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10 Quick Contests to Market Your Hair Business on Social Media

Successfully Market Your Hair Business

Whether you are struggling to promote your hair business or wanting to know how to better your brand, these quick tips can help your success.

Often, many business owners might not realize how prevalent social media can be to their company. In this day in age social media can be a great asset to helping advance your company in more ways than one. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more media sites are essential for networking your business.

You may find more than what you bargained for using a social media platform to enhance the growth of your business. Using promotional business tactics may entice the buyer’s interest.

Here are ten easy contests you can hold via social media to increase your clientele and your pockets.

Word of Mouth Marketing

10 Quick Contest Ideas

#1: Referring a Friend Contest

Take this time to reward loyal customers you may already have.

Friend referrals are always a good idea. Be sure to calculate your friend referral correctly to continue to gain more than you lose. You can accomplish friend referrals different ways. Try giving your loyal customer a promo code. Therefore when people order hair underneath the customer’s name, you know who referred who. This is a major help to keep things organized.

Think of it as a domino effect, once one friend tells the other and are satisfied themselves, they will tell their friend and the cycle will continue. Awesome way to expand your hair company.

This software can help your website increase referrals quickly:  RererralCandy

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#2: Tag a Friend Contest

Come up with a head-turning ad on your Facebook business page and Instagram. Catch the reader’s attention by promoting a big grand prize.

Before posting ask your reader to tag a friend below and to follow instructions specifically for a chance to win. This tactic not only has your readers trying to win a prize but they are promoting your brand without them even noticing they are doing it.

Make sure you always get the client to like and share as well. Set a date on when you will unveil the winner.


#3: Gift Baskets Contest

Create as many luxurious gift baskets as you choose.

Include some free bundles for your customers and hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, edge controls, etc. Take pictures of the baskets and post them to your social networking accounts. Create a Facebook and or Instagram post about it and ask your customers to follow the rules specifically as provided.

Give them instructions on sharing the post and liking the post. Once one of your clients share the post, it opens up an outlet for many more individuals who may be interested in the contest.

Having more basket prizes open up more possibility for hopeful contestants.

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#4: Hair Coloring Contest

Let your customer’s show you how much they love their bundles.

Open up a contest for your customers that are hairstylists and allow them to purchase bundles from your company to create a vlog on how they colored the bundles you provided them. There are many different reasons why this concept is excellent.

First, customers are purchasing your bundles which will increase your sales whether they win or not. Second, your customer is promoting the business by posting these contest videos on their personal media pages and tagging your business page. Third and final, the clients are going to give you their honest opinions about the product they received.

Feedback from your consumers is always important. The customer is always right, and this contest helps you benefit hair brand in more ways than one.

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#5: Jump Start Contest

A jump start contest is pretty straightforward.

Tell your audience that the first three, five, or ten people to like, share and tag a friend will win free mink lashes along with half off on your next purchase. You may want to construct or word it differently but, as I mentioned, a jump start contest is straight to the point.

This contest is a speedy, efficient way to promote your hair business.

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#6: Holiday Contests

No matter what the holiday, try to take advantage of it as a marketing strategy.

People seem to love deals around the holidays especially when they have young daughters begging for bundles! You can hold holiday contests or holiday deals to gain more exposure. For example, a contest for October should include Halloween.

How do you fit hair into Halloween, you might ask? Easy! Challenge your customers to do a photo contest. Allow clients to post their Halloween inspired looks using their bundles on social media and tag you.

Holiday ideas are endless, get creative with this contest.

#7: College Giveaway Contests

Although I’m a college graduate, one thing that will forever remain is beautiful school girls who want beautiful bundles.

To gain a younger more futuristic crowd as potential buyers for your company, sometimes you have to find out what interests them. Many females in college are struggling trying to maintain a stable living environment on campus and may be working to help pay for school.

Not every girl can afford bundles, but you can bless a college student by holding a giveaway contest, free of charge. Have your college customers repost the contest and send you their GPA’s.

There are various ways you can approach this type of contest. The floor is yours!

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#8: Drawing Contests

This concept of a contest may be similar to previous ones discussed, but there is one valuable difference.

Entering a social media drawing you, again, want to inform your customers to share, like, tag, and comment. The game changer is that this is just for your customer to have an entry. Switch it up this time and don’t just post the winner.

Grab your phone and go live on your business page for all social media platforms. Record yourself live doing a drawing and announce your winners that way. Before announcing the winner, encourage your audience watching to share the post.

This builds up excitement for your clientele. Take a look at WooBox which offers software to help with this!

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#9: Birthday Contests

Who doesn’t love free bundles on their birthday?! Birthdays are a quick way to gain exposure on social media.

Whether it’s your customer’s birthday or not, most people always know someone with a birthday coming up. Tell your following on Facebook and social media to tag that birthday boy or girl.

When they see the tag and feel like they can potentially win because it’s their birthday, they feel more inspired to try the contest out. Not sure exactly how you may want to execute this one, what you would offer, and the process of choosing your winner but none the less, someone’s birthday is always right around the corner!


#10: Promote My Business Contest

Essentially the reason for all of these contests is to help gain exposure for your company, build clientele and gain honest business relationships with your loyal customers. Why not do a contest about it?

It’s quite easy, inform your customers if they create a video of them receiving their hair fresh out of the pack and doing a quick overview of it they may have the chance to win big! Like I previously stated, the client’s opinion always matters positive or negative feedback, someone is watching your customer’s video.

Your customer is opening the brand new package in front of their viewers and giving them their first thoughts that come to mind. What can get more real than that?

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Elevate Your Business With a Contest

If you take anything from this article, let it be a sense of hope!

Don’t ever feel defeated when your business hasn’t taken off the ground as you expected it too. As business owners, we may feel we have the product, so the clientele is going to come.

That may be true, but an honest effort can take you even further than you ever dreamed. Times have changed over the years on how to market your business, but I’m hoping this article will help you see the light.

Don’t be afraid to tackle social media full force.

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Utilize Social Media

Create a business page on every social media platform possible.

Use that platform to gain a following. Persuade your audience at all time about your contests. Make sure the language in the captions are direct and to the point and try to make all of your future contests appealing to the eye.

You want someone to scroll down their Instagram, stop and look to gain interest. Continue to do this over time, and you will see your following will grow. Critical advice to help you achieve more recognition on social media is to use hashtags!

Use a hashtag with everything you possibly can as much as possible.

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Consistency Means Success

Try your best to stay consistent with keeping your customers and followers informed.

This may also be an issue we face in trying to have a successful business. We are trying to make ends meet in our own lives and sometimes forget we have a business to run. Consistency is key to the social media market. Do your best to hashtag, persuade, and hold consecutive contests as much as possible for your customers.

Staying consistent is the most important thing you need to be successful in marketing your business via social media.

Growing your hair business? Share a comment below with what techniques you’ve used or contests you plan to try!

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