Redefining Control: The Evolution and Digital Renaissance

Written by: Mikey Moran



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Fashion, much like life, is a series of adaptations. In this rapidly evolving digital age, taking the helm of one's journey often means being attuned to these shifts. "Control" started as a vision – an outlet to express and channel fashion creativity. 

As we push into the digital scene, spearheaded by our talented online creative director, Chris, the landscape of "Control" is transforming. 

We're not just about being seen but about setting a new definition for what fashion can achieve digitally. 

The months to come, starting in June, promise a fresh wave of online editorials that I believe will redefine how we perceive fashion in a digital age.

The Innovations: A Fashion Planner and More

In my quest to bring structure and innovation to the fashion realm, I am thrilled to unveil a project close to my heart - a fashion planner.

 This isn't just any planner; it's a tool for stylists to keep tabs on showrooms, designers, and more. 

It's a bridge between creativity and organization.

Moreover, this July will mark the launch of the "Seat at the Table Brunch." Imagine gathering 20 like-minded individuals, including the expert who reshaped my understanding of credit. 

It's a platform where entrepreneurs can share advice, resources, and experiences – because community matters in fashion and life.

Community and Sharing: An Industry's Best-Kept Secret

It's a myth that success comes from hoarding secrets—natural growth sprouts from sharing and community. 

I've been fortunate to interact with individuals across diverse backgrounds. A story that particularly resonates is of a young man from Hawaii who, with the aid of community support, established his own business in LA. 

This spirit of mutual growth is what drives "Control" and me. The aim isn't just personal success but elevating everyone associated with the journey.

A Passion for Learning: Adapt and Evolve

No matter how accomplished one might feel, the learning curve in fashion never truly plateaus. 

My journey with "Control" exemplifies this. We commenced as a digital entity, pivoted to print based on market demand, and are now circling back to our digital roots. 

The market speaks, and we listen – adapting and evolving every step of the way. Bringing Chris on board is not just a decision; it's a testament to this ethos of adaptability.

Looking Ahead: Visions and Dreams

Five years later, I envision "Control" continuing its legacy of excellence, churning out compelling content, and being a beacon for budding entrepreneurs. 

As for me, Julian Lark, the stylist and fashion enthusiast? My aspirations are manifold. From speaking on esteemed panels and conducting more classes to expanding the horizons of Revel Boutique – the journey is bound to be exhilarating.

Mentorship: Guiding Lights in the Fashion Galaxy

Every successful individual stands on the shoulders of giants – mentors who guide, challenge, and nurture. 

My advice to those eager to carve their niche in fashion is simple: Seek out a mentor. Be it over a coffee or a casual chat, open up, be genuine, and soak in the wisdom. Remember, mentorship is a two-way street. 

While guidance is invaluable, the willingness to roll up one's sleeves and dive into the nitty-gritty is just as crucial.

Staying Connected: Dive into the World of Julian Lark

I'm always a click away from those intrigued and eager to delve deeper. 

Whether you're curious about the tantalizing offerings at Rebel Boutique located at 1210 Fowler Street Northwest, Atlanta, or wish to indulge in digital escapades, my doors (and web pages) are always open. 

Revel in the fashion experience at Rebel by JL and visit Julian Lark to glimpse my world. Fashion is a journey; every click, read, and interaction enriches it.

To the readers, thank you for accompanying me on this voyage.

 Remember, while trends might ebb and flow in the vast ocean of fashion, passion and perseverance remain the constant North Star. 

Until next time, keep your style impeccable and your vision boundless. Cheers!

Redefining Control

The Evolutionary Tale of Control

Navigating the dynamic world of fashion requires adaptability and a forward-thinking mindset. 

From its inception, "Control" wasn't just about setting trends; it was about responding to them, shaping them, and sometimes, even anticipating them. 

Over the years, the brand has witnessed a metamorphosis that resonates with the shifting paradigms of the fashion industry.

Enter Chris: The Digital Maestro

We continuously pursue excellence and welcome Chris into the "Control" family. 

As our online creative director, Chris isn't just a title or a role – he embodies our digital vision. His insights, expertise, and innovative strategies are the wind beneath the wings of our digital ascent. 

With him on board, "Control" is poised to make significant waves in the online fashion arena, starting with an array of captivating editorials from this June.

From Print to Pixel: Adapting to the Times

One might say, "Why fix what isn't broken?" However, stasis can be more detrimental than change in the ever-evolving fashion landscape. 

While the tactile allure of print is undeniable, the world is moving at the speed of a click, and so must we. 

"Control" initially made its mark in the digital realm, then ventured into print to cater to the demands of the times and publicists. 

Now, sensing the pendulum swing back towards digital, we're embracing our roots again. It's not about discarding the old but amalgamating it with the new. 

The transition from paper to pixel is not just a business strategy; it's our ode to adaptability, ensuring we're always in tune with the needs and desires of our audience.

In essence, "Control" isn't just a brand; it's an ever-evolving entity that mirrors the dynamism of the fashion world. 

With our digital renaissance underway, I invite you all to be part of this exciting new chapter. Whether you're a long-time aficionado or a newcomer to our world, there's something fresh, something exhilarating waiting for you. 

Dive in, explore, and let's redefine fashion together.

Projects on the Horizon

The Fashion Planner: A Stylist's Best Friend

In fashion, organization isn't just a virtue; it's a necessity. 

With countless showrooms to visit, designers to collaborate with, and trends to keep track of, a stylist's life can get overwhelmingly busy. 

But fret not, for I've been meticulously crafting a solution – The Fashion Planner. Envisioned as an essential companion for every stylist, this planner is not just about jotting down dates. 

It's an innovative tool designed to keep track of showrooms, liaise with designers, and ensure you're always a step ahead in the fashion game. 

Whether you're a seasoned stylist or just starting, The Fashion Planner is your roadmap to fashion excellence.

A Seat at the Table Brunch: Nourishment for the Soul and Mind

Coming this July, I'm thrilled to introduce a project close to my heart – "A Seat at the Table Brunch." 

But don't be misled by its name; this isn't just about sumptuous food. It's a gathering of minds, a confluence of ideas, and a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit.

 Picture this: a sit-down with 20 incredible individuals, including the lady who steered my credit journey and other seasoned entrepreneurs, all coming together to share, learn, and inspire.

In an industry where many guard their "best-kept secrets" closely, I firmly believe in sharing and uplifting. 

Why hoard knowledge when we can use it to lift others? This brunch is a testament to that philosophy. It's not just an event; it's a movement. 

A movement to share resources, provide invaluable advice, and ensure that everyone, regardless of background or experience, has a seat at the table of success.

I'm filled with anticipation and excitement as I look to the horizon. 

These projects, and many more in the pipeline, are my way of giving back to an industry that has given me so much.

 I invite you to join me in these ventures, whether by grabbing a planner, securing a seat at the brunch, or simply cheering from the sidelines. Let's build, learn, and flourish together.

dynamic evolution of the

The Importance of Sharing and Community

In the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, an undercurrent often goes unnoticed: the silent power struggles, the race to the top, and the guarded secrets many hold close to their chests. 

But in my journey, I've realized that the real strength lies not in hoarding knowledge but in sharing it and that community isn't just a buzzword—it's the backbone of enduring success.

Helping Each Other Grow: More Than Just Words

I recall a poignant conversation about how communities worldwide help each other. 

A friend shared a story of how, in some cultures, when someone aspires to start a business, the community rallies around, providing them with resources and even a place to stay rent-free for a year. 

The aim? To help them find their feet, get their venture off the ground, and eventually flourish.

But do we see enough of this in our world? We must ask ourselves, "Why aren't we doing more of this for one another?" 

The answer lies in breaking the chains of competition and realizing that one's success doesn't diminish another's.

Breaking the Taboo of 'Holding Onto Secrets':

There's a misconception in our industry that to stay ahead, one must keep their strategies, contacts, and techniques a secret. 

However, I've found that progress is made when we open up, collaborate, and innovate. 

Keeping secrets might give you a temporary advantage, but sharing knowledge? That elevates the entire community.

The "If it's for me, it's for me" Mantra:

This mantra has been my guiding light. What's meant for me will find its way, irrespective of external factors. 

By internalizing this, I've shared resources, advice, and opportunities without fearing losing out. 

Because at the end of the day, what's truly meant for me won't pass me by. And the same goes for you.

In a world where individual success stories are celebrated, I urge you to look beyond the individual. 

Behind every success is a community, a series of helping hands, shared knowledge, and collective growth.

 It's high time we shift our focus from "I" to "We" and redefine what success in the fashion industry truly means.

the essence of sharing and community in the fashion industry

Continuous Learning

With its vibrant colors and dynamic trends, the fashion world is like a chameleon—constantly changing and adapting to the environment. 

It's an industry that thrives on innovation and continually demands reinvention. Change is the only constant you can genuinely rely on in this game. 

And to navigate this whirlwind, there's one weapon that every fashion enthusiast needs: continuous learning.

Adapting to the Ever-Evolving Industry

When I started my journey, I had a vision and a style. But as the years passed, I realized that sticking to a rigid mindset would be my undoing. 

Trends change, consumer behavior shifts and new platforms emerge. To stay relevant, one must have an ear to the ground, sensing these shifts and adapting accordingly. 

It's not about chasing every trend but understanding the underlying currents that drive them.

My Drive to Keep Evolving

Throughout my career, I've sought to never rest on my laurels. 

I attend seminars and workshops and actively seek out new learning opportunities. No matter how much I achieve, a voice always reminds me there's more to learn and explore. 

This insatiable curiosity has led me to ventures like bringing Chris on board as the online creative director, recognizing the shift from print to digital even before it became a trend.

Bringing Back Digital: Recognizing Market Shifts

The cyclical nature of fashion and, by extension, the platforms we use to showcase it are curious. 

We started with "Control" in the digital realm and shifted to print upon demand, and now, we see the pendulum swinging back towards digital. 

This isn't about being whimsical; it's about understanding market demands. As big players like Barnes & Noble face challenges, the need for online content is soaring. 

Recognizing these shifts early on and acting on them has been instrumental in our continued success.

In conclusion, stagnation is the real enemy in the world of fashion. The keys to longevity and relevance are talent and the ability to continuously learn, evolve, and adapt.

 As I look ahead, with the ever-changing tapestry of the fashion industry spread out before me, I'm more excited than ever to keep learning and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Vision for the Future

With its compelling promise of new adventures and discoveries, the horizon has always motivated me. 

As I stand on the precipice of today, looking ahead, I'm filled with hope, anticipation, and determination. Both for "Control" and myself, the road ahead is paved with exciting opportunities and ambitions.

Control's Trajectory Over the Next Five Years

While the landscape of fashion is ever-evolving, our core philosophy for "Control" remains unaltered – to thrive, produce exceptional content, and be a beacon for upcoming entrepreneurs. 

As we reposition ourselves in the digital scene and align with the changing demands of the market, I foresee "Control" being a dynamic force in the fashion media space.

 We aim to continue our legacy of quality, pushing boundaries, and presenting fresh, engaging narratives. I want to see "Control" not just survive but flourish, pioneer conversations, and be the go-to platform for fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

My Aspirations

Beyond the pages of "Control," I have deeply personal dreams rooted in my love for fashion and community. 

My heart lies in mentorship, education, and empowerment:

Speaking on Panels: I wish to use my voice and experience to inspire and educate. 

I aim to join panels where I can share my journey, the challenges, the triumphs, and the lessons along the way.

Teaching More Classes: Knowledge multiplies when shared. 

I am eager to conduct more classes, offering insights into fashion, styling, and business nuances.

Elevating Careers: Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of my journey has been the ability to guide and uplift others. 

As Julian Lark, the stylist and fashion mentor, I want to be instrumental in helping aspiring fashion enthusiasts find their path, hone their skills, and elevate their careers.

To sum it up, the future is a canvas – vast, blank, and full of potential. 

With passion as my paintbrush and ambition as my palette, I'm all set to create a masterpiece, not just for myself but for everyone who's been a part of my journey and those whose journeys are just beginning. 

Together, let's make the world of fashion even more vibrant!

Mentorship: A Golden Key

The journey can sometimes feel overwhelming in a realm as multifaceted and dynamic as fashion. 

There are moments of doubt, trial and error, and when you're tempted to chart unknown territories. 

During these times, the guiding hand of a mentor can transform uncertainties into clear visions.

The Significance of Finding and Being a Mentor in the Fashion World:

Fashion isn't just about fabrics, designs, and trends. It's a labyrinthine industry built on relationships, networks, and collaborations. 

Having a mentor means possessing a compass in this maze. They offer invaluable insights, bridge gaps with their experiences, and provide a supportive shoulder during challenging times.

 Conversely, being a mentor is a responsibility and an honor. It's an opportunity to give back to an industry that's given so much, to shape the future torchbearers, and to continue the legacy of innovation and creativity.

Sharing Personal Experiences of Mentorship:

In my early days, mentorship was pivotal in shaping my perspective and honing my craft.

I remember contacting industry veterans, setting up coffee dates, and soaking in their wisdom. These interactions were more than just conversations; they were masterclasses in perseverance, vision, and adaptability. 

Over time, as I garnered experience and established myself, I found joy in mentoring the next generation. Observing their zeal, answering their queries, and guiding their ambitions have been some of the most rewarding aspects of my career.

Tips for Aspirants: Seeking Guidance, Putting in the Effort, and Avoiding Laziness

Reach Out: The first step is often the hardest. 

Don't hesitate to contact someone you admire in the industry. Express your eagerness to learn and your admiration for their work. 

An earnest approach often opens doors.

Be Transparent: When seeking mentorship, being clear about your aspirations and uncertainties is crucial.

 This clarity allows mentors to provide targeted guidance.

Commitment is Key: Mentorship is a two-way street. While mentors provide direction, mentees need to put in the effort. 

Attend seminars and workshops and actively apply the lessons learned.

Avoid Complacency: In the world of fashion, stagnation is a misstep. 

Always be on your toes, seek fresh perspectives, and never let laziness dim your spark.

To conclude, mentorship has been the golden key to unlocking realms of possibility.

 It’s a symbiotic relationship where both mentor and mentee grow, evolve, and enrich the tapestry of the fashion world. 

To all aspirants, I say – find your mentor, be a diligent student, and pass on the torch with grace and humility when the time comes.

the vision and aspirations for the future

Stay Connected

In this digital age, staying connected isn't just a luxury. It's a necessity. 

I've always believed in the power of connections, be it in fashion or the vast expanse of life. Here's how you can keep the conversation with me even after this blog post ends.

Where to Find Me Online and in the Real World

My digital footprints are scattered across various platforms. 

From the world of images on Instagram to succinct thoughts on Twitter, you can find me under Julianne Lark's handle. 

For a deeper dive into my world, my website,, is a repository of my journey, work, and inspirations. 

And for those who yearn for a tangible connection, you're always welcome at Rebel Boutique at 1210 Fowler Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia 30318.

The Magic of Rebel Boutique in Atlanta and How to Access its Treasures

Rebel Boutique isn't just a store; it's an experience. Nestled in the heart of Atlanta, it’s a haven for fashion enthusiasts. 

From unique, avant-garde pieces to timeless classics, there's something for every fashion palate. For those who can't make it in person, the digital window to this treasure trove is 

And a little insider tip for Atlanta locals: we offer an in-store pickup option. So, you can browse online, reserve your favorites, and swing by to collect them.

Closing Thoughts and Gratitude

Every interaction, every platform, and every conversation is an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve. 

I am immensely grateful for the support, love, and encouragement I receive daily from all of you. It's the collective energy of this community that fuels my passion and drive.

So, remove those reading glasses, but keep that fashion passion burning bright. 

The world of style is vast, intricate, and infinitely mesmerizing. Whether you're a budding designer, a seasoned stylist, or someone who simply appreciates the art of dressing well, remember – every day is a new page in your fashion story.

Thank you for accompanying me on this reflective journey. Until we meet again, may your style always be as unique as your fingerprint and your aspirations as boundless as the sky. Stay fabulous! 

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