all about wholesale hair clip-in hair extensions

All About Wholesale Clip-in Hair Extensions

Have you dreamed of getting a longer fuller hair but your hair quality isn’t what it used to be?

Do you look at magazines and wish you had hair like the models featured there? Well, it isn’t so hard to be like them now. The hair is the easy thing to get – the clothes and figure maybe another thing altogether.

Private Label Extensions has a wide range of wholesale clip-in hair extensions that can change your look in just a moment.

Install Clip In Extensions

What are Clip-In Hair Extensions?

Clip-Ins are a form of hair extensions which are applied without the use of glues, adhesives, bonding agents or heat. It consists of small toupee clips which are sewn onto the hair weft. A clip-in hair extension may have up to 8 strips of human hair ranging from 2 inches to eight inches. Each hair weft clip is snapped into place after the hair is sectioned neatly.

It is suggested to backcomb the hair a bit to give a more secure grip to the clip. This procedure can be repeated until all the clips have been snapped onto your hair.

Clip in hair weft

Why are Clip-Ins so Popular?

Clip-Ins are becoming popular compared to other types of hair extensions because they are really easy and convenient to use. To understand why they have become so popular, you have to understand the mechanics behind it. If you look at other methods of applying for hair extensions, you will either have to go for tape-ins which have to be applied using liquid adhesive or glue tape, Clip-Ins which we shall discuss in further depth, Bonding, Fusion, Lace Fronts, Netting, and Tracking.

All of the other methods could take anywhere from a couple of hours to nearly 8 hours to apply. Looking at the length of time makes you rethink whether this is what you really want. But why compromise anywhere? Clip-ins are the simplest method of changing your hair and look in a short while.

This method of application is the least permanent so it also means that this inflicts the least damage to your natural hair. Any form of hair extension application will have an effect on your natural hair. Think about fusion – it may make your hair extensions blend in so seamlessly and look natural but you’ll spend quite a long time getting it done. Even worse, the chemicals in the glue used to apply the hair extensions to your natural hair, combined with the heat which is used to melt the adhesive so that your extensions are attached may cause hair loss and scalp irritation.

These are very real concerns as the reason why you may be getting hair extensions in the first place is due to vanity. We all love our hair and want to retain the health of our natural hair. This is where Clip-In Hair Extensions come in. They come without the disadvantages of traction alopecia which accompanies glue extensions. Also, clip-Ins can be worn the entire day for a change of look and you can remove them at night. This easy to apply and removal system of hair extensions make this a favorite with many people.

Even if you wear extensions every day, it is so easy to apply that it makes it the most versatile of all hair extensions. Whether you want to wear it on a special occasion or on a daily basis, Clip-Ins is the answer. Because they must be removed before sleeping every night, it means that your natural scalp and hair are healthier as they do not have any pulling or tension on the hair strands.

Color Range of Clip-In Hair Extensions

It’s not enough to make only one standard color and expect your customers to be happy. There are several unique shades of hair and it is important to get a hair color that compliments and blends in well with your own natural hair to give you a natural look. There are brunettes, redheads, blondes and dark-haired people and the colors of the hair extensions should reveal that. But when it comes down to it, the most common main hair color groups fall within that color range.

Private Label Extensions has a wide variety of wholesale products for you to choose from, but the wholesale clip-in extensions selection is increasing rapidly. They go one step ahead and has provided 10 colors in their Clip-In range. This is apart from the other types of hair extensions that they stock. Their range of Clip-Ins includes the following:

Priced at $129, this 20” length of auburn hair is silk straight in a double stitch lace weft. It weighs a total of 140 grams, including the hair and the clips. As you know, you insert clip-ins in sections to get that volume and natural layering. For this reason, when you purchase this item from Private Label Extensions, you get 4 clips on an 8-inch wefts section, a 7-inch weft section with 4 clips, a 6-inch weft section with 3 clips and a four-inch weft section with 2 clips.

Auburn Clip-Ins

With Auburn Clip-Ins you can choose to wear it for a special occasion or if you just want to change your hair style. You can easily change your look daily with this product as the hair can respond well to hair coloring (if you want to try your hand later) or curling. You don’t have to worry about applying heat like curling and can get a whole new look by straightening it or curling it without worrying if it’s too much for your clip-ins to handle.

Cherry Plum Clip In Hair Extensions

Private Label Cherry Red Clip-Ins

Priced at $129 for a 20” size, this 100% human hair clip-In hair extension can make your red tone vibrant. If you’ve ever wanted long luscious red hair but can’t wait for the time it takes to grow it out, you can always opt for the Cherry Red color. It has the same weight as mentioned with the Auburn shade and the same sectioning.

Cherry Plum Red Clip In Hair Extensions


Private Label Chestnut Brown Clip-Ins

Brown need never be boring. With the Chestnut brown clip-ins, you can get a full head of hair and even more. The Chestnut Brown hair extensions are the full length at 20” and cost $129. The lace weft makes sure that very minimal hair shedding occurs and you don’t have to worry about any hair mishaps occurring – the clips will grip your hair in place perfectly. If you are looking to add length, amount or color to your hair, then the expansions from PLE/Private Label Extensions are exactly the thing for you.

Private Label Chocolate Clip-Ins

These color #4 (Chocolate) is a shade of rich, dark brown. Using these clip-ins saves you a ton of money, time and a trip to the hairstylist. Just match the color you want to your own natural hair color or go for something a little different with a small easy to use clip.

Private Label Dirty Blonde Clip-Ins

The saying goes that blondes have the most fun. This shade of Dirty Blonde brings out the fun-loving side of you. This shade looks natural and blends in well with the natural hair or even acts as a dash of color. Instead of coloring your hair blond, why not try out these Clip-In extensions?

 Private Label Jet Black Clip-Ins

So now, Black is the new Orange. With a startling black shade that looks like a starless night, this #1 color clip-in can add instant length to your hair. When you purchase this product, you get a seven piece set which comes with a double weft lace to ensure minimal shedding and also to add longevity to the hair extensions’ life span. Using 100% human hair is best because it helps to blend in well with all your natural hair. As it is silky straight, you have the option to style it anyway as you please.

Private Label Malbec Plum Clip-Ins

If you’re looking for a richer tone but a deeper shade of the red family, the Malbec Plum will be your best bet. Brunettes can use this color to add a touch of color to their hair. Redheads, of course, can view this and see if it works for them. It comes in one size the 20” one. But you have the option of cutting the hair down to size if that’s what you want.

Private Label Mocha Clip-Ins

These clip-ins are double drawn and are full to the tips themselves. They are also lighter than the Natural Clip-Ins and can be applied in minutes!

 Private Label Natural Black Clip-Ins

Now you can transform yourself from being one of the guys to the bombshell. The 100% human hair is available with Private Label Extension.

 Private Label Russian Blonde Clip-Ins

Catering to the segment of women who have blonde hair, this color is available in the 20” length. If you’re looking to increase your length, the blonde private label clip in hair extensions are the way to go.

 If you think that clip-Ins is expensive and you can’t afford them, think again. Go to any hairstylist or hair extension store, you will probably pay more than double the price. However, at Private Label Extensions, you can get all of these colors at a wholesale price. The quality of the products sold at Private Label Extensions is a guarantee that you will be receiving only the highest quality available in the market.

Private Label Extensions also offers wholesale and dropshipping for all private label clip in hair extensions. If you have signed up for a wholesale hair extension account, you can get more information on the hair extension dropshipping programs they have. If you can purchase a product at wholesale prices, you end up saving lots. It gives comfort and peace of mind that you will be dealing with a reputable company that deals with high-quality products.

Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

Coming back to Clip-Ins

Wholesale Clip-Ins are also the stepping stone to getting permanent hair extensions. This is for people who want to see how the hair extensions look with their hair if they feel comfortable with the length and the look. This also gives people practice is they take the next step. If you get hair extensions, you need to maintain your hair and take care of it. Just starting off with private label clip in hair extensions is a great idea because there’s less maintenance involved yet you get the full effect. The only care that this will require is the removal of the clip-ins before sleeping. You’ll probably won’t forget them because it’s not at all comfortable going to sleep with clip-ins still attached to your hair.

Things to watch out for when purchasing Wholesale Clip-Ins:

  • Hair weight is in grams – always ask the seller if the measurements are not given. This is to understand the possible weight to know how much hair would be in the clip-in.
  • Your Hair extensions should have at least 2 clips. If the hair extensions have only a 1” clip or only 1 clip in, it will not stay on your hair properly and there will be high chances of it sliding off your hair.
  • Rule of thumb is that the longer you want your hair to look or even the shorter but fuller your head of hair to be, the more grams you will need.
  • 20” length hair extensions are the best length to try out – not too long, not too short. It's the perfect introduction to the world of clip-in hair extensions. If you are just starting out, it’s best not to go too long for your first set. Jumping right into the deep end could be too much for you to handle and put you off hair extensions. If you try hair extensions that are really long too fast, your neck muscles may feel it. Start slow and allow your body to adjust.
Private Label Extensions keeps all the above points in mind when selling their products. Their grams per clip-In hair extension are above average and enough for any person. The prices are competitive and the quality is beyond comparison. What are you waiting for? Shop there today for your Clip-Ins Hair Extensions!
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