youtube university favorite hair tips and tricks for beginners

YouTube University: Favorite Hair Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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It’s 2018, and at this point in the game, most people are questioning hair school! That’s right! Who needs to pay thousands of dollars to attend cosmetology school when there are tons of free resources all over the Internet? Between hair forums, website blogs and of course YouTube; you can find out anything and everything you need about hair. When it comes to information on hair extensions, YouTube is the ultimate plug at this point. Extensions have evolved so much over the last ten years and even within the last two years.

These new age hair extensions are nothing compared to what we had decades ago. Plus, to keep up with them, you have to be a little hair savvy to get your money worth! Thanks to YouTube, also known as “YouTube University” you can find out anything you want about your hair extensions. For free! YouTube is full of everyday people who are creative and curious. So many people have come up with different ideas, tips, and tricks that help with making sure you get the most out of your extensions. So, I thought it was only right to compile our favorite tips and tricks that we’ve learned from YouTube and put them here! Continue reading below because I have covered everything you need!

Boiling Method

I’m going to jump right in with the best tip of them all that YouTube has taught us! The Boiling Method! The boiling method is the best tip because it has been saving women hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Hair extensions are not cheap, at all. People work hard throughout the week to afford to keep up with the maintenance and their hair desires, and it all cost some coins! Years ago, when we got extensions installed, we typically left them in until they looked dirty and began to get matted. That was everyone’s indication that it was time to toss them out! But now the boiling method is allowing folks to walk around with a 12-month-old lace front wig that looks brand new!

The boiling method is a simple method that cleanses your extensions so good that it brings it back to life. All you need is a big pot to boil water in and silicon conditioner. Boil the water, apply a good amount of the conditioner and then simply drop your hair extensions in the pot! It’s up to you if you want to use a lid or not. Leave your extensions in the boiling water for about 30 minutes. Remove extensions, air-dry hair, and once they are dry you will have new reused hair again! The best part about this method is the fact that you can even throw your synthetic hair in the pot! That’s right! You can now get all of your $25 worth that you spent on your wig and make it last longer! Thank you YouTube, teachers!

Plucking Frontals

Before anyone knew anything about plucking frontals, the world was judging everyone for having the most perfect looking hairline. Within seconds, it was easy to spot someone who had extensions. It not only looked perfect, but it also looked very tight! Thanks to YouTube, we now know all about plucking. When you’re plucking your lace frontals, it's important to have a goal in mind. The goal is to create the most natural looking hairline. That means making some areas thinner than others and creating natural looking baby hairs across the front.

If you’re rocking a 360-lace frontal and desire to wear a ponytail, then you will have to pluck the perimeter of your frontal. Now that so many people know about this method, the guessing games have stopped. You no longer can spot a fake! These lace frontals are beyond natural looking. All it took was a creative mind to say, “I’m going to create a hairline that fits me!” And that’s exactly why so many of us are thankful today!

Different Hair Color Techniques

Not only are hair extensions expensive but also anything additional you may want is going to come at a price. So if you want to add some color to make your extensions pop, you’re going to need someone to apply that to you, unless you know how already. Thanks to YouTube, someone thought it would be cool to try dye-less hair color on extensions, and it worked! All the different hair color techniques there are can go on your extensions, and no one will be able to tell the difference. Not only is this an easy way to get hair color, but it’s also super affordable. YouTube is a great platform that people have taken advantage of when it comes to sharing ideas and experimenting. Many people believe that dye-less hair color will quickly fade on extensions because it's not real hair but that’s far from the truth. The different colors and brands hold up well. You can even have black extensions and rock a midnight blue on the ends, and it will look great!

Clip-in Extensions Are Life

For the longest time, clip in extensions was known to add length to your hair. But they have evolved since those times. Different YouTube channels have taught us that clip-ins are great even for adding volume. If the middle of your head is a little flat, applying two clip-ins will do wonders for someone. Some people have gained a new love for clip-ins because they solve a quick fix, fast. Even the natural hair community has jumped on board! They love the fact they can have clip-ins in the back of their head and a natural braid-out in the front. The whole process takes a few minutes to install, and at night they have to pop them out and go to sleep! Now, although some people don’t agree with rocking a fake afro, we’ll save that for another discussion! In the meantime, we thank you YouTube for giving us a new love for clip-ins!

Repairing Holes in Wigs

Who would have known that you can or even should repair your wig when it gets a hole in it? YouTube, that’s who! Typically when someone gets a hole in their wig, they toss it out, but now you can stitch a hole up in minutes. All you need is some needle and thread (a neutral color) and a small piece of lace. If you know how to sew, then it’s the same method. You’re going to sew around the lace cloth until the hole is closed and secured. If your extensions have a hole in a very obvious location, like the very front, there’s another way to fix that hole. It’s called ventilation. It’s slightly similar to sewing, but a hooked needle is needed and single loose pieces of your hair extensions. You have to hook the hair through the lace front until you fill the hole. It’s a very tedious job but looks flawless when complete. Who comes up with this stuff? I don’t know, but again, we shout out to YouTube for these awesome hair extension hacks!

Neutral Caps Underneath Wigs

Thanks to YouTube, some creative soul thought how important it was to wear neutral hair caps underneath their lace front wigs! This idea is a genius because the color beams through the lace front and gives the illusion the hair is real. Right where the part is at on the frontal, the color of the cap seeps through. The neutral cap not only gives a more natural look, but it also protects the edges of your hair. Typically the glue that’s used to hold the lace front down is placed directly on the edges. This method was exactly why many women’s edges were breaking off. The glue was tearing the edges off, and someone thought of a better way to lay their lace front down. Now, once your hair is braided, you can place the cap over the top of them and apply the glue directly to the cap. This method is protecting your edges from all angles. You no longer have to worry about your edges becoming dry, broken or thinned because of your lace frontal.

Treat Extensions Like Our Own

Years ago, hair extensions were nothing more than something we brought that would give us a break from our natural hair. We would spend less than a hundred dollars, leave them in for a few weeks, toss out and return to our real hair or repeat the cycle. Now, hair extensions for some people are treated just like their real hair. We used to see people walk around with stiff, dry looking extensions but those days are long gone. Thanks to YouTube University, people started treating their hair extensions just like their real hair, and it worked.

Folks have their weekly hair routines for their bundles that consist of washing, deep conditioning, blow-drying and now boiling. People are also using the same hair products on their extensions that they use on their real hair. They even have products that are made specifically for dryness, shine and even frizziness. People realized that their hair extensions would last a lot longer if they treated them better. Although, if you think about it, most human hair extensions are actually from humans, so it makes sense to treat them like it!

How to Properly Remove Wigs

This tip is another very important one. If you search YouTube, you will come across many videos that discuss how lace frontals have damaged peoples edges severely. The damage came from how they were removing their frontals. However, even lace frontals have come a long way. There is now a super easy way to remove frontals that will leave you with zero damage! All you will need is a spray bottle filled with Rose Water! Be sure to have a bottle that comes with the small nozzle, so water doesn’t drip down your face. Also, clip the actual hair extensions away from your face, so they don’t get wet. Spray the rose water directly onto the lace area, all across the perimeter. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and give your frontal a slight tug, and you will see it glide right off. With this method, you won’t experience any tension or damage. Plus, rose water has amazing benefits, and it's natural so that you won't have any worries! Thanks, YouTube for redeeming yourself with this method!

Eyeliner to Give Natural Parts

The final favorite tip that we have learned from YouTube University is that makeup is not just for your face! A trick to making your part look natural on your hair extensions is by using eyeliner! That’s right! If you want to enhance your part, apply some eyeliner directly to the part area. You have to make sure only to apply a thin line down the middle. Then, apply a little on each side of the part. Because the liner is liquid, you will have to wait a little bit while it dries. It may take about 15 to 20 minutes for that process. Once it dries, take a rattail comb and blend the portion that had liner around the part, into the hair. The key to this method is to make sure you get an eyeliner that matches the color of your scalp and be sure only to create a thin line. Once you complete this step, you are ready to continue your day!

Graduating Class

See, YouTube is so much that a place that shows funny animal and baby videos! It’s a platform that allows people to come together and share ideas that will, in turn, help people with the troubles they might be facing. We thank YouTube for all of these hair hacks, tips, and tricks! The hair industry is moving fast, and every time something new comes out, you better believe there will be ten YouTube channels doing reviews on it to find a simpler way they can work better, in our favor! Are you a hair extension enthusiast? If so, do you ever go to YouTube to gain more knowledge? Let me know in the comment section below!

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