How to Dominate Black Friday Sales with Hair Extensions and Other Pro Marketing Tips

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Have you ever wondered how to market and sell hair extensions effectively, especially with Black Friday looming? 

Zakiyrah and Mikey from Hair Biz Radio are here to spill the tea as the holiday rush fast approaches. 

Using top-quality hair to make wigs from Private Label while recording in the heart of Private Label Studios, we've crafted some strategies you won't want to miss. Dive in!


Consistency is King

In the vast marketing world, getting lost amidst trends, fads, and ever-evolving techniques is easy. 

But there's one adage that remains timeless: Consistency is King. Here's why:


The Steady Drumbeat of Your Brand's Heartbeat

Consistency in marketing doesn't merely mean being persistent; it's about establishing your brand's voice, personality, and presence. 

Every interaction a customer has with your brand should feel familiar, reinforcing their understanding and trust in what you offer.

 Maintaining a consistent voice and message ensures that your brand remains at the top of your mind for your audience.

 Consistency fosters trust. When your audience sees that you show up reliably in your messaging or product quality, it builds a foundation of trust that's hard to break.


Scheduling: Your Brand's Best Friend

With the hustle and bustle of running a business, it's too easy to let things slide.

 That's where scheduling comes into play.

 Setting aside specific times for specific tasks—whether posting on social media, sending out newsletters, or updating your product listings—guarantees that nothing gets overlooked. 

Use tools like content calendars, scheduling apps, or even old-school planners. 

By planning out your weeks or even months in advance, you free up mental space, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

The Power of Anticipation: Planning for Holidays

Holidays are a goldmine for businesses, especially in the beauty and hair industry.

 However, maximizing these opportunities requires foresight. By laying out a strategy well before the holiday season, you can ensure your promotions hit the mark and resonate with your audience. 

Everyone vies for attention during the holidays. Planning ahead ensures that your promotions stand out and cater to your audience's needs and desires.

Consistency isn't just a buzzword—it's the bedrock of effective marketing. 

By ensuring that your brand's voice remains steady, employing scheduling tools to streamline tasks, and planning ahead for holiday promotions, you set your business up for success. 

After all, in the words of Mikey and Zakiyrah, it's the consistent efforts that transform businesses from good to great.


12 Days of Beauty Christmas

Ah, the magic of the holiday season! The songs, the snow, and the sales

But how do you ensure your brand stands out with every business clamoring for attention?

 Zakiyrah and Mikey have an enchanting suggestion: The "12 Days of Beauty Christmas" Sale. 

Dive into a festive strategy that promises boosted sales and heightened customer engagement.

The Concept

Inspired by the classic carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," this promotion stretches across 12 days, offering unique deals and surprises daily. 

Instead of a single-day sale, this tactic gives your audience a reason to visit your platform daily, increasing the chances of multiple purchases

A prolonged sale like this keeps your brand constantly communicating with your audience. 

It creates a sense of anticipation and excitement as customers eagerly await the next day's deal.


Structuring Your 12-Day Sale

Day 1: Kickstart with a bang! Offer a significant discount on a best-seller or introduce a new product.

Day 2: Showcase a tutorial on using one of your products and discount the featured item.

Day 3: Bundle deals! Combine complementary products at a discounted rate.

Day 4: Throw in a free gift with every purchase over a certain amount.

Day 5: Highlight customer testimonials and offer discounts on the products they rave about.

Day 6: Organize a flash sale on a specific product category.

Day 7: Collaborate with an influencer and offer exclusive discounts on their favorite picks.

Day 8: Introduce a new hair extension shade or style with a limited-time introductory offer.

Day 9: Offer a discount on gift cards – a perfect present for the uncertain shopper.

Day 10: Hold a Q&A session, answer hair-related queries, and offer discounts on the products discussed.

Day 11: Showcase a behind-the-scenes look at Private Label Studios, with special discounts on the products shown.

Day 12: End with a mega-sale featuring the best deals from the previous 11 days.

The key is variety. By offering something new each day, you cater to different segments of your audience. 

Bundle deals might sway some, while others wait for flash sales. Keep them guessing, and they'll keep coming back!

The "12 Days of Beauty Christmas" isn't just a sale; it's an experience. 

By crafting a narrative and offering a fresh deal daily, you drive sales and foster a deeper connection with your audience.

 And remember, as Zakiyrah and Mikey often emphasize, the unique touches and innovative approaches set a brand apart.


The Rise of E-commerce on Social Platforms

When Zakiyrah and Mikey began their journey in the hair industry, traditional online storefronts were the primary e-commerce platforms. 

But times are changing rapidly. With social media giants like Facebook and Instagram delving deep into the e-commerce sphere, a new era of shopping has dawned. 

Zakiyrah notes that these platforms are "really getting into e-commerce," making them invaluable business tools. 

Here's why you should be leveraging them for your brand. 

The Social Shopping Experience

Shopping is no longer confined to dedicated websites. 

Browsers on Facebook or Instagram can now stumble upon a product post and buy it immediately without the hassle of redirections or website hopping. 

With Private Label Extensions, customers can directly shop on Instagram for all the products. 

The same goes for Facebook. The buying experience is streamlined, efficient, and highly intuitive.


The Power of Direct Sales

The beauty of selling on these platforms is the directness. 

No more drop-offs due to slow website load times or complicated checkout processes. 

Customers can make quick purchasing decisions, making impulse buys more likely. The transition from seeing a product to buying it is almost seamless. 

This ease encourages more spontaneous purchases and boosts overall sales.


Seamless Integration with E-commerce Platforms

While Facebook and Instagram offer direct sales, backend management for businesses remains crucial. 

Tools like Shopify come in handy here. A sale via a social platform can directly sync with Shopify, ensuring inventory management and sales tracking remain streamlined. 

With Private Label Extensions, sales on Instagram or Facebook sync directly into Shopify. This integration means an immediate notification of a new order from these platforms. 

Not only does this help in tracking sales, but it also ensures a cohesive e-commerce strategy.

Preparing for the Future

Zakiyrah and Mikey believe that Facebook and Instagram are poised to introduce even more innovative e-commerce features. 

Brands establishing themselves on these platforms will likely have a significant advantage when these updates roll out. 

These platforms will evolve and introduce tailored features to enhance the shopping experience. 

Brands that are adaptive and flexible will reap the rewards.

The e-commerce landscape is evolving, with social media platforms emerging as significant players. 

Brands that harness the power of these platforms stand to benefit immensely.

 Zakiyrah and Mikey emphasize that it's about staying updated, being adaptive, and ensuring your brand provides the most seamless shopping experience possible.

The modern and vibrant social media shopping experience.

Harnessing the Power of Coupons and Rewards Programs

Sales and discounts have always been powerful tools in any of their arsenal. 

But in an age where consumers are constantly bombarded with offers, how can you make yours stand out? 

Zakiyrah and Mikey have tapped into the pulse of modern marketing and have some juicy insights to share. 

With Black Friday on the horizon, but not limited to it, here’s how to amplify your sales and deepen customer loyalty using coupons and rewards.

Time It Right

Seasonality in sales is It's.  akiyrah's events or holidays present an excellent opportunity for promotions. 

Think Christmas, Thanksgiving, and St. Patrick's Day. When the world is in a festive mood, tap into that spirit with timely sales. 

Create sales for every holiday around the co . It’s a great way to keep your brand relevant and, in the end, show users’ minds.

Engage Deeply with Customers

Customer loyalty isn’t just about the first purchase. It's the subsequent interactions that count. 

Birthday sales are an excellent example. Restaurants send out coupons on birthdays, so why not your brand? 

Follow up with personalized messages and offers that show you care. Post-purchase coupons and follow-up emails are tools that many businesses underutilize. 

These not only encourage repeat business but also help in gauging customer satisfaction.

Reward Loyalty

Private Label has a robust rewards program for post-purchase interactions and birthdays. 

Customers' Reward points for reviews, special birthday bonuses, and more ensure customers have a reason to return. 

Rewards make customers feel valued. Private label's rewards program has been a massive hit, with customers eagerly accumulating and redeeming points.

Continual Engagement is Crucial

Don’t let the relationship go cold after a purchase. 

Engage with post-purchase emails, offer them a spot in your reward system if they haven’t already signed up, and ensure they feel valued after completing the transaction. 

But also, don't forget that post-purchase emails can include a thank-you note, a coupon for the next purchase, or even a prompt for a product review. 

Each interaction deepens the bond with the customer.

Stay Creative with Offers

Standing out is vital in a digital age where pop-ups and offers are ubiquitous. 

While tools like 'spin the wheel' for coupons were novel a few years ago, they might feel stale significantly today. 

The key is to remain innovative and continually find fresh ways to engage users. 

Trial to gauge consumer sentiment. While some might love a 'spin the critical el' discount, others might find it off-putting. Balance is key.

Coupons and rewards programs are not just tools to boost sales to Label's loyalty.

 In the   Zakiyrah and Mikey, a consistent and engaging rewards program and timely offers, can be a game-changer for your brand. 

It's all about valuing your customers,  isn't it that you care every step of the way.

The innovative marketing strategies in a retail setting.

The Value of the Follow-Up

In the bustling world of e-commerce, where transactions occur with a single click and consumers have countless choices, maintaining a lasting connection with your customers goes beyond the initial sale.

 Zakiyrah and Mikey emphasize that while securing a sale is crucial, the post-purchase journey holds invaluable potential. 

Let’s delve into the significance of the follow-up and how it can make or break customer loyalty.

Beyond the Purchase


Once a customer completes a purchase, the interaction shouldn’t end there.

 Reaching out post-purchase shows good customer service and an opportunity to offer more value. 

A personalized thank-you note or an exclusive post-purchase discount can make the customer feel valued and appreciated, making a positive, lasting impression.

Encourage Feedback


Feedback is gold for any business. It helps you understand your customers better, improve your products and services, and refine your overall strategy. 

But how do you encourage customers to share their thoughts? 

Offering rewards or discounts in exchange for product reviews can be a win-win. 

Customers feel their opinion matters, and businesses gain crucial insights while boosting their online credibility.


Strengthening the Bond

Following up post-purchase can significantly strengthen the bond between the brand and the customer. 

By showing that you genuinely care about their experience, you promote trust and foster a sense of community around your brand. 

Customers are likelier to return to brands that engage them post-purchase through feedback invitations, exclusive offers, or even simple thank-you messages.


Capitalizing on Word-of-Mouth

Happy customers can be your brand's best advocates. 

Encouraging reviews and feedback doesn’t just help your online presence; it also drives word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most powerful tools in any marketer's toolkit. 

Positive reviews often lead to referrals. You indirectly encourage them to spread the word about your brand by following up and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

The beauty of the follow-up lies in the chance for continuous improvement. 

By genuinely listening to your customers and acting on their feedback, you signal that you're committed to delivering the best. 

Make it a point to check in with customers long after their purchase periodically. Their insights can be instrumental in guiding future strategies.

The art of the follow-up is a delicate balance between showing appreciation, seeking feedback, and offering additional value. 

As Zakiyrah and Mikey from Hair Biz Radio highlight, the actual game begins after the purchase. 

By focusing on post-purchase engagement, businesses can foster loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and truly stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Spin the Wheel – A Passing Fad or Still Worth It?

Engaging your customers in a world brimming with marketing tactics can sometimes feel like spinning a wheel of chance, hoping to land on that jackpot strategy. 

Speaking of spinning, Zakiyrah and Mikey from Hair Biz Radio took a moment to discuss one such tactic under the limelight: the spin-the-wheel discount system. Has it spun its course, or is there still a chance to hit the jackpot?

The Attraction of the Unexpected


The appeal of the spin-the-wheel system lies in the thrill of the unknown. 

Customers are drawn to potentially landing a significant discount, making it a captivating way to grab attention. 

These systems were all the rage two years ago, creating a buzz and excitement for shoppers.”

Over Saturation Concerns

As with many innovative marketing tactics, once they gain traction, they become omnipresent. 

And sometimes, ubiquity can lead to fatigue. 

“With everyone jumping on the bandwagon, it began to lose its unique touch. Like the many pop-ups we come across, it can start to feel overdone.”

It's All About Balance

While the spin-the-wheel system might feel overused to some, it still has its fans, especially among those who love a good discount.  

“It can still be effective if executed correctly and sporadically. However, relying solely on it as a primary engagement tool might not be the best approach.”

Consider Your Audience

Knowing your target audience's preferences and behavior is key. 

The spin-the-wheel system could still hold considerable allure for some brands and demographics. 

“For those who love the thrill of discounts and games, it can be a hit. But always ensure it aligns with your brand identity and customer expectations.”

Alternatives to Consider

If you feel that the spin-the-wheel system might be fading in impact, numerous other creative ways exist to engage your audience and offer discounts.

 “Think of tiered discounts, loyalty programs, or flash sales. The key is to keep things fresh and exciting.”

Like many marketing trends, the spin-the-wheel system has seen its peak and now faces the challenge of saturation.

 However, this doesn't mean it's entirely off the table. As Zakiyrah and Mikey suggest, it's all about understanding your audience's context and ensuring you have a mix of strategies in your arsenal. 

As the wheel turns, it's essential to adapt, innovate, and, sometimes, give things another spin.

Exploring alternative marketing strategies

Capturing Emails: Old-School but Gold

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, trends come and go. 

Yet, some strategies, often termed 'old-school,' remain invaluable. One such golden nugget is the art of capturing emails. 

With the rise of fleeting social media stories and in-app ephemeral messages, trusty email is a reliable tool for prolonged engagement.

 Zakiyrah and Mikey delve into why this method remains timeless and how Private Label has harnessed its power to its advantage.

The Direct Line of Communication


Unlike social media platforms where your followers may or may not see your post, an email lands directly in a person's inbox, making it a more personal and direct communication.

“While social media algorithms can be unpredictable, an email offers a one-on-one connection with your audience.”


Building a Loyal Customer Base

By obtaining an individual's email, businesses can nurture a deeper relationship with potential customers.

 Regular newsletters, exclusive offers, and personalized messages can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal brand ambassador.

 “Engaging consistently via email helps build a rapport that transcends the often impersonal realm of online shopping.

Private Label's Strategy

One intriguing method Private Label uses is locking down their site to require registration before revealing product pricing. 

This strategic move ensures a genuine interest in their offerings and efficiently captures emails. 

“We see people registering throughout the day, meaning we're constantly gathering their email addresses. It's a simple yet effective strategy.”

Tailored Promotions

You can segment an email list to offer tailored promotions once you have an email list. 

Whether it's birthday discounts or special deals for frequent buyers, customization is the key to making your audience feel valued.  

“By understanding and categorizing your email subscribers, you can deliver content that resonates and compels them to take action.”

Security and Trust

While capturing emails is pivotal, ensuring that customers' data is secure and not bombarding them with excessive promotional content is crucial for maintaining trust. 

“Always be transparent about how you'll use the email addresses and ensure you provide valuable content that enriches the subscriber's experience.”

Capturing emails might seem like a traditional approach in a world dominated by instant gratifications and flashy marketing trends

Yet, its consistency, directness, and potential for genuine engagement make it a gold standard in digital marketing. 

As Private Label showcases, with the right strategy in place, old-school methods can bring in new-age results.

Closing Thoughts

As we journey through the various marketing landscapes, it becomes clear that strategies like these, while emphasized for Black Friday, are universal in their applicability. 

Each tactic, each method, and each insight can be adapted, molded, and repurposed to suit any promotional period or sales event throughout the year.

The essence of thriving in a constantly evolving market lies in refreshing your approach, keeping your content vibrant, and never letting your marketing strategies grow stale. 

In an age where consumer attention spans are fleeting, and new trends emerge almost daily, the unique blend of old-school wisdom and new-age creativity will set you apart.

We hope these insights empower you to elevate your brand's marketing efforts, regardless of season. 

For more nuggets, seasoned strategies, and lively discussions on hair business, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe to Hair Biz Radio. 

Let’s keep the conversation going, and until next time, keep those tresses beautiful and those marketing strategies sparkling. See you on the next one!

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