The Best Hair Extensions and Hairstyles for the Summer

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Ah, summer! The time of sun-kissed skin, beach outings, and endless evenings. 

But with the rising temperatures comes the desire to look and feel your best. Picture this: you’re at a pool party, your favorite summer jam is playing, and the sunlight perfectly captures your hair, making it shine and shimmer. 

Perfect, isn’t it? Well, that's the dream! But hold on, there's a hiccup. Unsure which hair extensions or hairstyles are summer-approved?

Mikey, let me introduce you to my fabulous co-host, Zakiyrah

We both know that feeling all too well, the excitement of summer and the uncertainty of which hair trend to adopt. 

But guess what? You're in for a treat. We've done our homework, tried and tested various styles, and are all set to unveil the secrets to the best summer hair!

We’ve laughed, debated, and sometimes even disagreed during our many hair escapades, but that's all part of the journey. 

And luckily for you, we’re about to give you front-row seats to our fun-filled hair adventures. 

Oh, and did we mention it? All our experiments were adorned with top-notch hair from none other than Private Label

And where better to share all our experiences than the cozy and chic Private Label Studios? So, buckle up, and let’s ride this wave of hair excellence together!

Up next, we're diving deep into summer hair hacks. 

From Mikey's unique drying technique (trust me, it's a game-changer) to our Barcelona vs. Madrid summer destination debate, there's much more than just hair tips waiting for you. 

Stay tuned, and get ready to transform your summer hair game!

Summer Hair Hacks

Summer, while much awaited, can sometimes put our beauty routines to the test. 

Humidity, the blazing sun, and sudden rain showers make our hair journey challenging. 

But fear not! We’ve unearthed some hacks that tackle these challenges and add fun to the mix.

Drying Technique

If you think hairdryers are only for your mane, think again! Here's a fascinating hack from Mikey's personal playbook. 

While most of us wait impatiently, towel in hand, to dry off after a refreshing shower, Mikey has a trick up his sleeve. 

Using a hairdryer – sans any curler attachment – to aid the process of drying oneself! This nifty hack isn’t just about being quirky; it's a time-saver, giving you back precious minutes every day. 

And if you’re counting, that's potentially ten hours a year! Just imagine what you could do with that extra time. 

Fly to Madrid, perhaps? This brings us to our next segment...


The Barcelona-Madrid Debate

Our hair journey detracted as Mikey and I relaxed about the better summer destination: Barcelona or Madrid. 

While Mikey gushes about the beaches and bikinis of Barcelona, he can’t deny the unique allure Madrid held for him during a trip. 

But here's the twist! Like picking between these two beautiful cities, choosing the right hair extensions or style isn’t solely about the end product. 

It’s about the journey, the experiences, the stories, and the memories. Whether you're donning extensions from the heart of Barcelona or the soul of Madrid, remember that each strand tells a story. 

So, the next time you’re puzzled over hair choices, take a cue from our debate – it’s not always about the 'best' but what feels right for you.

Remember to soak in the experiences as summer unravels, just like your hair soaks in the sun. 

And as you mull over our hacks, stay tuned for more. We've got an ocean of insights, stories, and tips waiting to be shared. 

Up next, diving into the world of extensions, wigs, and more. Stay with us!

The Power of Diversity in Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions is vast and varied, akin to the myriad shades of summer. 

From the bright sunlit days to the balmy summer nights, there's a style, shade, and texture to match every moment and mood. 

But just as we don't wear the same summer dress daily, why limit ourselves to a single type of hair extension? Let’s delve deeper.


Why Variety is Key

Surprisingly, many beautiful souls have only ever experienced sew-ins

While there's undeniable comfort in sticking to what we know best, the beauty landscape is ever-evolving. 

Venturing out of the sew-in comfort zone can lead to discovering a whole new world of hairstyles that resonate even better with your style! Whether wigs, clip-ins, tape-ins, or the avant-garde micro links, a world is waiting to be explored. 

Think about it: If you’ve only ever vacationed in one place, consider all the breathtaking sunsets, thrilling adventures, and heartwarming memories you might miss. 

Similarly, you're potentially missing out on finding your next favorite hair solution by not venturing beyond sew-ins. So, embrace diversity, experiment, and let your hair tell a new story daily.

Clippings and Oily Hair

Here's a conundrum many face: the battle with oily hair

Daily washes can become cumbersome, and there is constant oil build-up. Not your best look for summer.

 Enter clip-ins. While it might initially seem unrelated, clip-ins can be a savior for those with oily strands. 

Here's the scoop: These extensions can provide a buffer, helping to distribute the oils more evenly and prevent the "greasy" look. 

It's remarkable how something as simple as the right extension brings balance. 

And for those wondering about the quality of these magical clip-ins, our personal favorite has to be the raw Indian clip-ins from Private Label

Not only do they blend seamlessly, but their quality is unmatched. Whether you have oily hair or just looking for a style shake-up, give clip-ins a shot.

As the summer progresses and you are battling hair woes, remember that the solution might just be a clip-in away. 

With every clip, twist, or sew, know that there’s a style, a story, and a solution waiting for you. 

Dive into this world of extensions, and let us guide you through every strand and style. Next, we unravel more secrets, stories, and styles that are all the rage this season. Stick around!

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Private Label’s Offerings

Beyond just the expertise and camaraderie Mikey and I bring to the table, our association with Private Label makes our journey even more thrilling. 

Private Label isn’t just a brand. It’s an experience, a testament to the quality, and a ticket to luxurious hair escapades. Let’s dive deeper into what makes Private Label stand out.

Vacation Benefits

While most companies celebrate success with bonuses or office parties, Private Label takes it to the next level. 

Our commitment to rewarding hard work and dedication takes the form of breathtaking trips. 

Just imagine the thrill of winning a trip to the ever-romantic Barcelona or the pristine beaches of the Dominican Republic! 

This initiative boosts the team's morale and intertwines travel's beauty with hair's beauty – making memories, experiencing new cultures, and returning rejuvenated. 

It perfectly parallels how the right hair extensions can transform your look and entire aura.

Products Galore

Private Label is the treasure trove you’ve been seeking regarding hair extensions.

 Whether you're a fan of custom wigs that fit just right or the versatility of tape-ins that blend seamlessly, we have it all. 

And for those special enthusiasts who understand the unmatched elegance of raw Indian clip-ins, let’s just say you’re in for a treat! 

Every product in our lineup is curated with care, ensuring that what reaches you is nothing short of perfection.

Quality Matters

In the realm of hair extensions, not all products are created equal. 

The market is filled with myriad options, but the discerning eye can spot the difference in quality

At Private Label, quality isn’t just a buzzword; it's a promise. Take our raw hair clip-ins, for instance. 

At the same time, many brands might offer clip-ins, but not all use raw hair. This raw hair difference translates to a more natural look, longevity, and an unparalleled feel. 

Even more surprising is that our prices for these premium raw clippings remain competitive, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. 

When you choose Private Label, you're not just choosing an extension; you’re choosing a legacy of quality.

Mikey and I have always believed in the power of quality, and Private Label’s offerings resonate with our philosophy perfectly. 

Whether you're on a quest for the perfect summer look or a hair solution that stands the test of time, remember – with Private Label, you’re always in good hands. 

Stay tuned as we share more tips, tales, and transformative hair stories in future sections!

Personal Hair Extension Experiences

The journey with hair extensions is as much about personal experiences as it is about technical know-how. 

Mikey and I, Zakiyrah, have been through quite the hair rollercoaster, experimenting, learning, and sometimes even laughing at our hair mishaps. 

But every experience, every strand, has been a lesson, and we're here to share them with you!

Mikey & Zakiyrah's Adventures

Our adventures in the world of hair extensions have been nothing short of exhilarating. 

From the voluminous feel of frontals that frame the face just right to the seamless blending of closures and the classic charm of sew-ins, we've donned them all. 

And while Mikey might sometimes be hesitant about certain styles, I, Zakiyrah, ensure he doesn't miss out on any hair fun. Each extension has its unique flair, story, and ideal occasion. 

Knowing which extension resonates with your style, comfort, and the summer vibes you aim to exude as summer embraces us is essential.

 Learn from our hits and misses, and embark on a hair journey tailored just for you.

Upcoming Video Tutorials

If you think reading about our hair escapades is fun, wait till you see them in action! We're thrilled to announce upcoming video tutorials where you can witness, step-by-step, the magic of hair installation

And here's the most exciting part - Mikey has graciously agreed (with a little nudge from yours) to be our model for some of these sessions. 

Get ready to see Mikey in a light you've never seen before while gathering essential tips and tricks for your hair extension journey. 

Whether you're a newbie or a hair extension aficionado, these tutorials promise something for everyone.

As we always say, hair is more than just an accessory; it's an expression, a mood, a statement. 

As you navigate the sunny season, let our experiences guide you to your perfect hair story. Stay with us; there’s much more to unravel, experience, and share!

Engage with Us

Building a community is at the heart of what we do. 

Mikey and I, Zakiyrah, don’t just want to share our insights; we want to engage, converse, and build a vibrant circle of hair enthusiasts. And for that, we need you.

YouTube & Podcast

Visual learners, rejoice! While we love the intimacy of podcasting, there’s a certain charm in watching conversations unfold.

 Dive deep into our world by tuning into Hair Biz Radio on the Private Label YouTube channel

Here, you won't just be a passive listener; you'll be a part of our lively sessions, witnessing our candid moments, cheeky jokes, and the occasional hair flip. 

Whether you're curling your hair, sipping on your morning coffee, or winding down for the night, make us your go-to entertainment – trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

Feedback and Participation

Your voice matters. Whether you're an avid hair extension user, a newbie, or someone simply intrigued by the world of hair – we want to hear from you. 

Have a burning question? An exciting topic suggestion? Or perhaps a personal hair story to share? 

Drop a comment on our videos, hit that subscribe button, and engage with us. 

Your feedback fuels our content, shapes our conversations, and ensures we address the curiosities and concerns of our community.

Remember, it's not just Mikey and Zakiyrah you're connecting with; it's an entire tribe of hair aficionados eagerly waiting to share, learn, and grow. 

So, come on board, be a part of our journey, and let's weave beautiful hair stories together!

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Keep Shining!

As the summer sun casts its golden hues and the beaches beckon, we know the allure of flaunting those perfect tresses becomes almost irresistible. 

Mikey and I, Zakiyrah, have been on a rollercoaster ride of hair adventures – from exploring diverse extensions to sharing those cheeky personal tales. 

And through this blog, we've aimed to be your guiding star, your hair confidantes.

But remember, every strand tells a story, and while we can share tips and tricks, it's your personal touch, your essence, that truly makes the hairstyle yours. 

Embrace the versatility of hair extensions, experiment with new styles, but most importantly, wear them with confidence and joy.

So, whether you're contemplating clip-ins or dreaming about your next exotic beach destination, here's to a radiant summer ahead! 

It is a season where your hair dances with the breezes, reflects the sun's shimmer, and becomes the crown you proudly wear daily.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for joining us on this hair journey. 

We hope our stories have inspired, informed, and sprinkled a touch of fun into your summer preparations. 

Until our next hair escapade – stay fabulous, keep shining, and embrace every sun-kissed moment this summer has to offer! 

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