Mastering the Art of Hairstyling: Success Secrets with A'bril Elon

Written by: Mikey Moran



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The Power of Internships

When I think back to where it all began, I can't help but highlight the significance of internships. 

While many of my peers were eagerly seeking out internships, I was pondering my next move, waiting for that right moment.

 It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon a unique opportunity – an internship at a hair salon. Not just any salon, but one that believed in paying its interns. 

And just like that, my first major break in the hairstyling world was handed to me. I remember those initial days – the excitement, the learning, and the hands-on experience I was soaking in. 

This stint, albeit short, was instrumental in giving me a tangible taste of the professional hairstyling arena.

The Bonds that Shape Us

In any profession, relationships matter. But in the world of hairstyling, they can make or break your career. 

My journey underscores the importance of nurturing and maintaining relationships. A valuable lesson I learned early on was to treat everyone with respect, kindness, and professionalism. 

When I look back, I realize how those relationships came full circle. For instance, the salon owner who had once given me my first break ended up collaborating with me in a different capacity years later. 

This experience reiterated an age-old adage: Never burn your bridges, and always do what is right by people. As unpredictable as life is, times change, and the tables often turn.

Navigating the Business Landscape

If there's one thing I've learned about business, it's ever-evolving. 

The highs, lows, unexpected twists, and turns are all part of the package. As an entrepreneur, it's essential to be grounded yet agile. To expect challenges but to always remain optimistic. 

I've faced my fair share of setbacks, including a business failure that took me from a career high to a challenging low. But these experiences, particularly the failures, were enlightening. They shaped my perspective, honed my skills, and propelled me toward continuous growth and innovation.

Passion Fuels the Craft

At the heart of every hairstylist is a burning passion – a love for the craft that goes beyond just techniques and tools. 

For me, that passion has always been about curls. There's something magical about them. From silk presses to various curl patterns, their versatility is unparalleled. 

And it's not just about the aesthetic appeal; it's the joy of styling, transforming a look, and bringing a vision to life. Among the many tools I've experimented with, the H2 Pro Shi stands out. 

It's my go-to for achieving the perfect curls for a breezy day out or a glamorous evening affair.

To sum it up:

Becoming a successful hairstylist is not just about mastering the craft; it's about the journey – the experiences, the relationships, the lessons, and above all, the passion. 

As I sit here, reflecting on my journey, I'm grateful for every person I've met and every challenge and opportunity I've been given. 

And while the path to success is unique for each of us, one thing remains constant – the unwavering commitment to the craft and the pursuit of excellence. 

So, to all the budding hairstylists out there, embrace your journey, cherish every moment, and always remember to let your passion shine through.

Lessons in Relationships

Navigating the world of hairstyling isn't just about the tools and techniques; it's equally about the relationships you form and the impressions you leave behind.

 From the salon owner who gave me my first break to clients who trusted me, it's a network of relationships built on trust, respect, and genuine appreciation. A key takeaway? 

Never underestimate the value of staying connected, simple interactions, or small acts of kindness. They go a long way and often come back bearing unexpected opportunities and collaborations.

 Embracing the Business Side

One's skills don't solely determine success in hairstyling with scissors or a curling iron. Understanding and navigating the business landscape is equally pivotal.

 From my highs to facing a business setback, each experience has been a lesson, teaching me resilience, adaptability, and the importance of forward-thinking. 

Entrepreneurship in hairstyling means being prepared for surprises, being flexible yet rooted in your core values, and constantly learning and innovating.

Finding Your Signature Style

Every hairstylist has a signature, something they're renowned for. 

For me, it's always been about curls. The curls' transformational power, versatility, and joy of creating them have always captivated me. 

While I have dabbled with various tools, the H2 Pro Shi has been a favorite, helping me achieve the perfect curls that resonate with my style and brand.

Ultimately, becoming a hairstylist is filled with twists, turns, lessons, and revelations.

 It's not just about honing a skill but about developing a holistic understanding of the industry, building lasting relationships, and finding your unique voice and style. 

Every experience, whether a professional high or a setback, shapes, molds, and prepares you for the next chapter. Remember, to all those venturing into this field, it's a journey of continuous learning and personal growth. 

Embrace each moment, cherish each lesson, and let your unique style shine through.

Understanding the Business Dynamics

Creativity and business acumen must go hand in hand in the hairstyling industry. The reality of business is that it's unpredictable. 

You might soar to great heights one moment and face challenges the next. My journey had its share of ups and downs, from experiencing rapid growth to witnessing unexpected twists. 

The key is always being prepared, staying grounded, and pushing for excellence. Expecting the unexpected is essential, but always aiming for the best.

 Finding Passion in Your Craft

My love for hairstyling isn't just about making someone look good; it's about the art and the technique behind it. 

Among the many styles and techniques I've mastered, curling hair holds a special place in my heart. 

The ability to transform hair with curls, whether tight, loose, big, or small, is truly magical. It's not just about the final look but the joy and satisfaction in the process that truly counts.

Giving Back and Sharing Wisdom

My message to all young hair entrepreneurs is clear: Stay consistent, promote yourself, be ready to adapt, and never stop learning. 

The hair industry is vast, and opportunities are endless. From unpaid gigs that offer invaluable exposure to establishing a strong clientele, every step counts.

 It's about the commitment, the drive, and the passion that will ultimately define your success.

Stay Connected

For those keen on following my journey and getting a personal touch of my craft, you can find me at my salon in Atlanta. 

Engage with me on social media, and let's continue this conversation and grow together. 

Remember, every hair tells a story, and I'm here to make sure yours shines the brightest.

Crafting Your Unique Style

Every hairstylist has a unique touch, and finding that signature style can be a transformative experience. 

For me, the magic lies in curling hair. From the artful twirl of the curling iron to the satisfaction of seeing the perfect curl, it's a process I cherish. 

Whether it's achieving the soft waves of a beachy look or the tight curls of a vintage glam style, mastering the technique was a journey of its own. 

It's not just about replicating a style but adding your personal touch.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

In this fast-paced industry, styles and techniques constantly evolve. What's trendy today might not be tomorrow.

 Hence, continuous learning and adapting are crucial. While I have my favorites, I always ensure I'm up-to-date with the latest techniques and tools. 

From understanding the difference in tools like the fabulous H2 Pro Shi to mastering the art of coloring, I've always believed in evolving with the times.

Valuing Every Opportunity

Every opportunity, whether big or small, paid or unpaid, has the potential to lead you to greater heights. 

Some of my most memorable experiences and valuable connections came from unpaid gigs. It's all about the exposure, the people you meet, and the experiences you gain. 

Whether working for fashion shows, collaborating with athletes, or styling for the music industry, every opportunity teaches you something new.

Building Your Network and Brand

Today, I'm not just a hairstylist; I'm a brand. Building that brand involved a lot of hard work, consistency, and networking. 

Using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I've showcased my work and connected with people worldwide. Word of mouth and personal recommendations play a massive role in this industry. 

By doing right by people and consistently delivering quality, I've created a name synonymous with excellence in hairstyling.

The Personal Touch in Tools and Techniques

Every hairstylist has a collection of tools they swear by, and I'm no different.

 Opening my cabinet, you'd find a tangled array of cords and various devices, each with its unique purpose. 

Depending on the client's hair type and the desired look, I adjust temperatures and choose specific tools. 

Whether working with natural hair or crafting a particular style, it's all about finding the right tool for the job.

The "This or That" of Hairstyling

In the world of hairstyling, choices are endless. Quick weaves or sew-ins? Darker hair colored up or lighter hair colored down? Tape-ins or clip-ins? Braids or faux locs? 

Every stylist has their preferences, and I've developed mine over years of hands-on experience. It's a continuous journey of discovery as new trends emerge and client preferences evolve.

Valuable Advice to Aspiring Hairstylists

For those of you eager to carve a niche in the hairstyling industry, remember that consistency is key. 

Whether it's your approach, technique, or promotional activities, staying consistent while continually improving is essential. Networking plays a massive role, too. 

Often, it's not just what you know but who you know. So, keep building those bridges, attending events, and engaging with potential clients and fellow professionals. And always, always value the relationships you forge along the way.

Sharing Personal Insights

In the ever-evolving world of hairstyling, it's about mastering techniques and understanding preferences – yours and your clients. 

Over the years, I've come to recognize some of my personal favorites, which are often reflected in the styles I create. Here's a little peek into those choices:

Quick Weaves vs. Sewing

 While both methods have merits, I lean towards quick weaves. They offer a faster solution that looks just as fabulous as sew-ins.

Coloring Darker Hair

There's something magical about transforming darker hair. I always opt to color up darker hair shades. 

The depth and richness it provides as a base can produce some truly stunning results.

Tape Ends vs. Clip Ends

While clip-ins provide versatility, tape ends are my go-to. 

They offer a more seamless look and feel, making them perfect for those who want a natural appearance.

Braids vs. Faux Locs

 Braids have a special place in my heart. They're versatile, timeless, and always in trend. 

The possibilities are endless, whether a classic cornrow or a chic French braid.

These choices resonate with my styling philosophy and showcase my preferences. 

However, each client is unique, and I always prioritize their desires and comfort, blending my expertise with their vision to craft the perfect look.


Reaching Out and Building Your Network

In this dynamic industry, talent is paramount, as is the network you build around it. 

I've traveled a long road in my hairstyling journey, and if there's one thing I've come to cherish, it's the connections I've made along the way.

 Here's my golden nugget of advice for all budding hairstylists:


 The hair industry is as much about skill as reputation. Building a consistent brand image, delivering consistently good results, and maintaining a steady presence in your client's lives are essential. 

When clients can rely on you to deliver every single time, they return and become your brand ambassadors.

Evolve, Don’t Rest

The hairstyling world is always in flux. New techniques, products, and styles emerge regularly. 

Finding a comfort zone as a stylist is easy, but true success lies in continuous evolution. Learn, adapt, and offer the latest to your clientele.

Promote Thyself

In today's digital age, self-promotion is crucial. Be it through business cards, social media, or branded merchandise, ensure you are visible. 

Tell people about your work, specialties, and unique selling points.

Find Your Tribe

 Collaborate with influencers or other professionals. Barter services, find ambassadors, or simply engage in networking events. 

Not all work will be paid initially, but the exposure, learning, and connections can be invaluable.

Value of Connections

Your talent will be your pillar, but the connections you forge will open doors. Always remember, in many cases, who you know can be as vital as what you know.

 Forge genuine relationships, maintain them, and see how they transform your journey.

Embarking on a hairstyling career is both exciting and challenging. Equip yourself with skills, a proactive mindset, an open heart, and a hunger to learn. The world of hairstyling awaits your magic touch!

Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

The path to success, especially in the dynamic world of hairstyling, isn't linear. 

It's filled with twists, turns, and sometimes unexpected detours. But the passion for the craft, relentless pursuit of excellence, and the community we build around ourselves make the journey worth it.

Being in the heart of Atlanta has allowed me to connect with so many of you. 

Whether you're a loyal client or a fellow hairstylist seeking collaboration, know that my door at 1514 Cleveland Avenue is always open. 

Drop by, share a story, or simply get inspired!

For the digital enthusiasts, I'm just a click away. Dive into my world through my social media handle, “abrilelon,” on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Explore the latest hairstyles, behind-the-scenes moments, or fun, candid snapshots.

To every budding hairstylist reading this, remember that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. 

Embrace it, learn from it, and let it propel you forward.

Lastly, a heartfelt shoutout to the Private Label team for their unwavering support and to Wanda for that fantastic shirt.

 Fashion and hair go hand in hand, and these little elements make our world more colorful.

For all hair enthusiasts, make sure you tune into Hair Biz Radio. It's a treasure trove of insights, experiences, and narratives from the industry's best.

With all my love and best wishes,

A'bril Elon 

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