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Hello, beautiful souls! 

I hope this post finds you embracing every part of yourself, from your radiant glow to the strength beneath your surface. 

This is Sandye Lomax, and I'm thrilled to connect with you from the heart of the Private Label Studios. 

You guessed it right for those who have always been curious about where I get the fabulous hair for my wigs! They’re crafted from the top-notch, premium hair exclusively from Private Label.

As much as I adore talking about premium wigs and luscious hair, today's post isn't just about that. 

Today, we're setting out on a journey. A journey that goes beyond the external and dives deep into the essence of what beauty truly is. 

Beauty, in my belief, isn't just about what we see in the mirror. It's about our souls, their experiences, and how we evolve from them. 

It's about understanding that while makeup and skincare can enhance our features, the real glow-up happens from within.

As we proceed, I invite you to sit back, perhaps with a calming cup of tea or your favorite drink, and reflect on your understanding of beauty. 

Let's embark on this transformational journey together and explore what it truly means to say, "Beauty comes from within."

Stay with me, beautiful souls. There's so much more to share, and I'm ecstatic to have you alongside me.

The Life-Changing Power of Water

Water, as it's often said, is the elixir of life.

 It’s vital, refreshing, and often overlooked. For the longest time, I was among the many who didn't fully realize the transformative effects water could have on our bodies, especially our skin.

To be honest, I wasn’t much of a water person. Like many of you, I'd heard the age-old advice: "Drink more water for glowing skin.

Yet, it seemed too simple. Could mere water replace the myriad of skin products lining my shelves? 

It wasn’t until life presented me with some health challenges that I understood the importance of hydration.

Having faced health issues like the flu and a bout of pneumonia, I was forced into a routine of drinking more fluids. 

During this period, I began to prioritize my health and listen to my body's needs, and I saw the magic of water unfold before my eyes. 

Those morning dry patches started to fade, and the elasticity of my skin improved remarkably. The mirror reflected a fresher, more radiant version of me. 

This wasn’t the result of some expensive skincare routine but the simple, natural act of hydrating.

The more I drank, the more precise the link became: our skin reflects our internal health. 

And while creams, serums, and lotions play their part, they only enhance the surface. The foundation, I learned, was internal, rooted in the simple act of drinking water.

Looking back, this transition wasn't just about improving my skin. It was an awakening. It made me appreciate my body more, understand its needs, and respond to subtle signals. 

My journey with water taught me that the simplest solutions can sometimes bring about the most profound changes.

So, to all of you reading this, take this as your reminder. Drink that glass of water. Prioritize your hydration. 

Let the life-changing power of water work its magic on you, just as it did on me.

Stay hydrated, darlings!

The Shift from Soda to Healthier Choices

Ah, sodas! The fizzy, sugary delights that have always been so tempting. 

I must confess, I had a penchant for them, with Pepsi being my particular poison for a time. 

The bubbling sensation, the sweetness, the instant energy was a package of immediate gratification. 

However, with time and a rather distressing episode, I discovered the hidden price I was paying for these fleeting moments of pleasure.

While relishing my customary cola one day, I felt an unfamiliar and unsettling pain. 

A trip to the doctor revealed the shocking truth: gallstones. As the doctor explained, these resulted from excessive sugar in my system, similar to frying sugar in a pan. 

A tangible result of my soda addiction. I needed surgery, and as I recovered, I had ample time to reflect on my choices.

The realization was clear: our dietary choices aren't just about satisfying cravings; they directly impact our well-being. 

Soda, with its addictive sugar and chemicals, was silently wreaking havoc on my body, masking its damage under the guise of a refreshing taste. 

I needed a change, not just for my appearance but for my health, my well-being, and my future.

I decided then and there to prioritize my health and nourish my body with what it genuinely needs. 

While the journey from soda to healthier alternatives wasn't easy, it was necessary. I gradually replaced sodas with sparkling waters, herbal teas, and plain water.

Not only did this shift have noticeable effects on my energy levels and mood, but my skin also thanked me with a radiant glow.

Beauty, as I’ve learned, is a reflection of our overall wellness. 

It shines through when we fuel our bodies with the right nutrients, make health-conscious choices, and treat ourselves carefully. 

It's not about deprivation but about making better, informed choices for a sustainable, long-term glow.

So here's a toast to healthier choices, to listening to our bodies, and to a beauty that radiates from within and out.

 Let's pledge to ditch those momentary pleasures for lasting well-being.

To a healthier, happier you and me!

transitioning from soda addiction to healthier lifestyle

Beauty Products That I Swear By

In the vast, ever-evolving world of beauty, some products become staples in our routines, their effectiveness making them near irreplaceable. 

A few have made a difference for me, and today, I'm excited to share them with you!

Engraved Eyeliner by Mac: This is an absolute game-changer! Eyeliners have always been tricky. 

They can smudge, fade, or just not give that precise line we all yearn for. However, Mac's Engraved eyeliner transformed my eye makeup routine

It's sharp and dark and stays on without budging. It gives me that perfect winged look, making my eyes pop just the right way. If there's one eyeliner I'd recommend time and time again, it's this one.

Switch to NARS: Oh, the journey to finding the right foundation! 

I had my mishaps, the most significant being a not-so-great experience with a Mac foundation. It broke my skin out, and I was desperate for a replacement. 

Enter NARS. Not only did it feel light and breathable on my skin, but it also provided flawless coverage. It was like my skin, but better. 

To all my lovelies looking for a foundation that respects and beautifies your skin, try NARS. You won't be disappointed.

The Velvet Powder Puff by Calvin Meyers: Here's a shout-out to my fabulous friend Calvin Meyers for this gem! 

As someone deeply committed to the art of beauty, sanitation has always been paramount for me. Calvin's velvet powder puff is not just any puff. 

It's designed so your hands don't touch the client's skin, ensuring a clean application. Plus, it doesn't mess up the makeup.

 It’s multifunctional, aiding in powdering, setting, and more. A must-have in my makeup kit, this puff is a revelation in beauty and cleanliness combined.

These little things, these products, can sometimes make a huge difference.

 Whether it's a perfect eyeliner stroke or a sanitary makeup application, these products ensure that our beauty shines through in the best possible way.

Discover them, try them, and let your beauty shine!

Getting into the Beauty Industry? Here's My Golden Tip

Embarking on a journey in the beauty industry is like diving into a vast ocean full of promise, creativity, and passion. 

But, as with all endeavors, having a compass to guide you is crucial. From my experience and the lessons I've gathered over the years, here's my golden nugget of advice for all budding beauty enthusiasts.

The Significance of Planning and Differentiation: How do you make your mark in a world brimming with talented artists? 

The answer lies in meticulous planning and carving a niche for yourself. Everyone might be diving into beauty, but what sets you apart? Is it your unique technique?

 What is your philosophy toward beauty? Or perhaps a particular product or service that only you offer? Define it, own it, and let that differentiation be your beacon.

The Importance of Continually Learning, Adapting, and Honing One's Craft: Much like fashion, the beauty industry is ever-evolving. 

Trends change, techniques get updated, and new products emerge every day. You must be a perpetual student to stay relevant and be the best version of your professional self. 

Attend courses, learn from peers, experiment with new methods, and most importantly, be open to feedback. In this industry, the moment you stop learning is when you stop growing.

Moreover, while talent and skills are the cornerstones, understanding the business side of beauty is equally pivotal. 

Dive deep into the industry's intricacies, from client relationships to marketing strategies and everything in between.

To all the passionate souls eager to make their mark in the beauty industry: Dream big, plan meticulously, and remember that every day is a new opportunity to learn and shine. 

The world is waiting to see the magic you bring!

beginning a journey in the beauty industry

The Beauty Fetish Show's New Beginnings

Life is a series of chapters, and as I approach another beautiful year in mine, I can't help but feel a resurgence, a kind of rebirth in my journey. 

Contrary to popular belief, aging isn’t about fading. Instead, it’s about blossoming, growing, and finding newer avenues to shine.

Embracing My Age and the Rebirth Stage of My Journey: Turning 46 isn't merely about adding another number but celebrating the experiences, wisdom, and lessons that have been my companions so far. 

Each year has been a stepping stone, leading me closer to a more authentic version of myself. 

I've realized that every phase and age brings beauty and challenges. Embracing them has been my key to happiness and self-contentment.

Upcoming Endeavors, A Focus on The Beauty Fetish Show: With the winds of change comes the promise of newer adventures and ambitions. 

One such passion close to my heart is the Beauty Fetish Show with Sandye Lomax. 

As I find myself in better health and spirits, my focus has intensified towards making this show an authentic platform to discuss beauty, its nuances, and its deeper meanings.

The Art of Giving Back: Beyond the realm of makeup, lashes, and external beauty, there's a world where beauty manifests in actions. 

Giving back, reaching out, and making a difference have always been dear to my heart.

 I'm eager to immerse myself more in philanthropic endeavors, especially in support of cancer survivors. After all, true beauty is as much about touching lives as it is about appearances.

Beauty, in all its facets, is an evolving journey. 

As I continue mine, I invite you to join me on the Beauty Fetish Show, where we'll discover, discuss, and celebrate the myriad ways beauty touches our lives together.

A Story Worth Sharing

Every person has a defining moment or a story that shapes their life, propelling them forward with a newfound purpose. 

For me, this story intertwines heartbreak with hope, painting a poignant picture of life's unpredictable challenges and the beauty that emerges from them.

A Passion Intertwined with Pain: My journey in the beauty realm wasn't solely about aesthetics or mere trends. 

It found its roots in a deeply personal experience - the life-altering challenge of cancer. 

Witnessing someone close battle this disease alters your perspective on life, beauty, and what truly matters. 

The resilience, courage, and spirit these warriors show redefine beauty in ways the world often forgets.

The Inspiration Behind the Lashes: It's heart-wrenching to see someone you love lose a part of themselves physically and emotionally. 

For many women battling cancer, the loss of their lashes becomes symbolic of their struggle. 

This sparked a desire to offer them a fragment of their lost confidence. Through my work, I wanted to give them a chance to reclaim a piece of themselves, to look in the mirror, and to see a reflection that reminded them of their strength and beauty.

Beyond Aesthetics: The essence of beauty is so much more profound than what meets the eye. 

It's about the stories, the battles, the scars, and the victories that mold us. The journey has been beyond mere aesthetics for every cancer survivor who has adorned my lashes. 

It's been about finding a moment of normalcy amidst the chaos, a fleeting feeling of the familiar, and a gentle reminder that they are beautiful and always will be.

To anyone reading this, remember that beauty is multifaceted. Sometimes, it's not about the products we use or the styles we adopt. 

It's about the stories we carry, the challenges we overcome, and the unbroken spirit. True beauty shines the brightest in the face of life's fiercest storms.

Engage with Me

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Lash News & Personal Anecdotes

Let me share a tender moment that recently touched my heart. 

As age graces us, embracing change becomes both challenging and charming.

 In her golden years, my delightful mother entered my world with wide-eyed wonder, expressing her newfound fascination for lashes. 

Seeing her excitement and fervent wish to wear them for a family visit was endearing. This beautiful, tiny incident just reminded me of how beauty transcends age. 

It's never too late to try something new or to revisit something once loved in our younger years. After all, beauty is ageless!

Beauty is an ever-evolving journey, one that goes far beyond the surface. It intertwines with our experiences, memories, choices, and desires. 

It's not just about that perfect eyeliner or the trending hair color. It’s about how we feel, the wisdom we gather, the kindness we exude, and the passion with which we live our lives. 

Remember, true beauty isn't just skin deep; it’s an inside job. So, as you take steps in your beauty journey, always prioritize the beauty that emanates from within.

Until our paths cross again, stay beautiful and kind, and don’t forget to explore the premium hair selections at Private Label. Radiate beauty from the inside out.

Sending love and light,

Sandye 💄🌟

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