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Closures, Frontals, 360 Frontals, or Leave Out?

What’s the Difference?

Lately, Instagram and YouTube have filled the internet with countless videos of women with long, thick, natural looking luxurious locks. A lot of these women wear extensions, like sew-ins or even wigs.

Full sew-ins and wigs have graduated from the basic install with leave out, or your average U-Part wig, all thanks to closures, frontals, and 360 frontals.

Let’s take a look at the differences between them.

What is a Closure?

Closure Hair is a section of lace, filled with hair, used to “close off” a sew-in, or a wig.

Most closures are 4in in length and 4in in width, making them large enough to give you the option of a middle or a side part in your sew-in, or wig. Lace closures typically are not large enough to achieve both a side and central part in the same install.

Because there is less hair in a closure compared to a frontal or 360 frontal, closures can be very cost-effective.

Lace closures are also, in my opinion, very low-maintenance compared to a frontal, 360 frontal, or even leave out. The low-maintenance is because there are fewer hair strands and lace.

Hairstylists typically sew lace closures into place, while a stylist will usually bond a frontal into place, with either hair adhesive, or even strong hair gel. Your natural hair does not have to be re-flat ironed to blend with your extensions because the frontal is protecting your hair underneath.

Lace closures come in many different textures and lengths to match your extensions.

A skilled stylist can make a lace closure look very natural, regardless of the length and texture.

silk closure vs lace closure

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Silk vs Lace Closures

Whether you’re into a silk closure or lace closure, it all depends on personal preference. The best way to choose which option is best for you also depends on the cost and longevity. To know which type of closure is best for you, let’s first find out what is the difference between the two.

Silk closures are made with a silk base where there is a layer of silk which individual strands of hair are embedded into the silk. The next layer will consist of a thick lace that offers more styling options. They imitate a natural looking scalp and very well and ensure the knots are not visible so it does not require bleaching them.

Lace closures are made of lace where the hair strands are tied and knotted onto the lace. For most women, lace closures are preferred because of how flexible they are with all hair types whether chemically treated or in its natural state.

Lace closures do require bleaching the knots but doing so gives a more transparent look allowing your natural scalp to reflect through the lace easily matching your skin tone.

What’s a Frontal?

A lace frontal is very similar to a lace closure.

The most significant difference is a lace frontal is from temple to temple, covering your entire hairline, and the top of your head. Because of their size, lace frontals have unmatched styling versatility.

With a lace frontal, you can achieve many styles, such as a half-up half-down ponytail, braids, and unlimited part options in the front.

Lace frontals are also ideal for those that have traction alopecia or those that want to protect their hairline. To protect the hairline, a skilled stylist may use a safe hair adhesive, which will not pull out any hair, in front of a client’s hairline.

The frontal will then be applied to the adhesive, covering and protecting the hairline.

Those that want to experiment with textures or colors different from their natural hair would benefit from a frontal as well. The lace frontal would eliminate the need to dye or heat-style your natural hair to blend with your extensions.

wearing lace frontal

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What’s A 360 Frontal?

The 360 frontal is like a hybrid lace frontal.

A 360 frontal gives you maximum hairline coverage, covering the entire perimeter of your head, with space in the center for bundles to be installed.

The 360 frontal also provides incredible versatility.

With a 360 frontal, you can rock high ponytails, braids, and unlimited part options.

360 Frontal

Closure & Frontal Base Materials

Lace or silk are the base materials of most lace frontals.

A lace base is typically preferred because they lay much flatter to the scalp compared to a silk base. A stylist may lighten the lace with bleach and hairs can be plucked with tweezers to mimic the client’s natural hairline.

Silk bases have a very natural look to them when looking up close, but tend to bulk up, which makes them look very unnatural and ruins the entire look.

Some frontals have a combination of both lace and silk bases, with silk in the middle and lace on the sides.

Closure, Frontal or 360 Frontal – Which Is Best For Me?

While a lace closure, frontal, and 360 frontal all have their pros and cons, not one of them is “better” than the other.

The option that’s best for you all depends on your lifestyle, and level of patience.


A sew in with closure is perfect for someone that has never worn a lace piece of hair before or someone that wants to wear the same hairstyle every day. A lace closure is a great, simple, and cost-effective option for a beautiful everyday style appropriate for work, school, and casual wear. A closure sew in is a great way to protect your natural hair while looking bomb!

A frontal closure is similar to a closure except it allows you to pull the hair back naturally. Let’s talk about what a frontal is.


A frontal is ideal for someone who doesn’t mind a little weekly maintenance, in exchange for lots of versatility. It is perfect for trying new colors and textures, without the risk of damaging your natural hair. A lace frontal closure will give you a full look!

360 Frontal

A 360 frontal is ideal for full coverage around the perimeter of your head. It’s similar to a full sew in no leave out, but with more versatility. A 360 frontal may require some maintenance, but it is worth it in exchange for out-of-this-world versatility. Those that love an extravagant high ponytail, or being able to flip their hair every which way, would love a 360 frontal.

When choosing between a lace closure, frontal or 360 frontal, be sure to consider your daily routine to ensure the best option for you.

Do you like to wear different styles often, or do you enjoy wearing the same hairstyle every day?

Are you interested in experimenting with new colors, or are you content with your natural hair color?

Can you commit to weekly maintenance, or do you just hate doing your hair?

I highly recommend consulting with your stylist before committing to one.

frontal style

Hair Growth Benefits

I started wearing full wigs about a year ago, and have found that it is a great protective style. The natural look just can’t be beaten.

TIP: I always corn braid my hair with moisturizer and coconut oil before applying my wigs, and this allows me to retain more length because my hair is not being manipulated or exposed on a daily basis.

I only wear wigs with frontals, because I enjoy the versatility, and I do not want any of my natural hair to be manipulated or exposed. I have not damaged my edges, and my hair had grown in so much thicker than it did when I was wearing it out every day.

We all need that saving grace for what we would normally leave out but luckily these various hairpieces help to avoid having any leave out for any hair extension style. Wearing a closure or frontal is a great way to protect your hair.

Give Them a Try!

All in all, lace closure, frontals, and 360 frontals can be a great asset in enhancing your hair extensions while keeping your natural hair protected.

They may seem intimidating at first, but with thorough research and a talented stylist, you too can rock ANY style you want.

May the weave odds be ever in your favor!

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22 thoughts on “Closures, Frontals, 360 Frontals, or Leave Out?

  1. Sha’Keisha says:

    Great article, very informative!! I personally love wigs & would prefer those over sew-ins. I have been making wigs for a few years and started off making u-part units. Once I transitioned to natural, I made my first full wig using a lace closure & LOOVVEEDDDD IT! I haven’t looked back or gotten another sew in since. Now, I don’t agree entirely that you can’t achieve a side part and middle part in 1 install with a closure. Closures come free part, middle part or 3 part. Now, if you buy a middle part closure, they already come with a part in the middle so with this particular closure you can only rock the middle part style. On the other hand, if you buy a free part closure, it doesn’t come pre-parted. You can part the closure wherever you want. With a 3 part closure, they come pre-parted in 3 ways; left or side part & middle part. With the free part or 3 part, as long as your braided foundation allows for it, you can definitely achieve either of the styles within the same install. I have done & witnessed it so I know it’s possible. The only thing with closures is, you just have to re-train the hair to lay how you want upon switching from middle to either side part options & vice versa.

    I personally prefer closures over frontals or leave out because as stated in the article, it is very low maintenance. I prefer to wear wigs so it is even more low maintenance than a sew in. I just slide my wig on, align the part with my natural part, pull it behind the hairline (JUST A TAD), brush the hair, lay edges & walah! Done. It requires no bonding/gluing (which you have to do with frontals) and no excessive styling (that you get with leave out).

    All in all, I love weave. I love extensions. I love switching up my style & sew ins/wigs are an excellent option to do just that while serving as a protective style for your natural hair !!

  2. Victoria Davis says:

    I prefer frontals and 360’s. I chose these because it’s less stress on my hair.

    1. Victoria Davis says:

      I also feel having these types of styling that you can achieve so many different styles. I’m currently looking for a 360 and bundles to give it a try. I love to change styles on a daily so I would think the 360 would be a perfect fit for me right now.

  3. Octavia Hutchinson says:

    I have yet to try a 360 frontal, but I’m in love with a regular frontal. I love the versatility you get and that it can look so much more natural than a closure. I choose not to put a lot of heat to my hair so leave out isn’t really an option unless it’s a kinky straight texture. I wear my hair half down half up all the time so a frontal is my go to.

  4. Beronica Nash says:

    I Prefer frontals. I went through a very stressful time when my son was diagnosed with a rare disease. I had always had naturally nice hair but because of stress and lack of sleep I began to lose my hair and Lace Frontals has helped my hair grow. I have a protective braiding style underneath and I keep my hair moisturized, lace frontal wigs a low maintenance which works well with my lifestyle.

  5. Lisa says:

    Great read! As women, we are constantly taking care of others, which sometimes mean that we may be neglecting ourselves. I love the 360 lace frontals. I don’t have time to sit for several hours for a sew-in with a newborn and I am about that ponytail life lol. As a mother of 3, military wife, volunteer, and now entrepreneur; my 360 frontal wigs allow me to pull my hair up in a bun when on mommy duty and let it down and be sexy for a night out with my hubby😊.

    The units are great quality and easy to maintain. With my busy life convenience is key and so is quality and I get the best of them both when slaying my 360 frontals!!

  6. Khamar Brown says:

    Loved This Article! It is very detailed and can inform those who know nothing about closures or frontals. Which you’d be surprised at how many don’t but if I were to pick frontal vs Closure, I’d go with frontal. It’s a great way to make your hair grow, and if well done can really mimic scalp.

    Personally leave out tops both, ain’t nothing like the basic traditional sew in. After a while you get so tired so many Closures and frontals ESPECIALLY if they are not done correctly, then you end up having a strong Appreciation for leave out and how it’s rare that people do it anymore

  7. Maleah Jones says:

    I haven’t yet gotten a chance to try a 360 frontal but from my personal experience with closures, frontals, and leave out I absolutely love frontals. Now I love the completely natural look when I wear leave out, but I hate the fact that it puts so strain on my hair. I’m really big on encouraging healthy hair so when I discovered frontals and of course found the right person to install it I couldn’t help but to fall in love. It has helped my hair growth a lot from the breakage I suffered from having leave out. I enjoy doing my hair, sometimes even multiple times a day, and so with frontals that definitely allows me to have the versatility I enjoy having without worrying about every time I run the flat iron over my natural hair how much it’s just becoming more and more damaged. Whenever I get the chance to enjoy a 360 frontal I’m sure I’ll fall in love with that as well.

  8. Michelle gregoire says:

    This article was very informative. I prefer to wear a closure because I’m natural. I haven’t tried a frontal yet but I will soon so I can have more knowledge on wearing one. My experience with wearing a closure is that they don’t seem to last long.

  9. Tia Renee says:

    My hair journey has led me through so many different courses in my life. I’ve tried the Frontal, Closures and the 360 only to realize it’s best for me to go the leave out route! All 3 of the products give me the blues whether I’m using Tape or Glue to hold them in place. I started out wearing a 360, the look and illusion were great, it also provides me with an alternative solution for hair growth. You know they say great things don’t last always and just as I thought a few workouts later I started to get that receding hairline look. Yep, you guessed it my 360 was shifted due to the moisture. Still being new to the Lace Gang, I decided to rock the frontal, in my mind I’m thinking it would be less maintenance, boy was I wrong. I ended up with the same results from the 360. I love the look the Lace Gang provides but the maintenance is on a different level. The biggest difference between the 3 notably is the size. A 360 goes all around your head, a frontal covers your front hair and a closure simply closes the top area of your sew-in. If I had to choose one for a lifetime I would go with a frontal, it’s the easiest to maintain. I haven’t come across many silk-based products but if I had to choose I would prefer silk over lace and a leave out over them all.

  10. Antoinette O’Bee says:

    Nice Read! I think women who are into extensions with closures and frontals tend to start with one and graduate to other’s if that makes sense. Most of us have started with just wearing our own leave out, but we all know leave out can become extremely damaged over time. A closure is usually pretty close to the size or amount of leave out some are use to so when tired of maintaining natural leave out you may move up a notch to a closure. Once closures are perfected and benefits are reaped, now a person is more likely to want the ability to have free parting from ear to ear which leads to trying an ear to ear frontal which like you said gives more versatility with styling. Now as for the 360 frontals, a person may want to be able to incorporate the perimeter of their hair into styling after seeing the perks of an ear to ear frontal, but also 360 frontals are for those who want faster installations since the frontal covers the full perimeter and you only have to see in bundles in the middle/ top.

  11. Aisha Muhammad says:

    Well, I never tried the 360 frontal but I tried the closures and the frontal. Honestly, it depends on how much fullness I want in the front of my head. Closure I feel you can get more fullness but I have to have a 5×5 closure because I love the parting on there. But the frontal I like more if you want to do an updo look or you want to get a lot of tension off your edges.

  12. salford87 says:

    All Of the Above. If you ask my personal preference I’d choose leave out every time. I understand it requires maintenance and as a mother, nurse, and student I’d be lying if I said I haven’t had put on a headband a time or two when short on time, but it’s what I like. I’ve had no desire to try frontals or 360s yet. I’ve only tried lace closures before and they are not for me, however, my sister looks flawless in them and my stylist wears frontals like no one’s business. Hair is meant to be a fun expression of one’s personality and style. Hair is meant to give you that little extra push to try new colors, lengths, and styles. Don’t like it? Take it out, try again. They’re defiantly pros and cons to each look; you simply have to do what feels good to you!

  13. Salina says:

    Very informative article. As a hairstylist, I myself have tried a frontal on 2 different occasions as well as Closures( currently have a closure installed now 😉 and I must say I am More of a fan of closures than frontals. Frontals, in my opinion, are very high maintenance for an average woman who may Not have time on the daily basis to alter or fix that specific hairstyle if something is not right and depending on the hairline it may not be a suitable style. As a rule of thumb if someone is interested in a frontal I would suggest a frontal unit. You can take it on and off and get a feel for if you really like it or not. As for closures, they are a women’s Bestfriend. This style is very low maintenance and with a good silk scarf you can just get up and go. They last 6-8 with some maintenance. There isn’t much versatility like a frontal but it’s highly recommended for women who are transitioning or don’t want to worry about using heat to blend their natural hair.

  14. Kara Shipp says:

    This article is my favorite one because I have just recently started into closures and frontals. I don’t like leaving my hair out when I get a sew in because to me it’s high maintenance. The reason I say that because my hair is short and gets frizzy very quick so I could have to spend an extra 10-15 minutes on my hair just on my leave out alone. Right now, I have a leave out but I hate it because the frizziness is a mess!!

    I love the way closures and frontals are because the maintenance is very low if the bond on the top is firm. I started out wearing closures because I wanted the natural look I thought but I have recently tried a frontal. I totally feel in LOVE because I didn’t have to do much to my house and it was easy to manage. I tried the 360 frontal because I was able to keep the heat off my hair and able to pull up in a ponytail and go.

    I believe if you want something that’s easy to manage and low on maintenance your best option is a 360 frontal especially if you’re growing your hair back out or even keep your hands out of your hair. I love frontals and think they are the best option out there for anybody to wear.

  15. Jody Gadsden says:


    I love them all because of versatility. Having to choose one over the other I would choose the 360 frontal for 2 reasons. First being that once I was comfortable with the dimensions and placement of a 360 frontal, wig construction a breeze with a beautiful outcome. Secondly, I have a very busy lifestyle, therefore, I need go to styles that will cut time off getting ready in the mornings. One of the favorite go-to styles would be a (put together or messy) high bun. With the 360 frontal, I can secure the unit all the way around with the ole’ famous Got To Be Glued Gel….lol for less tension on my hair all over. Being that my hair is on the thinner side, I look to put the least amount of tension on my strands as possible. Although, at times I will use a closure, frontal and very rare leave out, the 360 frontal works best for me.

  16. Lala a says:

    I love Frontals! The reason why I love frontal is because you can wear the front of your hair, however, you want it and it looks so real when its done the right way. I like 360 frontal because I have a small head it doesn’t if my head.

  17. Misti says:

    I really loved the 360, less hair I had to use. More realistic and easy to manage. It coved over half of my head and more styles I was able to do. The other closers are nice it all depends on what you like or prefer.

  18. kmonae15 says:

    I thought this article was very detailed and broke down the terminology really well! I am currently “team closure” and I will tell you why! Apart from them being more cost-effective compared to the other two options, they have helped me to protect my leave out and help to regrow my edges.

    From 2010-2014 I jumped on the sew-in bandwagon. I was a college student who wanted a quick and affordable hairstyle. Affordable sometimes meant unprofessional & untrained. Allowing several people to braid and do sew-in to my natural hair caused some serious damage! If only I knew then what I know now! After a several sew-ins and a few protective styles later my edges started to thin severely. After visiting my dermatologist I learned that I had traction alopecia. Which is caused primarily by force being applied to the hair? I was devastated. This info was one of my reasons for becoming natural. A wanted a fresh start. I began wearing my natural hair and quickly learned natural hair requires much needed daily attention. I missed my protective styles. Wanted something quick and easy to match my busy schedule from time to time. And then…I discovered wigs!!

    Wigs are so convenient & easy. And a great break from your natural hair. I can wear them daily and still give my hair the proper care underneath at night. The best thing about closures is the ability to achieved a faux scalp. This makes a difference between a cheaper wig and a quality wig made with human extensions. With a closure, I’m able to achieve a side or middle part. Without the use of adhesives, which is great especially for me already having thinner edges.

    I would like to eventually try a frontal this year once I find the best professional stylist that specializes in working with clients with thinner edges! I think frontals are so versatile and cool & I can’t wait to step out of my comfort zone!

  19. Lavette Perry says:

    I am team frontals!! A frontal is like a closure, only difference is a frontal covers the entire front of your head. With a 360 frontal, you can pull your hair into a high bun or ponytail with no problem and it will look natural, like your real hair. Those that don’t like to show their edges, a frontal covers them and gives you a hairline. A closure is a 4×4 square, and a frontal goes from ear to ear, your entire front of your head is covered. Both come either in lace or silk based. Frontals are for people who don’t have edges, they’re not really for people who have full edges because it’s a substitute. Notice I said FULL, so if you have edges, and still want to try a frontal, you can and with great results. I definitely suggest frontals, they’re the only things I wear. But frontals are a lot of work. Often times, people will get a frontal thinking that it is a closure and easy to maintain but that’s not the case. If you get your hair done every 2-3 weeks then yes, you should try a frontal. Also if you don’t sweat much, you should get a frontal. But if you sweat a lot then a frontal is probably not for you. Sweat and glue are not a good combo especially if you want them last at least 2-3 weeks. Its important to know you must remove frontals properly. If you remove your frontal the right way you will have no problem, you might even help to grow your edges. But if you snatch it off you may lose your edges. Frontals can be installed two ways. They can be installed with glue or they can be glueless. It all depends on the method used by you or your stylist. Also, to remove a frontal, the best remover is C-22 Adhesive Solvent Spray. This product is an oil in spray form and it helps the frontal come right now. After you have removed your frontal, you will need to use 91% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol basically) to clean your hairline off and completely remove all the glue and if you are allergic to glue, I suggest you get a glueless install. Frontals have less tension on your edges (if glued) and will lay flat. Be very gentle!!! Do not comb or brush your frontal. The frontal is thin like a net, so you have to be very careful, it is very easy to put a hole in it. As long as you take care of it. As I mentioned, it’s very easy to put a hole in it or ruin or damage the hair. You can also bleach or color them to match scalp color. With frontals, you can wear them on vacation, your frontal can even get wet, but it can’t get soaked or drenched. An example for you, if you get in the water, or get dunked or something of that nature, just make sure you don’t pull on it or comb it too much. Instead, comb all your hair to the back, press down on what’s lifting and tie a scarf on your hair. Do not remove the scarf until the hair is dry. If you do this, your frontal will stay in place.

    1. Danielle Olukotun says:

      I have noticed my hairline is receding due to leave outs, if I get a sewn in frontal does that help to give my edges a break or must it knky be glued? Thank you!

  20. Twanna Spencer says:

    Well well, this was a very informative article. While I just into hair extensions really seriously in the past couple of years, and just starting my hair extensions business. I would have to say that it all depends on what The desired look the person wants. I absolutely love how this industry is saturated with different types of hair extensions from bone straight to kinky course.. lol. And we can style our hair extensions any type of way depending on the method. In my personal and professional opinion, I’ve done both closure and frontal. I love the closure for the low maintenance however you can’t really style your hair in super high ponytails etc. now as for the frontal I love the frontal for allowing a person to choose how they wear their perimeter around their hairline the person would be able to wear it down, to the side, and also into a very high ponytail. The only con to frontals is that it’s very high maintenance unless u find someone very skilled to sew it down to stay in place so a person would not have to use excessive products around their hairline. Especially now seeing that a lot of people are becoming allergic to products like the got2bglue products. So it just depends on the person themselves. Now as for the 360 frontal I have never used or worn one it looks very interesting and high maintenance for sure unless someone sews it down… also I would use the 360 frontal as a wig unit…. my choice would be the frontal.

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