Hair Extension Marketing in 2021 - What You Need To Do Now!

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Hey there! It's Zakiyrah and Mikey here, vibing with you straight from the buzzing environment of Private Label Studios. 

To paint you a picture, we're surrounded by all things hair. This gorgeous wig we've crafted using premium hair from Private Label is right next to us. 

We've got to say, it's a showstopper!

Now, diving right into why we're here. We've been in the hair business for what feels like a lifetime, and oh boy, has it been a journey! 

Every year comes with its challenges, trends, and innovations. And from where we stand, 2021 is already shaping up to be a standout year in hair extension marketing.

Listen up for those who've been rocking the hair extension business or have just taken the plunge. 

This is your moment! There has never been a pivotal time to ace your marketing strategies and propel your brand to stellar heights. 

Want to know the secrets? Stay with us as we unravel the golden nuggets from our treasure trove of experiences. 

It's time to get the inside scoop on what's worked wonders for us and how it can skyrocket your business, too. 

Buckle up, friends, because this will be a roller-coaster ride of knowledge, insights, and all things HAIR! 

The Fearless Beauty Hair Business Blueprint

A Blueprint Like No Other

Hold onto your seats because we're about to share the culmination of years of hard work, experience, and sheer passion for the hair industry. 

Introducing... the Fearless Beauty Hair Business Blueprint. A guide, a mentor, and your new best friend in the hair business journey. 

This isn't just another guide; it's the essence of everything we've learned and practiced over the years.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Before we dive deep into the blueprint, let's rewind a little. 

Picture this: It's late 2014. The world of Facebook groups isn't as saturated as it is now. We took a leap of faith and established our very own group. 

Fast forward to today, our little community has grown leaps and bounds. We've nurtured this group daily through 2015, 2016, 2017, etc. It's been a place of learning, sharing, and growing together.

Not Just Another Book

Now, the big reveal! We've poured our heart, soul, and countless hours into crafting an upcoming book. 

But trust us when we say it's not just another book. It's a comprehensive guide tailored for every hair business aspirant out there. 

From the basics to the intricate details, we've covered it all. 

We've seen the struggles and understood the challenges, and this book is our way of saying, "We've got you!"

A Guide for Every Entrepreneur

While our blueprint and book are crafted with the hair business at its core, its teachings go beyond that. 

The first four chapters are a goldmine if you're an entrepreneur, irrespective of your niche. 

The foundational principles remain the same whether you're into cosmetics, phone cases, or any product under the sun. 

Strip away the hair-specific lingo, and you have a guide that resonates with any entrepreneurial journey.

Our Fearless Beauty Hair Business Blueprint is more than just a manual. 

It's a movement, an initiative, and a beacon of hope for every budding entrepreneur. And we can't wait for you to be a part of it!

The Essence of Success - Consistency and Education

Consistency - The Unsung Hero

If there's one mantra we've sworn by in our journey, it's this - Consistency is key. 

In the dynamic world of the hair industry, it's easy to get overwhelmed or even lost amidst trends that change in the blink of an eye. 

But remember, while trends come and go, a consistent approach to your craft and business creates lasting trust. 

Whether it's nurturing our Facebook group since 2014 or launching new hair products, the persistent grind and unwavering commitment have helped us carve our niche.

Never Stop Learning

Here's a little secret - the moment you think you know it all is the moment you start falling behind. 

The hair industry, like any other, is ever-evolving. And the only way to stay ahead? Continuous learning. 

Whether attending seminars, reading the latest books, or diving deep into YouTube tutorials, every bit of new knowledge is a feather in your cap. 

Even with Netflix beckoning, our late-night learning sessions prove that education never goes out of style.

Your Business - A Book of Many Chapters

Think of your business journey as a book. Some chapters are thrilling and filled with successes and breakthroughs. 

Others might test your patience with challenges and learning curves. And that's okay! 

As we've often found ourselves at different chapters in our journey, it's essential to remember that every chapter adds depth and character to your story, no matter how tough. 

So, whether you're just penning down the foreword or are several chapters in, relish the journey and keep turning the pages.

Set Realistic Expectations and Be Patient

In an age of instant gratification, patience might seem like a forgotten virtue. But trust us, it's the very essence of sustainable success. 

While it's great to have sky-high ambitions, grounding them with realistic expectations ensures you don't set yourself up for undue frustration. 

Understand that success isn't overnight. The little progress you make daily, the 1% improvements, compounding over time to create monumental growth.

In wrapping up this section, if there's one thing we'd like you to take away, it's this - your journey in the hair industry, or any business for that matter, is uniquely yours.

 Embrace the challenges, celebrate the successes, and, most importantly, stay consistent and curious. 

Your success story is just waiting to be written.

hair entrepreneur reading business book

How To Be Productive

Striking the Right Balance Between Relaxation and Work

It's a myth that non-stop grinding is the only way to success. 

As we've navigated our journey, one thing has become clear: allowing ourselves some downtime refreshes the mind and sparks creativity. 

It's all about finding that sweet balance. Those late nights at the Private Label Studios crafting the perfect wig are essential, but so are those moments when we're simply chilling, letting our minds wander, and rejuvenating for the next big thing.

Harnessing the Power of Platforms Like YouTube

When it comes to continuous learning, platforms like YouTube are a goldmine.

 We've lost count of the times a simple video tutorial has provided us with a solution or a fresh perspective. 

Whether looking for styling techniques, understanding new hair care products, or getting insights into the latest trends, YouTube offers a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. 

Remember, it's not always about structured learning; sometimes, those impromptu YouTube sessions deliver the most value.


Staying Ahead with New Software and Technologies

Adaptability is the game's name in an era of rapid technological advancements. 

We often discover a new feature in our software or adapt to a technology that promises to make our processes smoother. 

Whether it's a new booking system, a customer relationship management tool, or even an app streamlining our inventory, we're always on the lookout. 

Embracing technology increases efficiency and gives you that competitive edge in the market.

As we wrap up this section, here's a nugget from our experience: productivity isn't about relentless hustle. 

It's about working smart, knowing when to take a break, and leveraging resources and technology to your advantage. 

In a fast-paced world, being productive is about being adaptive, informed, and, most importantly, passionate about your work.

 After all, when passion meets productivity, magic happens!

Essential Marketing Trends for 2021

Staying Ahead by Keeping Abreast of Latest Marketing Trends

Hey, let's face it: in the dynamic world of hair extensions and beauty, the landscape is ever-evolving. 

If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's the undeniable importance of staying updated with the latest marketing strategies

The trends that worked wonders last year might not have the same impact this year. That's our industry's beauty (no pun intended) and challenge. 

2021 is no exception; with shifts in consumer behavior, new digital platforms, and innovative marketing techniques, it's crucial to be in the know to position your hair extension business effectively.

The 1% Daily Improvement Mantra

It sounds simple, right? But trust us, this principle has been a game-changer for us.

 The idea is straightforward: aim to improve just 1% every day in whatever you do, whether it's your marketing tactics, customer relations, product quality, or personal skills. 

When you accumulate those daily 1% improvements over a year, the compounded growth is staggering. By year-end, you won't just see improvement; you'll witness a transformation! 

It's about making consistent, small strides daily, leading to leaps of progress by the end of the year. 

Imagine enhancing your marketing strategy, one small tweak at a time, and seeing where it takes you in 365 days!

In conclusion, 2021 is a year brimming with opportunities. 

But to seize them, one needs to be proactive, informed, and adaptable. It's not just about understanding the latest trends but also about integrating them seamlessly into your strategy. 

Couple that with the power of consistent daily improvements, and you're setting your hair extension business up for some serious growth. 

Here's to rocking the hair industry this year! 

 staying ahead in the hair extension business

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Engaging Across Podcast Platforms

Hey, lovely listeners! First, thank you for joining our Hair Biz Radio family. 

We genuinely cherish every single one of you. Did you know that we're not just on one platform? 

We've expanded our reach across various podcast platforms to ensure that no matter where you are, you can tune in and get the latest on the hair industry.

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Psst... A Little Teaser for Our Loyal Listeners

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We're still in the early stages, but trust us when we say it will be valuable. Want it to happen? 

Engage with us, drop those comments, and let's turn this potential into a reality!

Wrapping it up, it's essential to remember that Hair Biz Radio isn't just a podcast; it's a community. 

We're here, sharing, learning, and growing together. And as always, we're all ears, ready to listen, and eager to engage.

 So, come on and join the conversation. Let's make the hair business world a tad more fabulous together!

Till then!

In the ever-evolving realm of the hair extension business, three key elements stand out - consistency, education, and being in the know with the latest trends.

 It's not just about selling; it's about crafting an experience, a brand, and a legacy.

Whether you're a visual learner catching our insights on YouTube or someone who loves to absorb wisdom through audio on our podcast, every morsel of knowledge you gain today is a brick in the grand edifice of your future success. 

Remember, the journey in the hair business is long and winding, but with each step taken in the right direction, the horizon becomes clearer and the path more defined.

So, come along! Dive deep into the mesmerizing world of hair extension marketing with us. 

Let's not just dream; let's actualize those dreams. Let's not just run a business; let's make it thrive, flourish, and inspire.

Stay fabulous, stay hungry for knowledge, and always aim for the stars. 

Here's to our collective success and to many more enlightening conversations. Until our next chat, keep those locks luscious and that entrepreneurial spirit alive!

Take care, and shine on!

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