customers love our custom hair extension packaging

Customers Love our Custom Hair Extension Packaging

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Custom Hair Bags = Happy Customers!

How is your hair companies branding looking? Do you have custom hang tags or custom hair bags to wow your customers as soon as they open their delivery? There is a lot of competition in the hair industry and you always need to look your best! Private Label Extensions focuses on taking our clients branding to the next level. Create a memorable experience and great first impression when your customer receives their hair order.

Hair Brands Need Custom Packaging

More of our clients custom printed hair extension packaging just came in! The turnaround time is generally about 3 weeks for our custom printed solution. It is worth the wait!

Custom Packaging Example

Here is a sample of what we use for our retail site, Luxury Hair Direct. This is the silky white bag and we do have 10 colors to choose from. You will want to make sure that you are using a lighter bag for a darker logo or vice versa.

Custom Printed Hair Bags

What About Custom Boxes?

We don’t offer custom boxes because they are not cost effective for shipping. It is crucial to keep the costs down for both you and the consumer. The great advantage of the custom silk bags is that they are so easy to ship! Another issue with the custom boxes is that you will probably have to put it into an additional box to ship. That just doesn’t make sense to us.

What about Plain Silky Bags?

We also offer 10 colors of our plain hair extension bags. These are great when you are just getting started in the industry and need some great looking packaging really quick. They are great while you are waiting for the custom printed bags to be produced.

Private Label Extensions is excited to work with you on taking your hair business to the next level!

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Serial Entrepreneur focused on great products, service and building an amazing hair team.

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10 thoughts on “Customers Love our Custom Hair Extension Packaging

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    I really appreciate this blog post because as a small start-up, I feel that I am not going to look as professional without proper packaging. Trying to find a vendor for these items is hard as well if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. I myself am nervous about things like plastic bags because it causes static and may make the hair static prone. I also agree with what you guys said about sending hair in boxes, because like you said you are just going to have to put that box in another box. I know for me personally, I don’t even keep the boxes just the bags cause they take up less room and can be color coordinating so I can see what hair is in what bag.

  2. Je'Neice Perkins says:

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    Great post-Mikey,

    The packaging says a lot of things to our customers. It shows we value the money they have spent with us and in return provide them with quality merchandise that makes them feel like a VIP, leaves a lasting impression, and increases the likelihood they will purchase again. The packaging also provides our customers with vital information that they need to know such as the hair type, bundle weight, and more importantly how to care for their extensions properly. Many companies overlook the importance of packaging as their desire for a high profit overshadows good business practices and customer care.

  3. Evonne says:

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    Will you be able to put my company name on your packaging bags? Also, when a package is shipped to the customer, will it say your Co. Name or mine?

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

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      Yes, we offer branding on our website for 100 custom order bags. This is a 3-4 weeks process. Once your bags are complete, you may leave some with our company in order for us to pack your consumer’s orders with your personalized bags. If you choose not to do this option, we ship your hair bundles in a plain black silk bag. It will not have anything associated with our company once they are shipped off.

      1. Zenobia says:

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        What is the website, please? 🤗🤗

        1. Private Label Extensions says:

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          It is on our home page under branding.

    2. Robin Elam-Miller says:

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      I have actually been debating about this for a while in December I will be coming up on a year in business and just like my day job I never know what is ahead of me. Some days I think my simple and elegant name is well enough as a logo then I was trying to go for the whole magician (beauty supply head 🤣) looking woman with her bundles blowing but I have come to the decision that I want a cartoonist logo of my self with my business name and I wanted to know would I be able to get that on the silk bags and caps? I haven’t yet made the order but that was a concern of mine.

      1. Private Label Extensions says:

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        That is great, if you already have a logo, you may go ahead and sent that once you have made your purchase. For customized products, we can print out your logo for you. Let us know how we can help with your custom hair extension packaging!

  4. Chevyree Akridge says:

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    This is great information for a business just starting like myself I’m in all the hair groups and you see everyone with their customers boxes and packages and meanwhile I’m scraping by living check to check trying to secure a sale, but at the same time I want to have my products look great in the event that I do get a sale. So I chose gold metallic bags they were cost-effective and small big enough to place the bundles in. I’m making my way up the ladder bags, websites, and inventory it’s a slow steady process but I know at the end of the rainbow I’ll find my pot of gold.

  5. Ariel says:

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    I can’t wait to order my custom bags from PLE! Next time I will add my logo to the bags.

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