Get Your Closure!

Closures have been around for some time. A closure is a piece of hair that’s added as the finishing touch for a weave installation. They can also be added to wigs. Closures provide full coverage for anyone wanting to protect their natural hair. They’re efficient, and cute as a protective style! Closures help your protective style look as natural as possible.

Closures And Frontals Are Different

Many people think that closures and frontals are the same, but they differ in a major way. Closures provide full coverage of hair but only extend so far. Frontals are typically ear to ear, and require more maintenance than closures. Closures and frontals work together to give full protection of your hair but they’re far from being the same. Someone who is looking for a simple style, yet cute and efficient, might want to try a closure!

Choose, Install, Repair!

Choosing the right closure is essential when deciding on what style you’d like. Luckily, closures don’t require much deliberation. Closures usually only vary in style. Also, they don’t require much maintenance and they’re really simple to install. If you’re wearing a weave, your hairstylist will be able to install it. If you’re wearing a wig, you’ll just put your wig on and go! It’s that easy. Sometimes, closures can get damaged due to harsh treatment, or a mishap. Don’t worry about that. Here at PLE, we’ve got all the best fixes for a damaged closure.

Closures Are Necessary

Closures are great for anyone looking for a fully protective styles with extensions. They cover all of your hair, and they don’t require much maintenance. Don’t be scared to get a closure if you’ve never had one before. Try them out and see how you like them. You might be surprised and enjoy it more than you think!