wholesale hair supplier for custom wigs

Wholesale Hair Supplier for Custom Wigs!

We are really excited about the launch of the first marketplace for custom made wigs, Wig Market! This is the first website dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of both custom and manufactured wigs. This is a HUGE opportunity for stylists and wig makers to sell their wigs on a dedicated platform. As a wig maker you will need to stay competitive. Buying hair extensions at retail to make your wigs would not allow you to keep up with the competition. It is crucial you have a wholesale hair supplier like Private Label Extensions to purchase your supplies at the best prices and quality available.

Wig Market allows you to sell wigs that have already been created and ready to ship as well as “inspirations” based on wigs that you have previously made. So what does this mean? You can sell a wig from a style that you had previously made. When you create your Wig Market listing you have the option to say how long it will take for you to construct the custom wig. Most people understand it could take a few weeks for a custom product to be meticulously created. Once a wig sells you can use the funds to purchase your hair at wholesale cost from Private Label Extensions. Because we inventory our hair extensions in Atlanta you will receive your hair in just 1 – 3 business days. Have time scheduled to create the wig and get it shipped out to your customer. You should be able to accomplish the entire process in less than a week.

Everyone loves instant gratification! We recommend having a few of your top selling wigs on hand for faster delivery and sales times. Focus on top selling styles that include straight wigs, wavy wigs and curly wigs. Since wigs are often used for nights out on the town and events it is also smart to offer some colorful and exotic options. This will also help you stand out from the crowd.

It is free to create your own store on Wig Market and to list your wig products. Wig Market charges a 10% service fee on all wigs sold. This helps cover their costs including big marketing campaigns to attract more buyers to purchase your wigs. The benefit of this type of fee structure is that Wig Market only makes money if you make money. Price your wigs accordingly to cover all your costs and make wig making a profitable business for you!

Open Your Store on Wig Market today and let Private Label Extensions be your wholesale hair extensions supplier!


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