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When you find your true calling, it often consumes you. 

There's no 'off' switch; your passion intertwines with your identity, creating a seamless blend of work and life. I've always admired such passionate individuals, and it was my sheer privilege to converse with one recently. 

Let me take you along for an enlightening chat I had with the brilliant Jewels Jones.

Do you know those moments when you walk into a space, and the ambiance fills you with awe?

 That's precisely how I felt as I entered the gorgeous Private Label Studios. The gleaming lights, the chic decor, and, most notably, the breathtaking array of wigs, each strand seemingly telling its story. 

As I took a moment to marvel at these wigs, all crafted meticulously with hair from Private Label, I could feel the dedication and commitment it took to create each piece.

And then, there she was, radiating a unique blend of grace and confidence. Jewels Jones is synonymous with the highly revered Embrace Me Naturally Salon.

 As we settled into our conversation, it was evident that her journey was more than just about hair. 

It was about embracing oneself, understanding the nuances of the business, and the importance of never-ending learning.

Our conversation flowed smoothly, from her entrepreneurial spirit to the intricacies of the natural hair industry. 

Every word she uttered felt like a pearl of wisdom, which, when strung together, created a necklace of insights I was eager to share with all of you.

Stay with me as we delve deeper into the world of Jewels Jones, explore her passion, and unearth the treasures of her experience. 

Welcome to our chat with the one and only Jewels Jones of Embrace Me Naturally Salon.

The Mindset of Ownership

The Difference Between Being an Employee and an Entrepreneur


It's a compelling dichotomy. As Jewels elucidated, being an entrepreneur is not just a job—it's a lifestyle. 

Unlike a 9-to-5 role where you might leave your tasks at the office door, an entrepreneur's mind is constantly whirring, always searching for the next opportunity, the next challenge. 

It's a world where your business and personal life seamlessly merge, and "off hours" become a rare commodity. Yet, she wisely reminded us that entrepreneurship isn't for everyone. 

Some find their true purpose in roles they excel in without bearing the weight of ownership. And that's perfectly okay. What's essential is recognizing where your strengths lie and where your heart finds joy.

Treating Your Job with an Owner's Mentality and How it Can Open Doors


Jewels shared a golden piece of advice for employees: treat your job as if you owned the business. 

It’s about more than just ticking boxes; it's about genuinely caring for the company's success, questioning processes, and suggesting improvements. 

Employees bring immense value by adopting an owner's mindset, going beyond their designated roles. This proactive attitude benefits the business and paves the way for personal growth and advancement. 

When you show dedication, initiative, and care, you become indispensable. Doors swing open, opportunities arise, and you rise through the ranks, often faster than you might think.

The Value of Perspective and Attitude in any Professional Setting


In any profession, your mindset can be your most potent tool. Jewels emphasized this during our discussion. 

How you view your role, contributions, and potential can drastically affect your trajectory. A passive, "it’s just a job" mentality might see you stagnating, whereas a proactive, "how can I bring more value" attitude can elevate you, setting you apart. 

Whether you're a stylist aspiring to have your own salon suite or someone in a completely different industry, your perspective can either hold you back or propel you forward. 

The choice is yours. From Jewels' journey, it's evident which path she chose and the success it brought her.

Beyond Skill - The Business of Hair

The Misconception that Being Good at Hair Translates to Being Good at Business

Jewels was candid about a prevalent misconception many budding stylists harbor: that proficiency at hair styling directly means one will excel in business. 

Hair, as an art, requires a refined set of skills, creativity, and an understanding of individual client needs. However, the world of business demands a different toolkit altogether. 

It's not just about ensuring perfect curls or the right shade of color. It's about strategy, management, marketing, customer relations, etc. As Jewels aptly reminded us during our conversation, just because you can wield scissors with panache doesn't mean you can seamlessly navigate the labyrinth of salon ownership.

The Complexities of Running a Business - Licenses, Regulations, and Much More


Diving into the business world, especially in a specialized field like hair care, is akin to plunging into a sea teeming with regulations, licenses, and countless intricacies. 

The process often begins with obtaining the proper permits to operate legally. Yet, that's just scratching the surface. Jewels highlighted how there's a continuous learning curve—understanding client demographics, ensuring compliance with ever-evolving industry standards, managing finances, and staying updated with trends. 

This complexity underscores the importance of equipping oneself with knowledge beyond just hair techniques. It's about wrapping your head around the nuts and bolts of business operations, a venture that can be as intricate as the most elaborate hairdo.

Delving into Natural Hair Extensions

Transition into Exploring 4c Natural Hair Extensions


One of the most intriguing parts of our discussion revolved around the transition into the world of 4c natural hair extensions. 

For those unfamiliar, 4c hair is characterized by its tight coils, which can be both delicate and dense. 

This type of hair presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. As the beauty industry begins to celebrate all hair textures, the demand for authentic, high-quality 4c extensions is rising. 

Our conversation shed light on how Embrace Me Naturally Salon is rising to meet this demand, always prioritizing authenticity and quality.

The Scientific Approach to Understanding Hair Products and its Nuances

Jewels enlightened me on the meticulousness required for hair products, especially extensions. 

It's not merely about aesthetics; a scientific realm is behind it. It's a detailed endeavor from understanding the millimeters of space between curls to recognizing the distinct characteristics of different hair types. As she mentioned, she may not style hair herself, but she dives deep into the scientific intricacies of product knowledge. 

This rigorous approach ensures that every product meets a gold standard of quality and authenticity.

The Difference in Curls and the Precision Required in Selecting the Right Products


The world of curls is vast and varied. A mere difference of millimeters can drastically change the look and feel of a hair extension.

 Jewels emphasized the importance of this precision, noting that she's specific about the 12 to 13-millimeter spacing for 4c curls. Such meticulousness ensures that the extensions blend seamlessly with natural hair, providing a realistic look. 

This level of detail, combined with her vast knowledge, showcases the dedication required to truly understand and cater to the diverse world of natural hair.


It's not just about selling a product; it's about ensuring it is a perfect fit for the individual.

the precision in crafting hair extensions

A World Beyond Weaves

The Importance of Understanding and Appreciating Natural Hair


Throughout our conversation, a recurring theme was natural hair's sheer beauty and complexity. 

While weaves and extensions are pivotal in the beauty industry, embracing one's natural hair texture and understanding its intricacies is equally significant. 

Jewels passionately shared her belief that while not everyone might opt for a weave or extension, understanding and appreciating the diverse world of natural hair is paramount. 

Her salon's name, Embrace Me Naturally, encapsulates this ethos - encouraging individuals to cherish their authentic selves and the unique stories their tresses tell.

The Evolution and Offerings of Private Label's New Wig Line and Its Exceptional Quality


As we sat in the Private Label Studios, I couldn't help but marvel at the stunning wigs on display. 

Jewels quickly highlighted the evolution of Private Label's offerings, particularly their new wig line. The attention to detail, craftsmanship, and raw materials from Private Label's hair make these wigs a testament to top-tier quality. 

Gone are the days when wigs were mere accessories; today, they represent artistry, identity, and a blend of modern technology with traditional craftsmanship.

 Jewels praised the line with her keen eye for quality, noting its exceptional caliber. This is a testament to how the world of hair has evolved, with brands like Private Label at the forefront, ensuring every strand tells a story of excellence.

Conclusion and How to Connect with Jewels

Gratitude for the Knowledge and Insights Shared by Jewels


As our conversation drew close, I was profoundly grateful for Jewels' wealth of knowledge and insights. 

The world of hair is vast and intricate, and having experts like Jewels guide us through its complexities is invaluable. 

Her passion for the craft and dedication to elevating the industry resonated deeply, offering a fresh perspective to seasoned professionals and curious newcomers alike.

How Listeners Can Connect with Jewels Jones

For those who were as captivated by Jewels' insights as I was, you're in luck. Jewels continues to share her expertise and passion through her various platforms. 

You can follow her journey and perhaps even pick up some hair care tips on her Instagram at '@embracemenaturally.' If you wish to delve deeper into her world and services, her website, ',' is a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

A Note of Thanks to Private Label Extensions


Lastly, a heartfelt note of appreciation to Private Label Extensions. 

Their studio provided the perfect backdrop for our enlightening conversation, and their stunning wigs crafted from the finest hair captured our attention and accentuated the hair industry's depth and breadth. 

Their commitment to quality and innovation is commendable, and it's no wonder experts like Jewels hold them in high regard. Here's to many more enlightening conversations amidst a setting that epitomizes excellence!

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Reflecting on this enlightening conversation with Jewels reinforces the belief that success doesn't solely stem from raw skill. 

It amalgamates the right mindset, the thirst for continuous learning, and an undying passion for your craft. Every strand of hair tells a story, every curl a chapter of dedication and love. 

As we unravel these stories, I encourage you to embrace your natural beauty, seek knowledge, and illuminate the world with your unique shine. Until our paths cross again, take care and keep learning!

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