xscape best hair looks from the 90s to present

Xscape's Best Hair Looks from the 90's to Present!

From Hip-Hop Trendsetters To Music Royalty

I’ve seen all of you on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook with your pics from the Xscape Tour and you all are looking cute! If you are anything like me, the nostalgia kicks in whenever I think about any of their songs. It gets me every single time! When “Just Kickin” comes on the radio, or I hear Xscape singing it live I can’t help but start dancing and singing along.

Kandi Burruss, Tameka Cottle, LaTocha Scott, and Tamika Scott stepped onto the Hip Hop music scene in 1992, and everyone was ready for it. Their music catalog has hit after hit. From “Understanding” to “Who Can I Run”, no one in any room doesn’t know the words.

Just like any artist that sets the music scene on fire their style, from clothes to hair, completes their image. Who hasn’t rocked a hairstyle from their favorite celebrity?

Celebrity Hairstyle

The Many Hairstyles of Xscape

I’m excited to take you on a journey through the many hairstyles of Xscape! We’re about to go back in time to see some of the trendiest hairstyles they graced us with from 1992 to now. You know what you have to do! Go ahead and press play on your Xscape playlist because this is going to be a trip down memory lane!

Trendy Hairstyles

When Xscape hit the scene, I must admit their style may have looked very boyish but that is the style that everyone was rocking during the early ’90s. The baggy pants, oversized jerseys, bandanas, and combat boots were the go-to fashion which is what you see in their group photo below.

Boyish Style

Various Styles

Their hairstyles were natural and not too complicated. Kandi’s bob is still a go-to style! You may remove the bandana or hat, but you still can rock the cute bob cut. Order your straight Malaysian bundles, if you are ready to wear a similar weave, to create your bob style!

Latocha is rocking a short style which is similar to our modern-day pixie cut. I’m all for being unique and creating your look. Some people get a 27-piece to recreate her look, but I love starting with straight extensions and having my beautician cut it into the hairstyle I desire.

Tiny is rocking a layered style that is perfect for the person who wants to give their natural tresses a different look (by adding in layers) or give new life to extensions by adding layers. The style can be created today and will look fierce with a fresh color like mulberry or blonde!

Tamika is rocking a super short cut in their first photo. It is an excellent option for people with short hair and natural hair.

The looks they rocked, in the beginning, are okay but the glow up is real! When the group disbanded, the women went on to wear their styles in some pretty unique ways. Let's look at the glow up because I am like “YES” when I look at the photos.

Various Hairstyles

Kandi Burruss

Kandi’s career is hugely successful, and she stays busy creating new projects. Whether it’s writing music, performing again with Xscape, operating Old Lady Gang restaurant, or overseeing Bedroom Kandi she is always showing up like a boss. Her hair is still the perfect complement to her style choices. I honestly love her for her willingness to take chances with color and styles.

I have to mention she slays her looks while she’s a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. From bobs, pixie cuts, and lengthier styles she rocks it! Let's take a look!

Kandi’s Hairstyles

Kandi was just too cute! I love her bob styles from back in the day, and it’s obvious she loved them also! This cut is attractive and does not require much styling. Is the color everything isn’t it?

Her hairstyle here is everything! Not only is she glowing and knows she got her man by her side, but also because her hair is on point! Would you rock this look? Comment below with #Kandiwaves if you are going to wear this in the New Year!

You can get this style by getting your bundles from Private Label Extensions. The Brazilian Loose Wave will give you some great body, or you can promise some straight extensions and style with your curling wand to add curls to it!

Curly Hair extensions

More of Kandi's Styles

This style just screams “I’m doing me”! This cut is everything, and the pieces added in to give extra drama and style. This picture is one of her promotional images from Real Housewives of Atlanta. I love it! What do you think? Let us know if this is your favorite style of commenting below.

Kandi’s Styles

Kandi went for more color and texture with this look. I love it when she rocks the red tone colors because it just works with her skin tone. If I can’t suggest anything else to take your look from a 5 to a 10, it is to add color! Stop running from it and embrace it! It’s time to shock your man and surprise your friends.

If you are nervous about a long-term commitment to color, try creating a wig. We have a great article on making your wig (or someone can make it for you) here. It’s a great way to get more use out of your hair extensions and feel great about investing in quality extensions that last.

Hair Color

Can I get a ten? This braided style is giving me vacation vibe; I just came to slay vibe, and I just threw anything on because my braids are everything vibe. I love it. If you are looking for a protective style, this is it!

Braided style

Tameka “Tiny”

Tameka “Tiny” Cottles is a superwoman for sure! Her ability to raise a family, manage careers of other artists, and pursue her business ventures (which includes her group Xscape) while holding down her husband T.I. is no easy feat. She does it on a daily and one thing for sure. You'll never see her sweat.

Her style is always on edge, and she isn’t afraid to take chances and express how she’s feeling through her fashion choices. Let's take a look at how this Georgia peach has switched her style up over the years!

Switch to New Hairstyles

This ponytail style is the right way to switch up a wig and do something different. If you've been wondering how to play with color, this is a great way to do it. I adore the ponytail switch up! I love this look on Tiny! Private Label Extensions provides high-quality bundles to help you achieve this look effortlessly. Our shipping is so fast that you’ll probably have them in your mailbox by the time you check your notifications.

Ponytail style

Tiny shows up and shows out with this bun style honey! Yes, you may say it’s just a bun, but it’s giving me all levels of life because sometimes it’s a simple style that can provide the most impact! I also love how she added the color to her bun and kept the roots dark. She slayed this!

Bun Style

The braids are gorgeous, and Tiny’s looks say “I know it.” She can switch her look up, and these braids are a great way to change up your look as well. Try this option as another excellent option for a protective style

Protective Braids Style


Can I say Latocha’s vocals are insane? This woman just makes you wanna either get back with your man or smoothly tell your man off. Her hair choices have grown up since her first introduction to the music scene. Let's take a look at how she’s all grown up now!

Latocha’s Hairstyle

Okay, now I can rock this! I love a slick look, and Private Label Extensions can help me re-create this look. Would you wear this with some 24 inch, 22 inch, and 20 inches Brazilian Deep Wave bundles or Vietnamese Natural bundles? Don’t forget your closure or frontal if you want to install a full sew-in without leave out.

Brazilian Deep Wave bundles

I just need Latocha to push through with this look! She is looking like a goddess in this photo, and the loose natural waves are epic. Are you planning a photoshoot? Want to take your look to a whole new level? Go ahead and try this style for your next event or photoshoot.

Her sleek asymmetrical bob is everything!

Natural Hair waves

She looks terrific with this center part look because it gives enough style without overpowering her makeup. You can purchase a high-quality wig or install a sew-in to get this look. Would you rock this into the New Year?

High quality wig

Tamika just sings her butt off. Whether she’s with Xscape or on her own, she seems to know her gift is powerful. Her looks have been too! Let's take a look at her hairstyles over the years.


She just slays in this photo. The hair has only enough bend at the end, and the color play is on point. If you love to rock hats, this is a cute style to wear underneath!

Hairstyle with hat

Tamika’s pose just says “Boss.” I love the effortless curls in her hairstyle. The center part looks bomb on her, and the overall style shows off her face and doesn’t clash with her outfit choice. 

Curling Hairstyle

Cute Hairstyles

An Xscape Throwback

Before we look at the 2017 Xscape Glow Up let's look at one last throwback photo. I just believe this picture is iconic! From Kandi’s waves to Tamika’s ponytail they are serving us with all the most popular styles on the street during that time! Tiny’s color choice is excellent on the style she’s rocking, and Latocha is killing it with her hairstyle. She just went there with her hairstyle while the color and shine help play it up even more. 

2017 Xscape Glow Up

The Glow Up

Xscape’s glow up this year is refreshing to see. These women don’t look like they’ve aged a bit but are showing us how mature women can rock stages and share their lives with old and new fans. Tamika’s choice of a headpiece, in the group photo, is fierce.

I love that she is almost like the rebel in the group. Her hairstyle for the all-white picture is simple, but the french braid gives it a nice twist. Latocha’s looks are showing us how to get your grown woman on and know you’re slaying when you enter the room.

The bob is a perfect look for her, and the dark brown/honey blonde tresses she is rocking with her all-white outfit is the right combination. I want this style like yesterday (I told you all I am impatient)! Last but not least, Tiny pulled her look together wearing her hair in two different ways. Her body wave styled hair gave us glamour and fun all in one while her flat-ironed tresses were the perfect matchup for her all-white look.

Xscape’s glow up

Which Style Will You Try?

Xscape is showing all other female groups how to come back and look good while doing it. Although they started off in baggy clothes and pretty simple hairstyles they have evolved in their style choices which include their hair. I love a lot of the looks and have my eye on a few for the upcoming year.

Which one of the throwback looks was your favorite and which one of the 2017 looks are you going to rock? Comment below to let us know. Also, make sure you share this article with your BFFs so you all can reminisce about the good ole' days and plan your upcoming girls trip!

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