Effective Habits To Increase Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

Written by: Mikey Moran



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The world of entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. 

It has its highs, and it undoubtedly has its lows. For most of us, the dream of launching our own venture begins with passion. Yet, passion alone doesn't translate to success. With the inexorable demands of running a business, many entrepreneurs chase after every second of the day, looking to squeeze out more productivity. 

Yet, let’s be clear: while hustle is commendable, it's the smart hustle that truly sets the successful apart from the rest.

Today, amidst the hum of city sounds and the subtle clicks of recording equipment at Private Label Studios, Zakiyrah and I (Mikey) have a candid conversation about this topic. 

Donned in a striking wig, thanks to the premium quality hair of Private Label, Zakiyrah's look is the perfect embodiment of our message today – when you invest in quality, it shows. 

As we delve into the world of productivity, we're not just sharing rehearsed strategies but offering insights straight from our personal playbooks.

So, we invite you to pull up a chair, whether you're an entrepreneur at the start of your journey or a seasoned veteran looking to fine-tune your daily rhythm. 

The hustle might be relentless, but with the right strategies, it doesn't have to be exhausting. 

Let's dive deep into some practices that have transformed our lives, setting us on a path of efficiency, effectiveness, and, most importantly, balance. Welcome to our inside scoop on smart hustle.

Entrepreneur Mind Body and Heath

Mind What You Eat

We've all heard it: "You are what you eat." And while this might sound cliché, there's an undeniable truth to it, especially when it comes to sustaining the demanding lifestyle of an entrepreneur. 

Each food choice can be seen as an investment or withdrawal from our energy bank, and like any smart investor, we should be strategic about where we place our bets.

The Impact of Diet on Energy Levels and Mental Clarity

Have you ever felt that mid-afternoon slump, where your brain seems wrapped in fog, and every task feels ten times harder?

Often, it's not just about the lack of sleep or stress, but it can also be what we’ve consumed. 

Foods high in refined sugars or unhealthy fats can cause energy crashes, while a balanced meal can provide a steady fuel source.

For Zakiyrah, the realization of diet's impact on energy came through personal experimentation. 

Seeking a holistic way to elevate her well-being, she ventured into the world of alkaline diets. 

This wasn't about jumping onto the latest health trend but was a conscious decision to give her body what it deserved.

Feeling a Difference After an Alkaline Diet

The experience was enlightening. 

Within two months of adhering to an alkaline diet, Zakiyrah noticed profound changes. Her mornings were no longer characterized by grogginess or lethargy. Instead, she felt invigorated, alert, and ready to tackle the day. 

This wasn’t about a miraculous transformation but was a testament to how slight dietary shifts can improve one's daily routine.

Not About Extremes, But Conscious Choices

However, let's be clear: we're not advocating for everyone to suddenly switch to an alkaline diet or any extreme dietary regimen. 

It’s about making conscious choices. Monitor your intake of carbs, especially the refined ones. Limit those tempting fried foods that offer instant gratification but long-term fatigue. And perhaps most importantly, hydrate! 

Drinking ample water is a game changer, not just for physical health but for mental clarity, too.

Remember, as entrepreneurs, our greatest asset is our ability to think, strategize, and make decisions. 

And if a simple thing like minding our diet can amplify those abilities, then it’s an investment worth making. 

After all, the journey to success starts with the self, including what we choose to nourish our bodies with.

Incorporate Movement

When discussing productivity, it’s easy to focus solely on the mental aspects – organizing tasks, time management, or maintaining focus. 

Yet, a crucial component often overlooked is the physical. Our bodies and minds are interconnected, and movement plays a vital role in ensuring that both operate at their peak.

The Importance of Physical Activity for Cognitive Function and Mood


Research has consistently shown the positive effects of regular physical activity on our cognitive function and overall mental health. 

When we engage in movement, our body releases endorphins – often termed "feel-good hormones" – which can alleviate feelings of stress, enhance mood, and even improve memory and attention span.

In the bustling life of an entrepreneur, this is not just beneficial; it's essential.

For Mikey, incorporating daily movement isn’t just about the physical benefits.

 Walking is a multi-functional activity, especially in places like the Atlanta Beltline. 

Walking becomes an avenue for physical rejuvenation and mental relaxation, whether catching up with friends, tuning into enlightening podcasts, or simply enjoying the therapeutic silence.

Doesn't Require Gym Membership or Hardcore Workouts

The beauty of integrating movement into our routine is its simplicity. 

There's no need for expensive gym memberships or committing to grueling workouts (unless, of course, that’s your jam!). Something as basic as walking can make a world of difference. 

It's free and flexible and can be done almost anywhere.

Zakiyrah aptly reminds us that while taking inspiration from others is great, the key is finding what resonates with us personally.

 Maybe for you, it's dancing in your living room, stretching between work sessions, or taking those brief yet refreshing breaks to stroll around the block. 

Whatever it is, the goal is consistent movement, even in small doses.

Incorporating movement is a testament to the age-old saying, "A healthy body houses a healthy mind." 

So, next time you feel bogged down by a task, instead of reaching for that third cup of coffee, perhaps consider a short walk.

 It's a small step, quite literally, but its impact on your productivity and well-being can be profound.

Learning while exercising

Maximize Your Walks

In a world that celebrates multitasking, it's refreshing to find ways to do it right. 

And one of the perfect opportunities to merge leisure with learning is during walks. Here's how Zakiyrah makes the most of her strolls, turning them into productivity power walks.

Combining Activities: Zakiyrah’s Approach to Multitasking During Walks

Walking, for many of us, is a therapeutic experience in itself. 

It allows our minds to wander, and sometimes, in that wandering, we stumble upon our most creative ideas. 

Zakiyrah takes this further by maximizing her time during walks, cleverly interweaving different activities into one seamless experience.

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

Life gets hectic, especially in the whirlwind world of entrepreneurship. 

Often, we unintentionally put our personal relationships on the back burner. Zakiyrah utilizes her walks to catch up with loved ones and make those essential phone calls to friends and family. 

Maintaining personal connections while enjoying the scenic beauty is a win-win.

Listening to Educational Podcasts

The modern era has blessed us with many resources to learn and evolve constantly.

For Zakiyrah, her walks are also a time for personal growth. She gets to soak in knowledge on the move by plugging into enlightening podcasts. From entrepreneurial tips to personal development strategies, these auditory gems can transform a simple walk into a profound learning journey.

Embracing Silence for Enhanced Creativity

While multitasking is a fabulous way to optimize time, there's undeniable magic in moments of silence. 

Sometimes, Zakiyrah embraces the quiet, letting her mind drift freely. This isn't just a relaxation technique; it's a powerful tool to boost creativity. 

In the quiet moments, our brains process, ideate, and innovate, leading to breakthroughs we might never have stumbled upon in the noise of daily life.

Walking isn't just a physical exercise; it can be a holistic experience that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. 

By maximizing these moments, we improve our health and our personal and professional lives. So, the next time you step out for a walk, consider how to make it even more meaningful.

Personalize Your Routine

The entrepreneurial journey is intensely individualistic. 

While we're inundated with stories of successful routines, morning rituals, and productivity hacks, it's essential to remember a fundamental truth: one size doesn't fit all. 

Here's why it's imperative to carve out a path tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Understanding the Individuality of Routines

As we navigate success stories, it's easy to believe that adopting a specific routine will be our ticket to success. 

Whether it's waking up at 5 AM, meditating, or journaling, we often think these practices are the golden keys. 

However, what works wonders for one person might be entirely counterproductive for another.

Drawing Inspiration with a Grain of Salt

There's immense value in learning from others. 

Gleaning insights from those who've paved their paths can offer guidance and direction. 

However, it's just as crucial to approach these learnings with discernment. 

While Zakiyrah might find her solace and productivity boost from multitasking during walks, Mikey may thrive on an entirely different approach. 

The idea isn't to carbon-copy but to adapt.

Adapting to What Truly Works for You

Trial and error play a monumental role in discovering your ideal routine

You might need to experiment with various habits before deciding what feels right. The goal is to identify practices that resonate with your lifestyle, preferences, and end goals. 

It's about creating a bespoke routine that aligns seamlessly with who you are and where you want to be.

In conclusion, while the world will always have advice to offer, the most authentic and sustainable routines are those handcrafted for you. 

As you embark on your productivity journey, remember to value your individuality, drawing inspiration from others but always staying true to yourself.

Woman learning at coffee shop

Educate Yourself Continuously

In the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, staying stagnant isn’t an option. 

Continuous education is the fuel that keeps the entrepreneurial spirit ignited. It's not just about traditional education but about constantly curating knowledge from diverse sources that inspire growth and transformation. 

Let's delve deeper into how to keep your learning curve perpetually steep.

The Power of a Good Book


Books have always been timeless treasures of wisdom, and in our entrepreneurial journey, they've been instrumental. 

One gem we've encountered is "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. 

This isn't just another self-help book. It's a guide, a mentor who takes you through the intricate journey of building lasting habits. It emphasizes the power of small, daily habits and how they compound into significant life changes. 

This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to revamp their productivity and craft a life of purpose.

Tapping into the Wisdom of the Successful

While books offer structured knowledge, another goldmine of wisdom is often underrated: interviews of successful entrepreneurs. 

Mikey, for instance, has made it a routine to tune into these candid conversations. These interviews, often peppered with personal anecdotes, mistakes, triumphs, and unique insights, offer a real-world perspective that's both relatable and inspiring. 

By understanding their journeys, their daily routines, and the little hacks they employ, you gather actionable insights that can be tailored to your path.

Staying Curious, Staying Hungry


At the heart of continuous education lies an insatiable curiosity. 

Whether it's a transformative book, an enlightening podcast, or an engaging interview, the desire to know and be more drives it. 

In this ever-changing world, the more you learn, the more adaptable and resilient you become.

In wrapping up this section, remember that the quest for knowledge is never-ending.

It's this very journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning that shapes a successful entrepreneur. Embrace it, and watch how it revolutionizes your entrepreneurial narrative.

Value Your Time: Look For Shortcuts

Time, they say, is the most precious currency. 

In the entrepreneurial realm, this rings truer than ever. While every entrepreneur has the same 24 hours a day, the judicious use of these hours sets the successful apart from the rest. But how do you squeeze the most out of each ticking second? 

The answer lies in constantly seeking shortcuts and smarter ways to get things done. Here's our take on how to become a master of your time.

The Subtle Art of Tweaking Tech

Often, the most minor changes bring about the most profound impacts. 

Take, for instance, the computer mouse speed. You optimize navigation speed by accelerating it to its maximum potential, saving precious seconds with every click.

 It might seem trivial but think about the countless hours you spend on your computer. 

Now imagine saving even a fraction of that time every day. It accumulates into a significant chunk over weeks and months!

Deep Dive into Daily Drudgeries


Analyzing one's daily routine can be an eye-opener. 

For example, have you ever paused to consider how much time you spend on mundane activities like driving in and out of parking garages or manually wiring money at the bank? 

These routine tasks, while seemingly insignificant, add up. We realized that by seeking alternatives – be it choosing a residence with quicker access routes or leveraging online platforms for large, consistent wire transfers – we could reclaim hours every week. 

It's about observing, analyzing, and then optimizing.


The Constant Quest for Efficiency

Here's a question every entrepreneur should embed in their thought process: "Is there a better way?"

 This simple query prompts you to assess and reassess your methods continually. It pushes you to innovate, streamline, and evolve. 

It's a mindset that fosters growth and efficiency and an undying commitment to make the most of every moment.

In conclusion, valuing time is an art and a discipline. It's about being proactive, challenging the status quo, and, most importantly, recognizing that in the grand tapestry of entrepreneurship, every thread – every second – counts. 

Embrace these shortcuts, and you'll find yourself working hard and smart.

Woman Doing Business

Eliminate Redundancies

One thing became clear in our journey towards productivity nirvana: redundancies are the arch-nemesis of efficiency. 

They lurk in the most unsuspecting corners of our daily routines, siphoning away our time, drop by precious drop. What is the key to a streamlined workflow and optimized day? 

Identify these redundancies and ruthlessly eliminate them. Let's delve into Mikey's experience for a clearer picture.

From Banking Queues to a Click Away

In the age of digitization, one wouldn't expect manual bank wire transfers to be a part of anyone’s routine. 

But sometimes, habits formed over the years, or certain limitations, tether us to the old ways. Mikey was ensnared in such a cycle, investing two hours weekly visiting the bank for manual wire transfers. 

It wasn't just the time spent inside the bank; the commute, the waiting, and the entire process became a weekly ordeal.

However, a deeper dive into the digital alternatives presented a solution.

 Transitioning to efficient online methods was a game-changer. This eliminated the need for weekly bank visits and reduced the time spent on each transaction from a few hours to mere seconds. 

The annual time savings were staggering.

The True Cost of Redundancies

Mikey's story underscores the cascading impact of redundancies on our lives. 

It isn't just about the immediate hours saved. It's about the opportunity cost.

 Think of the other productive tasks, personal or professional, that could be addressed in the time otherwise lost to redundant activities.

When we talk about streamlining, it's essential to realize that it's not always about cutting out big chunks of wasted time; sometimes, it's about recognizing and addressing these small, recurring inefficiencies. 

These little time-savers add up over days, weeks, and months, significantly impacting our productivity and overall quality of life.

In conclusion, the path to peak productivity requires vigilance. 

It demands that we constantly audit our routines, spot the redundancies, and seek more efficient alternatives. 

As Mikey’s experience illuminates, sometimes, the most significant wins come from the straightforward shifts.

Staying Organized Doing Business

Stay Connected & Share Resources

One thread remains consistent in the vast tapestry of entrepreneurial ventures: collaboration. 

No entrepreneur, no matter how skilled, achieves success in isolation. The collective knowledge, shared experiences, and willingness to pool resources often make the difference between stagnation and growth.

Your Productivity Goldmine

We've shared our insights and stories, but we're under no illusion that we've cornered the market on productivity hacks. 

Every individual and every entrepreneur has a unique set of tools and tricks that help them navigate the challenges of their daily grind. 

And here's the thing: your hack might be someone else desperately searching for the exact solution.

So, we encourage you, our cherished readers, to join the conversation. 

Share your own productivity gems, the tools you can't live without, and the insights that have transformed your workdays. 

Let's make this space a reservoir of entrepreneurial wisdom where we can dip in and become richer in knowledge and strategy.

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Let’s leverage the power of community to fuel our individual and collective growth. Combined with ours, your insights can create a repository of entrepreneurial wisdom that benefits us all. 

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Stay Inspired, Stay Productive!

In the hustle and bustle of entrepreneurial life, it's easy to confuse activity with productivity. 

But as we've highlighted throughout this post, it's not merely about doing more; it's about doing what matters most and well.

 Embracing the shared strategies is a step towards ensuring every minute you spend propels you closer to your goals.

Your entrepreneurial journey, with all its ups and downs, twists and turns, is uniquely yours. 

While guidance and insights from others can be invaluable, it's essential to remember that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. 

So, as you navigate this path, take inspiration, adapt, and mold strategies to fit your vision and circumstances.

Continuous improvement isn't just a business strategy; it's a mindset. 

It's about waking up each day eager to learn, adapt, and grow. And as you walk this path, pay attention to the details. 

Because, in the vast landscape of productivity, it's often the little things—the habits we form, the choices we make, the routines we establish—that compound over time to create massive impact.

So, dear readers, as you set out to conquer your dreams, remember: Every step, every choice, every moment can be a brick in the monument of your success. 

Craft your journey with wisdom, intention, and an unwavering belief in your potential.

Stay inspired, stay productive, and keep making those smart moves. 

We're cheering for you every step of the way!

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