Meet Us at Laceland with Damienne Flager: The Journey of a Hairstylist + Entrepreneur

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Hello, beautiful people! This is Zakiyrah, and I'm joined by my fantastic co-host, Mikey, here at the vibrant and buzzing Private Label Studios

Today's podcast episode is not just another conversation; it's a revelation of passion, skill, and heart. 

We are thrilled to introduce a guest whose life story is as multifaceted as her talents.

 Please welcome Damienne Flager - an educator, stylist, rapper, philanthropist, and a faithful 'Jackie of all trades.'

In this episode, we dive deep into the colorful world of hairstyling with Damienne, exploring how a career in hair can transform lives, uplift spirits, and even, believe it or not, save lives. 

Damienne's journey is not just about hair. It's about the power of touch, conversation, and empathy. 

We'll also get a sneak peek into the much-anticipated Laceland Fest, an event that's much more than just a celebration of hairstyling - it's a testament to the strength of community and giving back.

So, settle in, grab your headphones, and let us take you through the world of hair, hope, and humanity with the remarkable Damienne Flager.

Early Beginnings


When you meet Damienne Flager, with her vibrant energy and evident passion for hairstyling, it's hard to believe that she was once reluctant to enter this industry. 

Yes, you heard that right. Initially, Damienne wasn't on a different path - the medical field. 

"I wanted to"save lives," she shared"with us, her voice reflecting a deep-rooted desire to make a difference.

But as life would have it, her journey took a turn, deeply influenced by her family, especially her mother. 

Growing up, Damienne swirled with the buzz of hairdryers and the scent of shampoo - her mother had built a hair salon right out of their garage. 

"You know how," people tell you, ‘You're going you're just like your mom’? I was determined not to be," Damienne set her sights, she calls with a light-hearted chuckle. 

But sometimes, our paths are carved out in the most unexpected ways.

This background, steeped in the art of hairstyling, eventually nudged Damienne to embrace her legacy. 

Her transition from aspiring to be a doctor to wielding a hairbrush wasn't just a career change but a realization of a different kind of healing - a 'hair hospital,' as she fondly calls it. 

In her chair, she doesn't just style hair; she mends hearts, lifts spirits, and renews confidence. 

Her tools may not be scalpels and sutures, but her impact is just as profound, if not more.

"God didn't put me in a traditional hospital; he gave me a hair hospital," Damienne shared, her voice laced with gratitude.

 "Here, I cater to his people and minister to them in a way that's more than just about doing hair." 

And that's how her incredible journey in the hair industry began - not with a determined step, but with a heart open to the unexpected twists of life.

The Power of Hairstyling


One of the most moving moments in our conversation with Damienne was when she shared a profound experience with a client

This story highlights the transformative power of hairstyling and underscores its impact on mental health and self-esteem.

Damienne recalled a day that started like any other in her salon, but it turned out to be anything but ordinary. 

It involved a client who was battling inner demons so fierce that she had considered taking her own life. 

"The day after I did her hair, she came back in tears," Damienne recounted, her voice soft yet filled with intensity. 

"She told me that the attention and care I gave her during the hairstyling session made her change her mind about committing suicide."

This revelation was a turning point for Damienne, who had always seen her work as more than just styling hair. 

It was a vivid reminder of the therapeutic aspect of her craft. In her hands, hair becomes a medium for healing, uplifting, and renewing. 

Damienne's story is a testament to the fact that hairstyling goes beyond the physical transformation of one's appearance. It touches lives, alters destinies, and sometimes even saves them.

"Our role as hairstylists often doubles as therapists," Damienne explained. 

"Many clients walk in carrying the weight of depression, low self-esteem, and personal struggles. 

We're not just styling their hair; we're helping them see their beauty, sometimes for the first time in a long time." 

This therapeutic aspect of hairstyling is what fuels Damienne's passion. 

Each stroke of the brush, each snip of the scissors, is an opportunity to make a difference, to instigate a positive change in someone's life.

Damienne's approach to hairstyling reminds me of the immense power vested in this art. 

It's not just about crafting stunning looks; it's about nurturing souls, mending broken spirits, and rekindling lost confidence. 

As Damienne aptly says, "We're not just doing hair; we're touching lives, one hairstyle at a time."

Growth and Learning in the Industry


Damienne's journey in the world of hairstyling is a story of constant evolution, both as a stylist and an entrepreneur. 

She reflects on her growth with humility and pride, acknowledging the myriad challenges and lessons learned along the way.

"When I first started, I barely knew the intricacies of styling," Damienne shared with a laugh. 

"But I had this eagerness to learn and improve." This thirst for knowledge and perfection has been a driving force in her career. 

From experimenting with new styles to mastering the latest techniques, Damienne has continually evolved her skills. 

This journey wasn't just about learning how to style hair but about becoming a visionary in the industry who could foresee and adapt to changing trends.

But with growth comes challenges, and Damienne faced her share. 

"There were times when I doubted my abilities and wondered if I was cut out for this industry," she admitted. 

Yet, she didn't let these moments of self-doubt define her. Instead, she used them as fuel to push herself further, learn more, and improve. 

This resilience has shaped Damienne into the renowned stylist and entrepreneur she is today.

A significant part of her success lies in staying abreast of the ever-changing hair trends and techniques. 

"Hairstyling is an art that's constantly evolving," she emphasized. "What was in vogue yesterday may be outdated tomorrow. 

So, as a stylist, you must keep learning and experimenting." Damienne has embraced this dynamism, seeing each new trend as an opportunity to grow and each technique as a tool to enhance her artistry.

Damienne's growth in the industry is a testament to her dedication and passion. It's a journey marked by constant learning, adapting, and evolving. 

She says, "In hairstyling, you never really stop learning. 

Each day, each client's hairstyle teaches you something new. And that's the beauty of this industry."

Laceland Fest: A Vision of Giving Back


The Laceland Fest is not just an event; it's a manifestation of Damienne's vision of giving back to the community that has nurtured her. 

The festival, which started as a small thought during the trying times of COVID-19, has blossomed into a significant event under her stewardship. 

"It was born out of gratitude," Damienne said, her eyes lighting up. "During the pandemic, I was blessed immensely despite the world being in chaos. 

I knew I had to give back in a big way."

Damienne's idea was simple yet powerful – to create a day of beauty, empowerment, and joy for those who might not be able to afford such luxuries. 

"I wanted to create a space where, for at least one day, people could forget their troubles and feel beautiful, valued, and seen," she explained. 

The Laceland Fest, thus, became a platform for this vision, providing free hairstyling services, beauty treatments, and even motivational talks.

The importance of community in this endeavor cannot be overstated. 

"It's like a big family gathering," Damienne remarked. 

"People come not just for the services, but for the sense of belonging and togetherness."

This sense of community drives the event, bringing together people from all walks of life to share, celebrate, and support each other.

But what truly amplifies the impact of Laceland Fest is the involvement of other businesses and entrepreneurs. 

From beauty brands donating products to local entrepreneurs offering their services for free, the festival has become a beacon of communal support and collaboration.

 "It's heartwarming to see how many businesses are willing to contribute," Damienne noted. 

"Their support not only helps make the event successful but also strengthens the bond within the community."

The Laceland Fest is more than just an annual event; it's a movement that embodies the spirit of giving and community support. 

It is a powerful reminder of how businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals can unite to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. 

As Damienne beautifully put it, "Laceland Fest is where we all come together to uplift, encourage, and beautify our community, one person at a time."

vibrant community festival focused on beauty, empowerment, and joy

Collaboration and Support

In our discussion about Laceland Fest, Damienne passionately highlighted the power of collaboration and support. 

The event's success is not just the fruit of her labor but a collective effort involving numerous collaborators, including the remarkable contribution from Private Label.

Damienne expressed immense gratitude towards Private Label and other collaborators for their generous support.

 "It's amazing how when you have a vision to give back, others step up to help make it a reality," she said, her voice filled with appreciation. 

Private Label, for instance, has played a crucial role by donating high-quality hair dryers, adding immense value to the event.

 "Their contribution goes beyond just material support. It's a testament to their commitment to the community and the hair industry," Damienne added.

This spirit of collaboration underscores the importance of building a community within the hair industry. 

Damienne believes that when businesses, stylists, and entrepreneurs come together, they can create something much bigger than themselves.

 "It's about creating a network of support, sharing knowledge, and uplifting each other," she explained. In this community, every member plays a part, contributing their unique skills and resources to support and inspire one another.

Damienne also extended an open invitation to others to join and support Laceland Fest.

 "Whether you're a stylist, a beauty brand, or just someone who wants to lend a helping hand, there's a place for you in Laceland Fest," she emphasized. 

This call to action is not just about contributing to a single event; it's about being part of a movement that celebrates beauty, empowers individuals, and strengthens community bonds.

As Damienne eloquently said, "Collaboration is the heart of Laceland Fest. It's about coming together to make a difference, one hairstyle, one smile at a time. And the more we join hands, the greater our impact will be." 

This ethos of collaboration and support makes Laceland Fest a beacon of hope and unity in the hair industry.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Stylists


One of the most impactful moments of our conversation with Damienne was when she offered her pearls of wisdom to aspiring entrepreneurs and stylists. 

Her message was clear, powerful, and encouraging: "Start your journey, even if it scares you."

Damienne shared, "I remember the fear and hesitation I felt at the beginning of my journey. 

But what scared me more was the thought of never trying, of letting my dreams become mere 'what ifs.'” 

She emphasized the importance of taking that first step, no matter how daunting.

 "The beginning is always the hardest," she said, "but that's where the growth, the learning, and the magic happen."

To those standing at the threshold of their dreams but held back by fear, Damienne's advice is to embrace the uncertainty and go for it. 

"Fear is natural, but don't let it paralyze you. Let it be the fuel that drives you forward," she advised. 

She stressed that every successful person started somewhere and often faced similar fears and doubts. The key is not to let these fears dictate your journey.

Damienne's message is particularly poignant for the hair industry, where trends and styles constantly evolve, and the competition can be intense. 

"In this industry, you must be bold, creative, and, most importantly, yourself. Your unique style and approach will set you apart," she added.

For Damienne, the journey of an entrepreneur or a stylist is not just about achieving success; it's about personal growth, overcoming challenges, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. 

"Every mistake, every challenge, is a stepping stone to something greater," she assured. 

"So, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. Your courage to start is the first step to a future filled with possibilities."

Damienne's advice to budding entrepreneurs and stylists is a powerful reminder that the journey to success begins with the courage to take the first step despite the fears and uncertainties.

Closing Thoughts

As our conversation with the dynamic and inspiring Damienne Flager drew to a close, she left us with some powerful final thoughts on collaboration, community, and perseverance – themes that resonate deeply in her journey and work.

Collaboration is not just about working together; it's about building something greater than ourselves,” Damienne reflected. 

She underscored the importance of community in her own story, emphasizing that support, unity, and shared purpose within the hair industry can lead to remarkable achievements. 

"We are stronger together. When we lift each other, we all rise," she added with conviction.

Her journey, marked by perseverance, is a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Damienne’s story is a testament to the fact that anything is possible with hard work, determination, and a supportive community.

"Keep pushing, keep striving, and never lose sight of your vision," she encouraged.

Before signing off, Damienne extended a heartfelt invitation to our listeners: 

"Join us at Laceland Fest, be part of this wonderful experience, and celebrate beauty, empowerment, and community together." 

She also encouraged everyone to follow her journey and stay connected, promising more innovative and inspiring projects on the horizon.


In wrapping up this enlightening episode, we couldn't help but feel inspired by Damienne's passion, dedication, and spirit of giving back. 

Key takeaways from our conversation include the transformative power of hairstyling, the significance of community and collaboration in the industry, and the courage to pursue your dreams despite the odds.

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Lastly, don't forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Laceland Fest and other exciting events we have lined up. 

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Thank you for joining us from Zakiyrah, Mikey, and all here at Hair Biz Radio. 

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