We Love Our Celebrities!

Celebrity hairstyles is one of PLE’s favorite categories to discuss. Celebrities have creative, fun, and beautiful hairstyles that they present at all kinds of events, parties, and occasions. Some of our favorite celebrities include Issa Rae, The Kardashians, Lupita Nyong’o, and more!

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We love keeping up to date with celebrity hairstyles to see who wore it best, who was the most shocking, and who was the most breathtaking! Let’s get more into it.

naomi campbell kim kardashian long hair

Breathtaking And Shocking!

Sometimes, celebrities have breathtaking and shocking hairstyles that blow us away. Sometimes, they do something they’ve never done and that we’ve never expected, such as getting a big chop! Some of favorite music celebrities such as Cardi B, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Justine Skye have done some daring hairstyles. Beyonce has done all kinds of variations with her blonde hair. Justine has take the color purple to another level. Cardi B has taken the industry by storm by not being afraid to wear her hair how she pleases! Even some of our favorite old time groups such as TLC, Xscape, and Destiny’s Child have encouraged us to be daring with our hair.

We love when celebrities are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to do something different than usual.

Here are some other celebrity sightings we’ve written about:

cardi b kinky hair

Celebrity Hairstyles Are What We Need!

All in all, celebrities give us all kinds of inspiration to try new hairstyles. You can spot celebrity sightings everywhere from movies, to tv shows, to celebrity kids. Celebrities aren’t afraid to try new things, and we can all get inspiration from that!

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