beauty is deeper than hair

What is Beauty? Learning That It's Deeper Than Hair

Digging Deeper into Beauty

I remember being in middle school and being so self-conscious of how I looked.

I would look at others and compare myself and try my best to be better. But thankfully as I got older, I grew out of that mindset. Yes, because it was just a mindset and I had to change my mind if I truly wanted to be better.

In this day and age, so many of us struggle with knowing what beauty is. Society and social media surely don’t make it any better for us either. We’re conditioned to be a certain way, but whose standards are those coming from really? No one knows.

That’s why it’s important to dig deep and find it for your self. Below I’ll share my opinion on what beauty is.


Self Confidence

Being confident in your own skin is one of the best traits one can hold.

Depending on the situation, you don't ever want to appear unsure. Having high confidence speaks volumes to the world also. So many people walk this earth without a clue of who they truly are.

They somehow lost their identity or maybe never knew it. It’s important to tap into your self to find out who you are. Get to know what you don’t like and the things you do like, take your self on a date, etc.

When people can master that, amazing things happen. There’s nothing like someone standing firm for the things that represent who they are. Their values and standards won't be compromised because of it.

Most importantly, it shows they believe in themselves.

There’s a famous saying that goes, “when you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.”

So many things in the world can have an impact on our lives. However, the catch is it will impact us if we allow it to. Know who you are and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.



Okay, maybe this one should have been the best trait to have because self-love is such a beautiful thing.

I don’t think it’s an understanding; it’s more of a feeling to me. When you love your self, you always make sure you put yourself first. You make sure you’re taken care of before anyone else.

Because, of course, how can you possibly love anyone if you don’t love yourself first? I also believe it’s something that is constantly worked on as you travel through this life.

It evolves and may mean something different as you age.



So many of us believe that forgiveness is for another person, but it isn’t.

True forgiveness is always for your self whether someone has done something to you or not. When we forgive ourselves, that means we’re aware that we aren’t perfect. We’re aware of our mistakes and can learn from them and not wallow in it.

I wrote an article titled, “Effects of Overdue Extensions” here on the Private Label Extensions and briefly, I spoke about women who lose self-esteem because they have damaged their hair so much to the point where they have to cut it off.

I spoke of one woman who severely damaged her hair but felt so low that she continued wearing hair extensions instead of fixing the issue.

Although self-love may not come overnight, just know you’re allowed to make mistakes.

It’s okay! Not everyone takes cosmetology courses to find out the dos and don’ts on hair. Shoot, sometimes those that did, still really don’t know. Going through the motions in life is the only way we learn.



Being able to take a lemon and make lemonade is what I call happiness!

Pure joy in its rawest form. Yeah sure, when you get your hair done you’re happy, satisfied even but can you untwist your hair or take your extensions out and still feel that joy? Can you feel pure gratitude for just simply being alive in your unedited self? I sure hope you do!

Some people feel happiness as events occur in their life, only when things work out in their favor. But we must not do that. Be happy just because. Be happy even on your worst day because at least you get to experience that.


Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder

Too many times we’re following the standards of what society wants for us. You must look a certain way to become a model; you must wear a certain type of clothes to get into the fashion world and so much unrealistic standards. Today I am here to tell you; you set your own beauty standard!

Social media also doesn’t help at times.

There are people scrolling all day comparing themselves to others they think have it all together. But most times they don’t and also following after someone else’s rules.

But don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and create a path of your own. If you ever see a need for something, or can’t figure something out, create it your self.



Keep in mind that whatever your beauty definition is may very well differ from what someone else’s is. Just know that that is okay!

If you’re in a crowd full of people looking down at you, continue to keep your head high and don’t ever let it fall. There are way too many people in this beauty industry creating names for themselves, and that’s a great thing, but just know you can as well.

Even in the hair market, people are getting more creative with the styles! They take ownership in what they do, and it’s a beautiful thing.


Currently, there is a rise in people getting more plastic surgery than ever.

Now, I’m not shaming anyone for that but just wanted to shed light on the ones doing it that believe they are more beautiful with it. When you look in that mirror every day, it’s important to know that the person looking back is the only person that matters.

I once read somewhere to “always try to aim high because it’s the bottom that’s too crowded.” Don’t ever try to fit in. You were beautiful just the way you were born! Get to be comfortable in your skin. Love your self.

If you want to wear makeup great, but still love your bare face. If you want to wear hair extensions, fall in love with your natural hair too. All these things simply enhance what you already have so don’t ever do something with the mindset of lack.

You were made beautifully in every way possible.


Beauty Checkpoint

So, how do you feel about yourself? Beautiful, I hope!

If you haven’t noticed by now, all of what you just read are things that start from the inside out!

Yes, outer beauty is great as well, but when your spirit is beautiful, that can speak louder than anything. I don’t believe anyone can teach self-love or help define beauty for you.

It’s something one must find out on-their-own. You can read books and videos on it, but the authenticity will come from you.

It’s important to know that you were born into this world with purpose and that each person’s purpose is unique. No two people are the same. So don’t be scared to be your self and be different.

Let your beauty be bold.

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