Limited Quantity Deals: Drive Desire and Demand

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Picture this – a client of yours has been eyeing that luxurious raw Indian wig you've been raving about on social media

It's Black Friday, and you announce that this wig is available for the first 20 buyers at a mouth-watering price. 

By the 21st buyer, the price edges upwards. This strategy does two powerful things: it rewards your most ardent fans and instills a palpable sense of urgency.

You might be thinking, why not just go with a flat discount? 

By offering a tiered discount structure, you create an exclusive feel, which every shopper craves, especially during a sale. 

Plus, the thought of missing out on the "best" deal can push hesitant buyers over the edge.

The Power of Scarcity and Urgency: FOMO is Real

We've all been there, haven’t we? Spotting a fantastic deal online, only to see the dreaded "Only 3 left in stock" message.

 Black Friday is all about that heart-racing moment where you quickly make the purchase.

Zakiyrah and I have seen this strategy play out beautifully during Private Label clearance sales. 

Products fly off the virtual shelves because customers believe they’re about to miss out on something spectacular. 

Remember, the fear of missing out (FOMO) is real and a powerful tool in your sales arsenal.

Early Bird Gets the Best Deals: Perfecting the Pre-sale Game

Why wait for Black Friday when you can start the party early? 

Introducing a pre-sale a week or even days before the main event can be a game-changer. Here’s why:

Data Collection: Every pre-sale is an opportunity to gather valuable customer data. 

Encourage shoppers to sign up for exclusive early bird offers, growing your email or SMS list.

Creating Buzz: A pre-sale can generate a lot of chatter and anticipation. 

As customers share their purchases and excitement on social media, your brand's visibility organically boosts.

Dropshipping vs. Wholesaling: Crafting Your Strategy

The beauty of the hair industry is its versatility. 

Whether you're into dropshipping or wholesaling, Black Friday has something for everyone. The key? Crafting a strategy that fits your business model.

Dropshippers, consider temporarily switching things up. 

While the dropshipping model offers convenience, Black Friday is an opportunity to give your customers irresistible deals by buying in bulk and shipping products yourself. 

Yes, it requires more effort, but the returns, both in terms of sales and customer goodwill, can be monumental.

For wholesalers, the world's your oyster! With a vast inventory, play with different discount structures, bundles, and offers to entice shoppers.

Our journey through the maze of Black Friday sales has only just begun. 

Stay tuned as we unpack more tips, tricks, and strategies to ensure your success in the bustling hair industry. 

Remember, every sale is an opportunity not just for profit but to create lasting, meaningful connections with your clients. Let's make the most of it!

The Countdown Timer: Visual Urgency

You've heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." 

But a ticking countdown can be worth a thousand dollars for sales. Implementing a visual countdown timer on your product pages or landing pages for your Black Friday deals adds another layer of urgency.

Customers can watch the time tick down until the deal expires or until the limited quantity is sold out. 

This method, paired with your limited quantity deals, can push those on-the-fence buyers to take action before they miss out.


Bundling: The Value Proposition

Bundling is not a new strategy but a goldmine on Black Friday

Combine that new lash you're introducing with another popular product at a special bundled price. 

For instance, “Buy the new lash and get our best-selling hair serum at 50% off!” This increases the perceived value and encourages customers to spend more.

Engage on Social Media: Create a Buzz

Don't just introduce your limited quantity deals on your website; shout about them from the digital rooftops! 

Leading up to Black Friday, tease your audience with sneak peeks of your products. Use Instagram stories, Facebook Live sessions, or Twitter polls to engage with your customers. 

The goal is to build anticipation and get them talking about your products. Word of mouth, especially in the digital age, is invaluable.

 Loyalty Programs: Reward Your Regulars

Your regular customers have been with you through thick and thin, and Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to show them some love. 

Consider offering them early access to your limited quantity deals or an additional discount. 

This makes them feel valued and ensures they'll return even after the sales frenzy.

Leveraging the power of limited-quantity deals, especially on days like Black Friday, requires a mix of creativity, strategy, and an understanding of your customer's desires. 

As Zakiyrah and Mikey would say, it's all about giving value, creating urgency, and ensuring your customers feel special. Dive in, experiment, and watch as the sales roll in!

Dropship vs. Wholesale: Maximizing Margins

black friday hair sale preperation

Navigating the waters of dropshipping and wholesaling can be tricky, but Black Friday offers a unique opportunity to maximize your profit margins. 

If you've been primarily dropshipping, consider purchasing a select number of hot-selling products in bulk for Black Friday.

 Doing this will provide deeper discounts and faster shipping times for your customers.

However, while dropshipping can be convenient (no packing, no trips to the post office), buying wholesale can yield higher profit margins. 

Use Black Friday as a test run. See how your audience responds to specific products and adjust your business model for future sales.

List-Building: The Power of Presales

There’s nothing like a presale to get your audience's attention. Offer an exclusive “Black Friday Presale” for those on your email or text list. 

By doing this, you not only get a jump start on sales, but you also grow your customer base. And don’t forget the follow-up! 

After Black Friday, reach out to these customers with exclusive offers, updates, or even a thank you note. It's all about relationship-building.


Product Introductions: A Black Friday Exclusive

Remember those new clip-ins we talked about? 

Or perhaps a new product you're excited to launch? Black Friday is a perfect time to introduce them. 

Offer them exclusive "Black Friday releases" at a special introductory price. When customers feel they're getting first dibs on a new product, it enhances the exclusivity and can drive impressive sales.

Remember, Black Friday isn't just about slashing prices and hoping for the best. It's about crafting a strategy, understanding your audience, and offering genuine value. 

Zakiyrah and Mikey always emphasize that providing value and understanding your audience's needs are key to any successful sale. 

So get creative, be strategic, and watch your Black Friday sales soar!

Dropshipping vs. Wholesaling: Tailoring Your Strategy

Adjusting your Black Friday strategy based on your business model is essential. 

If you're into wholesaling, you'll find many of the above tactics perfectly suited. 

However, things can get tricky for drop shippers, especially regarding margins. Ensure your discounts still leave room for a healthy profit.

While dropshipping has its conveniences – think not having to pack and ship products yourself – Black Friday might be the time to consider making a bulk purchase. 

This allows you to offer more substantial discounts. But remember, this also means more hands-on work for you, packing and shipping over the busy weekend.

It's all about finding the perfect balance. Whether you decide to dropship, wholesale, or even mix both, always keep your customers' needs and expectations in mind. 

As we, Zakiyrah and Mikey, always stress, tailor strategies that resonate with your brand and customer base.

Black Friday and Beyond

As we wrap up this guide, looking beyond Black Friday is essential. 

The tips and strategies we’ve shared are not just for this shopping holiday

They can be adapted and tweaked to fit various sales and promotional events throughout the year.

Always keep learning, adapting, and evolving. 

Zakiyrah and Mikey from Private Label Studios are here, cheering you on every step of the way. 

Remember to connect with us, ask questions, and share your successes in our vibrant Facebook group

And, of course, don’t forget to check out the deals on Private Label and Private Label Clearance. Until next time, stay fabulous and prosperous!

Early Bird Gets the Worm: Limited-Edition Offers

Leverage the excitement of new product launches by combining them with the allure of Black Friday. 

If you've been eyeing those raw Indian clip-ins or have a new product line ready to launch, this is your moment. 

Announce a limited-edition Black Friday special, where the first few orders get a significant discount or an exclusive bundle.

 Remember, it's all about creating that "must-have" feeling.

Engage and Educate: Utilize Your Platforms

Your online presence, especially on social media, can be a game-changer. 

Leading up to Black Friday, keep your audience engaged. Share behind-the-scenes glimpses at Private Label Studios, tease upcoming deals, or host live sessions discussing hair care tips. 

Zakiyrah and Mikey believe in the power of connection: make your customers feel they're a part of your brand's journey.

Post Black Friday Strategy: Building Long-Term Relationships

Your work isn't over once the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday subsides. 

It's crucial to maintain the relationships you've built during the sale. Thank your customers, ask for feedback, and encourage them to share their purchases on social media. 

The goal is to turn those one-time Black Friday shoppers into loyal, year-round customers. 

With Zakiyrah and Mikey's insights and your dedication, the sky's the limit!

Black Friday is more than just a day of sales; it's an opportunity to grow, engage, and solidify your place in the hair industry. 

With the right strategies, you can maximize profits, build your customer base, and elevate your brand's reputation. 

Always remember that Zakiyrah and Mikey are here for guidance and support. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and incredible deals at Private Label and Private Label Clearance. Keep shining, and here's to a successful Black Friday!

Wrap It Up with Cyber Monday

Just when you think the shopping fever is over, along comes Cyber Monday to keep the excitement alive! 

Often referred to as Black Friday's digital twin, Cyber Monday offers another golden opportunity for hair industry professionals to capitalize on online sales.

Though Black Friday might see foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores, Cyber Monday is solely for the online crowd. So, how can you make the most of it?

Exclusive Online Bundles: Introduce unique product combinations available only for Cyber Monday. 

Think of pairing those gorgeous clip-ins with a hair care set or offering a combo of your best-selling wigs at a special rate.

Flash Sales: Set a few hours aside for lightning deals. This can bring in a wave of customers looking to snag last-minute bargains.

Interactive Engagements: Consider hosting a live video session on your social platforms, showcasing product demos, hair styling tips, or simply discussing the benefits of your products. 

Engage with your audience, answer their queries in real-time, and offer exclusive promo codes to viewers.

Extended Return Policies: To instill more confidence in online shoppers, consider extending your return policies for products bought on Cyber Monday.

Remember, while Black Friday is about massive discounts and in-store experiences, Cyber Monday caters to the convenience of online shopping

With Mikey and Zakiyrah's insights and your dedication to delivering value, there's no reason why this post-Black Friday fiesta shouldn't boost your sales and brand reputation even further.

So gear up, plan your online strategies, and get ready to end the shopping weekend on a high note with Cyber Monday!

cyber monday hair sale

Until Our Paths Cross Again!

The excitement of Black Friday is palpable, but it's not just about one day. 

It's about curating an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your customers. 

And as 2023 approaches, it's time to gear up and be better than ever.

We, Zakiyrah and Mikey, have had our fair share of experiences, trials, and errors, and through it all, we've learned the art of not just selling but creating memories for our customers. 

With this guide, we hope to pass on the best of our insights, ensuring that this Black Friday becomes the talk of the town for your brand.

Our mission? I aim to arm you with tried and tested strategies, insights, and the nitty-gritty that can help turn Black Friday 2023 into an event to remember. 

It’s all about blending the allure of exclusive deals with the personal touch that keeps customers coming back.

Remember, if ever in doubt or a query is nagging at the back of your mind, our Facebook group is always abuzz with activity. 

We’ve cultivated a community of like-minded professionals where you can seek advice, share victories, and learn from each other. And for those of you who love the visual medium, our YouTube channel is packed with behind-the-scenes snippets, insights, and a dash of our daily lives. 

Join us there and be a part of our growing family!

In closing, this Black Friday, let's set new benchmarks. 

Not just in terms of sales but in terms of the relationships we foster, the trust we build, and the stories we create. 

It’s not merely a transaction; it's a journey we're thrilled to share with you.

Keep shining and selling; remember, we're always rooting for you!

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