why your favorite youtubers are starting hair businesses

Why Your Favorite Youtubers Are Starting Hair Businesses

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How many of you have noticed that so many YouTubers are starting their businesses, especially hair extension businesses? Your favorite YouTube beauty gurus are constantly receiving packages full of makeup and, sometimes even free bundles of extensions. So many YouTubers even get paid to review the free hair they've received. So why would they want to give that up to start their own hair business? Let’s talk out it.

The Hair Extensions Industry

Did you know that the hair industry is one of the fastest-growing industries? Over the past two decades, we have seen massive changes in the hairstyles we wear, products we use, and the way we purchase them. Goodbye hot combs and finger waves, and hello flat-irons and sew-ins. The hair industry is so profitable because women will always have hair. And they will always need it to be healthy and styled. There was a time that hair extensions were so expensive and rare that they were reserved some the affluent and celebrities. Now in 2018, hair extensions of all types are sold every day to thousands of everyday women and celebrities. The everyday woman wears clip-ins to thicken and lengthen her flat hair. Or maybe she wants to add a ponytail piece for a long ponytail. She may also get a beautiful long sew-in for prom or a wedding, or maybe a quick weave bob for a simple and affordable new protective style. Whatever the occasion, women all around us wear hair extensions on a daily or occasional basis.

Why YouTube Influencers are Crucial To Hair Extension Sales

Back in the day, the only place you could purchase hair extensions from is the beauty supply store, a hair extension shop, or from your hair stylist. This made hair extension shopping expensive and cumbersome. Now in 2018, we buy everything online, and hair extensions are no exception. Word of mouth is very powerful in marketing because when our friend or family recommends a product or service to us, we trust them immediately and we can see the results first-hand. This is very similar to purchasing a product because a YouTuber reviewed. How many times have you bought anything because your favorite YouTuber mentioned it in a video and convinced you it was worth your money? I have bought tons of makeup, hair products, and other miscellaneous items because a YouTuber gave it a great review. The influencing power of YouTubers has become so valuable to an online store that they will send free product and pay a YouTube upwards of $1000 just to review a product. How many of your favorite YouTuber review hair extensions all the time? This because they are being sent free hair and being paid to review a company’s extensions and in return, the company gets hundreds or sales.

Why YouTubers Are Creating Their Own Hair Business

YouTube can be a very lucrative business, and perks of receiving free hair and getting paid are pretty sweet. So why would a YouTuber want to stop review other hair companies to start their own business? Think back to what I said earlier; companies will send free hair and pay YouTubers to review their hair. This is because they know they will receive hundreds of order over time because of their recommendation. Once a YouTuber realizes how much money companies make from advertising hair, they may think, “well maybe I should sell my hair.” In theory, it makes more sense to create their own hair business because they know their subscribers will purchase anything they tell them to. And because they will make more money selling their extensions than they would review other extensions. In addition to the monetary value of starting a hair business, a lot of YouTubers don’t enjoy making hair extension videos. As a YouTuber, the first time a brand approaches you about a paid video you are super excited to work the company. But after 50 or so reviews, you start to feel tired of changing your hair all the time. Or even having to lie about the quality of the hair to you loyal fans. YouTubers tend to feel drained by the demands of companies that hire them, and wish they could find a way out but still pay their bills. This is when they decide to start their own business.

YouTubers That Started Their Own Hair Business

Jayla Koriyan

Jayla Koriyan is an African-American glam diva, that has been on YouTube for about two years. She uploades vlogs and advice videos to the subscribers documenting her hair tutorials, college, and business ventures. After so much positive response from her subscriber to her hair tutorials, Jayla started receiving tons are free hair and review requests. She loved the free hair, and her subscribers loved the tutorials, but she got tired of creating the same type of videos over and over again. She wanted to create her brand and control the quality of the extensions she recommends to her subscribers. So Jayla started her own hair extensions company and made over 10 thousand dollars in sales in the first ten days. Isn’t that crazy? Using her influence, Jayla was able to make 10 thousand dollars in 10 days without having to create yet another unboxing video.

Chrissy Cousin

Chrissy Cousin is an African-American hair extensions guru that started her YouTube channel two years ago. She uploads videos that document her natural hair journey and tutorials on wig making. After two years of making wig tutorials using sponsored hair, she gained 224,000 loyal subscribers that love her videos and are influenced by them as well. Since generating thousands of sales for other hair companies, Chrissy decided to start her own hair company. Now Chrissy makes wigs for clients using hair from her company, and her subscribers purchase hair from her instead of random hair companies on YouTube.

How YouTubers Can Start Their Own Hair Business

Starting a hair extension business can be intimidating, even for a YouTuber. Just because you are an influencer, doesn’t mean you know how to run a business! Anyone with determination, passion, and patience can start a hair extension business. But if you have a YouTube channel, then you have an extra medium for marketing and advertisement! If you already have a hair-based channel, then you already have the perfect audience to show-off your new hair extension line too! I know, this seems like a lot, so let me break it down into simple steps to get you inspired!

1. Find A Good Vendor

If you love wearing hair extensions, then you already know what kind you like and don’t like. You have probably tried great hair extensions and terrible hair extensions, and you know the difference very well. You can easily try high-quality 8a grade Brazilian Virgin hair extensions from Private Label Extensions to decide what textures you like the best. Private Label Extensions has a wide array of extension options, so you’re bound to find something you love. Private Label Extensions can even make your custom silk bags, hang tags, and more for your custom packaging.

2. Create An Online Store

Your subscribers are all around the world, not right next door. So the only way to give them all access to your extension is through your online website. Creating an online store doesn’t have to be difficult. You can choose to create your website yourself. Or you can have Private Label Extensions create a beautiful custom website with all your hair extensions pre-loaded. If you choose to create a website on your own, there are tons of tutorials detailing ways to create a website for beginners. Be sure to upload all the products you’d like to sell and ensure they are categorized properly. Try your best to make the website as visually appealing as possible. Take nice pictures of yourself wearing the hair and upload them to your website, so your visors see how the hair looks installed.

3. Market Using Social Media

If you have a large internet following, then marketing on social media will be a breeze! Your loyal followers and subscribers already love you, so make a YouTube video announcing the launch of your new hair brand. In your video, be authentic and communicate with your subscribers the same way you would in any other hair video. Do tutorials using only your hair from your hair brand. Post pictures of yourself wearing only your hair extensions on Instagram and tag your business hair page in the photos.

Don’t Be Afraid To Start NOW

If you are a YouTuber, it doesn’t matter how big or small your following is. If you love hair extensions and your subscribers love watching your tutorials, then you need to start your hair brand! You can continue to build your brand and your following while marketing your own hair extensions company. If you are a YouTuber that has started your own hair company, comment below any advice you have for those who may be inspired! What was your experience?
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