custom hair extension packaging

Custom Hair Extension Packaging

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Custom Hair Extension Packaging

Looking to make a great first impression with your customer? This is how!

Custom Hair Extension Packaging will solve your branding problems when shipping out your next hair extension order. Silky hair extensions are packaged best with silky packaging. We offer the perfect size silky bag and multiple colors as pictured below. The feedback we have received with this type of packaging has been excellent! They are also a great way for a customer to store hair extensions when they have multiple sets of extensions and likes to change her hair frequently.

Custom Printed Silky Hair Packaging

Why Invest in Hair Extension Packaging?

Hair extension packaging is a great way to offset your brand from any other competitor. When you invest in custom hair extension packaging with Private Label, you’re ensured to received one-of-a-kind service and the benefit of connecting with potential clients by standing out. Why invest in hair extension packaging? The real question is why not invest in hair extension packaging? Branding is a major key component to building a business in any industry. Considering that the hair industry is a billion dollar market, it’s essential to stand apart from the crowd and the major way to do so is by effective branding. Here at Private Label Extensions, we have customer experts who are willing to help design and create the perfect packaging for your business.

The Benefits of Hair Extension Packaging

The main benefit to hair extension packaging is providing a lasting and impactful first impression to your customers. Why? Because this helps establish a good rapport with your target audience and speaks on professionalism that your brand represents and stands for. Customers will be more willing to invest and work with companies who are professional with their brand. If you invest in your brand, others will too!

Silky Bag Sizes

Large size bags fit 7 – 9 bundles of hair: 18 CM X 45 CM (7″ X 17.75″)

Custom Printed

We will custom print the silky bags with your logo! We know branding is important to business owners and we make sure you have the tools you need to succeed in the hair extension business. Logos must be sent in hi-resolution to ensure a clean print. The minimum order for our custom hair extension packaging is just 100 bags. Make sure you send us a hi-resolution logo for the perfect print on the bags.

Color Choices

Colors of Silk Hair Packaging

Why This Hair Extension Packaging?

We have tried all sorts of hair packaging from custom boxes of all shapes and sizes, sheer bags, and crazy plastic tubes. You can keep it! The biggest problem with these other types of hair extension packaging (except for the sheer bags that are just lower quality at the same price) is that they are very expensive and difficult to ship. You want your customer to have a great experience when they open their delivery but it shouldn’t cost them an extra 20 bucks. These lightweight and sexy bags easily fit in USPS priority envelopes as well as any other type of shipping packaging you may choose. Don’t make the same mistake with something that is difficult and focuses on the best hair extension packaging solution available.

Custom Printed Hair Extension Packaging

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Serial Entrepreneur focused on great products, service and building an amazing hair team.

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8 thoughts on “Custom Hair Extension Packaging

  1. Ebony Millsap says:

    0/50 ratings

    I am interested and buying my packaging from you all. I have my logo I can email to you.

    1. maryannesalas says:

      0/50 ratings

      Great, custom hair extension packaging is a great way to have your business stand out. Visit our home page to see all of the branding materials available for purchase. The details for each branding is in detailed description. Call or send us an email if you have any further questions.

  2. joyawilds20 says:

    0/50 ratings

    I am very interested and I wanted to know since I have 2 different vendors that will be shipping out my hair, I need them to have all my packages, Is there any way you guys could send to both of them, one is in China and one is in Atlanta.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      0/50 ratings

      We only ship to the US and Canada, however, we may send out your packaging to your personal address, for whichever we cannot ship out on our end.

  3. Erika Davies says:

    0/50 ratings

    Visual can make or break you!! Having the right packaging says a lot about your company. Believe it or not, a customer can tell by the packaging how serious you are about your business. I’m a visual person so anytime I’m ordering something or shopping at a specific store I’m almost ALWAYS looking at their packaging. How many times have you shopped somewhere different and said to yourself “oh this bag is cute?” I’ve done that many times, and it compelled me to shop there again so that I can get another “cute” bag. I’ve been thinking about the packaging for my business before even the product, I want something enticing as well as a great product for my clients, to be they go hand in hand.

  4. Ariel says:

    0/50 ratings

    The next time I order these silky bags, I plan to have my logo placed on them. My customer really enjoys receiving these bags.

  5. Rebecca A says:

    0/50 ratings

    Placing the hair in these types of bags is genius. I guess my question would be is will the hair be affected by this since you’re only using the one bag for the whole order?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      0/50 ratings

      The custom hair extension packaging is great because it promotes your brand and protects bundles. It should not alter the bundles, as long as they are stored properly. You may also mix and match plain bags as well as your regular custom hair extension packaging as well if that is something that interests you.

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