Sometimes, It’s Not Just Hair

When most people talk about hair, it’s about the latest look, or the best way to achieve a style. However, sometimes, hair isn’t just about hair, but about the statements being made with it. There are tons of controversial topics regarding hair, especially black hair. For many of us, haircare is something we take for granted, but many of us aren’t in the position to take care of our hair. Sometimes, it’s about more than hair. Hair just happens to be the vehicle that leads us to a different, and deeper discussion.

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Hair and Confidence

At times, hair and confidence  are linked. However, most people think that to have confidence means to have have long, full and luscious hair. That’s not always the case. There are plenty of people that don’t have long hair, but still feel confident. There are also people that don’t have any hair, but are extremely confident. Yes, hair is linked to confidence but an added layer is our confidence isn’t linked to hair, but to we choose to present our hair, or lack of. Anybody can be confident with or without hair, and that’s the true message.

Hair and Children!

Hair is also controversial when it comes to children. Lately, in the media, there have been debates on whether children should have fabulous, and long hairstyles. There have been debates on how “grown” a child looks with certain hairstyles. There have also been talks on which parent should take initiative when it comes to haircare. On the PLE blog, we cover all the necessary and controversial topics about hair, especially when it comes to children.

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So, What’s So Controversial?

In synopsis, hair isn’t just about beauty and looks. Often, it’s about the topics surrounding it. Hair can be controversial. However, controversial doesn’t always mean something negative. On the Private Label Extensions blog, we’ll always try to keep you informed!