A Glimpse into the Bronner Brothers Fantasy Hair Show: My Experience with "We Are the Champions"

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Picture this: swirls of neon, glints of metallic, and cascades of vivid hair colors that seem to dance and defy gravity. 

As you walk through the venue, you're surrounded by an aura that can only be described as electrifying, mirroring the pulsating rhythms of Mardi Gras.

 Thousands gather eager eyes, and animated discussions are everywhere. The cause for this excitement? The renowned Bronner Brothers Fantasy Hair Show in New Orleans. 

This isn't just any hair show; it celebrates art, creativity, and passion. Netflix, with its sharp sense for captivating stories, decided to shine its spotlight here.


I, Dallas Christopher, was the heart of this event amidst the whirlwind of creativity and innovation. 

I witnessed the magic firsthand, immersing myself in the colors, styles, and stories that unfolded. But there's an intricate detail that deserves a spotlight of its own. 

The hair that became an extension of my creativity, the strands that danced and swayed to my imagination, all came from a singular, exceptional source: Private Label. 

Each strand is meticulously crafted, and each wig is a testament to quality and elegance.

As I recount this experience to you, know that I'm nestled in the plush confines of Private Label Studios. 

Each memory, each story, and each anecdote I share are echoed in the walls of this space, a haven where art meets enterprise. 

So, dear reader, let's dive deep into this vibrant journey, where hair becomes more than just an accessory; it becomes a story.


The Bronner Bros Hair Show Shift

If you've ever lived in or visited Atlanta, you'd know it's a city that pulsates with life, art, and culture. 

For years, this dynamic metropolis hosted the Bronner Bros Hair Show. An event I, and many others, eagerly looked forward to. 

Year after year, stylists, enthusiasts, and aficionados gathered, celebrating the ever-evolving world of hair. It was our ritual, our annual rendezvous, where creativity knew no bounds.


However, change, as they say, is the only constant. The decision was made to shift the location of the famed hair show from Atlanta to New Orleans. 

Many, including myself, were skeptical. We pondered over the reasons and speculated on the possible outcomes. 

Atlanta had been our comfortable home, our familiar ground. Could New Orleans offer the same embrace, the same vibrancy?


The answer was an overwhelming 'yes'. The move to New Orleans wasn't just a geographical shift, a rejuvenation, and an unexpected thrill. 

The city's rich history and unique charm added a fresh layer to our beloved event.

 The streets echoed with excitement, with lines reminiscent of the winding queues at Six Flags, as attendees eagerly waited to witness the latest in hair innovation.


For me, this shift was more than just about a new location. It was a walk down memory lane. I was enveloped by nostalgia as I navigated the hustle and bustle of the New Orleans venue. 

Memories of past hair shows, the sights and sounds, the old-school vibes of BBDs, calm seas, muffins, and the electrifying presence of stars like Ludacris and Brandon came rushing back.

 It was as if the spirit of the past hair shows was being rekindled, reminding us of the golden days while paving the way for new, unforgettable memories.


New Orleans wasn't just a new venue but a fresh canvas. 

On this canvas, we painted our stories, passions, and dreams, blending the old with the new and creating a magical experience.


We Are The Champions Release

The anticipation was palpable. Whispers and chatter filled the air as stylists, participants, and enthusiasts awaited the big reveal. 

"We Are The Champions," Netflix's spotlight on diverse and thrilling competitions worldwide was set to feature the Bronner Brothers Fantasy Hair Show. 

The release date? An eagerly awaited Tuesday. My excitement was akin to a child awaiting Christmas morning. The thought of millions globally witnessing our art, passion, and dedication was exhilarating.


Now, for those who need to be more familiar with Netflix's release style, let me shed some light. 

The entire series would be dropped in one go in true Netflix fashion. This means binge-watchers could indulge in back-to-back episodes, soaking in the diverse competitions featured. 

While this format allowed viewers to dive deep into their favorite episodes, it also presented a golden opportunity to explore other captivating contests from around the globe.

Speaking of other episodes, I have a personal recommendation. 

While our hair extravaganza is a must-watch, another episode piqued my interest and sent waves of excitement down my spine: the Cheese Race. 

I was introduced to this seemingly bizarre but utterly captivating competition years ago. To watch racers tumble and chase cheese down a steep hill is a spectacle like no other! 

The participants' passion, intensity, and sheer dedication resonated deeply, mirroring our passion for the hair industry. I implore you to give it a watch; it’s a testament to the human spirit and love for tradition.

"We Are The Champions" is more than just a series. It’s a celebration of niche passions, a nod to those who dare to be different, and a testament to human perseverance. 

And as you delve into it, remember to admire the art and the heart behind each competition.


The Bronner Brothers Fantasy Hair Show

The Watch Party Concept

One of the most exhilarating parts about a new release, especially as monumental as "We Are The Champions," is the shared anticipation and experience with others. 

The idea of a watch party began to circulate almost immediately. With its infectious energy, the community clamored for a collective viewing—a space to react, discuss, and celebrate together.

Now, while the thought of a watch party filled me with excitement, it also presented a challenge. 

Juggling my filming schedules, especially with commitments to other reality shows, meant that time was at a premium. But as they say, where there's a will, there's a way. 

And, believe me, there's always a will when sharing such significant moments with my community.

Why the fuss about a communal viewing? 

It's simple. While it can be deeply personal and introspective, watching something in solitude doesn't match the electrifying energy of shared experiences. 

Imagine a room (or a virtual space) full of enthusiasts reacting in real time, exchanging thoughts, and basking in collective joy. 

These gatherings transform mere viewings into events, creating memories long after the credits roll.

In an era where technology is often isolated, communal viewings, like watch parties, remind us of the magic of collective experiences. 

The shared laughter, the collective gasps, and the synchronized claps stitch us together, forming bonds of camaraderie and shared passion.

So, while the logistics and timings of the watch party might have posed a challenge, the essence behind it—community and shared enthusiasm—made it all worth it.

 These moments, these shared snippets of time, reinforce why I do what I do, reminding me that at the heart of every strand of hair and wig lies a community ready to celebrate together.



Behind The Scenes with Dallas

Dive a little deeper with me beyond the spotlights and camera flashes, and you'll uncover a journey laced with passion, persistence, and a touch of unpredictability. 

My foray into reality TV wasn't just a whim; it was a carefully charted path that still held its fair share of surprises.

Mikey, a constant presence and an incredible source of insights, often joked about my inherent "TV charm.

He laughed and said, "Dallas, you're made for TV.

Honestly, I'd brush it off, downplaying it with modesty. But if there's one thing I've learned, the camera doesn't lie. 

Whether it's the art of hairstyling or simply sharing a story, there's a certain rawness, a genuine connection that I aim to establish with my audience. And, perhaps, that’s what Mikey saw—a natural, unscripted authenticity.

Now, while TV has its allure, I've always been intrigued by the magic of radio. 

The power of voice, devoid of visual aids, conjuring vivid images and stirring emotions, has its unique charm. I even dabbled in it a while back, taking a brief radio stint. I recall fondly saying, "Good afternoon. Music is on the way next hour."

 It was 1999, and while it might have been short-lived, the experience left an indelible mark. 

Radio taught me the essence of communication: reaching out and connecting using just tonality and words.

As I look back, I realize my journey across different media platforms, from TV to radio, has been about one thing: connection. 

Whether sharing hairstyling tips, reminiscing about memorable events, or simply chatting about the day, my goal remains to touch lives, inspire, and create moments of shared joy and understanding.

In a world bustling with distractions, I've found my calling in weaving stories, crafting experiences, and simply being Dallas—whether behind the camera, in front of the mic, or amidst the whirring sounds of the hair salon.


Private Label Extensions: More than Just Hair

When you hear the name "Private Label Extensions," your mind might instantly wander to the luxurious, high-quality hair extensions that have become a staple for many. 

But as the curtains pull back and the spotlight shines brighter, it's evident that Private Label is no longer just a pioneer in the hair industry—it's transforming into a media and technology juggernaut.

Our journey at Private Label Extensions has always been about evolution. 

We recognized early on that our audience sought more than just premium hair products. 

They craved knowledge, inspiration, and a community that understood their passion. In response, we started transitioning our beloved podcast episodes, along with a plethora of other content, directly onto the Private Label platform. 

The goal? To create a centralized hub for all things beauty and business, accessible with just a click.

Dive deeper into the platform, and you'll discover a goldmine of content tailored to diverse needs. ' Tips with Zakir' offers invaluable nuggets for those hungry for quick insights and hands-on advice. 

If you're keen on exploring artistic avenues and getting a peek into my own experiences, 'Tips with Dallas promises a rollercoaster of creativity and innovation.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Private Label platform brims with tutorials, personal anecdotes, business strategies, and an ever-growing library of resources. 

It's a universe where beauty enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs, and curious souls converge to learn, share, and grow.

As we march ahead, the vision for Private Label Extensions remains clear—to be more than just a brand. 

We aspire to be a movement, a community, and a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving world of beauty and media

So, whether you're tuning into a podcast, experimenting with a new hairstyle, or soaking in expert advice, remember that with Private Label, you're always in for an experience that transcends the ordinary. 

What a Journey!

The magic of the Bronner Brothers Fantasy Hair Show is a testament to the transformative power of hair as an art form.

 Each strand woven, each style crafted, speaks of a story, an emotion, and a legacy that resonates deeply within the beauty community. 

As you sit back and immerse yourself in the Netflix special, allow yourself to be captivated by the sheer dynamism and artistry that unfolds on screen.

Yet, behind every resplendent wig, every intricate design, and each heartfelt testimony, there's an unseen force at play - the unparalleled commitment of Private Label. 

From sourcing the finest hair to fostering a community of beauty enthusiasts, our mission has always been to elevate the hair industry to new heights.

As we wrap up this recount of an event that holds a special place in my heart, I invite you to be a spectator and a participant.

 Engage with the content on Netflix or our Private Label platform, and understand the narratives behind each creation. 

And as you do, remember that every strand tells a story, every tip holds a lesson, and every memory shared is a step closer to our collective dream.

So, here's to the tales of the past, the triumphs of the present, and the promise of a future where we, hand in hand with you, continue to redefine, reimagine, and reignite the world of hair. 

Until our next rendezvous, keep shining, styling, and making hair history with us at Private Label. Cheers!


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