few other bits of info and create your hair extension website on Wordpress.

All this can be done in about a week. Once we hand the site over it is 100% yours.

It is the most cost-effective way to get started selling your brand online. We take care of all the product descriptions, hair extension photos, setting up all the products, and shipping details.

You also get access to our product videos and marketing images!

We took all the feedback from our clients about getting started selling hair and made a solution that solves all their problems without the need for a big budget.

Questions about Selling Hair Online?

Here we just covered the basics of getting started selling hair online with your own website.

If you have any additional questions please leave a note in the comments section below!


  • Denise

    Learning to use Wordpress and wanting to change domain name. Would like to be set up by January beginning February 2022. Also to have hair on hand for those who need right now.

  • Amy M Hrebicek

    I am just trying get get information for my online store dream.

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