everything you need to know about wig caps

Wig Caps: Everything You Need to Know!

Wigs can be worn for switching up styles or as a protective style.

There are very definite times when you might have to wear a wig – maybe you're an actor, someone who had just lost your hair because of a disease, or personal preference. They save time and provide convenience.

Whatever those reasons are for wearing one, you must be familiar with a handy tool called a wig cap. There are several kinds of wig caps on the market, each one with their traits; like providing multi-directional parting, breathable material, providing great comfort to hair underneath, etc.

All have their pros and cons, so before purchasing, you need to find one that fits your needs.


Wig caps are essential for protecting your natural hair or scalp by placing it over your head before wearing your wig.

Reliable ones must be able to keep natural hair as flat as possible without tearing.

Wig caps come in colors such as black and a fleshly nude color.

Making Blonde Wig

Ever experience itchiness from wearing a wig?

A wig cap can help with that.

Do you get hot or start to sweat while wearing a wig? Mesh, a breathable wig cap can help to prevent your scalp from being heated by the warm air that is between the wig cap and the wig itself.

If you are making your wigs, the correct wig cap can help with the customization of your wig.


Regardless of the several types of wig caps, gathering all the hair underneath it before putting on one can be tricky.

Unless the natural hair is very short, there will probably be at least a few stray hairs that you will need to tuck away. Style the hair underneath in cornrows or a slicked bun that is flat.

A rat-tail comb with a long handle can be used to slide the stray hair into the cap.

Position the cap at the front where your natural hairline is. Pull the wig cap over your hair, and stretch the cap over your head until it is secure at your nape. Adjust the sides of the wig cap so that it is behind your ears.

If you have long or thick hair, slightly dampen it for easier control. The wig cap should feel secure but not too tight.

Make sure that your hair underneath is not showing, and the fit is to your liking.

Place the wig on top of the cap, and you are ready to slay the day away!

Different Types of Wig Caps

There are different types of caps out there for different types of wigs. Let's get into them!

Wig Cap

This consists of nylon or cotton fabric.

It is meant to be worn under wigs to flatten the braids underneath.

It is not ideal for sew-ins, quick weaves, or making wigs; the material is not sturdy enough to hold the weight of extensions.

Wig Caps

Dome Cap for Wigs

Domes caps are commonly used for quick weaves or worn under wigs, but you can also use this to make your wig.

It has a thick band that helps the wig stay in place. This cap is thicker than the nylon wig cap and has a spandex material.

For people that have thick hair, this cap is perfect for flattening the hair.

A dome cap can help hide thick hair, so it will not show or poke out from underneath the wig.

Dome Cap

Weaving Cap

This is perfect for making a wig! This cap is common with sew-in styles; you will sew the extensions on the cap instead of your hair.

Having the extensions sewn on the cap can alleviate the weight of the hair as well.

The weaving cap has a mesh material (small holes) that has adjustable straps for a custom fitting. The perforated material allows for a barrier in between the weave extensions and the hair underneath.

The material also helps the extensions to dry faster after washing the hair.

Weaving Wig Cap

U-Part Wig Cap

Making a U-Part wig allows you to leave your hair out in the front.

Most of the U-Part caps come with adjustable straps, and the material is a stretchable mesh material. You can buy this with a middle part, or side part.

The U-Part usually comes in available in a standard size and has adjustable straps in the back. Extensions can be sewn or glued to cap and place a lace closure on the top.

They are breathable and durable.

U-Part Wig Cap

Japanese Swim Cap

These are lightweight mesh caps with a thick band.

The mesh material lets the hair breathe underneath and helps to dry quickly if washed. The Japanese swim works well for making wigs, and if you have a closure that you want to attach to the top.

While they do not come with adjustable straps or combs, you can buy the combs and sew them into the cap if needed.

This cap is ideal for those creating their wigs rather than those just wanting to catch their hair in a net.

Japanese Wig Cap


The best steps for cleaning a wig cap are usually hand washing and air drying.

You will be able to reuse a sturdy mesh or cotton cap if it still holds its shape.

Nylon wig caps are inexpensive and often come in packs of two; these will probably not last many washes before they stretch and become unusable.

Where To Purchase?

You can locate these wig caps at your local beauty supply store or online.

Wig caps are just as important when it comes to proper fit, comfort, and durability. Your specific needs, the type of wig style, and longevity should determine your wig cap choice.

The purpose of one is to be the base layer for your wig and the groundwork for a look that will stay firmly in place.

Wearing a wig cap also helps to preserve the cleanliness of the wig, as it parts the wig from the scalp and hair.

Should I Buy One?

While wearing a wig cap is essential, it is also a personal choice.

Our advice is to help you decide on what you are comfortable with doing.

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