effective ways to use drip marketing campaigns for hair businesses

Effective Ways to Use Drip Marketing Campaigns for Hair Businesses

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Stay Drippin’ with Drip Marketing Campaigns

Over the course of time, we’ve frequently discussed the importance of marketing for your hair business.

It not only helps in the promotion of profit by successfully converting sales but it, most importantly, gets you connected to your customer which does so much for your business.

Do you know what the goal or end result should always be at the end of the day? It should be a willing and invested customer who is ready to buy from you. That results for super effective marketing. There are various strategies when it comes to marketing such as email marketing, using social media, a big-time favorite, blogging, videos, influencers and so much more. Even though you have all of these different strategies available to you, it’s all about how you utilize them in an effective and efficient way.

A classic and always effective way to reach your target market is through email marketing using newsletters and other tools. They are great for keeping your customers connected and in the know of new products and services, and these are great for new customers especially.

But a lot of times these emails can get lost in the mix of marketing because, let’s be honest, not everyone is attached to their email checking it every second. So, a lot of times the new emails that were sent may be seen by new subscribers, however, they may never get the first emails that are sent out to your list.

How can you overcome this hump in your marketing? By implementing drip campaigns!

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More on Drip Campaigns

You may have heard about drip campaigns as being referred to as automated email campaigns or autoresponders.

Regardless of the various titles, the concept boils down to one thing: being a set of marketing emails that are automatically sent out based on a set schedule. This is such a great way to stay connected to subscribers without being a clingy marketer.

You may create a schedule that generates an email once a customer subscribes, another a couple of days later and lastly one towards the weekend. Just giving the friendly professional reminder of saying, “Hey, we’re still here!” without so much of a sales pitch.

What is so great about drip marketing campaigns, besides them being automated, is they can vary emails based on certain triggers and behaviors of the customer. It’s a way to tailor everything to them.

It all comes down to giving your customers the right information with perfect timing.

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When to Use a Drip Campaign

With all different strategies related to drip marketing, the goal is always the same: keeping subscribers aka customers engaged with what you offer in your services and products. There are over several circumstances in which a drip marketing campaign should be used.

Hand-holding your Leads

Some leads, a prospect or consumer, require a bit of nurturing.

Not everyone is ready to jump at making their initial purchase when they first come to your site. It may take a little time for them to become comfortable with what you offer. To ease that comfort, you can use drip campaigns to transition them to make the purchase smoothly.

Do so by educating them on what you’re all about, how your services and products can benefit them, and even offer free trials. Everybody loves a free run! Especially if they are someone who needs that nurturing and just wants to take a test drive.

The great thing about hand-holding your leads is it makes for a loyal customer. Customer loyalty is essential to a business. Nurtured customers even make a bigger investment when they purchase because they have finally gotten comfortable and committed to what you offer.

Even though you may not be able to hold hands to every subscriber, your drip emails can do it for you.

The Abandoned Cart

Yes! You finally have an active consumer who has made the next step by adding items to their online cart.

But, what happens when they forget it’s there? Or decide to stall on making their purchase? Drip campaigns are great for reminding them! You didn’t just invest your time in creating your enticing and engaging newsletter about your latest sale for nothing, right? No!

It was to get your subscribers clicked in to add to their cart. It’s super common amongst online shoppers for various reasons, but being effective with your drip campaign, you can easily re-engage.

Use a drip email to follow up with them, confirming and reminding them that the items of interest are still available. You can even go as far as to add an extra 10% off if they act immediately.

When doing this, it’s always a good idea to wait a little while because you never know if they forgot or maybe just wavering. Give them the chance to even compare to other competitors but make sure you initially give the importance of why you’re a better option.

Don’t let them wander too long, but with just enough time to pop up in their email providing that friendly reminder.

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“You Might Also Like” Recommendations

Offering recommendations to your audience allows them to know more about what you offer and be aware in knowing they aren’t limited.

When sending targeted drip campaign emails you can easily take the information of know what is liked and what isn’t and tailor it accordingly. It helps to create a package deal for a customer.

Do you offer eyelashes on your hair business website? Great! Follow up with a drip email offering eyelash applicators. Offer things in a way that they will look at their screen and say, “Oh! I didn’t even think of that, let me grab it!” No, they didn’t think of it because they didn’t know you offered it. But with these kinds of drip emails, they’ll know now.

And they’ll even think that since it was offered for that product then there must be more recommendations for other products they’re interested in. It’s a win-win situation!

Subscription Renewal

You never want to lose a subscriber. Always give options actually to extend their subscription or to get it renewed before time runs out.

Create that sense of urgency and reflect on the benefits and remind them. A customer’s needs usually evolve but show them how you evolve with them, always there to meet their needs. Use drip emails to engage with your customers during this renewal process.

Always communicate and be clear, especially when and if there are any changes. Call your folks to action and let them know how important it is for them actually to act. No need to be desperate but show them that they are needed and cared about and for.

Once that renewal hits, use a drip email to send a follow-up of thanks and another call to action to share your brand with their family and friends.

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Digital Content Tools

Additives, like digital content tools, are always great when added to a brand.

It shows that you have much to offer your customers on various levels, not just the selling aspect. You can provide digital content tools, like e-books or courses, to provide education on what they may be interested in. People like to be offered extras and these are great extras. And everyone loves a company just can always offer more.

Create a drip campaign that details about what you’re offering and easily link over to them so that they are just one click away. Make sure the tools you are offering is not a waste to your audience.

When you offer great content tools, your subscribers begin to anticipate it popping up in their inbox especially when it becomes useful to their lives.


It always sucks to see a subscriber go, but that doesn’t mean they are gone forever or completely gone.

And it definitely does not mean they did not like your brand or what you offered. Place yourself in their shoes. Think about ways they may communicate better than email. They may want to interact and stay connected through your Twitter or Instagram.

So, using a drip campaign is great to say, “hey, we hate to see you go! But there are other outlets on how to stay connected with us and updated on products and services” versus just letting them slide by.

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Setting Up Your Drip Campaign

Now that you have some major insight into what a drip campaign is and when and how to use it, you can get one set up! There are five simple steps to establish and build your drip campaign successfully:

Identify Target Audience

Know who you are triggering and who you will target with which type of drip email.

Create the Message

Generate a message that is attention-grabbing and shows much benefit to who it is targeting. What is it that you’d want them to do or gain?

Plan It Out

Planning out your campaign includes mapping out the end goals which is the most important. You also want to figure out the basic logistics of your campaign. This includes how many emails need to be sent out and in what order, how you will obtain and compare the results, and the clarity of your campaign to ensure it is effective.

Analyze and Adjust

Once your campaign has started, make sure to monitor it. Based on the results, see how effective and successful it was. Analyze it o see what can be changed and added or taken away.

The Effectiveness of Drip Marketing

Whatever route you take to engage with your audience, always know that drip marketing campaigns are great tools to use to do so.

Invest in saving time and increasing sales by sending drip emails that do so much for your hair business and for your consumers. Using this method is a sure way to get your audience to love your brand.

Did you gain much insight about drip campaigns and how imperative they are to the success of your business? If so, comment below and share with us!

What are some ways you plan to use drip marketing campaigns for your hair business?

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8 thoughts on “Effective Ways to Use Drip Marketing Campaigns for Hair Businesses

  1. Shonte Perry says:

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    I wasn’t familiar with drip marketing until reading this. Which also tells me I have more research to do. I currently use MailChimp to plan my emails or ads for my business. I have some ads on the Outfy app that are run by automation. So, I guess what I have been doing is the same as drip Marketing. Go figure This is a great idea for a more effective communication strategy. This will help to build more personal and profitable relationships.

  2. Mecca says:

    0/50 ratings

    I am new to this term drip marketing but I have seen it being implemented a ton of times! When unsubscribing I would like to be asked if there was any way to improve our service. And tell them you hate to see them go, and offer a discount or something irresistible!

  3. Nathalie W. says:

    0/50 ratings

    How can I set up a perfect way to grab customers emails without being a bother? Is it a great idea to offer something in exchange for their emails?

  4. Kaycee says:

    0/50 ratings

    This is something new to me, and I’m still educating myself on Email markets with MailChimp. However, using the Drip method would be a great way to stay in your customer’s face in a non-pushy way. Somewhat like an email ALERT that reminds them of you. Especially when it comes to abandoned carts. I have a hard time with Abandoned Carts, those are the hardest for me and me don’t really know how to get the customer back. This method would be very beneficial to that issue

  5. Alicia Franklin says:

    0/50 ratings

    I love drip marketing however you have to know your target audience for it to be effective. I’m always looking for a clever message for abandon carts… I wish It would say what made them abandon the cart (price too high, quality of website etc…) I am always unsubscribing to companies who email me a million times in one day it’s so annoying. However, I do send out reminders here and there but sometimes I wonder if I’m consistent enough?… I don’t want to be annoying however I don’t want them to unsubscribe either

  6. Tamika says:

    0/50 ratings

    Very informative!

  7. Sherray Lin says:

    0/50 ratings

    I’ve heard of drip campaigns before but never used them. I will be implementing this with my hair business. I love the abandoned cart idea. I ask like that you can have a suggested item pop up as well. That’s a great way to increase your sales.

  8. Cameasha Muhammad says:

    0/50 ratings

    I usually run from automated emails except for the welcome email. Not because I don’t see the benefit but because it’s a lot of thinking involved in what you can do. This post just simplified it. The planning is not easy but being provided the steps makes it easier. Drip marketing is not one of my favorite things but I know it is necessary. Another thing that always makes me nervous is being marked as spam for sending too many emails. I recently started unsubscribing to companies that send too many emails. I think the triggers make it better. I will look to implement that portion in my store along with the welcome.

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