Bree Alyissa: From Hair Stylist to Entrepreneurial Maven

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Entering the world of beauty, I was enamored by the thought of touching lives with each snip of my scissors. 

For me, it was more than just a job—a calling. With every hair transformation, I reinvented a look and reinvigorated my self-esteem. 

Yet behind every glossy finish and picture-perfect style, there's a tale of financial struggles, branding hiccups, and a relentless drive to innovate. 

Here's a closer look at my evolution in the industry, the lessons learned, and how my dual passion for hair and entrepreneurial leadership has reshaped my journey.

The Financial Labyrinth of Entrepreneurship

Being a stylist isn't just about knowing the latest techniques or trends—it's also about running a business. 

When I embarked on my entrepreneurial adventure, I was unprepared for the financial challenges ahead. 

At the end of my first fiscal year, I owed the government. It was a harsh wake-up call.

Rather than getting mired in regret, I pivoted. I delved deep into financial planning, creating budgets, and setting up an online system to automate my payments. 

This overhaul wasn't just about evading another unexpected debt; it was about ensuring the sustainability of my business and laying the groundwork for growth.


DIY Branding: Charting My Path with Canva

Before any product or service reaches its audience, a world of branding shapes its journey. 

For my brand, it began with the design of my logo and my planner—and I decided to do it myself. 

Canva became my go-to tool. While many industry professionals swear by platforms like Photoshop or Adobe, my experience with Canva was transformative. 

The user-friendly interface and the vast library of templates made it accessible even to non-designers like me.

I still remember when a fellow professional couldn't differentiate between a design I made in Canva and another in Adobe

It was a testament to how resourcefulness could sometimes rival professional expertise. 

And while I'm open to exploring other design platforms in the future, Canva's role in shaping my brand's identity remains undeniable.

Broadening My Horizons: Beyond the Salon

My journey didn't stop at perfecting hairstyles or mastering branding. I ventured into creating a budget planner tailored for hair professionals. 

It was my maiden attempt at productizing knowledge—a digital asset that would generate revenue without demanding my constant involvement. 

The reception at Bronner Brothers was heartwarming, with many appreciating the thoughtfulness behind each section, from the bifurcated shopping lists to the dedicated sections for personal and business expenses.

Speaking of shopping lists, here's a golden nugget: if you're in the hair business, ensure Private Label is on your radar. 

Not only do they provide exceptional quality hair, but they also offer unparalleled support for professionals like us. 

In fact, while recording for a live session, I proudly donned a wig from Private Label right from their studios.

My journey from a zealous stylist to an evolving entrepreneur has been punctuated with challenges and triumphs. 

But at its core, it remains a testament to the endless possibilities that await when passion meets perseverance. 

So, to all budding hair professionals and entrepreneurs out there: Embrace the challenges, cherish the successes, and never stop learning.

The True Essence of Entrepreneurship

Venturing into the entrepreneurial world, especially in niche industries like hair and beauty, presents unique challenges. 

Beyond the creativity and technical prowess lies the often-overlooked but critical realm of financial intelligence. 

Here are a few truths I've come to understand:

Separating the Personal from the Professional: Why It Matters


One of the first lessons I learned on my journey was the necessity of distinguishing between personal and business finances.

 When these two worlds entwine, it creates confusion and potential pitfalls that can jeopardize the success of your venture.

Drawing a clear line between your personal and business expenses is not just about organizational finesse; it's about clarity of vision. 

When you understand what's coming in and going out of your business independently, you can make informed decisions, plan better, and, importantly, scale confidently.


The Crucial Role of a Trusted Tax Advisor

Taxes can be a labyrinth for even the most seasoned professionals. 

When I first approached tax season as an independent business owner, my inexperience nearly cost me. 

I found myself ensnared in complexities I hadn't anticipated and ended up owing the government.

This experience underscored the irreplaceable value of a knowledgeable tax advisor. 

Navigating the intricacies of tax codes, deductions, and business expenses requires expertise, and trying to manage it solo can lead to avoidable financial missteps. 

My initial mishap was a glaring reminder that the right tax person is not a luxury but a necessity for every entrepreneur.

From Setbacks to Strategy: Lessons from My Tax Debacle

Owing the government wasn't just a financial setback but a powerful lesson in adaptability. 

Rather than wallowing in the setback, I took it as an opportunity to re-evaluate, reassess, and recalibrate.

I proactively sought solutions: creating a budget, automating my payments, and ensuring I was never caught off-guard again. 

I learned the importance of forward planning and recognized that every challenge could be converted into a growth opportunity with the right mindset and strategy.

Entrepreneurship, in essence, is not just about success but about the lessons learned in pursuit of it. 

Every setback and every mistake has the potential to be a stepping stone towards greater heights. 

The key is approaching them with a blend of humility, tenacity, and an unyielding thirst for knowledge.

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DIY Branding: Canva vs. The Rest

In the age of digital branding, creating a unique visual identity for your business is paramount. 

While many tools are available for design, my journey with Canva exemplifies how, sometimes, simplicity can triumph over sophistication.

From Logo to Planner: My Canva Experience


When it came to designing the logo for my brand and the layout of my planner, I decided to venture into the world of Canva. 

A platform celebrated for its user-friendly interface, Canva made the intimidating design process approachable for someone like me who was just starting out. 

Every element, from fonts to color palettes, felt accessible, and I felt empowered to bring my vision to life without professional design training.

Canva's Intuitiveness vs. Photoshop's Mastery

While Photoshop and other advanced design software offer an unparalleled depth of features, they come with a steep learning curve.

 This can be discouraging for beginners or those unwilling to invest significant time in mastering them.

 Canva, on the other hand, bridges the gap between amateurs and professionals by offering a streamlined process without compromising on quality.

The magic of Canva lies in its simplicity. With drag-and-drop features and many templates, it democratizes the design process, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their expertise level.


The Indistinguishable Outcome: Canva vs. Adobe

Perhaps the most astonishing part of my branding journey was a revelation from a professional designer. 

After presenting two designs, one crafted in Adobe and the other in Canva, I was hard-pressed to spot any differences. 

Even seasoned professionals can sometimes be stumped between the two, which is a testament to Canva's prowess.

It was a revelatory moment for me: the tool doesn't always define the quality of the outcome. 

Sometimes, the vision, creativity, and intent behind the design make it stand out.

In conclusion, while sophisticated software like Adobe has its undeniable merits, platforms like Canva offer a formidable alternative for those looking to dive into the world of branding without being overwhelmed. 

As I continue my journey, I remain open to learning and exploring new tools, but Canva will always hold a special place as the platform that kickstarted my branding adventure.

Diversifying Revenue Streams: Beyond the Salon

The beauty industry is vast, brimming with endless opportunities. 

While hair styling remains my first love, the entrepreneurial spirit within urged me to seek additional avenues to diversify my revenue streams. 

This drive led me to conceptualize and create unique tools that add value to fellow stylists and bolster my brand's footprint in the market.

The Inception of the Budget Planner

One of my proudest creations is the budget planner I designed specifically 

Its debut at the renowned Bronner Brothers event was a landmark moment for me. The feedback? 

Overwhelmingly positive. Stylists were receptive to the idea and appreciative that someone had finally created a tool tailored to their financial needs.


The Planner's Unique Features: Crafting for a Niche

Understanding hair professionals' unique challenges and needs, the planner was designed to address this head-on. 

Its meticulously curated sections allow for the following:

Categorized Shopping Lists: I segregated shopping lists into personal and business categories to avoid overlap or confusion.

 This distinction facilitates focused and organized shopping, making it a breeze to manage expenses.

Comprehensive Expense Tracking: It's one thing to earn, but managing and growing your earnings requires discipline and a good tracking system. 

My planner aids in this by providing a clear structure to monitor personal and business expenses. This visibility is invaluable in making informed financial decisions.

budget planner for hairstylists

A Golden Tip for Fellow Hair Entrepreneurs

For those in the hair business crafting their shopping lists, here's a nugget of wisdom: Never overlook Private Label. 

Their quality is unparalleled, and the versatility of their products is a game-changer for any stylist. 

Oh, and if you tuned into the live recording, the gorgeous wig I was donning? All credits to Private Label! 

It was straight from their studios, exemplifying their commitment to quality and style.

As I continue to evolve in the beauty industry, it's not just about staying updated with the latest hair trends but also about exploring innovative ways to expand and strengthen my business. 

The budget planner is just one step in this journey, and I'm excited about the myriad possibilities of the future. 

Whether creating new tools, sharing insights, or simply styling hair, my mission remains to add value, inspire, and uplift everyone in our incredible community.

Upcoming Ventures & Where to Find Me

Each chapter in my professional journey has been marked by growth, learning, and the relentless spirit to keep innovating. 

As I look forward, there's a slew of new ventures I'm eager to share, each crafted with the same passion and dedication that drove me into the world of hair styling.

The Satin-Silk Pillowcase Dream

One of the ventures close to my heart is the introduction of my satin-silk pillowcases. 

More than just a product, they represent resilience and the will to persevere. Initially facing challenges, the project took a detour, but now, with a renewed spirit, I'm thrilled to announce that pre-orders are on the horizon. 

Crafted with care and love, these pillowcases promise a luxurious experience, elevating the beauty sleep ritual.

The Expanding Universe of 'Hair Spell'

My brand 'Hair Spell' is not just a business; it's a mission. 

A mission to serve the community, empower fellow stylists, and be a beacon of inspiration. 

As I continue to navigate the entrepreneurial waters, I aim to expand 'Hair Spell' to new dimensions, offering more products, insights, and tools that make a difference in the lives of many.

Staying Connected: Let's Engage

For those eager to embark on this journey with me or simply stay updated with the latest from 'Hair Spell,' here's how:

Instagram: A visual diary of my work, products, and snippets from my life. Catch me @breeaylissa

Online Store: From the transformative budget planner to the soon-to-be-launched satin-silk pillowcases, find it all at 'The Hair Spell.'


The Salon: Your Destination for Transformation

My doors are always open for those in and around Morrow, Georgia. 

Situated at the new My Salon Suites, a space that's now in collaboration with industry giants like L'Oreal, my salon is a sanctuary where hair dreams come to life.

 Whether seeking a vibrant transformation or a touch-up, the experience is tailored to ensure you leave with a smile.

The future is an open canvas, and I'm armed with a brush dipped in dreams, aspirations, and the drive to make a mark.

 Join me in this adventure, and together, let's spellbind the world with beauty, innovation, and passion.

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Final Words and A Gratitude Note

As I look back and ponder over the journey that brought me here, I can't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude. 

While hair has been the canvas for my artistry, the connections, the lessons, and the support system have enriched the experience.

A World of Hair Possibilities

From the cascading waves of a beachy look to the precision of a stylish bob, my services span a vast spectrum. 

Quick weaves that flawlessly blend, transformative sew-ins that redefine your look, and ponytails that add that playful charm - the goal is to bring your hair vision to life every single time.

The Planner: More Than Just Pages


When I ventured into creating the budget planner, it wasn't just a business decision but a calling. 

I recognized the challenges hair professionals often face in juggling the creative with the administrative. 

The planner stands as a testament to bridging that gap. A tool that helps you organize, plan, and, most importantly, succeed in your financial goals while keeping the passion for hair alive.

To Hair Biz Radio and Our Amazing Community

A heartfelt shoutout to Hair Biz radio for being an incredible platform for connecting, educating, and uplifting. Your insightful sessions, the range of topics, and the spirit to serve the community are genuinely commendable.

To the community of hair professionals, stylists, and entrepreneurs - you inspire me every day. 

Your grit, determination, and creativity stories remind me of why I started and continue. 

We're in this together, forging paths, breaking barriers, and making the world a more beautiful, one hairstyle at a time.

As we wind down this post, my heart swells with gratitude. 

To every client, colleague, mentor, and friend who has been a part of my journey – Thank You. Your trust, feedback, and encouragement have been the wind beneath my wings. 

Here's to many more chapters, collaborations, and coiffures in our collective journey ahead. Cheers!

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