Untangling Common Marketing Blunders: Insights on Hair Businesses with Sherman Standberry

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Hello, dear readers! I'm Sherman Standberry, recording straight from Private Label Studios, with some crucial insights for you. 

As someone who has invested countless hours and resources into understanding the hair business, I've got a few marketing truths that I've unearthed that could save you from making costly mistakes.

Opening Note: I remember vividly those years I spent in the dark, unaware of the business dynamics. 

If I could pay to have that time back, I would, to the best of my current knowledge. Fortunately for you, you won't have to. 

In this post, I'm unveiling the critical mistakes of many hair businesses.

Inadequate Advertising Costs and ROI Estimations

As business owners, there's this temptation to dive headfirst into advertising, paying top-dollar for high-level consultants without a full grasp of potential returns. 

We want results, and we want them fast! But while some might gawk at the amount spent on advertising, it's crucial to understand that the focus should be on the returns that can be achieved. But beware! 

This doesn't mean results will be instantaneous.

Lack of Patience and Commitment to the Process

In today's culture of instant gratification, patience seems to be in short supply. 

Many businesses cut their campaigns short or abandon efforts like blogging after a few tries. The truth is marketing endeavors like blogging or vlogging require time to produce significant results. 

Businesses often expect quick returns, but manifesting the snowball effect might take six to twelve months. Patience, my friend, is more than just a virtue here; it's a necessity.

Ignoring Consistency in Marketing Efforts

Consistency in marketing can't be stressed enough. Random spurts of activity followed by long silences won’t do the trick. 

To drive the message home, consider this analogy by Gary Vaynerchuk: “I know exactly how to get a six-pack, but I don't have one.” 

The recipe for success is simple, but the consistency in application is where many fall short.

Chasing Vanity Metrics and Misunderstanding Real Value

Many businesses get caught chasing followers or likes, especially on platforms like Instagram. 

While these might temporarily boost morale, they don't necessarily translate to sales or brand loyalty. 

It's essential to differentiate between mere popularity and genuine marketing impact.

Stepping into the marketing realm without adequate knowledge can feel like navigating a minefield. 

But armed with these insights and a commitment to learning, adapting, and growing, you can sidestep common pitfalls and propel your hair business to greater heights. 

Remember, it's not just about avoiding mistakes; it's about consistently making the right moves. Stay tuned for more insights, and as always, keep those tresses fabulous!

The Importance of Customer Experience Over Aesthetic

Instagram-perfect Salon vs. Genuine Care: There’s an alarming trend among newer hair businesses to invest heavily in creating Instagram-perfect salons but skimping on the actual customer experience. 

While aesthetics might attract customers initially, genuine care, exceptional service, and product quality keep them returning and referring. Your brand's essence isn't in its appearance alone; it's in the totality of your experience.

Diversify or Perish: The Myth of One-size-fits-all

Sticking to a Singular Strategy: Relying on a singular marketing strategy or platform is akin to putting all your eggs in one basket.

 Platforms evolve, trends change, and algorithms shift. Businesses must diversify their marketing mix, explore multiple channels, and be adaptable to stay relevant.

Authentic Engagement: Building Real Connections

Beyond Automated Replies: The rise of bots and automated replies has made interactions less personal. 

While automation can streamline processes, genuine human interaction has an undeniable value. When a customer reaches out, take the time to respond authentically, build connections, and establish trust. 

Automated messages can't replace the warmth and understanding of a human touch.

The marketing landscape, especially in the hair business, is ever-evolving

Companies can create lasting impressions and foster loyal customer bases by understanding the more profound principles of value, experience, diversification, and engagement. 

It's not about short-term gains; it's about building a sustainable, reputable brand that stands the test of time. As the old saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day," and neither is a successful hair business.

Quality Over Quantity: The Misconception of More is Better

The Quantity Trap: One of the biggest pitfalls I've observed is businesses believing that posting more frequently or running more ads will automatically equate to more success. 

This is a misconception. Flooding your audience with mediocre content can be more detrimental than beneficial.

Depth Over Breadth: It's better to produce one high-quality blog post, video, or ad that resonates deeply with your audience than ten that barely scratches the surface.

 Prioritize quality over quantity every time. Crafting a well-researched, engaging post will hold far more value than several hastily put-together ones.

Understanding Your Audience: The Backbone of Effective Marketing

Not Just Numbers

 A common oversight is viewing your audience merely as statistics on a dashboard. 

However, a real individual is behind every click, share, or purchase. Dive deep into understanding their preferences, pain points, and aspirations.

Engaging Conversations

 One of the best ways to truly know your audience is by actively engaging with them. Use surveys, engage in the comment section, or host Q&A sessions. 

These insights will drive your marketing strategy forward, ensuring you deliver content and campaigns that resonate.

Evolving with the Times: Stay Updated or Get Left Behind

The Constantly Changing Landscape

The digital world constantly changes. What worked yesterday might not necessarily work today. 

Hair businesses that stick stubbornly to old strategies without adapting will be left in the dust.

Continuous Learning

Stay abreast of the latest trends, tools, and technologies. Attend workshops, webinars, and seminars. 

Engage in online forums. The goal is to be on the cutting edge, always ready to pivot and adapt as the digital landscape morphs.


The road to successful marketing is paved with challenges, but understanding the core principles and being adaptable can make the journey smoother. 

From patience to understanding your audience, each aspect plays a crucial role. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

So, gear up, remain consistent, and, most importantly, stay connected to your audience.

Navigating the Digital Marketing Landscape

Adaptability is Key 

In the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing, what's in vogue today might be obsolete tomorrow. 

Hair businesses must remain adaptable, always looking for emerging trends and strategies.

Value Over Volume

 Opting for volume is tempting in the clamor for attention on social media platforms. 

However, a more prudent approach is focusing on delivering value. Share actionable tips, engaging stories about hair care, and relatable customer testimonials. 

Quality content will always trump sheer quantity.

Building Relationships: Beyond Just Business

Engage With Your Community 

Hair is deeply personal, and people will likely be more loyal to brands they connect with.

 Engage with your followers, respond to comments, and show appreciation for their loyalty.

Transparency Builds Trust 

Be open about your business practices, materials sourcing, and any challenges you face. In a world rife with misinformation, your transparency can set you apart.

digital marketing strategies for hair businesses in a constantly evolving landscape

Final Thoughts and Tips

Consistency with Marketing: Think of marketing as tending to a garden. Regular attention and care yield the most beautiful blooms. 

Your efforts need to be consistent to see lasting results.

Seek Authentic Knowledge: The digital age has its share of charlatans. 

Always do your due diligence when seeking guidance or mentorship. At Private Label, we prioritize genuine, actionable insights over flashy gimmicks.

Our blog at LYFE Marketing is a goldmine for those passionate about diving deeper into the intricacies of marketing. 

And for those taking the first steps in the hair business, we've got a special treat for you: a distinctive logo design from the talented folks at Private Label!

With the top-notch quality of Private Label wigs as a testament, I'm here to help pave your way. 

Stay passionate, remain steadfast, and trust in your journey. I eagerly await the stories of your successes.

In the words of the hairstyling maestros, "Keep those tresses luscious, and let your businesses be prosperous!" Until we meet again!

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